I Packed The GREATEST Headliners In FIFA 20! (FIFA 20 Pack Opening)

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Jan 22, 2020




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Comments 447
Z The2TrickShotter Z// Trick Shots//
Harry Probert
Harry Probert 5 days ago
Why don’t he go mad
Brandon Peralta
Brandon Peralta 6 days ago
Why would people spend money in packs then sell players I would use them bro whatever 🤨😂
Dean Og
Dean Og 15 days ago
30k likes plz
I Love Cactus
I Love Cactus 15 days ago
If Ethans Dad Was In FIFA20 He’d Be A Walkout
James Scott
James Scott 16 days ago
Let’s go Newcastle 🤘🏻🤘🏻⚫️⚪️⚫️⚫️
Finlay Weighand
Finlay Weighand 22 days ago
U stay at ur ma’s house jk
Juan De Haro
Juan De Haro 24 days ago
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 27 days ago
you need to play on your main account
FinnlyRowlo -
FinnlyRowlo - 27 days ago
Do a Lewandowski to glory plz
Frosty dog 123
Frosty dog 123 27 days ago
U should 1v1 Simon
Jammo6803 27 days ago
He didn’t win 3 games for any of those packs...
Mickey osullavn
Mickey osullavn 27 days ago
You packed VARDY with sterling I packed VARDY and Messi
Elliott Hewitt
Elliott Hewitt 28 days ago
i got headliner salah as an untradeable smh
FRIZZY 28 days ago
Your the greatest pack man? Bruh watch my pack opening vid 2 toty in a row
Fuze Slash Buddy Wiseman
I got 92 mapped in a skipped pack😂
SoAr Charlie
SoAr Charlie 29 days ago
Im a newcastle fan!!
benny ilwow
benny ilwow 29 days ago
5:19 when freya finaly gives u her ass
Ryan H
Ryan H 29 days ago
But he didn’t get Neymar?
Siddhant Srivastava
What's the background song at 2:26
Soni Novalli
Soni Novalli Month ago
I just buy it
Owen Patterson
Owen Patterson Month ago
His reaction whoo hooo hooo if I packed salah I would of went crazy
Thunder b8y
Thunder b8y Month ago
Headliner Neymar at 10:31
Caelen Campbell
Caelen Campbell Month ago
Keep salah his card will keep going up
de zwollenaar
de zwollenaar Month ago
I have packed salah too in a 81+ dubble upgrade pack
Jack Eddy
Jack Eddy Month ago
Up the Leicester boys 🔵 blue army 🔵🔵
Calin Musat
Calin Musat Month ago
I packed too Salah,but from Two Rare Gold Players Pack
brand games
brand games Month ago
3 chen
3 chen Month ago
I like ur content
Connor Povey
Connor Povey Month ago
If you compare this to Harry if Harry got a salah headliner he would throw his controller out of the window
SportzStar1704 Month ago
I packed headliner salah from a premiem gold players pack
Lewis T
Lewis T Month ago
The title ‘greatest headliner’ I’ll wait till he packs Neymar then...
Gaming Central
Gaming Central Month ago
What’s everyone on bout saying h s packed out?????
FIFASingh10 Month ago
1:00 : headliner 5:15 : headliner 6:14 : headliner 7:13 : big walkout 7:45 : headliner 8:47 : headliner Just thank me with a like lol i copied someones comment
Jenny Lowry
Jenny Lowry Month ago
Gettin finally a shoutout as a Newcastle fan😂
Fusion Tactical
Fusion Tactical Month ago
anyone else notice that he got headliner vardy in the same pack with sterling but the sterling was his gold yet he has a headliner in packs EA?
Game Maniak
Game Maniak Month ago
12 packs under 80 is that normal ??? :(
Will Wells
Will Wells Month ago
I packed Salah in an 81 upgrade pack
R.T. R.S
R.T. R.S Month ago
Thxs for shouting out for the NEWCASTLE fans cuz I am one of them
Dan SAId
Dan SAId Month ago
What does it mean by train
Alite Month ago
Lol, I actually packed a prime icon, a headliner and son in the same pack, it's on my channel if you want to see.
Yt Maniac
Yt Maniac Month ago
Packed salah headliner from a free pack and my brother quick sold him 🤦🏾‍♂️
Zj Fam
Zj Fam Month ago
Side men best youtubers
Shay Rodgers
Shay Rodgers Month ago
Get messi
Kyle Carpenter
Kyle Carpenter Month ago
I packed lewandowski on Wednesday
Dans Gamess
Dans Gamess Month ago
Wish I had fifa points 😢
alexizdabestPSN Month ago
It hurts my stomach watching streamers who fake their enthusiasm 😂
Its Beastii
Its Beastii Month ago
No one, josh: HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO
Brahbe Temerel
Brahbe Temerel Month ago
how do u guys pack good cards
Theodore Ntallaris
U are lucky u are using a fut founder account
Allan Amaral
Allan Amaral Month ago
I got lewandowski 2 day aswell
Kill Clan
Kill Clan Month ago
New w2s
Michiel Piers
Michiel Piers Month ago
Just stop
BlueDawn Month ago
Ever heard of neymar
Uniqq Month ago
Josh : acting like he already packed it before W2s : wtf. *breaking his chair and putting hole through wall*
Josh Clune
Josh Clune Month ago
Is that his packedout account
Yuval Shteinsky
Yuval Shteinsky Month ago
3:26 look at the coins!!!
Yuval Shteinsky
Yuval Shteinsky Month ago
He can buy any player
HaiderXMD Month ago
How do u have so many coins you’ve barely played any games on that account
Moyra Ciappara
Moyra Ciappara Month ago
Anyone know the song in the beginning?
BEN HUXLEY Month ago
In your next pack opening josh can you do a challenge where you have to react to a good pack without going pffffhhhhhffhhhh and spitting all over everything
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