i NEVER want to SPECTATE again after watching these Fortnite Players!

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i NEVER want to SPECTATE again after watching these Fortnite Players! I almost fell asleep watching some of these players at fortnite... they were bad.
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Jul 17, 2019

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Official_lowkeyx 13 hours ago
I鈥檓 not a hater but why don鈥檛 you do your 鈥淚鈥濃檚 lower case is so annoying sorry it鈥檚 just my OCD thing.. spelling I get so annoyed when I do it too..
Cylical Ghost
Cylical Ghost 15 hours ago
Jmoney Industry
Jmoney Industry 18 hours ago
Its fire keep on doing these videos
Kyle Kennedy
Kyle Kennedy 20 hours ago
Add me
Xander Tzanet
I love your vids
Nolan Roughsedge
How was the whole first lobby terrible
TimeZone A2
TimeZone A2 Day ago
I have 3 subs:(
JmoneyForU YT
*sweaty soccer skin about to pump u in the face* Skull trooper: "let me pop a med kit real fast"
DRiP_ Crux
DRiP_ Crux Day ago
Sub to me on yt at DRiP_ Crux
Alexa_andFriends Co.
I did Epic ID: Alexa_thecupcake
Myra Ortiz
Myra Ortiz Day ago
That how i feel when bots kill me 馃槪
Trumpet Master Flex
Where is my good luck lol 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Josh Koops
Josh Koops Day ago
Can you add me your my favorite youtuber
Yami Sukehiro
Put ur user so he can know
AMG_ Spectre
AMG_ Spectre 2 days ago
The game withers the most deadass people aka game 1
Lil J
Lil J 2 days ago
you guys actually listen to him in the intro. i watched this video before i went to bed, the next day at school i found a 10 dollar bill!
Ahna Turney
Ahna Turney 2 days ago
I'm not getting those sub's but I don't care
YT_Eternal portal
Amir Deleon
Amir Deleon 2 days ago
Hi Nick use code nicks
thunder phonix
thunder phonix 2 days ago
Ur editing sucks u speak before ur mouth moves. bio?馃槀馃槀
Nathanial Nicholls
if you didn't waste so much on big shield I would prob be 100
Nathanial Nicholls
if you didn't drop as much shield a big pot would prob be 100
Fliporachi 32
Fliporachi 32 2 days ago
This video came out on my birthday
Little Stewart69
Little Stewart69 3 days ago
Lilo Cheese
Lilo Cheese 3 days ago
I love your video 鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍
Cruz O
Cruz O 3 days ago
He got one shoted bad English nick um It one shot
Ulix 3 days ago
Look at your like OMG
IceyFireBTW 3 days ago
What happens if you're already subbed and liked in one second?
Ve-Recruit Only
Ve-Recruit Only 4 days ago
i did it
Girl Gamer
Girl Gamer 4 days ago
Thanks I did have good luck and I found a 20 dollar bill on the floor!!! And I鈥檓 a girl gamer I play Fortnite ROBLOX Minecraft and yeah
yungswade 4 days ago
this was prolly the worst 2 solo games i鈥檝e ever watched
TOXIC_ OBS_ 4 days ago
You know its kinda disrespectful to make fun of people, what if they were ur fans!! You could loose fans!!
Alex Clayton
Alex Clayton 5 days ago
Wub sucks in trash I destroyed him in a 1v1
sarahm 5 days ago
i think i got a crush...
Natures Kitten
Natures Kitten 5 days ago
That dead king guys is a BOT sorry to say
Yao Johnson
Yao Johnson 6 days ago
I always unsubscribe and resubscribe every time you say like and subscribe
Sonny Guevarra
Sonny Guevarra 6 days ago
Dude u don't know if his 6 or something
Blazing Speed
Blazing Speed 7 days ago
Do a vid using the banana with other guys and habe a banana tribe
Ysabell _xoxo
Ysabell _xoxo 7 days ago
whats better? keep odd for pc/mobile keep even for Xbox, ps4 comment for switch or any other devise
Fun for everyone
Fun for everyone 8 days ago
Fortnite is so good
Andre Little
Andre Little 9 days ago
he is copying formula
GalaxyPenguin Vlogs
Hi Nick! I'm new here!
Chris Hay
Chris Hay 9 days ago
I liked this video
Chris Hay
Chris Hay 9 days ago
Hi nicks i love your video
The Minecraft Nerd
The Minecraft Nerd 10 days ago
Can this comment get 100 dislikes
Nasehra Begum
Nasehra Begum 11 days ago
Blvd Boyz700
Blvd Boyz700 11 days ago
just make a different youtube account that is called Nick Spectates
Logan Vallen
Logan Vallen 11 days ago
It should be NickSpecks
Eric Gaming Official
Sup nicks
GHOST8190 11 days ago
Subscribe me plzz
GHOST8190 11 days ago
Subscribe me plzz
GHOST8190 11 days ago
Subscribe me plzz
GHOST8190 11 days ago
Subscribe me plzz
GHOST8190 11 days ago
Subscribe me plzz
GHOST8190 11 days ago
Subscribe me plzz
GHOST8190 11 days ago
Subscribe me plzz
Nathan Lemus
Nathan Lemus 11 days ago
So good game
Leigha Wood
Leigha Wood 11 days ago
Nick flexing with money.. HA JK he got moneyyy dough!! 馃挵馃挵
Navy Equation
Navy Equation 12 days ago
Add me on fortnite TTVNavyEquation. Love you馃挒馃挒馃挒馃挅
Gummy Girl
Gummy Girl 12 days ago
my epic is tankhog171 and i'm a girl gamer XD so you can't really tell by the name
spiral optical
spiral optical 12 days ago
Nick wear the bandinea you look better with it on
drugsworthclique 12 days ago
check my youtube "support me thank you".
Hyper Jmo
Hyper Jmo 13 days ago
Hi Nick, I love your channel. Whenever im sad I watch your channel. Thank you so much for uploading.
Frank Cantelmo
Frank Cantelmo 13 days ago
I love your vids but it is hard to play with my mom Always playing
GACHA WOLF 13 days ago
Who remembers dusty divot like of do 猬囷笍
BUTT BROS 14 days ago
Sub to Butt Bros
Nattie Pedrotti
Nattie Pedrotti 14 days ago
( I am bount to fall asleep) says Nick well we all laughed so hard馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
Caelan Clark
Caelan Clark 14 days ago
Nicks your pore and you don鈥檛 have a girlfriend
Geraldina Behrsing
Geraldina Behrsing 15 days ago
This is how sweaty ninja is
Jack Davis
Jack Davis 16 days ago
That Robert 135k is on controller combat
Ftaco_is _good
Ftaco_is _good 16 days ago
Your banner on RUvid is still obey nicks Like so he can see
ReFuZ3R 17 days ago
It's not a trap if ya just skip that part 馃槀
Kalea Martin
Kalea Martin 17 days ago
Best youtuber ever to me
wrathmaker 17 days ago
At the beginning I think he just wanted to flex his money
Ibrahim Sher
Ibrahim Sher 17 days ago
Aquiv3r Esox
Aquiv3r Esox 18 days ago
I did so I have good luck, can you comment some stupid stuff for my good luck lol
Kylie lpsgachalover163
Does anyone see Pikachu in the right corner? Also, could someone gift me the battle pass?
Kesav Rayaprolu
Kesav Rayaprolu 18 days ago
Pc only like this
Galaxy GachaCookie
Galaxy GachaCookie 18 days ago
I only liked and subscribed for the luck, so my parents get together again.. my life is not the same..
blue m&m
blue m&m 18 days ago
Omg I fawnd a 5 daler
Jeff Henric
Jeff Henric 18 days ago
Next videos
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