I made a Mumbo Proof House in Minecraft

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Making a MUMBO PROOF Minecraft House. Grian spent a week making a minecraft house that is purely designed to be anti mumbo. Let's see how he reacts and what he has in store for me.
thank you to Methodzz for his redstone help and luvidubai for his help with the cars!
Mumbo's channel: ruvid.net/video/video-YCihd0HY69M.html

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Aug 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Amy Jeffers
Amy Jeffers 11 hours ago
Mumbo: why :(
Amy Jeffers
Amy Jeffers 11 hours ago
Also this house is actually kinda cool.
That One Kid
That One Kid 13 hours ago
Grain: “This is and everybody proof house” The neighbor from Hello Neighbor: I would live in there
FNaF Boi
FNaF Boi 14 hours ago
That actually looks like good I would live in that
Deathblade7377 Wright
the sound of terraria
can I just say something i love the colors
KitKat xoxo
KitKat xoxo 20 hours ago
0:07 That's one well drawn and slick moustache
khaki towels
khaki towels 22 hours ago
What if Grian had mixed packed ice mixed with soul sand. That would be a nightmare.
sammy tommy
sammy tommy 22 hours ago
this is redstone horror story
SxndWxngSun Day ago
U smell like pee
Michal Štein
I used to want you dead But now I only want you gone
Luna Animates
I kinda like the mumbo proof house..
Andy Collins
Andy Collins Day ago
i would live in that
Lol innit fam
Thank you for uploading on my birthday Grian! Aug 10th is genuinely my birthday lol
Highsky 999
Highsky 999 Day ago
I love the house can I have it
Lucas Howard
Lucas Howard Day ago
that house actually looks really good
7 year old builds: rAiNbOwW
Rian Honesty Jamora
I think grain went insane towards the end……
wei hong yang
Grian: doing redstone *NO* Also Grian: Breaking redstone *YES* Also Also Grian: making Mumbo mad *OH MY, YES*
Blanca Valle
Blanca Valle Day ago
I would live in that house not
xcomfyツ Day ago
guess what its better than all my builds
Eri Kawaii
Eri Kawaii Day ago
How do you make a key for an iron door?
Jonathan Gunning
Jonathan Gunning 2 days ago
I would live in it
Mana Oli
Mana Oli 2 days ago
It looks amazing i would live in it grian :D
Oliver Travis
Oliver Travis 2 days ago
i like it
Nash T.G
Nash T.G 2 days ago
Is it normal if i like that house?
SydneyPlayz -Roblox
below this vid is mumbo making a grian proof house......
Rylie Gardner
Rylie Gardner 2 days ago
I like fun weird house's
Shadow BunBuns
Shadow BunBuns 2 days ago
I would live in that house
Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman 2 days ago
not gonna lie i love this house
Infinite Battlefield
A house just made of red stone block so nothing red stone related can work
Creative Storyteller
I kind of like the outside of the hous, if you change the interior, I will life in it.
AFK Pineapple
AFK Pineapple 3 days ago
I would actually like to live in here
Jude Skaggs
Jude Skaggs 3 days ago
The house looks like the magic house
God But he's perfect
I hate cats
Xx Gacha Hats xX
Xx Gacha Hats xX 3 days ago
That house is amazing the one u built
vs424 3 days ago
you should have made a hidden pressure plate just inside of the main entrance, fill the house with lots of cool redstone and make the pressure plate so that it fills the entire house with water. Mumbo would have hated seeing all the redstone being destroyed.
ShreksAffender 3 days ago
I like thys House a lot
robbyeah 3 days ago
17:21 when i poop on floor All:
Mess of a Being
Mess of a Being 3 days ago
I think that house is just Anti-everyone. That house is a crime against humanity
Cookies and Cream
Grian : "This is kinda anti everyone not Mumbo Jumbo in particular Me : *No, That's Wrong . . I would live there*
Scarab Gaming
Scarab Gaming 3 days ago
I like it ......................sorry that was a lie
My vids
My vids 3 days ago
I like it
Christine Bulosan
In reality I love the iterior
Foxy The Pirate
Foxy The Pirate 3 days ago
Jade Harrington
Jade Harrington 3 days ago
How to make an Iskall proof house in one word: Diorite.
HealedLace 82
HealedLace 82 3 days ago
Not gonna lie but I like it
TSP Guns
TSP Guns 3 days ago
3:26 how did that activate my Alexa?
Spooder Man
Spooder Man 3 days ago
My eyes to the color: SCHREEEEEEEEEEECCCHH
Rene Liebregts
Rene Liebregts 3 days ago
Me: *sees the house* My eyes: *burning*
şans 4 days ago
i know the worst thing in minecraft history so you do one of the find the item in the chest thing but not an item y o u p u t 1 g r a y g l a s s p a n e HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
şans 4 days ago
i love this house
Cloudpool 72
Cloudpool 72 4 days ago
Grian: shows house Me: oh nO
faith gonser
faith gonser 4 days ago
That house is beautiful
Oste Pops
Oste Pops 4 days ago
Alfie Cheryl Heredero
I can't describe it
Jack Anker
Jack Anker 4 days ago
Grian: it’s not me!!!! Us: it has to be
I did something
I did something 4 days ago
Moustache is foreshadowing to season 7 hermitcraft lol
Sing Love
Sing Love 4 days ago
Flick the liver next to the door duh
Sing Love
Sing Love 4 days ago
I like the shape and color kinda color but I don’t like the bircks
B O B 4 days ago
But I like the house...
Matthew Crandell
Matthew Crandell 4 days ago
honestly, it looks like two upside down icecream cones with sprinkles.
nolan scott
nolan scott 4 days ago
just put a iron door so he cant get in
John Davenport
John Davenport 4 days ago
It looks like an Addams family house.
Teresa McNeeley
Teresa McNeeley 4 days ago
I like the house that he made
D 4
D 4 4 days ago
:) I like it
Mystery Kid
Mystery Kid 4 days ago
why arenet u showing us the mystrey room because now its boring
Lovley Duckies
Lovley Duckies 4 days ago
No one: The poop looking swirls at the top of the house: Yuhhh get it to itttt.
Nathan Martin
Nathan Martin 4 days ago
i liked the hous
Jelly Fox
Jelly Fox 5 days ago
Kill the house with fire
Ka Wolf
Ka Wolf 5 days ago
I love it like the last person I would live in that
Rijno NL Games YT
You are britisch
Sam and Jack Gaming
But I looooove that house
JONAS EGNENIO 5 days ago
the house is cool!!!😁😁😁
tesa_fun 5 days ago
i think i need help. i kinda like the anti mumbu house, and i like slipping around on ice
Clifford Redelosa
Heather Waldron
Heather Waldron 5 days ago
My eyes actually burn
Evan Sy
Evan Sy 5 days ago
It wasn't me! It was the man in the chicken costume! oh wait...
John Matthew Muyano
Grian played the disc-11
05121986mend 5 days ago
I like the house
Agar Edward
Agar Edward 5 days ago
You are great
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