I Made Giant 50-Pound Spaghetti And Meatballs For Kalen Allen from Kalen Reacts • Tasty

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“The meatballs looks like Piranha Plant.”
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Alvin Zhou
Alvin Zhou 7 months ago
I ate the leftovers from this for like a week, no joke. So good.
Supreme_Arc 25 days ago
Yeet My Chicken Nuggets Over here
Alvin Zhou daaaannnggg
SMT Chase 333
SMT Chase 333 Month ago
Alvin Zhou wow
Aditya Gaming
Aditya Gaming Month ago
Joe Daddy
Joe Daddy 2 months ago
Easy last comment
Ferdousy Rahman
Ferdousy Rahman 6 hours ago
Chees burgur
ITZ_ ALEX GAMEING 11 hours ago
I wonder if Gordon Ramsey saw this and heard Alvin trying to copy his voice and he’s mad I wonder hmm
FraggerLagger 15 hours ago
9:09 looks really cool ngl 😎
MTT Zero
MTT Zero 16 hours ago
how many time does he say “ooo OkAi” and “OoOo”?
Dipika Sahoo
Dipika Sahoo 17 hours ago
The reaction 😂 is speaking more. Come to India i want that foooood😍
Eunice Solomon
Eunice Solomon 17 hours ago
Ho much kalen says wow lollll
Mr Loaf bloke
The dislikes are Italian grandmothers
Rosi Santana
Rosi Santana Day ago
did you season the water? yes i seasoned it *adds salt*
It's a sin to put oil on pasta period
Daksh and Preet
I love this guy
Kito CIN'J
Kito CIN'J Day ago
Dang that made me hungry!!!
artwinner 4queen
Don’t be shy put some more ( when it came to the cheese)
painl4ss boi
painl4ss boi Day ago
He probably put crack on the meatballs
Rabab hannoun Rabab hannoun
Who else feels worried of how much did they spent on all this?
Railone Official
Railone Official 2 days ago
Hey Alvin can you make Giant Indomie noodle
Crow Plays Brawl Stars
Tasty: it's gotten a lot longer than when we started Me: THATS WHAT SHE SAID AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's why I have no friends ;-;
-Irønic Niightcoreかや-
Is this a new episode of Food wars With Shokugeki no Soma lol
Xd Dirtmart
Xd Dirtmart 2 days ago
Im not hating but the noodles look more like tagliatella
godofthecows 123
godofthecows 123 2 days ago
Vegan´s nightmare 8:40 - 8:45
Nightmare Prod.
Nightmare Prod. 2 days ago
Sonia Van Heerden
He has good tast, the sweet and salty mix mmmmmmmmm everyone who’s hating try it and then come back BEST you can get you know how it’s good Gordon eats it like that
Imafluffyjedi 2 days ago
Ok I'm half Italian (other half is jewish, i know wierd combo) this is... heresy to say the least. You are always supposed to cook the meatballs in the sauce. and you never add onions because it makes the sauce sweet. Yes you add a small amount of sugar to help the sauce form, but onions make it waaaaayyy too sweet. Also am I the only one who notice barely any garlic.
J Arnold
J Arnold 2 days ago
Roger wants to know if you can make a giant hot dog. Thank you!
Pineapple Panda Queen
Love spaghetti with hot sauce and sugar
THS SL4SH 3 days ago
Solo io ho notato che sono pappardelle e non spaghetti
Sam Figueroa
Sam Figueroa 3 days ago
Alvin is getting his workout just by making these giant foods
blaze stream
blaze stream 3 days ago
eliasta meliala
eliasta meliala 3 days ago
Invite me!!! oh wait its corona season😕😕
Origami Channel
Origami Channel 3 days ago
That guy’s voice sounds like a grandma 👵......... Hahahahaa
Origami Channel
Origami Channel 3 days ago
Yummy spaghetti 🍝 😋 😋😋😋😋😋🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Xczean 3 days ago
Do a unagi sushi next
SHADOW MATRIX 3 days ago
I think the guy sounds like sassy gramma lol 😂
Denim Brotzel
Denim Brotzel 3 days ago
Alvin is legit my dad's twin for ONE specific reason. They both nibble away at their creation, like c'mon!
EletricGames 3 days ago
This is one of my fav vids
Caroline Williams
“Thats a lot of chickens” *yeaaaah they was busy* I DIED
Abzyyy12 4 days ago
you accidentally exposed your address
EarthIsFlat 4 days ago
(verbal blooping noises)
Tess Durham
Tess Durham 4 days ago
He's right. You should totally open a restaurant!
GoDJ That’sMyDJ
Bring Him Backkkkk Lol
G.fina 4 days ago
I love Alvin very much. Must protect
Leonardo Coari
Leonardo Coari 4 days ago
these are definitely not spaghetti, they are to large, we call it tagliatelle
Superzzqo 4 days ago
Oh Weow, OH Weow, OH WEOW
yeonroses 4 days ago
kalen: no keep going with the cheese don’t be shy
i'm a filipino and i don't like my spaghett to be i like it to be italian who toucha my spagett 🍝🍝🍝🍝 p.s i'm a filipino not italian by the way c,up akirin dogu"yor ok:rin
TheBearOwner 4 days ago
I fell like Dunkey should have been the guest here.
Oh waoooooovvvvv
LT. waffler
LT. waffler 4 days ago
I love Alvin's voice
『Reysou - san』
Noone: Really noone: Him: Oh Wooooooaaaaaawww
Tijn Fiks
Tijn Fiks 4 days ago
16:59 Has Kalen ever heard of a knife
Cubical Universe Empire
14:58 really thought Alvin fed him that
Professordunce1 4 days ago
I love spaghetti and that made me extremely hungry for spaghetti. Spaget hungers
Joel Murphy
Joel Murphy 4 days ago
I'd think a basic 10-gallon Igloo cooler would hold all of that food.
khalid R
khalid R 4 days ago
Pasta Is my favourite food, black man with Italian stomach.
Emma mcdonnell
Emma mcdonnell 5 days ago
No one: Alvin: names a big block of raw pasta dough Gertrude
Slurrie 5 days ago
Avaneesh k
Avaneesh k 5 days ago
That guy sounds like a girl
Ruiz Valencia Ana Paola
You know he's Asian when he starts to calculate things at an inhuman speed 😂😂😂
DARKSAI 5 days ago
Please i hope you give this to the homeless
Daniel Berglund
Daniel Berglund 5 days ago
The problem with youtube is THE ADS
Anya 4 days ago
Ads make money for RUvid and the RUvidrs. no ads, no RUvid.
liafailc 5 days ago
what was that sound 14:42 :)
angelique 5 days ago
Imagine working at tasty And gaining 100lb Guess no suprise
Jycylle Quiachon
Jycylle Quiachon 5 days ago
Pretty sure Gordon would be all like "Bloody Hell, a 50-Pound Fvcking Spaghetti"
Rama alaraj
Rama alaraj 5 days ago
everyone watching this video shocked from this pan arabs not shocked at all because half of their food is usually served in this pan by the way this is not called a pan it doesnt have a name in english
H C players
H C players 5 days ago
Alvin sounds like a old fashioned torture device me ????? Get me away
poppy the Coton de Tulear
Quarantine/self isolation anyone 😭🤣
lily mbae
lily mbae 5 days ago
Why can't I stop watching these giant foods????
Siriadark 279
Siriadark 279 5 days ago
My mom taught me (how to cook) over speakerphone while she was in China, yeah she would literally yell at me and tell me what to buy. ~ Alvin 2019
Logan Chiong
Logan Chiong 5 days ago
imagine the price
Tameika Davis
Tameika Davis 5 days ago
“ we gotta garnish it with cheese “ “ amen “
Dyah Amenita
Dyah Amenita 5 days ago
I wonder if it's me cooked it and had a bad taste, my family wont let me go to kitchen forever :(
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson 5 days ago
That other oak has the most annoying voice I have ever heard!
Bleach 5 days ago
14:30 that's a good meme
manleen madan
manleen madan 6 days ago
Alvin: make it big Rie: make it fancy Merle: make it vegan Inga: make it trendy Alexis: make a 3 course meal with an appliances
manleen madan
manleen madan 4 days ago
@Anya i really liked so i used it but credit goes to u ❤❤❤❤❤
Anya 4 days ago
Literally stolen but okay...
Leia Garcia
Leia Garcia 6 days ago
*the Filipinos in the comment section smiling after kalen said he likes his spaghetti sweet*
Anya 4 days ago
Jolibee spagetti is 👌
Sahar Shav-Tal
Sahar Shav-Tal 6 days ago
"I don't think it's doing anything but it's fun".
CampioneDi17 6 days ago
Wow Wow Wow Quad Wow
CyberBuilds 6 days ago
I think it’s cursed how he puts sugar in his damn spaghetti
Anya 4 days ago
It's good.
Mumina Harris
Mumina Harris 6 days ago
Now I'm hungry 🙄 I love OmKalen and Tasty Kalen makes everything better☺💙💜
Kenny Gervacio
Kenny Gervacio 6 days ago
Alvin? is your guest gay or what? the way he talks is very annoying
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