I Made Giant 50-Pound Spaghetti And Meatballs For Kalen Allen from Kalen Reacts • Tasty

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“The meatballs looks like Piranha Plant.”
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 7 047
Alvin Zhou
Alvin Zhou Month ago
I ate the leftovers from this for like a week, no joke. So good.
Tye Johnson
Tye Johnson Day ago
Alicia Anderson
Alicia Anderson 25 days ago
I bet it was delicious!
Alicia Anderson
Alicia Anderson 25 days ago
You’re a really good cook!
Jake Pauler69
Jake Pauler69 26 days ago
Scott W Pilgrim I got this fucking same ass comment from like 20 people no fucking joke you guys are not even reading my replies I was here early and you guys weren’t and I thought he was fake because the first 20 minutes it wasn’t pinned and I just thought he was one of those people who fake to be other RUvidrs or something and plus he had barely any subs I also never see him comment on the other vids so yeah and other reasons
Jake Pauler69
Jake Pauler69 26 days ago
Go Braveheart I thought he was fake because I was like 20 minutes early and he said that it took him like a week or something to finish the leftovers and how could it take a week to edit this and also tasty like posts at least every few days but not a week
Mr. Anarchy
Mr. Anarchy Hour ago
Whats wrong with this dude why he act like that
Stephanie Esser
Stephanie Esser 3 hours ago
Can he make giant food to feed the homeless shelter or women’s shelter 😔 always give back !!!
stephen ganmei
stephen ganmei 4 hours ago
After they eat the food do they pay you for the food?
Jaafer_Alnoory 20 hours ago
His . WoW must be a meme
ashley starr
ashley starr 21 hour ago
I would fly out to Cali just to go to that restaurant 😍😍
Claire Rosal
Claire Rosal Day ago
y u eat ssundee's wife ertude?
Claire Rosal
Claire Rosal Day ago
I was eatin BI arlic bread
Heya Shrufi
Heya Shrufi Day ago
It's kinda dumb how he's explaining what he's doing like it's a tutorial I don't think anyone would actually try to make this
joysouljah92 Day ago
This made me damn hungry
Chloe Javier
Chloe Javier Day ago
Alvin the real life ratatouitte
Allison Day ago
they look like tiny pixies eating a regular plate of spaghetti!
Moacir Amaral
Moacir Amaral 2 days ago
Are you Italian? Great job!!!🇧🇷♥️🤘🏻
Mark Wilcox
Mark Wilcox 2 days ago
This guy’s the human equivalent of flint Lockwood
Faustus Animation
This guy must work for ikea so there would be giant meatballs for sale
Antoinette Marlow
Alvin, your arms are getting way strong and look quite muscular!!
Coleen Daclan
Coleen Daclan 2 days ago
I notice that all recent vids from tasty the most viewed vids are from alvin i even thought that alvin is the youtuber in this channel sorry for my bad english maybe you get the *point*
Ranbeer Gulati
Ranbeer Gulati 2 days ago
Someone: giant chocolate Someone else: could you make a giant piece of fried chicken Homeless guy: hey Alvin could you make me a giant 🏠 🤣🤣
Victoria Evaldsson
What do your shirt come from / mean?😊
Pokemon73lp 2 days ago
This is my new favorite video now. Pasta for life ❤️
Optimize777 2 days ago
The music in the beginning my band had played at school.
Syth Naail
Syth Naail 3 days ago
”Gertrude”only true ssundee fans will understand
Owen Windsor
Owen Windsor 3 days ago
They thought we didn't notice the pizza theme from the Spider-Man game
Ann Lin
Ann Lin 3 days ago
My bet is that Alvin is a 2 enneagram.
Cory McD
Cory McD 3 days ago
I want to eat that
Ali Bird
Ali Bird 4 days ago
No hate, just curiosity.. Who let him put sugar in his Spaghetti Bolognese?
rajat kevin
rajat kevin 4 days ago
why alvin you make a sasuage
Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan 4 days ago
Sorry vegans
sokthunnirann 4 days ago
It is amazing, love the way you cooked your beautiful food. Best
Umu Nero
Umu Nero 4 days ago
11:07 BGM title pls
Yui 4 days ago
I loved Gertrude when she was a bit bigger but the weight loss be doing her so good 👏🏾
devin matheney
devin matheney 4 days ago
You guys should really colab with Matt Stonie. Make him giant food and see how fast he could eat it!
TheOddPerson 4 days ago
This may be my favorite guest he was so energetic and fun I loved him
Ashley Reynolds
Ashley Reynolds 4 days ago
Giant French toast!!
Ashley Reynolds
Ashley Reynolds 4 days ago
Giant Pumkin pie please!
Janine Strives
Janine Strives 4 days ago
Anthem Sce
Anthem Sce 4 days ago
At the end I felt like I was watching spaghetti porn hub
kawaii Wolfie playz
Wait imagine if Gordon Ramsey actually commented on this video
Jennifer Adula
Jennifer Adula 4 days ago
Make a gaint burrito🌯🙏🙏
Arishviya Prabakaran 8N Ullerup Bæk Skolen, Nr. Alle
Alvin: ''This is it. This is the final dish.'' Kallen: ''Thank God, we can eat now?'' Me: wow somebody is impatient, like Jesus calm down. Also me: Dude where the food at?
muhammad rayyan
muhammad rayyan 5 days ago
where do you put the gaint left overs
Creative Cailyn
Creative Cailyn 5 days ago
Imagine how many cows died for this video
Rob 5 days ago
That guys great and this looks way tastier than regular spaghetti and meatballs
Spicy Gyal Chelsea
I doh like how he like a bullerman
George Morimoto
George Morimoto 5 days ago
3:45 "If you make pasta from scratch every day, you're gonna be really jacked in like one arm." Don't worry man. I'm already really jacked in one arm.
Just Panda
Just Panda 5 days ago
Cooking with Gordon Ramsey??
Daniel Omurkulov
Daniel Omurkulov 5 days ago
Can you make a giant chicken Parmesan, chicken sandwich,or a grilled cheese
Malik Number 12
Malik Number 12 5 days ago
Alvin: I need a 60lb fork to eat this dish
staticz E
staticz E 6 days ago
Who realized at about 11.35 the spiderman pizza theme was the music???
Saijan 6 days ago
*hello yangyang*
XxGabby_ CookiexX
Us filipino's our spagetti is sweet and it's yummy
Charlie Landregan
Gustoso Btw im italian
Celia Annetta
Celia Annetta 6 days ago
Alvin is freaking talented 😩😩
David Munawesley
David Munawesley 6 days ago
im jelous can you make me a giant chocolate bar.
Dustine Rivera
Dustine Rivera 6 days ago
Ichimoto_playzz XD
I wish I'm good in math My grades r dying 😂
Akhsan A
Akhsan A 6 days ago
“You make pasta every day from scratch, you’d be jacked in one arm” So like mastubates
SK Cuber
SK Cuber 6 days ago
Personally.... I don't like pasta but this just ... Just looks Tasty!
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 6 days ago
Stop eating the pasta
Pyt Gang
Pyt Gang 6 days ago
“Wowww ooh wow” 😂 I love him
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