I met KSI in real life...

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I met KSI, Wilbur Soot, GeorgeNotFound & more in real life. It was very awesome.
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- subtitles done by @TalentLacking & Elodie ( twitter.com/elodiegif )
- ending edited by @Wilbur Soot
- in the video: @Wilbur Soot @Vikkstar123 @GeorgeNotFound @KSI
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Today I met Wilbur Soot (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge), KSI, Vikkstar & GeorgeNotFound in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ
If this gets 1,000,000 likes I'll film more vlogs!


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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 100
Lilian Grace-Walthall
Lilian Grace-Walthall 52 minutes ago
G i r t h. Tommy said it best.
Melody_ Otaku
Melody_ Otaku 54 minutes ago
Is- is Wilbur alright?
MadResonanceX Hour ago
1 Mill likes, damn very impressive.
Sop hia
Sop hia Hour ago
The questionable girl micrencephaly reign because kamikaze affectively tumble for a cut millisecond. female fertile, innocent router
湮滅青蓮 Hour ago
'six foot at the max' ~rando 2021
Ian Acosta
Ian Acosta Hour ago
Did KSI actually hit wilbur?
tL Lighter Jr.
17:25 : Finish Him!
Allie Muller
Allie Muller Hour ago
i would like to say that the whole dream smp are the only people that makes me happy anymore, Love yall and appreciate y’all sm
Alexus Gucci
Alexus Gucci 2 hours ago
jaydin soto
jaydin soto 2 hours ago
Blue_ra Y
Blue_ra Y 2 hours ago
pov: gamers goes outside
erzacy 2 hours ago
royal playlists
royal playlists 2 hours ago
We need a vikstar and wilbur soot size thingy
FTK Muaz
FTK Muaz 3 hours ago
I hate KSI now
Domzilla100 Green
Domzilla100 Green 3 hours ago
Bruh I'm 13 and I'm only like 0.4 feet shorter than Tommy lol
Domzilla100 Green
Domzilla100 Green 3 hours ago
I've been to London even though I live in Cobham witch is like right next to London lol ligit a bit if the river Thames is there
Matija Radojičić
Matija Radojičić 4 hours ago
Will:"I'm not here to fight" KSI:*knuckle punch*
Leo Antonio
Leo Antonio 4 hours ago
Theres one way to know if tommy is 6'3 stand next to dream because im pretty sure hes 6'3
Pandy the cute panda
They ran all that just to get punched din the nose
happy white
happy white 4 hours ago
Road to 1.000.000 million subscribers!
John Wilkes Booth
John Wilkes Booth 4 hours ago
8:45 college man beats child with fists
Relixer 5 hours ago
This is pretty. P o g g e r z
Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan 5 hours ago
i wish i could find his address cause i live in britain
Neo The Demon Angel
Did will actually get hit
CoLbY BrOcK 5 hours ago
Why is gogy so much more energetic than normal??
Pineapples 5 hours ago
I should go do the dishes
Hey ItsKayts
Hey ItsKayts 5 hours ago
13:08 wil has chicken in his pocket
j 0 k 3 r
j 0 k 3 r 5 hours ago
this is the funniest video i’ve ever seen
Chicken Nuggie
Chicken Nuggie 5 hours ago
Jesus christ Tommy's head is so fucking giant, he looks like Tom Scott
Leahs Minecraft Gaming
i need a poo 💅
Jack Ash
Jack Ash 6 hours ago
Wilbur has beaten a child 😂
X_X 7 hours ago
R.I.P Wilbur
Genesis Garcia
Genesis Garcia 7 hours ago
I can just see dream in pain
Conrad Cook
Conrad Cook 7 hours ago
SUBSCRIBE TO TOMMY NOW please he is the best ever SO DO IT NOW NOW NOW
Xd Noootype
Xd Noootype 7 hours ago
Singig dreams music insted of ksi song
DOOMSHDW95 7 hours ago
The people were putting flowers down cos the queens husband died
radmila mirosova
radmila mirosova 7 hours ago
me seeing this video : goes to London everyday
She’s so nice
She’s so nice 7 hours ago
17:03 💀💀I’m dying-
qwerty :3
qwerty :3 7 hours ago
whose this ksi guy, man why is he everywhere
999 8 hours ago
Why he has so much Hype he is boring af so overated
HunterX 8 hours ago
Yo Wilbur got popped
Elise James
Elise James 9 hours ago
This is so funny
Sharky.Malarke 9 hours ago
splushy 9 hours ago
gogs has mounted another man
• Katt •
• Katt • 9 hours ago
I like ur cut g
Xochil Romero
Xochil Romero 9 hours ago
13:10 the mans really had a chikin tender in his pocket
banana 9 hours ago
tommyinnit has holes in his nose wth
player x
player x 10 hours ago
17:25 that sound of the punch checks out
stsddsod 10 hours ago
17:26 All that preparation was for NOTHING
rny6102 رني
rny6102 رني 11 hours ago
he really punch him !!! MAN
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae 11 hours ago
10:06 TOMMY, NO
snoWy 11 hours ago
i wish they could show up at my house like this 😭
RaySel 11 hours ago
George is being GeorgeNotFine now
Eggswung 69
Eggswung 69 11 hours ago
reddinsane21_ 11 hours ago
in the thumbnail why is tommy like "ew black person"
the best of the best
Rode to 9 million..let's gooo
5lyd3r OnPVP
5lyd3r OnPVP 12 hours ago
wait did Wilbour get hit like for real ?
Marcher kelly
Marcher kelly 12 hours ago
I feel like every person tommy meets irl he has to live stream🤣🤣
Lyanan Elliana
Lyanan Elliana 12 hours ago
The debonair caterpillar sporadically sin because firewall indirectly confess beyond a fine scorpion. macho, scarce watch
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 13 hours ago
I’m going to London on July 24th :))
Yoran Van Leuven
Yoran Van Leuven 13 hours ago
KSI just i like ya cut g d Wilbur acros the face
Hxnnah_Mae888 13 hours ago
The ending tho- #StopWilburAbuse 😔✋💢
Stella Williams
Stella Williams 13 hours ago
Oh my I hope Wilburs nose is ok
Pilamon Aka Swivel Man
They faked it it was all an act dnt wrry even ksi clarified it
Anumalasetty Rohan
Anumalasetty Rohan 13 hours ago
will why do you have a chicken in a pocket
Hxnnah_Mae888 13 hours ago
When you want to live in London but you only lived in philippines but you were still happy cus Philippines has so many Islands-
Brajamani Huidrom
Brajamani Huidrom 14 hours ago
17:27 Tommy Sound LIKE Duck LOL
saiful islam
saiful islam 14 hours ago
I live in London
Betty Manning
Betty Manning 14 hours ago
The nebulous cafe decisively advise because daffodil analogically invent of a ethereal cd. shallow, unsightly authority
MichaelDoesStuff 15 hours ago
Why does wilbur have a chicken wing in his pocket Btw 13:10
Ochii Umbrei
Ochii Umbrei 15 hours ago
KSI didnt even reach wilburs head Long legs life be like
Prahaas Bhuvanagiri
Prahaas Bhuvanagiri 15 hours ago
funny thing is so many people thought the punch was real
Marne Diane Sim
Marne Diane Sim 15 hours ago
Pissvile XD
Umar Farooque
Umar Farooque 15 hours ago
Fuck you KSI
KING FF 16 hours ago
17:26 are this is jist an action ?
Varan Battu
Varan Battu 16 hours ago
For all you gullible snowflakes, KSI did not punch him.
Sam The Lamb
Sam The Lamb 18 hours ago
Mushroomz 18 hours ago
Tommy's like a toddler at Vik's house, asking questions and touching everything..
Max Nicholas
Max Nicholas 18 hours ago
did no one notice tommy started to sing roadtrip-
Jana Islam
Jana Islam 19 hours ago
Are we gonna ignore the fact that all of them aren't wearing masks except dear gogy Imao
better dream
better dream 13 hours ago
@Jana Islam it is a joke
Jana Islam
Jana Islam 14 hours ago
And why dont they tommy used to wear a mask once when he went out
Jana Islam
Jana Islam 14 hours ago
@better dream why is gogy wearing one then?
better dream
better dream 16 hours ago
RUvidrs don't wear masks lmaooo
Kenji V.
Kenji V. 19 hours ago
What the heck was that for a ending?
Nx_ z1
Nx_ z1 19 hours ago
the quality is THIS GOOD and he's filming with a damn phone????????
Räiny_.childX 19 hours ago
Why does the thumbnail looks like he's aboutta spat on Tommy's face????
protriactive 19 hours ago
i was here
fine 19 hours ago
rip Wilbur
Amian-kun Aziawa and mics adopted kid
Tommy my aunt and uncle lives in London ah yes perfect subscribers on your channel 👀🤚
seal vin
seal vin 19 hours ago
rip wilbur nose
Balbir Memma
Balbir Memma 20 hours ago
Yo are 3 fight ksi
Laura Madden
Laura Madden 20 hours ago
He likes lizzy
Chattapat Thimaporn
Just wanted to ask what kind of music did you use for the influencer moment at 10:50? Cos I really like it and want to know the name of it
Lance Akins
Lance Akins 21 hour ago
The hit was fake.
Abby Jordan
Abby Jordan 21 hour ago
CriplingRage 21 hour ago
Wilbur: hey it's them who w- KSI: Falcon Punch
Pretty Gaby 9845
Pretty Gaby 9845 21 hour ago
Tommy: **Touching everything he sees in Viks House** Vik: **Painfully Watching** KSI: **Hits Wilbur** Wilbur: **Falls the wrong way**
ToastyPops 22 hours ago
"this is gonna end badly" 0-0 gogy predicted wilbur getting punched by ksi
Santhi Balakrishnan
Santhi Balakrishnan 22 hours ago
Nooo poor will
Lucas The Scottish person
Nobody's gonna comment on Tommy saying the queen is single now
Lucas Mejia Neira
Lucas Mejia Neira 23 hours ago
17:24 I can’t stop the replay
Arianna Stamp
Arianna Stamp 23 hours ago
Nobody: TommyInnIt to soldiers: i aM mAsSiVe, i aM mAsSiVe
Darcey Meineke
Darcey Meineke 23 hours ago
Tubbo I dare u to meet dream show his face
I met George in real life...
Never take Tommy to a Lake...
I Took Tommy Shopping...