i NEVER want to SPECTATE again after watching these Fortnite Players!

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i NEVER want to SPECTATE again after watching these Fortnite Players! I almost fell asleep watching some of these players at fortnite... they were bad.
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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 3 358
Chiant’e Brown
im surprise for zdeadkingxz
Chiant’e Brown
nicks:little timmy run and little timmy im out of here
Absolute FN
Absolute FN 4 days ago
Can I play with you plz
November _gino
November _gino 5 days ago
Sub to November_gino
Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee 6 days ago
Nicks: "What are these builds?" Me: They are called the randoms. It's what happens when you panic and press the wrong button, you try to improvise and screw it up more. It leads to death
Josh n Jack
Josh n Jack 6 days ago
Are u on drugs
Phillip Ervin
Phillip Ervin 8 days ago
I haven't found any money. Still waiting to see you in my games.
Jackson Keys
Jackson Keys 8 days ago
Is that true👨🏻‍💻
Ethan W
Ethan W 9 days ago
You and form are my favorite you make better vids then form
Lil Cv
Lil Cv 10 days ago
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 14 days ago
It actually happened i found $200
news now Eldorado
news now Eldorado 15 days ago
thats what you get for trying to pick someone on a roof
The_Toxic_Raven7 16 days ago
Lets give nicks a break, how about some bullying default videos!!! Like if nicks should do this
Noisy Kid Gamer
Noisy Kid Gamer 17 days ago
I don’t think I have a brain anymore
Drain_Shadow 19 days ago
0:43 why i liked lol hahahaha
sorry can't post real name sry
Nick's saying you might find money on the ground me feeling like mr crabs
Jodie Templeton
Jodie Templeton 22 days ago
Nicks so bad 1v1 my Id is Readyali A
Dan on Crack’
Dan on Crack’ 22 days ago
Your mom and dad will live in the next 50 years No you don’t have to like but it would be appreciated
Leanne Anderson
Leanne Anderson 22 days ago
You are terrible at Fortnite
firegaming supp
firegaming supp 22 days ago
Is anybody watching this in season 2 this was 3 days beefor this big battle
megan costelloe
megan costelloe 24 days ago
I'm a girl too and I play fortnite@
megan costelloe
megan costelloe 24 days ago
NoLxve 24 days ago
2:00 that was me it was my first time on pc so i was horrible and out of nowhere my friend hit me up on snap saying yo you killed someone famous and I was like really? and he sent me a screenshot of my name and I was like whoa then a couple days later I got a lot of Xbox messages it was crazy if anyone wants to play with me on Xbox my user is XCashCartier I had to change it because I was getting a lot of recognition to the point it would make my Xbox lag so I had to change my name also my Xbox has a start up error specifically error 102 can someone help me...
W Key boi
W Key boi 25 days ago
Can you sub to me
The Newbie
The Newbie 25 days ago
lol i knows hes joking about the whole good luck thing but legit as i liked the vid for shits n gigs my main dealer texted me who i havnt smoked with in months, now dats sum good luck
Avah Lewis
Avah Lewis 25 days ago
Nicked I hope you have the best year in your life❤️🙏🙏❤️
Yo momma LODI CA
Yo momma LODI CA 25 days ago
Like n sub to this I liked it and I found 20$ deadass 😂😂😂😂😂
Tear 27 days ago
Irish patato boy 69
My Name is timmy
Maria Ines Sobalvarro
No skin=noob Skin=pro Wut.
Isaac Unlimited
Isaac Unlimited 29 days ago
It is true I found 10 fillers in the grand an hour ago
azztecazz killed me in fortnite
Spirit UltraZonic
but you have to comment on my vid thx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Spirit UltraZonic
if you sub to me ill sub to you
Janaya Carnes
Janaya Carnes Month ago
The first part of the video I do 90s better that guy
flmingo yass queen26
My name is timmy irl
Dragee1000 Month ago
Rip chap 1
Crystalgaming4u Gamer
I shall make the jimmy poem There I look beautiful and strong, A Timmy singing a song, Hitting headshots each day, I wish I was his prey. In the bushes or a tree, You see a Timmy so, Please leave him be. I tried XD Edit: *TIMMY *
John Fowler
John Fowler Month ago
nicks i'm the soccerskin
Vanhmun Lian
Vanhmun Lian Month ago
The scar wakes him up 3:41
Vanhmun Lian
Vanhmun Lian Month ago
Maybe cause it his favourite gun
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