I Made Giant Chicken Nuggets And Fries For A Competitive Eater • Tasty

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“There’s 7 pounds of chicken in each nugget. Things are about to get a little messy.” Be sure to watch Godzilla: King of Monsters, in theaters May 31st.
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May 25, 2019

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Comments 7 759
Roman Chavez
Roman Chavez 3 minutes ago
MALLORY PRUDHOMME 16 minutes ago
Can you make giant Mac and cheese like if you agree
cosme Cecena
cosme Cecena Hour ago
How about a big cane's meal?
Ella Curling
Ella Curling Hour ago
Listen to his voice crack..........2:25
Taidana Kame
Taidana Kame Hour ago
Lol my grandma always watches that ladies channel
OwO Queen
OwO Queen 2 hours ago
Healthy junk food did this a long time ago
KingAri2899 TTV
KingAri2899 TTV 2 hours ago
Yo what if this man makes like a 10 pound milkshake.
Edith G.
Edith G. 3 hours ago
How is she sooo skinny?
Josiah Kamason
Josiah Kamason 6 hours ago
Alvin: I make food for people I admire. Me:* lays in bed wishing it was me 😖
Eliweed 7 hours ago
Giant soufflé that you have to eat before it deflates
we are cool sisters
Could you do that for me pls
ahmad shazerain zahar
I was laughing the whole video
FATmeister Gaming
FATmeister Gaming 8 hours ago
This girl is not a competitive eater not even close you should do is invite matt stonie and make him something big to eat
Kaylynn carpenter
Kaylynn carpenter 10 hours ago
Cool me some wings plz but if huge only one
Mahima Chawak
Mahima Chawak 10 hours ago
Hii I am from INDIA so I want you to make an giant Indian Vada Pav... as you people have burger in same way we have the vada pav its an indian burger... So the recepie is easy we have a potato pattie in the bread with green chutney.. the potato pattie is simple it contains ginger garlic paste chrushed green chilli salt turmeric powder coriander leaves also the curry leaves... I HOPE YOU WILL REPLY TO MY COMMENT & GIVE YOUR RESPONSE IN YES TO ACCPECT THIS GIANT VADA PAV CHALLENGE
Lima Fdarman
Lima Fdarman 12 hours ago
I'm sooooo much fun of you please post a lot I can't wait until the other one 😊 keep going 😊
Jess Productions
Jess Productions 12 hours ago
HealthyJunkfood who??
Christian Serquina
Christian Serquina 13 hours ago
"Dont try this at home" * tries at school *
Gregory Browne
Gregory Browne 13 hours ago
C',on, you should have invited mattstonie.
Pandamon 888
Pandamon 888 14 hours ago
At 5:13 that's the name of the potato in the amazing world of gumball. Is that what he was referencing???
You dun messed up .-.
2:46 "this is why you stay in school kids" me I don't think we will be making giant chicken nuggets :D
《•M i n Y o o n g i•》
"the thighs are juicier and it has more fat"
RED 14 hours ago
imagine the workout routine for this chick wow
3StarLogo 14 hours ago
The bell looks like a human heart 🤔
Hani Lami
Hani Lami 16 hours ago
Hani Lami
Hani Lami 16 hours ago
Make a giant dumpling
Angelica pink
Angelica pink 17 hours ago
absolutely tasty!! different Alvin a big giant chicken nuggets and big giant fries I absolutely enjoy watching the video because it's a challenge😄🤣 everything came out looking like something you would see in a commercial fries and chicken nuggets👏👏👏👏👏
Gabriel Louis
Gabriel Louis 19 hours ago
You forgot Tony’s and cavenders
Charlotte Schone
Charlotte Schone 19 hours ago
I don’t know why but I just want to marry him
Ayana Kelsey Muñoz
Ayana Kelsey Muñoz 19 hours ago
I love how Alvin complains about how hard making these things are while makinh them but he keeps on doing it 🤣🤣🤣 Also, those big utensils on his background at the beginning is soooo Asian 🤣
Dev '
Dev ' 19 hours ago
U told her open her eyes wasn't it still closed?
Caterine Kub
Caterine Kub 20 hours ago
It’s the girl from tik tok!
Sonny Gaming
Sonny Gaming 20 hours ago
Matt stonie wants to know your location
what is life
what is life 20 hours ago
Alvin should do giant sushi
Natalie_ spams
Natalie_ spams 22 hours ago
Can he make a giant dinner for my family! (6 kids+ 2 parents= 8 people)
ChickenCream101 23 hours ago
Nobody: Alvin: IlL nAme THiS gUY bOB
Skye McCloskey
Why am I watching this when I am a vegan 😂
Skye McCloskey
Skye McCloskey 6 hours ago
Aaesha Dutt lmao 😂
Aaesha Dutt
Aaesha Dutt 11 hours ago
I’m so sorry 😂
Kamila Guzman
Towley 210
Towley 210 Day ago
Do a video with Matt Stonie (I forgot how to spell his last name so if it's wrong leave my alone 😂🤣😂🤣)
Hudson Quinonez
I sniffed pepper once with my friend 🤪
Bartek Day ago
Make a giant food for Matt Stonie
Ryfzer Day ago
JeTz Day ago
Guys who like boobs: nothing is better than boobs Me: 2:30
Maliha Waseem
Did Anyone Else get an Ed Sheeran commercial before this video...?
Javier Gonzalez
2:59 he said “you season it you always season your meat” You forgot to say no homo
Mish Umali
Mish Umali Day ago
Now I want nuggets omg
Bust up Santiana
Proof 20 ft tall humans actually walked the earth
유리아 Day ago
People out there starving to death ...
Owen Betony
Owen Betony Day ago
omg Alvin looks like Ted from The Lorax
Amanda Bolandggyqy.
Can u cook me that
VGSH Day ago
Сразу напомнило vanzai.
Lyfe as Jayda
Alexa Fernandes
Bruh how does she not have a heart disease or smth?
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Day ago
Why not Matt stonie
aquanetta littles
dad: you can only watch me eat me: -_-
Keep Smile
Keep Smile Day ago
I Hate You
I Hate You Day ago
Invite Matt Stonie to the shiw
siri H
siri H Day ago
I love how the filter changes at 13:34 to hide the fact that the chicken is not cooked at all and still all pink on the inside ....
Nwae Day ago
"Just like in the club, Make it rain"
/MANGO SEED\ Day ago
2:57 i season mine with lotion😂
CG PN Day ago
I never knew that alvin sleeps for ten years *SEEMS LEGIT*
Theo Hovling
Theo Hovling Day ago
2:27 that voice crack😂
Veni Typical
Veni Typical Day ago
He protecc He attacc He make giand food come bacc But most importantly He tells kids to stay in school
Ackmoss Gaming
Could you also add Chicken salt to the seasoning for the chicken mixture?
JetpackDino Day ago
You need to get Matt Stonie on this show. I wouldn't be surprised if he eats it all in one sitting.
d O_Od
d O_Od Day ago
Where’s Matt Stonie bruh
Trisha Powell
I would love to see a large piece of Lasanga, With big noodles, big Cheese. Everything big.
Trisha Powell
Something else I thought about is what if you made the largest egg roll. with a big cup of sweet and sour sauce.
Stevy Griffin
Make a giant omlete
Star's Series
Ok Idaho😂 that had me ded😂💀 Because I go pick them frpm the feilds rinse them then eat them raw
єllу ʝσσи
You should have cook that for MATT STONNIE
Niks Lapay
Niks Lapay Day ago
crushing on the chef y'all
Allie Watts
Allie Watts Day ago
Hellthy Junkfood is quaking....
Killer fluffy Bun
Do more
darwin hapatinga
This is too good
what is the name of the brand of his wrist watch ? I want one designed for women.
Athena Collins
Make a giant jacket potato!
Alexis Garcia
Make some food for Matt stonie
marisol romero ruiz
Marissa Fafeita
Have you made giant churro's yet?????? If you haven't you should
Reeda Lewis
Reeda Lewis Day ago
She eats so much she doesn’t gain anything I breath I gain 300 pounds
Shanne Perez
Shanne Perez Day ago
You try to make big croissant 5feet
ShaVaughn Peterson
That glove snap was erotic
Sam Lee
Sam Lee Day ago
Alvin: Makes giant food Actually working out: Am I a joke to you?
Baba Wagen
Baba Wagen Day ago
That Sounds a lot because it is . I already love that guy
Bruce paul
Bruce paul Day ago
Alvin: Don’t try this at home Me: Ok I’ll try this at my friends house
Live# official
Live# official 2 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂what the hell that was actually funny😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
MemeTime Day ago
How many calories is in there?
King Bobington
You guys should hit up Matt Stonie or something. Matt is a beast
south j
south j Day ago
You cant even tell if her eyes are open
Kiva Ramoutar
bryce gordon
bryce gordon Day ago
At 11:23 was that supposed to be some DIY ASMR
Mark Pascual
Mark Pascual Day ago
Yummy 😋
irina andreea
irina andreea 2 days ago
Her: i ate 100 chicken nuggets in 4 minutes Me: hmm.. i see you a woman of culture as well
‘ CCK5018 ‘
‘ CCK5018 ‘ 2 days ago
McDonalds is shook.
Shanice Allen
Shanice Allen 2 days ago
good job man great food
Mr Stupid
Mr Stupid 2 days ago
Alvin: how big you want ur nugget? Rie:*YES*
bananaaa 2 days ago
do one for Matt stonie
Void - Gaming
Void - Gaming 2 days ago
You Are Gonna Like This Comment Cause ___ is the best person in the world Hint: it's the first word of this comment :)
Void - Gaming
@Dj Green :(
Dj Green
Dj Green Day ago
Void - Gaming That’s not a hint it’s an answer... and that means it’s: you is the best person in the world
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Hunt 2 days ago
Will you ever not make me hungry???
Gacha kittie
Gacha kittie 2 days ago
I can smell this from here
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