I paid for the Hooked app and immediately regretted it

Drew Gooden
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This video is not about James Charles or Trisha Paytas or Mother’s Day or anything remotely relevant. It is a video about an app.
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I really hope I'm not the only person who has been getting these ads or this video will mean nothing to anybody.


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May 12, 2019




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Comments 12 548
LosersAndJedi 3 hours ago
I fuckin love that he gave Jim a tobuscus voice
Courtney 19 hours ago
jamie sreenivasan
jamie sreenivasan 17 hours ago
Courtney daddy gonzalez?
LK Fishing
LK Fishing 20 hours ago
Gets hooked ad*
Lucas Melia
Lucas Melia Day ago
I had a hooked app on this vid
sad dude
sad dude Day ago
Haha i keep clicking skip add
Doing the lords work
Kennedy Knight
the amount of times i tried to click skip ad is embarrassing
CrispyStudios 2 days ago
it? S H I T
I have no life
I have no life 2 days ago
I got a hooked ad while watching someone making fun of hooked ads. Now shit is hitting the fan.
RC0001 TV
RC0001 TV 2 days ago
i subscribed bc of 5:04 - 5:09
Sam Read
Sam Read 3 days ago
I’m getting this app!
Chase Anthony Brewer
2:59 He signed up as Danny. Nice.
Pikachu Will Sue You
11:40 Drew: wouldn't she be dead by now? Also Drew 1 second later: *laughs*
Paul S
Paul S 3 days ago
Don't download this shit. They are worse than TikTok.
Troy Nuesca
Troy Nuesca 3 days ago
Got a hooked ad right after panty raid
Summer F
Summer F 4 days ago
I clicked Skip Ad like 3 times 😂😂😂😂
comunism rats
comunism rats 4 days ago
At 2:59 u can see he put his name as Danny Gonzalez
Paz Gojar
Paz Gojar 4 days ago
2:59 Same person
S.E. LANDEROS 4 days ago
Noooo, Please RUvid keep showing me this ad , please 4 all the ads .
mya arie.
mya arie. 5 days ago
*i got an ad for hooked.*
NaminBeforeGamin 5 days ago
They literally just stole the plot to COCO
NaminBeforeGamin 5 days ago
I love you accent are you from Chicago
Ortology !
Ortology ! 6 days ago
Who got a hooked ad in this video
Shara Adams
Shara Adams 6 days ago
Who wanted to hit the “skip add”button??
Brayden Haralson
Brayden Haralson 6 days ago
You said dick that’s gay
Jessica 6 days ago
11:27 I know this is satire/entertainment (& I love it), but have you ever seen docus of people who poison their spouses? For months, sometimes years?!! Depending on the level of poisonous substance it will take a long time. How weird. Thinking you have a flu and you go to the dr only to find out your husband is feeding you antifreeze.
Theo Cherry
Theo Cherry 6 days ago
Cyanide actually will not kill instantly in very small amounts over a long period of time, we learned about this during the poison lesson and different serial killers who used it in Forensics class a long time ago. I get it's just a stupid fake story app, but still...
Cam Shaw
Cam Shaw 6 days ago
😂🤣Your narration of the story is everything! If they add you TAKE MY MONEY💸 I set reminders in my phone when to cancel free trials. I've forgotten to many times!
Eclipz3 G0LD
Eclipz3 G0LD 6 days ago
16:52 he disliked the story lolol
Frances Reineke
Frances Reineke 6 days ago
signing up with dannys name😂😂
gacha boss
gacha boss 7 days ago
2:59 lol
Janelle Bules
Janelle Bules 7 days ago
In the middle of the video I got a ad for the same hooked story
Undyingthrone 61
Undyingthrone 61 7 days ago
4 minutes is all I had to wait
Abdel Abdalla
Abdel Abdalla 8 days ago
I fucking got a hooked commercial on this vid
Meghna Kodati
Meghna Kodati 8 days ago
Could you make a video on the app "episode"?
NyanCat1907 8 days ago
2:58 Danny Gonzalez 😂
Jailene T
Jailene T 8 days ago
Anyone else here getting Andrew from Big Mouth vibes?!?! 😂 Only reason I subscribed!! 😅 Lovin it!!!
Gabriel Laguerre
Gabriel Laguerre 8 days ago
LOL he doesn’t know it’s on RUvid
Running Lily
Running Lily 9 days ago
She's just immune to cyanide
Kimbal Wright
Kimbal Wright 9 days ago
Well I got a hooked add. What are the odds.
Aidan TheToaster
Aidan TheToaster 9 days ago
I just learned that ray lopez (the guy who ran twitter accts like dory and memeprovider) was an actor in this according to imdb
Vivi Avila
Vivi Avila 9 days ago
I'm watching the video and a hooked add comes up what a coincidence
Macey Bolden
Macey Bolden 10 days ago
Could you stop talking
Steven T
Steven T 10 days ago
Why was the panty raid story called panty raid? They weren’t stealing her panties, they were just filming her naked
Krystal Bowen
Krystal Bowen 10 days ago
When the skip button popped up. I tried pushing it lol.
millie bobby brown fan
you are so funny i can’t 😂😂
MyThoughts AndFantasy
That 15 min vid was better than the whole movie swiped
Xavier Olvera
Xavier Olvera 11 days ago
oh no i got an ad for hooked right after lmao
Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid 11 days ago
OK shutup and send us your nudes
SpazKil 11 days ago
Watching this and a HOOKED ad came on lol nice smh
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce 12 days ago
This hooked ad need to be shut down it’s going too far
telacole 12 days ago
Your reading is the best part😂🤣🤣😂
Dana 12 days ago
Was I the only one that tried to “skip” the “ads”?
lili A
lili A 12 days ago
is any one can tell me what's happened to the little gril and her mom?
Naomi Gracielle Tohon
Am I the only one that noticed that he signed up as Danny Gonzalez? 2:58
Rio Gonzales
Rio Gonzales 12 days ago
so when bri gets to eves house they just keep texting...?
Zuah Chun
Zuah Chun 12 days ago
Isn't there a short horror video on youtube that is like, exactly the bri and wine story??
Zacc 12 days ago
Drew is literally the best comedian on RUvid. I'd pay to see him do stand up.
Ryco 13 days ago
Who else got a hooked ad during this video?
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