I Paid Artists $50,000 to finish my Drawing

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Hi Guys todays video I LITERALLY PAID ARTISTS $50000 TO FINISH MY DRAWING! Rules: They have to draw for 24 hours and they must finish my drawing , comment which one you like the best!
Part 1: ruvid.net/video/video-K6sm4dYgKos.html
This took a lot of time as well as $50000 which was really hard to afford but it was worth it
I hope you enjoy the video
Thanks for watching, have a great day everyone :))
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Jul 15, 2019

drawingartdrawing challengeart challengewin $50000artistsI Paid Artists $20000 To Finish My Drawing...colorchallengeI PAID ARTISTS $50000 TO FINISH MY DRAWING - 24 Hours Straight - Challengezhcexperimentsponsored




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ZHC Month ago
Subscribe and I'll take you shopping :3 Buy merch to help! Just buy it. www.shopzhc.com/ The sponsor decided not to pay last minute so I had to pay all $50,000 myself I need your help to fund my videos otherwise I can't keep doing these videos The amazing artists featured in this video: Artuniverse6 Villarrte Artofidan studio_odin gawx_art Dibujantenocturno chr.pearson bella_rachlin cicizhong911205 jackson_caspersz Vexx Shrimpy YT Bunchofbeans keshrt Dixxy Art Simon Putz First Comment: Cam The Ravenclaw
BluSkullWarrior 11 days ago
ZHC you have to take me shopping lol take me shopping for the turkey and Dax hoodie
Eclendenin Eclendenin
Take me shopping :( I’ll draw something for you!!
Alexzia Sandoval
Alexzia Sandoval 11 days ago
ZHC you should do turkey iPhone cases like have turkey on the phone case tho
Ernesto Lara
Ernesto Lara 11 days ago
Am just 9 and I draw like that
Bubba Virgo
Bubba Virgo 12 days ago
ZHC you should make and sell turkeys for merch
Morgan Hancock
Morgan Hancock 22 minutes ago
i so good at art like the best
Barsam Ghouri
Barsam Ghouri 42 minutes ago
Man I might not like some of your videos but the way you help, I am a fan and will support you in any way I can
XD Johny
XD Johny 3 hours ago
I love the turkey hoodie
Yair Sternheim
Yair Sternheim 3 hours ago
zhc do u know hebrew cuz the girl dax is a israel person becuze the letters in her name are hebrew
Yari Can
Yari Can 3 hours ago
Sad to hear about the sponsorship, this video was so inspirational! Rooting for you !
Jei Aguilar
Jei Aguilar 4 hours ago
as an artist and animator this makes me glad, I hope I can get back in the game, i bet I am rusty af :(
Minx Kraken
Minx Kraken 4 hours ago
1:52 ZHC: that is a good thumbnail Also ZHC: *Circle thumbnail*
Alexis Albornoz Art
New subcribe here:)
Alexis Albornoz Art
Dam im so jeolous to all the artist tht gets the comission i wish i could join too:)
Henry Cook
Henry Cook 5 hours ago
yooo thats sooo littt
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
Don’t bully turkey
HT_ROCKER 123 5 hours ago
Gawx added a few hidden turkeys in the doodles (spot them if you can)
jerome macabansag
jerome macabansag 6 hours ago
*i love her female*wait wut
Amr Emad
Amr Emad 7 hours ago
ZHC . Can you help me to pay for my university I study In Russia but i am from Egypt and I don't know from where I will pay to my education and I can to proof to you all of this I can email with papers that proof my talking I swear God bless you bro..
Karl Wells
Karl Wells 7 hours ago
kcwflare needs support oof.
Dark Train
Dark Train 7 hours ago
Your intro was the same as Mr Beast
Roman Pier
Roman Pier 7 hours ago
Bro im only ten and your my biggest influence
kaylie hodson
kaylie hodson 7 hours ago
Subscribe to Kaylie hodson
the bot game
the bot game 8 hours ago
16:50 and 17:44 israel in this video
Perry Jr
Perry Jr 8 hours ago
J Does some
J Does some 8 hours ago
Make turkey beanies
Sofia T
Sofia T 8 hours ago
NOOB DUDE 9 hours ago
U use oof too much
NOOB DUDE 9 hours ago
U use oof too much
pathat 4273 2
pathat 4273 2 10 hours ago
Zach: 50,000 dollars is a lot for me Me beast: peasant
Christine Abegail
Christine Abegail 10 hours ago
This person deserves more 😭😭 10:18
ManixGaming 11 hours ago
Turkey had a brain fart 3:46
sevens 12 hours ago
you know you have money when the plush dolls in the room are stuffed with cash. bro ill draw a peanut for $3000.
tobbi 12 hours ago
9:03 puny god
Dc Sphinx
Dc Sphinx 12 hours ago
I love the kid that onlly asked for 200 dollars, his reaction to the money was sweet
Lele lob
Lele lob 12 hours ago
I feel bad For some reason + :()
Gio Hernandez
Gio Hernandez 12 hours ago
Hoe mad
Teen Arts
Teen Arts 12 hours ago
Hey bro👋, can you pay me a loptop pls...
Liam Adams
Liam Adams 12 hours ago
pause on 19:33 comment a caption
maryjane 12 hours ago
you just got a new subscriber 🤩
Sha Graci
Sha Graci 13 hours ago
Could you check out my art account on instagram, @shaniah_garcia
TaliaBoredForever -_-
Wow your drawing is amazing,my drawing is but yours is 10x better!
Rip Turkeys: Immune system Self esteem All his bones
SPiCY GUY 15 hours ago
I got an add that had a dog with only it’s two hind legs and I sorta want it
Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown
Michelle Goldigger confirmed 🤣
Luka Jebisashvili
Luka Jebisashvili 16 hours ago
all i can draw is stickmen.
KeBo Gaming
KeBo Gaming 16 hours ago
why have the video a german title?
Zeroo 16 hours ago
I'd be honored if you commissioned me lol
LIES Zunitz
LIES Zunitz 16 hours ago
6 year old me watching Cartoon with my pillow 8:55
XxiTz IvY
XxiTz IvY 16 hours ago
Sad turkey
Lyfe Of Lyrics
Lyfe Of Lyrics 17 hours ago
what is a wamen
Car 17 hours ago
next mr beast.
OGBR BIGROB 17 hours ago
Just found your channel I think it's amazing what you're doing for artists! #SUBSCRIBE
Tyler Dupin
Tyler Dupin 17 hours ago
I would buy merch but I don’t have money
Axxaxxin Ace
Axxaxxin Ace 18 hours ago
Michelle a gold digger
Queen Wubitu
Queen Wubitu 19 hours ago
He said “waaamen”
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 20 hours ago
I am 10 people say they would buy my art I he's young talent
MattDP 20 hours ago
Pay me 1000€ on paypal Jaratemate@gmail.com
Daniel Granja
Daniel Granja 21 hour ago
literally mr beast same background music and everything 🤣
Jason R
Jason R 21 hour ago
What's with the stuffed creature?? Brother u don't need to pretend to be 5 yrs old to be successful! You do a lot of good stuff for a lot of people don't make it weird! Lol
Gacha gods Baker
Gacha gods Baker 21 hour ago
I the middle of the video: * venom ad* Me:I’m going to comment this! Venom: so I will eat both of arms off then both of your legs and then I’ll eat your face right off your head and then you will be this armless legless headless thing Rolling down the street like a turd.. Rolling in the wind Me:HMMMMM meh ima still come at this hehe
Zaccai Meek
Zaccai Meek 21 hour ago
Wow I barely have more money than turkey.....
Brooks Tomlinson
Brooks Tomlinson 21 hour ago
Can I get some copic markers???
Wolfe Animations And More
U are an awsome person to be giving 50,000 to some random people
Silver Light
Silver Light 22 hours ago
every video u make, ur slowly starting to look like james charles.
Hunter Adair
Hunter Adair 22 hours ago
Hey Zach my name is Hunter and I have been following you for a little while, and I am an artist in a small town that many people dont even know about. I was wondering if you would be willing to take a look at some of my art work?
Enorbic 23 hours ago
Ayy thats Kesh!
mighty crib
mighty crib Day ago
Like this for the anti-Turkey bullying
Jan Elij Vallejera
"Back when I was 14, I was like 13 or something" ...Wise words bruh, wise words. 😂 Btw your channel deserves way more subs.
TNBC Jaze Day ago
hey i just want to test if it shows how many dislikes a comment gets...everyone please dislike this. i will like it just so a few people see it
Blueberry Lynx
Ill draw Turkey if You can give me some markers??? Understand if your short on money since that sponsor f****ed you over.
a7even08 Day ago
Adult charge £1000-2000 for drawn that good but no where near worth that amount consisting half done on computer Yet Kid 14 does drawing £100
slimegirl05 fun girl
you are pz9
Peter Dinklage
You are a Japanese drawing Mr.Beast
Laserman105 Gaming
Gold digger
S R Day ago
they all garbage, tattoist have way better colour co ordination
Up Fury-怒り
❤️❤️❤️im new subscribe i really liked your vids 💓💓🎉
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Zach:Now that looks like a thumbnail but he uses a circle for a thumbnail
Kajus Složencevas
First its vexx then its vexx 2.0 then there is vexx 3.0
Damon Dabbles
WOW!!! All amazing artists. Wish I have their imagination.
Zyruss jandro Posidio
When Mr beast donated......triple the amount 150000dollars
Dovydas BUrokas
next time contacy wolfycho
Kirstan Warner
I would love to do this one day but I am not confident enough with my art to place it out in the open on such a platform, I don't believe I'd even make the cut although to do something like this would be amazing not just for the money even though that would be a plus because things are tight right now but because the reaction as well as the recognition you give these artists is incredible. Love your videos as well as your art, you're truly amazing. Keep up the good work, looking forward to new content! LOVE YOU TURKEY.
Turtles Are Rad
can i draw? this is probly never gonna be seen anyways but i still love your channle and all the people in it keep going yeet
Laurel Bering Ya YEET
Turtles Are Rad bro love the YEET at the end YEET!!!!!!!
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