I Made a Giant Dorito Burrito • Tasty

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"I definitely overfilled it." Watch Alix make a giant Dorito burrito!
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Jan 12, 2019




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Comments 3 285
Alix Traeger
Alix Traeger 3 months ago
I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life but this one is up there! LOL hope you guys enjoy :) & subscribe to my personal RUvid channel for more crazy! 💕
Yamini Singh
Yamini Singh 18 days ago
I just literally live for your word plays I'm every vedio I love u really
Yamini Singh
Yamini Singh 18 days ago
+IIIOII [3O2] classic and cheesey at the same time Noice
Lisa Kozlowski
Lisa Kozlowski Month ago
I drewled a lil ngl... i love watching you create :)
Georgie The Queen
Hiiiiiii omg ur my fav!
Adan Dellrio
Adan Dellrio 34 minutes ago
Cool ranch is cool but nothing beats the original!!!! I love your voice!!!!!!!!
Sam Hocking
Sam Hocking Day ago
Why tf are they putting Doritos in burritos?!?! America is wired.
When she said ANY powder for seasoning it so you can even use baby powder🙄 Thanks for the likes!
elohel 3 days ago
That meat is bland af.
lil tiff
lil tiff 4 days ago
can you make giant avocado toast?? ;)
Arw1n 4 days ago
Tbh i thought Alvin will be in this...
Isura Perera
Isura Perera 5 days ago
7:09 that's what she said!
Regine V
Regine V 5 days ago
I would love a job at Tasty!!!
Amsiekins 5 days ago
Yummy!!! I have been craving Taco Bell FOREVER!
Gia Madi
Gia Madi 6 days ago
# teamcoolranch
ty track
ty track 7 days ago
i can finish the whole thing alone
Marvin Bontogon
Marvin Bontogon 9 days ago
You're awesome, Alix. Is it possible if you and Andrew try to create this m.ruvid.net/video/video-gpePINptPPM.html. 😁
Doki Rin
Doki Rin 11 days ago
Why do I feel she did cool ranch dirty
Rania Shehada
Rania Shehada 12 days ago
Must be so nice working at Tasty with the free food
John Woo
John Woo 13 days ago
"And we're gonna find out which one of this dorito burrito, comes out on T O P E D O *WINKY FACE INTENSIFIES*"
Chutimon Chiaravanond
Who click on this vid while eating Doritos? 🙋🏻‍♀️
How about baby powder
Kelsey Foley
Kelsey Foley 16 days ago
#teamcoolranch all the way 😁😁😁😁😁😁🤗🤗😍
Looey 16 days ago
Why does my man Ify look like 21 Savage a bit?
Nino Dioso
Nino Dioso 16 days ago
I am a simple man I see Alix I click
Epic Kid
Epic Kid 17 days ago
*milk powder?*
Pokadots andWhatnots
Alix is so short n cute, i love it 😂😂😂😂😂 also, her puns find a way into every video somehow and its the cutest thing 😊😊😊❤️
Desiree Elise
Desiree Elise 18 days ago
am i the only one that gets COMPLETELY grossed out that they just share each other's germs like that!?
Marron 19 days ago
that’s why nacho cheese flavor is wayyyy better 🤤🧀🧀
mathijs birahy
mathijs birahy 19 days ago
1:46 any kind of powder you say eh?
Jojoee101 C
Jojoee101 C 19 days ago
ugh i wanna work at bussfeed and get really good free food
It’s Bane
It’s Bane 19 days ago
Giant sushi
The Incognito Gacha Crew
I was eating doritos while watching this lol
iT’S Paige
iT’S Paige 21 day ago
Reagan Simmons
Reagan Simmons 21 day ago
Kelsey! Hi welcome to tasty I have watched the 100 baby challenge
NikkaMagrata 22 days ago
I don’t know why but alix reminds me so much of Lindsay Lohan...😂♥️
NU1V3S 22 days ago
Rachel Sonniee
Rachel Sonniee 22 days ago
I’m so hungry right now
JayneKyot Playz
JayneKyot Playz 24 days ago
3:36 it's a perfect heart😍
shaista yousuf
shaista yousuf 24 days ago
Alix looks like Emilia Clarke
V.M.O. eDiTs EdItInG
Gordon Ramsey wants your location..
Syed Ousaja
Syed Ousaja 25 days ago
I like when they all share the food with the staff this is type of thing that would inspire me to share mine with my neighbours 💞
AbiInMusic 25 days ago
*Taco Bell has left the chat*
Random Guy
Random Guy 25 days ago
This is Alvin’s job
EL PATRONNA 25 days ago
Any kind of powder ? 😂 Dude bring the nose powder this dorito burito is about to get lito
i used laxative powder and my friends did not appreciate me locking the bathroom door
유나레에 26 days ago
Dang now I want to se alvin and alix collab and make something gaint
Trang Trần
Trang Trần 26 days ago
I have watched lots of Alix's vids recently Now my recommendation is full of her Thank you RUvid, you know me so well
Andrew Palafox
Andrew Palafox 26 days ago
I was fully expecting her to say, "Let's bake this bitch" not "Let's bake this thing."
TheKing SquadM&K
TheKing SquadM&K 26 days ago
Giant waffel and ham with eggs nd cheese
Dette Borito
Dette Borito 27 days ago
Yo you're making a giant.. Me?
Laura Flaquer
Laura Flaquer 29 days ago
Cool ranch Doritos are the BEST
Mr Hilarious TV
Mr Hilarious TV 29 days ago
Damn use seasoning salt
Iris Niang
Iris Niang 29 days ago
I wish I could just take the whole thing and eat it by myself.
Taerrific pjms
Taerrific pjms Month ago
I really really really want this burrito
Taaliyah S
Taaliyah S Month ago
Americans well never know how great the chilli heatwave flavour is
Amber Brogger
Amber Brogger Month ago
She is so beautiful like how does she look like that I am so jealous
MemeLord Month ago
At first I was really confused because I thought it was ‘Giant Burrito Burrito’
tpamel Month ago
Team spicy nacho
ChippO ChickeN
ChippO ChickeN Month ago
Wait. So you can use baby powder?
David Bryan
David Bryan Month ago
This has got to be the best video I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit, I have a bit of a crush on Alix, and she cooked something I would totally chow down on.
maggy tokyo
maggy tokyo Month ago
*wearing that OVO hoodie
Alexis Watson
Alexis Watson Month ago
Kelsey looks kinda familiar ? Yes or no ?
Zachary Moss
Zachary Moss Month ago
Topito! The cringe
Mel Fell
Mel Fell Month ago
Llama Quean
Llama Quean Month ago
Baby powder
GoldenPotato21 Month ago
Boom badabam... Yo puSSy SmellS like HaM
jobair khan
jobair khan Month ago
Petter Basmo
Petter Basmo Month ago
By the show of hands... WHO’S HUNGRY AF?!🙋🏼‍♂️
That's like a wrap Gatsby. Gatsby is a South African food delicacy
ramen Month ago
watching tasty videos while high is a whole other experience
Kaylan Coke
Kaylan Coke Month ago
Wait it's Kelsey from the SIMS Challenge!
Captain Snuggles
Reminds me of that one episode of dexter's lab
Baconater 28
Baconater 28 Month ago
me: *sees alix* me: kidney transplant who??
Eternal Bloom the Allwing
I have never seen Alix spelled in such a way... *focus levels go over 9000*
Lei eii
Lei eii Month ago
I’ve never had a burrito in my life
Slay Queen
Slay Queen Month ago
Same here😩😭
Dustin Bowlds
Dustin Bowlds Month ago
when seprate i like cool ranch when with a taco/burrito i like nacho cheese
Jazlynn Mack
Jazlynn Mack Month ago
Why are they using forks for a borrito
ItzVic Month ago
1:45 what about... white powder?
Erin :3
Erin :3 Month ago
Nacho cheese yes
I luv burritos 😍
Both Doritos are good, jeez stfu my nigga🙄
Robert Wells
Robert Wells Month ago
Alix you're brilliant, creative.. and that voice. I look forward to your many videos.
Mariana P.
Mariana P. Month ago
"Chipotle peppers are pretty spicy". * All México laughs at that *
Fuckun Damouth
Fuckun Damouth Month ago
Grand Daddy Burp
Jan Piet
Jan Piet Month ago
Hesitantlist85 !
They passed the burrito like it was blunt 💔
Suarez Barcelona
What the fuck with the ads ?fuck this channel
Caelan Nicholls
Caelan Nicholls Month ago
Hehe the title in its self is a pain to say
Divyansh Vaswani
It's sodium chloride
Connally Henshaw
LEt em Out !
Alex Taylor19
Alex Taylor19 Month ago
Ranch is crap
Aastha Chaurasia
i love it when the whole office eats the food!!
Jay C
Jay C Month ago
She’s cool, but she ain’t no Claire
Luke Cage
Luke Cage Month ago
She is so cute and funny
Noura Month ago
When she poured in the Chipotle peppers , it looked like a heart 3:36
Bayleigh Oliver
Bayleigh Oliver Month ago
imagine working there, there's always extra food
Katie Richardson
What’s a burrito without a lot of filling? A tortilla 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yvette Month ago
A burrito *uses ground beef* ITS CARNE ASADA YOU FOOLS
Yvette Month ago
She’s using chicken oh no
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