I Mastered The Gelatin Flower Cake

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It's not a real flower, and it's 100% edible!
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Gelatin cake
Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images
Gelatin cake
Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images
Gelatin cake
Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images

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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Inga Lam
Inga Lam Year ago
I'm honestly just glad that it didn't end up looking like random squiggles..
rohith chakka
rohith chakka 4 days ago
Inga Ur voice ♥️
Allison Hom
Allison Hom 3 months ago
James Pham Taiwanese I think
L.Bean 4 months ago
😂 mood
don pham
don pham 5 months ago
hi inga i was wondering if you know or have a good taiyaki recipe?
Soban Abdullah
Soban Abdullah 5 months ago
U r so sweet 😍
Ar-joy Navarro
that looks amazing!
Zay T
Zay T 4 days ago
"How did I do that though?" "I don't know how I did it" "Hold on" "I need to do some re training rEaL qUicK" Me every time I end up doing something good accccidentally and someone tells me to repeat it.😶
Ida Dias
Ida Dias 5 days ago
6:41 wow it look's soo pretty 😍😍
Sara Sprinkle
Sara Sprinkle 8 days ago
Does anyone know where you could buy the gelatin needles?
-spicytatoes 11 days ago
it looks amazing but it tastes like - watery gelatin. my aunt makes these all the time
Ella McIntosh
Ella McIntosh 11 days ago
That was sooooo cool
Amelia Newman
Amelia Newman 11 days ago
That was amazing
muktha jayesh
muktha jayesh 20 days ago
i do this with hot glue stick and ink pen.
Rochelle Villafuerte
“nobody tell tasty" welp they would know since they probably saw it or saw this video
Mandy Montereal
Mandy Montereal 25 days ago
You really look like the girl from the series ( My classmate from far far away ) every time I watch that series( I’m not done watching ) I always ask myself "isn’t Inga?" I really thought you have a movie
Andreas Freyer
Andreas Freyer 27 days ago
Can I do this with agar agar instead
Music fan
Music fan 29 days ago
Omgggg Inga did a really good job on this, Id probably splash all the colors, leaving blood stains all over the kitchen loll
Wonderland Month ago
Alex and her raindrop: *am I a joke to u?*
Angel David
Angel David Month ago
at this point, I see Inga I click!!!!!!
Complicated woman .-.
One time my dad bought me two of these I honestly didn’t think you where so posed to eat them cuz of how pretty they looked
RAO Mukhtar
RAO Mukhtar Month ago
Y Yo You You t You th You tho You thought I was gonna finish this, right??! Nahhh I'm too lazy for that
Am I the only one who taught she was actually going to use a flower and not colored gelatin
Bazziness Month ago
Isn't this supposed to be in Tasty?
l i i x y n
l i i x y n Month ago
Inga : once i see steam i am supposed to stop Inga: OH I SEE STEAM! me: steam is supposed to be invisible ;-;
Vichny Liv
Vichny Liv Month ago
The girl: it needs to take time and patience.* continue to make the flowers even it took forever* Me: *just putting the needles and messed up one* throw the whole thing and stop doing it
Ayush katiya
Ayush katiya Month ago
Everytime she kept doing better and better I was really happy and I was literally clapping for her efforts, I was really into this🤩🤩🤩
14黃美綺 Month ago
i made it before! by the way i was 10 at that time
unicorn per
unicorn per Month ago
Inga: plz don't tell tasty OwO What she rly means: *Don't tell Alvin*
Hannah Secrist
Hannah Secrist 2 months ago
Can someone please tell me what this tastes like?
Loi Tran
Loi Tran 2 months ago
Ok but why does the thumbnail look like a egg
Jahn Scott
Jahn Scott 2 months ago
This was an awesome video, I laughed so hard! Great job, you’ve inspired me to try it💁🏾‍♀️
Kikiqutii 2 months ago
5:28 for the little gentle "plat" sound of the mini flower
Kpop_Trash 2 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like someone from Cartoon Network? No? Just me? Ok...
Jules 2 months ago
if you looked at the comments youd see that hundreds of other people said the same
Jetzii Ophelia
Jetzii Ophelia 2 months ago
Looks like glass blown art you can eat.(= lol.
WillYawn 2 months ago
I watch inga's cooking videos for the ensuing chaos.
Leon Zrihen
Leon Zrihen 3 months ago
Every time I am sad I watch the videos and read the funny comments hahah
Leon Zrihen
Leon Zrihen 3 months ago
Mykasan 3 months ago
10:07 i relate so much to this moment haha
Shannon Rose
Shannon Rose 3 months ago
Hahah theyre not that hard, i love making them their so fun making flowers inside something
john Adams
john Adams 3 months ago
I wish youd make dinuguan. Aka cholocate stew Aka Filipino blood stew
Korean Ramen
Korean Ramen 3 months ago
5:01 have a good day
Korean Ramen
Korean Ramen 3 months ago
Inga: I'm supposed to stop when there's steam Literally while she says that steam appears. INGA is a mAGICIAN
Carl Hedemalm
Carl Hedemalm 3 months ago
Inga dont go home tills the WHO SOS alarm is gone for china (NCOV)
Gnome Mercy
Gnome Mercy 3 months ago
*It is quite firm.* That’s what she said.
Zack 2.O
Zack 2.O 3 months ago
Oh I tried that thing you made many times before I like the taste
Alizah Faryal
Alizah Faryal 3 months ago
You did an amazing job!!!! You are a pro!!
Lynn Millar
Lynn Millar 3 months ago
hi wud u have the recipe for this please xx
Becky Johns
Becky Johns 4 months ago
Honestly how do you still have all your fingers, not burnt a kitchen down and still manage to make amazing food, with how clumsy you are 😂 P.S I thought it was an egg in the thumbnail 😅
Vivian Huang
Vivian Huang 4 months ago
I'm addicted to watching inga. she's just so entertaining for some reason and her voice reminds me of an old friend of mine
worm 4 months ago
you kind of sound like mabel from gravity falls at some points in the video i
Leila Rashidian
Leila Rashidian 4 months ago
My aunts always do this!
Barry .b Benson
Barry .b Benson 4 months ago
*ReFiLL* **Almost breaks master piece** .
Viel Dominique Yee8
Viel Dominique Yee8 4 months ago
I thought it was made of a real flower So when she was making it it I said Me: You forgot to put the flower inside the Jelly!
Aiyanaplays Adoptme
Aiyanaplays Adoptme 4 months ago
It looks like shes performing surgery😂😂😂😂
Kalvin Ly
Kalvin Ly 4 months ago
I feel like she got the mould from 711
Meia Solo
Meia Solo 4 months ago
Great job
anna 4 months ago
dandan and mrmanggobut need this recipe.
NySews 4 months ago
Um that was PRETY DOPE!
manuel gonzalez
manuel gonzalez 4 months ago
Vanessa Mai
Vanessa Mai 4 months ago
You are super cute. Very entertaining to watch.
Jorge Becerra
Jorge Becerra 5 months ago
What are the exact measurements for the color base?
MIU Music
MIU Music 5 months ago
If Inga was in the LA studio, she’d probably be in eating your feed
Excelsior 5 months ago
6:50 freaking cute
CHRISTY ALLARD 5 months ago
Yohanes Bobby Sanjaya
when i started to read comment whlie the video is on going.... man her voice... her voice is just so cute it made me feel like i was watching disney cartoon lol
Love Bts
Love Bts 5 months ago
When she said just keep going i started thanking just keep swiming
Jazzy Lee
Jazzy Lee 5 months ago
all I'm wondering is how she broke the "cup".
Zachary Chew
Zachary Chew 5 months ago
You look like one of my old teachers
Soban Abdullah
Soban Abdullah 5 months ago
I loved it. Soooooo pretty💕😍
Jessica Burns
Jessica Burns 5 months ago
I liked the Rose she did
Jay Hom
Jay Hom 5 months ago
made me jump a little turning it on with her fingers touching the guard of the immersion blender. Nooooooooo.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 5 months ago
Does anyone else notice how her voice kinda idk "changes pitch"???? A lot like it goes from high pitched to lower and sultry idk it's probably just me
Super Xhaiden
Super Xhaiden 5 months ago
Janna Abdelrazik
Janna Abdelrazik 6 months ago
5.40 round two 7.55 round two yes okay, some have to teach them to count
Reese TV Music
Reese TV Music 6 months ago
RIE: make it 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂 ALVIN: make it *BIG* INGA: make it
reckless artist alert
Jing Ying Chuah
Jing Ying Chuah 6 months ago
“OH THERE’S STEAM!!!!” My fav tasty producer 💕💕
Abby-Gail Cordovilla
this is the most clumsy i've seen of inga hahaha
DF T. 7 months ago
why did i think it was an actual dried flower in there
Quinten 7 months ago
9:45 Evn I was holding my breath.
Night Shade
Night Shade 7 months ago
She's adorably cute
Headhumper 7 months ago
Hissing intensifies!
Theresa 7 months ago
I was so proud as she finally did it
Mathabo Mogudi
Mathabo Mogudi 7 months ago
I've been on an Inga watching spree and 1. she's officially my favorite person at BuzzFeed and 2. She said she was clumsy in one of the videos, and I didn't believe her. Five videos later.... and yeah... she is clumsy AF😂. I love her for it✨✨✨
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