I Mixed EVERY Cookie Flavor Together for MY BIRTHDAY

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Tried to be Safiya Nygaard for my Birthday today again by mixing EVERY cookie flavor together into one DISGUSTING yet DELICIOUS Birthday cookie cake for myself! (FYI My Birthday is Tues, July 7th but this is my last upload before my Birthday. But whatever close enough, BIRTHDAY SUPER POWERS BEGIN NOW!)
Last year's I Mixed EVERY Cake Flavor Together for MY BIRTHDAY: ruvid.net/video/video-uKoao_EAuB8.html
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Jul 5, 2020




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Comments 60
Keira Ward
Keira Ward 7 minutes ago
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Dear deer Queen happy birthday to you
Γεώργιος Γρηγοριάδης
How old is Lauren?
Piper Turner
Piper Turner 38 minutes ago
Happy birthday
#Unicorn Pro
#Unicorn Pro Hour ago
Hi! Sorry I'm late but, Happy Birthday Deer Bread queen!
Beckett Hollis And Jasper
Happy birthday😁
Claire Yeet
Claire Yeet 3 hours ago
Happy Birthday Lauren! Sorry im late!
Canon Lindgren
Canon Lindgren 3 hours ago
Any possible improvements you can make to the recipe in the future?
Harshita Jhawar
Harshita Jhawar 4 hours ago
happy birthday special girl with the special day actually billeted happy birthday i am sorry i forgot it i am so sorry birthday girl
Somethin Random
Somethin Random 5 hours ago
She reminds me of Leslie Knope from parks and rec.
Biggest fnaf fan
Biggest fnaf fan 6 hours ago
mmmm i love cookies
Bilal Oliya
Bilal Oliya 7 hours ago
did anyone hear luren say no at the end lol
Bilal Oliya
Bilal Oliya 7 hours ago
u know my sisters birthday is on july 8 soo
Frances Jones
Frances Jones 8 hours ago
Happy birthday Laurenzside
Its Chino Time!!
Its Chino Time!! 9 hours ago
The ppl who disliked this are just to over powered by your birthday powers, my birthday is 10 days after yours 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Ginger ninja Equestrian
Me going to school and telling no-one it’s my birthday: 👁👄👁
FrenchiestFry 12 hours ago
Bobby is sati rjcjfdi8re
Maya Pardo Ochoa
Maya Pardo Ochoa 12 hours ago
I might have spelled incorrect but it was autocorrect buy mistake I love all your videos and one day I hope to become a famous RUvidr like you I love you Lauren Z side and I hope I can meet you in real life and not just in my dreams you are the most prettiest lady hi have watched.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍☺️☺️☺️😚🙃🤗🤭😷😷
•Chicken Nuggie•
Welp, happy birthday Lauren! She's not gonna see this because this video was one month ago for me but might as well cause I'm bored. ;-;
Maya Pardo Ochoa
Maya Pardo Ochoa 12 hours ago
PS happy birthday Lauren Z side
Maya Pardo Ochoa
Maya Pardo Ochoa 12 hours ago
I wish I could have that cookie to batang quarantine can't and I really wish I can meet you one day when I get older you're my idol and expired me to become a RUvidr no not yet maybe soon
Kristal Preschern
Kristal Preschern 13 hours ago
Happy birthday Lauren
Kristal Preschern
Kristal Preschern 13 hours ago
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox 16 hours ago
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox 16 hours ago
Ellie Belly
Ellie Belly 17 hours ago
Did anyone get owen Wilson vibes at 14:37 ? LAUREN YOUR SECRETLY OWEN WILSON!!
Holly Tyas-Peterson
Holly Tyas-Peterson 20 hours ago
Happy birthday
Cleo Osaro
Cleo Osaro 20 hours ago
Happy birthday Lauren 🎂🎂🎉🎉🍰🎁🎁🎁
aemildjdd 22 hours ago
Happy birthday Lauren
Luna_gamer2020 Uwu
Luna_gamer2020 Uwu 23 hours ago
Happy late birthday
ocean gal uwu xoxo
Happy late birthday lol
mattbot Day ago
More like diabetes
kitsune girl yt
Brand spanken new peeps:When her birthday Us Og Subscribers:Eee every day cause its fun
Acorn The LeafWing
Happy birthday!!!
gacha creppypasta time
the dislikes are people who wanna ruin ur b-day :(
alex da human
happy birthday
•Ivy Poison•
Your birthday is the day after mine
Shania :D
Shania :D Day ago
Happy extremely late b-day :'D
cooked fish
cooked fish Day ago
lauren: like my video! me: i’ll do it in 1 minute lauren: like my video!!!! me: i will, yeah lauren: LIKE MY VIDEO!!!!!!!! me:👌
Abril Cortez-salgado
Happy birthday!!!!!
Robloxionnight Gaming
You ruined some of these cookies for me
Robloxionnight Gaming
My bday was yesterday
Sam Fulford-Sayers
Happy Belated Birthday Lauren, personally I would of made up all the mixes first, then took some of the dough from each one and mashed them into the "Franke cookie".. looks yummy though xx
zoe Tracy
zoe Tracy Day ago
Happy birthday
itscloudyxx Day ago
Happy very late birthday
Ya L
Tristen Cullimore
Happy late birthday Lauri
Purple Beasty
Happy Birthday
smollittlenugget fnaf
This was posted on my sister's bday.....OwO
Jianhong Tang
XxxBhumikaxxX 929
Happy birthday 🎉
How many subscribers can I get with this trash UwU
Lauren: You must write a comment wishing me a happy birthday **hair flip** Me: H-h-happy b-birthday L-L-L-Laur-ren
Jaydalyn Ponce
Happy birthday 😑😑❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
dearking 2020
Lauren can you make a video of you talking about the opposite stuff that you and Bobby like like Bobby likes spicy stuff you don’t like spicy stuff you like soft cookies Bobby loves crunchy cookies what else do you guys like oppositely
dearking 2020
Lauren I know you’re professional chef but maybe you should read the ingredients for a recipe before you make the video so you can make sure that you have everything you needLike read the recipe before making the actual food
Potato Day ago
Cashier: So, um- Lauren: RUvid video.
Zoe Stitt
Zoe Stitt Day ago
Happy birthday!
Lace 10
Lace 10 Day ago
Laurenzside happy bethday
paul balster
paul balster Day ago
Happy birthday
Sam_ the_Potato
Happy birthday
T & M KRAFTS Day ago
happy birthday
Adrianna Shields
Adrianna Shields 2 days ago
Laurens: theye are special tday me: r we not special evryday?😟
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