I played a PS4 ONLY Tournament with MOUSE AND KEYBOARD... (I Won MONEY!)

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I played a PS4 ONLY Tournament with MOUSE AND KEYBOARD... (I Won MONEY!)
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I played a PS4 ONLY Tournament with MOUSE AND KEYBOARD... (I Won MONEY!) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we go into Fortnite battle Royale and play a PS4 only tournament with mouse and keyboard! Input delay was bad but I did good in the tournament!
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Feb 16, 2020




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Comments 80
Kiwiz 3 months ago
hardest thing ever, hope you enjoy! (playing keyboard and mouse on PS4 isnt cheating, and you can't get banned for it.)
LilClixe 21 hour ago
I play keyboard an mouse on ps4
Sampige SAM
Sampige SAM 3 days ago
I always play like this 😂
Aqua.G 3 days ago
Tru dat
Blxzy 5 days ago
BK betrayal same 😂 jk
Ran dom
Ran dom 8 days ago
Also abuser perdro he is in this replie chat
Squiddy Hour ago
Also its not a half a second ive played kbm on ps4 there may be delay but its not that much
Squiddy Hour ago
"2020 will be the best--" Me: no no, shhhhhhh, dont make it any worse.
JUNIOR 2 hours ago
I have to play like this I play keyboard and mouse on Xbox
RPV_planet 2 hours ago
I play kbm on ps4 and I can tunnel and it’s not hard bruh
Eda Merovci
Eda Merovci 2 hours ago
You were not on controller cus llok at your keybinds
Dripsyy 4 hours ago
They didn’t like
John Adcock
John Adcock 5 hours ago
Who did not like the vid
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 7 hours ago
Notice how he’s level 351
Gaming Josh
Gaming Josh 8 hours ago
I play mouse and keyboard on ps4 because i’m cheap!
Jake Swinburne
Jake Swinburne 8 hours ago
I play keyboard and mouse on console and he’s over exaggerating the input delay so much
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
It’s prolly because he’s used to playing on such a good pc
CFG_Hyprid 8 hours ago
btw what money did he earn?
CFG_Hyprid 8 hours ago
bruh he says he did not have heals but he passes a med kit and some bandages 24:44 and where he says he does not have heals 24:54
Dubz N YT
Dubz N YT 10 hours ago
He would’ve done better if he didn’t think it was the input delay because he made himself believe it was really bad but in reality it wasn’t so if he didn’t know about the input delay he would’ve done better
Luk Reload
Luk Reload 13 hours ago
I mean I feel it because I’ve been playin mnk on console for about a year and a half and it’s a dream to get a pc
Zak on iOS._.
Zak on iOS._. 14 hours ago
17:50 :look at the lag as he breaks the wall
Cairpz 14 hours ago
Wow so now u know how i play comps
Faze Pinky
Faze Pinky 15 hours ago
Im watching this in 2020 were in freaking isolation
NovaVibin 17 hours ago
Who is watching this in June???
Glory 17 hours ago
Who else noticed that PS4 has better graphics then Xbox on Fortnite
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
Nah it doesn’t
Chasey Boii
Chasey Boii 18 hours ago
Your just bad 1v1 me bot
Chasey Boii
Chasey Boii 18 hours ago
Your trash you garbage player quit the game Hahahahah
Kai Delaboss
Kai Delaboss Day ago
I play keyboard and mouse on ps4 everyday and I'm doing just fine
Steven Maria
Steven Maria Day ago
peep at 17:52 he lagged so hard
SRC LAZRz Day ago
i play keyboard and mouse on ps4 because I cant afford a PC and its not that bad
Conejo Malo
Conejo Malo Day ago
24:50 what Chu mean you didn’t have heals there’s was a medkit and bandages and you killed a guy with bandage bazooka
vDolkz _
vDolkz _ Day ago
I am a time traveler 2020 is the worst year but how did u guys handle zombies crazy
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Day ago
Anybody June 2020?
sprax fn
sprax fn Day ago
Gabe Thomas
Gabe Thomas Day ago
Anybody notice the bandages
Sean Tarsnane
Who’s in June watching this and laughing
swervss Day ago
10:49 insert Jarvis “ it’s so hard man “ meme
Anthony Orejel
He Complains too much
P5tsku Day ago
24:28 u said fuck i dont have heal and theres bandage basooka
P5tsku Day ago
But 60fps😡
Brian Dalama
Brian Dalama Day ago
who is watching in quarantine and listened to what he said before the video
Faze Uglyguy
Faze Uglyguy Day ago
I plae kb and mouse on ps4 itis no where near as smooth at pc and btw kiwiz , hitting ur shots will get easier when you get used to it
jaedon stone
jaedon stone Day ago
Well I guess we didn't like the video 🥱 Wednesday 3rd of June 2020 Happy quarantine to me happy quarantine to meeee
Afonso Ramos
Afonso Ramos Day ago
Its weird to see a pc player playing with shadows on
Saskia Mellet
Kiwiz is way better on controller why does he not swithch .
Andrew Oliphant
I play on Xbox with 30 FPS and can get tournament wins and kiwiz is complaining about 60
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
Are you playing on the 360 or something?
Xydify ツ
Xydify ツ Day ago
how tf do you have 30fps on xbox 🤨
Swass !
Swass ! Day ago
If you play on consol you’re gonna have imput delay that’s why pros switch to pc when they blow up
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
Jacob A
Jacob A Day ago
Kiwiz here complaining about being on 60 FPS while I gotta play on 20 FPS maybe sometimes if I'm lucky 30 FPS.
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
AHAHA Peasant
Conan Connolly
Conan Connolly 2 days ago
It’s been a couple of months of “the greatest year of my life“ I have corona virus
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
Tyreece Williams
Tyreece Williams 2 days ago
6 months into 2020: well damn.... i don't think it can get worse anyway
Reezy Gaming
Reezy Gaming 2 days ago
i ligit feel the lag
Alessio Fredrich
Alessio Fredrich 2 days ago
Muhammad Guman
Muhammad Guman 2 days ago
Your not a controller player Your aim is trash
LJR!S3 Yt 2 days ago
Well this is what brought corona
Maximus Tiny
Maximus Tiny 2 days ago
haha he goes "keyboard and mouse aim is so bad", bro its all you, stop making excuses to the game and actually be good
Mythical Nite
Mythical Nite 2 days ago
I play key board and mouse on Xbox and it’s not hard for me I can still win games and shit
I am Beetlejuice
I am Beetlejuice 2 days ago
That Zelda music in your background brought back memories.
Cam on 15 ping
Cam on 15 ping 2 days ago
He did not do know settings to make not lag because I play pc on ps4
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
That makes 0 sense, do you mean, “k&m on PS4”?
Toxicity Element
Toxicity Element 2 days ago
Kiwiz i placed a wall above me
Tic Zie
Tic Zie 3 days ago
You're a bot... Missssssing every shots with your pump that is crazy
Gianmarco Barbatano
Well.. look how it turned out Kobe’s death Corona George Floyd amd riots
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
Kobe’s death wasn’t that bad
Shea Bryars
Shea Bryars Day ago
Yep best year of my life
Holly Nash
Holly Nash 3 days ago
It is sad that I have to do this
DARK Jwheel
DARK Jwheel 3 days ago
Everyone else has controller input delay so you can’t say very much
inspire_DonX 3 days ago
I play Xbox keyboard and mouse ind champion league and have better aim than that
Diamond Elite
Diamond Elite 3 days ago
Buddy hes not used to it😂😂 hes used to playing on high frames
Zetix 3 days ago
He wastes so many mats when rotating
Zetix 3 days ago
not really
Diamond Elite
Diamond Elite 3 days ago
Its normal
Dillan Alli
Dillan Alli 3 days ago
Um well I liked it and the corona virus came
Corrupt Alpha
Corrupt Alpha 3 days ago
Bruh the almost all the shots u shot u missed like I’m not even kidding
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
Diamond Elite yeah because he’s a rich bitch
Diamond Elite
Diamond Elite 3 days ago
Are u dumb hes not used to playing on 60 fps hes used to high frames
Virtue 3 days ago
Now just imagine me I play keyboard and mouse on xbox and on 200 Ping.
Elena Simion
Elena Simion 3 days ago
All we got this year is riots
Mass 3 days ago
What old ass ps4 do you have were it isn't 60hz.
X3_ cRuZ
X3_ cRuZ 3 days ago
Kiwis if u go settings you can change your imput delay
MR. Eugene
MR. Eugene 6 hours ago
Diamond Elite you can fix it a little actually little buddy
Diamond Elite
Diamond Elite 3 days ago
Nope console always has input delay
Crafty Tom
Crafty Tom 3 days ago
2020 is not the best year
SG_SNPIEZ 3 days ago
ps4 only grifer
Andrija Djurovic
Andrija Djurovic 3 days ago
welcome to my world the world of 60 fps
qz grape
qz grape 3 days ago
Ik what u mean about the delay my pc is to bad to run fn cause i think i messed up building it so i have to use my mouse and keyboard on my console cause i suck at controller kinda it is hard
therealmarc 148
therealmarc 148 3 days ago
And that's why xbox is better
bryant hall
bryant hall 3 days ago
Bruh I am watching in 2020 Lol corona virus
Mike Buelna
Mike Buelna 4 days ago
All you do is complain but I still love your vids
Aron toast
Aron toast 4 days ago
10:28 “oh I got mats” uses them in 1 sec
kelvin coffin 123
Wish I played in this tourney it was so free
Ollie Delaney
Ollie Delaney 4 days ago
Love how he said 2020 would be lucky
Amy Pollack
Amy Pollack 4 days ago
I've never heard someone complain this bad
F1NNIK 4D 4 days ago
That’s why Xbox is better because there is no input delay with mouse and keyboard on Xbox
Diamond Elite
Diamond Elite 3 days ago
Yes there is there is always gonna be delay on both console's even with mouse and keyboard
crazy hunter kendt
I won ps4 not him
Theodoout FN
Theodoout FN 4 days ago
Uh uh Corona
Zixes shadow
Zixes shadow 4 days ago
I play console keyboards and mouse it isn't that bad
Diamond Elite
Diamond Elite 3 days ago
Welp to him it is bc hes not used to it
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