I paid for the Hooked app and immediately regretted it

Drew Gooden
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This video is not about James Charles or Trisha Paytas or Mother’s Day or anything remotely relevant. It is a video about an app.
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I really hope I'm not the only person who has been getting these ads or this video will mean nothing to anybody.


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May 12, 2019

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Comments 10 963
Clem 10 minutes ago
did she? turn black?
wheresaurora Hour ago
*what how??*
Jean Grey
Jean Grey 3 hours ago
i got the hooked ad for the first time ever after watching this video
Chloe IS ME
Chloe IS ME 3 hours ago
Ha what movie is THIS
SpeciamDraws 4 hours ago
kinda remind me of pewdiepie
lil_ savage_ 21
lil_ savage_ 21 4 hours ago
Poor laragine
Ed3n NBF
Ed3n NBF 5 hours ago
the hooked app is free u dumb ass
Savannah Grace
Savannah Grace 5 hours ago
that second story is just the dollar store version of coco
babyMilkDud 5 hours ago
Ads are based off what you search so......yeah
Christopher Jimenez
I had a hooked ad when I was watching this video. Lol
helpme imlilchungus
i got a hooked ad on this.
Miles Emad
Miles Emad 7 hours ago
Lol I got an ad for hooked while watching this
my name is john richard decon
I kept seeing the skip add button and I clicked it *face palm*
Iam Kirbs
Iam Kirbs 8 hours ago
These people are stupid cyanide was the l pill or for the people who don't know what that is the suicide pill used in world war 2 if a soldier was captured they had fake glass teeth filled with it so they could not get any information from them.Thank you if you read all of this.
Chico Ferraz
Chico Ferraz 8 hours ago
1:13 I tried clicking skip ad lol
Kassidy Berry
Kassidy Berry 8 hours ago
You talk to much
Matthew Butzer
Matthew Butzer 8 hours ago
2:59 He puts his info as Danny Gonzalez XD
_bangtan bish_
_bangtan bish_ 9 hours ago
I got a hooked ad and apparently they have another video called Life of the Party
Chloe Cohen
Chloe Cohen 9 hours ago
I got a hotel trivago midroll add
Niladri Halder
Niladri Halder 9 hours ago
Drew has a Les Paul :o
Everything Enthusiast
They’re supposed to be in highschool? “Trevor” looks 30.
Yee Yee
Yee Yee 10 hours ago
Bonnybell Candee
Bonnybell Candee 12 hours ago
That movie yo u watched was the perfect date
Viviee Tea
Viviee Tea 12 hours ago
I didn't look at the channel I'm watching and thought this was Danny's video
Alexandra Harris
Alexandra Harris 12 hours ago
3 minutes in I got the exact ad... Thanks Hooked
ELI MORRIS 13 hours ago
how did bri poison her?
Bball0911 17 hours ago
Love the office refrance
Bruno Buzimkic
Bruno Buzimkic 17 hours ago
no she was talking about her book the wgole time
frog mcfrog pants
frog mcfrog pants 19 hours ago
He clicked romance but barely any of these stories where romance XD
Telegraph M
Telegraph M 22 hours ago
11:44 he could've put old cyanide in the food. Old cyanide just makes you sick.
Kaston Longo
Kaston Longo 23 hours ago
I got a hokked ad
Pine Needles
Pine Needles 23 hours ago
The duff is a better higher budget version of this story
duckyduck09 23 hours ago
Sooooo when I finished this video an ad played.... for hooked. Had a giggle to my self then realized 15 minutes was up and could finish the last few minutes of the text story I was reading. Oh wait I already deleted the app
Random Person
lol but she wasn't affected by the cyanide before? Like her poison attempts failed multiple times, yet at the end she somehow managed to kill her.
Hi Fidelity
Hi Fidelity Day ago
I literally saw a hooked add in the middle of the video
Benjamin Edwards
I know that the whole texting thing is just how Hooked tells its stories, but I couldn’t help but think, “So is that girl’s boyfriend texting her while they’re still in proximity with each other?”
Brianna S.
Brianna S. Day ago
Everyone just watches it free on RUvid duhh
Snchhskfjjdbbshcj Xudksjsbsjjicjsbuxjdidkkij
Roy and Jim teaming up to stalk what I'm guessing is an alien pam? hmm, what an interesting take on an the office intro.
Why is poisoned exactly like the story in coco
Cool Cat Gaming
I got a hooked ad and thought it was the video
Lauren Sibley
He put Danny To sign up oml 😂💕
Swizz Day ago
Got a hooked ad whule watching the video lol
Katja Cira
Katja Cira Day ago
I got an add for *HOOKED* on the video wtf RUvid
Gareth J
Gareth J Day ago
When u get a hooked ad on a hooked ad-based vid...
Kat The angel
I KNEW HE WAS DANNY!! (Im joking)
Barnaby YT
Barnaby YT Day ago
Hey greg
Amira Brown
Amira Brown Day ago
drew coming after my data with a dirty butter knife is a mood for 2019
Stellarbrand Day ago
you should look into a Privacy.com sponsorship
Ava Custer
Ava Custer Day ago
Why did the poison story actually sound interesting til the end when it was about a book all a long
Brittany Lewandowski
Elizabeth Greenwood
You should play episode
SumSum Day ago
Well I actually got that exact hooked ad and I’m not even joking...
Smithing Stuff
I got the advert ‘hooked’ during the video
Trinibee Day ago
Finally someone speaks up.
Colton Clements
Are we just gonna ignore that math.... ?
Testier Robin
Testier Robin 2 days ago
Testier Robin
Testier Robin 2 days ago
(@_@) />🍷 \ TSUKUYOMI
IbeJeffreystricktand yeet
Skull Kid animation
What Netflix show or movie was he talking about does anybody know the name
RSmithMedia 2 days ago
I got an ad for Hooked during the video...
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 2 days ago
Just stick to wattpad man....Just stick to wattpad
Little Cuties
Little Cuties 2 days ago
to be honest most of hooked ads besides this ones are: Lily: um there's something wrong with timmy Polly: What's wrong with him did he get hurt? lily: no nothing like that but there's a symbol on his forehead that just randomly appeared out of nowhere... polly: of what? lily: ...... a penis polly: omg!! you need to get out of the house right now, I'll be right there Lily: why? Is there something wrong polly: just get out theres a chance that timmy is..... lily: what? are you serious your just gonna leave me hanging like that like you always do, I know you made out with my boyfriend and that why he broke up with me and I also know you stole my lunch when you visited my house Yesterday, fuck you polly Sorry I got a little too excited
Lafayette _
Lafayette _ 2 days ago
Lol right when he was gonna say alright let’s get back to the story it cut off and a add for beer came on
Perri Swirl
Perri Swirl 2 days ago
They were texting that whole time so like...both of their phones have the evidence lmao
J For Jack
J For Jack 2 days ago
Please tell me the end of the story, I need to know!!!!
J For Jack
J For Jack 2 days ago
Ah maybe I should watch the video first
John Scott Mabry
John Scott Mabry 2 days ago
I got an as for the trevor thing in the middle of this
KILLAH BATMAN 2 days ago
Why is Danny Gonzalez's RUvid account different
Jajalama -
Jajalama - 2 days ago
Hey Danny!
Beano The Fox
Beano The Fox 2 days ago
I got a stupid Hooked ad lmao
Kurt Hummel
Kurt Hummel 2 days ago
You know if you want to read internet stories (and weird ones as well) go ahead and use Wattpad.... it’s free..... like forever...
zobbukit 2 days ago
...could have been Cyanide-lite.
SHADOWFIRE659 2 days ago
I got the hook ads on this video
Rhea Malana
Rhea Malana 2 days ago
Bro I've dreamt about the Hooked app, its scary they're advertising in my dreams now
NicklePickle Popsicle
Oh my gosh I got a hooked add
Pink Spider
Pink Spider 2 days ago
Wait, u signed up with Danny Gonzalez’s account
Derek Glasscock
Derek Glasscock 2 days ago
Never enjoyed watching a sponsor, until now
Spanish Moustache
What the fuck it's "hooked"? It's an app or a series?
Erin 3 days ago
John Mulaney
Tayyaba Khan
Tayyaba Khan 3 days ago
Omg the road work ahead guy
Michelle Chavez
Michelle Chavez 3 days ago
BRUHHH.... After watching this vide ok I got a HOOCKED AD of Trevor Holt and the Virgin ... really
BigNerd Boi
BigNerd Boi 3 days ago
Grant Charlton
Grant Charlton 3 days ago
wait? if bri went over to eves house... why are they texting each other
The Cringy memer
The Cringy memer 3 days ago
I got a hooked ad on this video😂😂
Greg Greg
Greg Greg 3 days ago
I’ll pay 14.99 if Drew reads all the books
Nicholas Mutchler
It says wait for 15 minutes. When I did that it let me watch the whole thing
SwiftMystic 3 days ago
I got a Hooked add while watching this 🤔
Olivia Allen
Olivia Allen 3 days ago
I tried to press the skip ad when it came up in the beginning
Maria 3 days ago
I deadass got an ad of literally the same exact thing
Raphael Chen
Raphael Chen 3 days ago
Bri bought her cyanide from China
Marissa LeighAnne
I clicked on this video and immediately did not regret it
Jessica Hanna
Jessica Hanna 3 days ago
3:21 as soon as he said "let's watch this story now" a Hooked ad popped up and I actually thought that it was a part of the video 😂
Sam Harrington
Sam Harrington 3 days ago
i got a hooked ad and i thought it was your video so i watched it all the way through waiting for the commentary i hate this app
Royal Alchemist
Royal Alchemist 3 days ago
Hooked should hire you!
frujical 3 days ago
I keep clicking the skip button knowing fully well nothing will happen. This is not okay.
Kyle Noe
Kyle Noe 3 days ago
Lol they mean his bigass dick
aggsimalone 3 days ago
When you were reading out the first text message story you sounded like ‘Fireblaster’ from Pixels.
Thanos’ Gay cousin
5:17 turns out he’s a douchebag Me : 😮
Azmaroc z
Azmaroc z 3 days ago
Wait If there is 1 video, then what wouldve happened if you chose to watch a scary story?
Mitchel Hafford
Mitchel Hafford 4 days ago
After taking cyanide you will end up foaming at the mouth but I guess instead you just get a bad headache?
Aiden Pedersen
Aiden Pedersen 4 days ago
Does he remind anyone else of John Mulaney
Jazmin Green
Jazmin Green 4 days ago
The ad literally played when I was watching this video... twice!!
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