I Paid a Stranger $25 to edit my Pizza Commercial

Daniel Schiffer
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Mar 18, 2020




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Comments 80
Flower Kids
Flower Kids 11 hours ago
I see no other comments abt how his flashlight is on, it is so frustrating
boredandviolent 13 hours ago
the colors in the 25dollar one where the only ones that i liked lol
It's Meee
It's Meee 16 hours ago
And suddenly I am craving pizza 👌🏻
Bejli Çaushaj
Bejli Çaushaj 18 hours ago
The 75$ had a smooth beggining, but the blurring at the end was a turn off. And lowering the speed was not that nice.
badmoose01 20 hours ago
All that I learned from this is that I’m hungry for pizza.
only mamamoo
only mamamoo 20 hours ago
i have no clue why i am watching this video right now but i am entertained
InspiredHits 21 hour ago
So this is where overpaid freelancers on fiverr get their gigs... fiverr just pays someone else to hire them.
Sfyxia 21 hour ago
I could honestly make a better edit for $10😐
Steezy boi008
Steezy boi008 22 hours ago
This man made like almost no money off of this video wow
Tim Van Lear
Tim Van Lear 22 hours ago
Can you make a video showing how you set up your a7iii for shooting video? Picture profile, color mode, custom buttons, etc. I just bought an a7iii and the settings are a little overwhelming. Haha. Thanks!
LostSkies Day ago
Hey guys. No one cares if this was recommended to you or how you ended up here. Watch the vid and shut up
Arfor Afro
Arfor Afro Day ago
This guy: "You can get an amazing ad for only 25 bucks?!?" Me: "I can get 160 bucks just for reading a script into a blue yeti?!?"
Christina Dimitriou
Awesome, this was fun to watch!
Ludmila Bahia
O de $25 dólares só precisava de uma música melhor! Manoooo
Leo de brito
Leo de brito Day ago
I got into Fiverr few weeks ago. I found out a guy who has other people work on his gig(portfolio) so I decided to tell fiverr staff about it. I even sent them links to show that this guys was stealing other poeple´s work. Do you know what happened? Nothing! :) Why? Well, this guy is a level two into Fiverr, which makes me think that as far as this guy is making money, Fiverr don`t really care. Sad!
Whiteboard Warrior
make this type of video more
Justin Crawford
Is it just me or does this video constantly get recommended?
Celtic Day ago
Remember, the 25 dollar guy is actually 10 dollar
ahmed Day ago
Which program you use to editing your videos ? Adobe premier or avid ?
carika bester
OK yeh the last one wins but I saw that raw base one too many times after being ready for the complete pizza
carika bester
Cheap one still has me drooling for pizza
carika bester
Supposed to be cheesy it's pizza yo
carika bester
First one is the best 100
Serene Yap
Serene Yap Day ago
1. Czarekpiast $100 2. Feldmanronny $500 3. Sheppardmedia $25 (that's crazy!) Wait. How did I get here? Was watching Korean entertainment series .... ??
SniperShiv - Roblox
Dang, I am hungry now😂
Taral Stories
First of all you are amazing man... totally in love with you edits and what not. The way you guide on B-Roll and videography ..Suggestions and all it helped me a lot.. I started new channel and waiting to do some amazing B-rolls with your suggestions.
C.B.I 2 days ago
Hey 25$ if you watching this increased your price bro.
DP 2 days ago
Great sponsorship video for Fiverr! I've used Fiverr before and very useful -> very well done executed video to show people Fiverr. @Fiverr, give this man more sponsorships!
Habib Salam
Habib Salam 2 days ago
I can edit your video better than all of those sick editors 😌
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 2 days ago
great show!
Xp3r 2 days ago
if the 500 one was 500 then the 25 should be 450
Mar1155 3 days ago
Man close your phone torch ahahha xd
Jacco Lin
Jacco Lin 3 days ago
Gets free 1400 dollars from Fiver to edit his commercial, doesn't get someone to edit this video.
Rahat Hameed
Rahat Hameed 3 days ago
The $500 guy impressed me and made me rewatch from start right after just 3 seconds!!
Ed 2 days ago
Me too...I really don't get why he's being bashed in the comments...I legitimately thought he was the most creative!
Tankigamer101_XXX lol
*Deconstructing the Pizza in "Reverse"* isn't that making the pizza?
Ed 2 days ago
Lol! Yeah.
Kevin Grobbee
Kevin Grobbee 3 days ago
Bruhh,can i get those videos?i would definitely use that for practice cus i just started to editing,i really want to make money cus this is my college year and i want to get some money for bought an analog camera lol
Tolga Yeşilyurt
Tolga Yeşilyurt 4 days ago
12:12 just reversed video.
KIDesign 4 days ago
35$ and 100$ is my fave
Ana Murray
Ana Murray 4 days ago
Great content!
Chiara Liu
Chiara Liu 4 days ago
$35,$75 and $500 are my favorites :) but all ad are very creative, like the end from $100 was good too :)
Carl Miller
Carl Miller 4 days ago
Amazing content man, this was super entertaining and informative.
Ofentse Mwase Films
$25? Are you kidding me?
Mohammad Shohag
Mohammad Shohag 4 days ago
Otta KAALANA 5 days ago
500$ Guy was way ahead in the game 25$ guy please make your pricing as 250$ . You are worth it buddy
Noah Gill
Noah Gill 5 days ago
I dont know why but that one voiceover just sounds like he would be named Greg Johnson lmao
Farida Mimi
Farida Mimi 5 days ago
The promo code doesn’t work anymore 🥺
Vincent Corver
Vincent Corver 5 days ago
That was really great, Daniel! Thank you for this! :) - I've always enjoyed Fiverr's services, glad to see you take it to the next level!
Dhilan RAVAL
Dhilan RAVAL 5 days ago
The $500 one was INCREDIBLE
DeyzXD Slav
DeyzXD Slav 5 days ago
Brendin Harrison
Brendin Harrison 5 days ago
I was watching a Documentary about Colonel Sanders, how did I end up here? Really cool video though👌
Martha McRuckus
Martha McRuckus 5 days ago
was there a link to the original video? I must have missed it
Darren McCulloch
Darren McCulloch 5 days ago
$500 was a pile of shit it’s literally just reversed with an additional edited part of the video viewing the $25 however is on the right tract looking sleek with a few more tweaks he/she will have it.
Darren McCulloch
Darren McCulloch 5 days ago
Naomi Alraei
Naomi Alraei 6 days ago
from watching all of this I'm getting hungry for pizza
nuel poyo
nuel poyo 6 days ago
Nice content..done subscribe
Charlotte Chicken
I need to know the song used for the 35 bucks one !!
Charlotte Chicken
Nevermind, the song is not only for 35 dollars 😅 still I wanna know the name
Itagaki 6 days ago
hmm,,,, i don't think the $500 should be top 1, the backward n music makes it more looks like a music video instead of advertisement
Lucas Quinones
Lucas Quinones 6 days ago
Totally agree with your top 3, i have no idea what these other peeps are talking about 🍕
gigi 6 days ago
Ese pibe es de Argentina JAJAJAJAJ
dianamanfredi 6 days ago
I wouldn't even download the footage and open Premiere for $25 tbh. I don't know how these editors pay their rent with those prices. Very good edits too. It's sad.
Damjan Strugar
Damjan Strugar 7 days ago
Quality content
Anton Shabashov
Anton Shabashov 7 days ago
The olive oil spreading shot doesn't show where it is pouring. Mistake in the mos videos.
Jaideep Rawal
Jaideep Rawal 7 days ago
And this guy got an advertisement worth $1500 by this video
Vahagn Hakobyan
Vahagn Hakobyan 7 days ago
Jofhrey Corpuz
Jofhrey Corpuz 7 days ago
999slawter 7 days ago
Yep, the 25$ was the big deal.
Paul Broggan
Paul Broggan 7 days ago
Suppose it's a little easier when the footage is so good
Mohajer 0478
Mohajer 0478 7 days ago
I think 500 dollars wasn't so special.
Byron Lumley
Byron Lumley 7 days ago
Any client for $100.00 would be thrilled... clearly you have never met my clients.
Xenen 7 days ago
Devon Stone
Devon Stone 7 days ago
You get what you pay for as always
GaborBartal 7 days ago
Could have been a blind test: You asking someone to rename the files randomly and sequentially, and you'd watch them without knowing how much each costs.
GaborBartal 7 days ago
6:29 Minor detail, but I was hoping you'd mention how he flipped the 2nd + 3rd clips horizontally so that all 3 show the same angle for consistency
Catherine Crosby
Catherine Crosby 7 days ago
Not watching 1:36 None of the editors are female. Why should I care.
Swagat Mohite
Swagat Mohite 7 days ago
25$ is much better simple and sobar Actually it was more dramatic footage so far 🔥👌but for 500$ person no comparison nailed it !
carreteFILMSPro 7 days ago
The $500 was overdone 5/10 and idk but for some reason I loved the one where logo zooms thru at the end, much better than the rest. :)
Tony Queen
Tony Queen 7 days ago
How dod i end up here from the president of Ghana's Ghana's speach.
Abhishek Nayak
Abhishek Nayak 7 days ago
$500 video was like going forward and backward on Netflix trying to get the scene you wanted to, but you never arrive at that point.
Jamison Lutton
Jamison Lutton 8 days ago
Put an ad in reverse and it’s worth $500
Work'n Load
Work'n Load 8 days ago
reversed clickbaited
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