I Made A Giant 20-Pound Jiggly Cheesecake • Tasty

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JASMINE PAK - instagram.com/jasminepak/
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Jun 15, 2019

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Comments 7 307
AshLee SuccubI
AshLee SuccubI 5 minutes ago
They were acting very awkward 🤔
Jia Jia Zhou
Jia Jia Zhou 19 minutes ago
giant soufflé
Lester Gomez
Lester Gomez Hour ago
where's the cheese?
BRIELLOL PLAYS! 2 hours ago
hey moon
hey moon 7 hours ago
Alexis's face when he said i might pass out was a mixture of 'I’m worried, are you okay' and 'you idiot'
Naomi Kao
Naomi Kao 8 hours ago
Nah his not God teehee. I know she was joking but still
Tuan Nguyễn
Tuan Nguyễn 12 hours ago
Donavon Finch
Donavon Finch 15 hours ago
11:34 whoa holy s***
Josh Lapitan
Josh Lapitan 15 hours ago
Jasmine: jUST CUT IT!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Tom Ontengco
Tom Ontengco 15 hours ago
Make a giant taco
Patrick Woodshop
Patrick Woodshop 17 hours ago
What should happen is they should have a hole in the counter for bowls so u can use both hands to mix
Ms. Kim
Ms. Kim 17 hours ago
Unicorns CookiezOWO
Unicorns CookiezOWO 19 hours ago
This looks like flan 🍮 u.u
Ashley Caron
Ashley Caron 21 hour ago
I want to see the biggest Yorkshire pudding IN THE WORLD!!!!
* TheRazorBlade13
13:13 Jasmine: your like like a GOD Alvin.... AWWW THANKS HOMIE
Emma Turner
Emma Turner Day ago
this boyo
this boyo Day ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
fatema somji
fatema somji Day ago
Red velvet cake
Filipino Archmage
Giant Creme Caramel Pudding
Moon wolf
Moon wolf Day ago
Imagine if on the last egg he dropped the yolk in the whites and tried to get it out but then the yolk broke lol
Kill Me
Kill Me Day ago
She likes giant foods and he likes making them give me one good reason why they shouldn't date. XD
Lorabell Maior
Giant mochi would be so cool!!! 🤩
bank roll
bank roll Day ago
Make the biggest wings
EarthySilly PandaGirl
I don't think there is a utensil large enough for this. *looks at wall behind him* Why can't he just use that spoon on the wall huh?
Mr. Vloger
Mr. Vloger Day ago
I bet your friends think you’re egg-selent
Mr. Vloger
Mr. Vloger Day ago
Rigo Valdez
Rigo Valdez Day ago
So you basically ripped her idea off for your videos
Delia Austin
Delia Austin Day ago
Post more
GoodTimesWith Ny
Giant Steamed Chicken Dumpling
Fany Hardy
Fany Hardy Day ago
Can you make giant tacos?
Tarine Marine
Tarine Marine 2 days ago
Giant EggTart
Tripstar Games
Tripstar Games 2 days ago
I want sum
big_ mac
big_ mac 2 days ago
Why why WHYYY
Gacha Lords
Gacha Lords 2 days ago
Alvin has done this too many times, How did he not get buff?
αngєl? 2 days ago
“I think you’re god.” “Aw thanks homie.”
Xd Dav1d
Xd Dav1d 2 days ago
You need to make gaint fried chicken
Jane Suzette Santos
Can you make me a giant blue berry cheese cake? Blue berry cheese cake is my favorite.
My name is a secret
When I saw the pan it didn't look as big as the thumbnail but I'm still amazed XD
Firekiller1298 YT
“Got it to giggle go it to wiggle” OKAYYYY
Arlene Solis
Arlene Solis 2 days ago
I hope you're okay, and there isn't anything anything with your heart ......❤ Love your channel everything looks so entertainingly delicious
genetic avakin
genetic avakin 2 days ago
Giant enchilada
JayDien Gillespie
Amerie Jones
Amerie Jones 2 days ago
MrCreeper 92
MrCreeper 92 2 days ago
It is thicc 🎂
Munch Kinator
Munch Kinator 2 days ago
Just sprinkle in *some* sugar Yeah... I don’t know about that.
Chloe Cabuyaon
Chloe Cabuyaon 2 days ago
Giant crepe pls
Giro and Karin
Giro and Karin 2 days ago
I got it!!!!!!! 20 pound Snickers bar
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis 2 days ago
Please make a giant spaghetti and meatball.
Abbia Sultan
Abbia Sultan 2 days ago
Al-Bader Bu-Hamad
Where did the rest go? I know you love giant food, but you only eat small or normal serving sizes. So, what do you do with the rest? I hope it doesn't go to waste
Jeffrey Whelan
Jeffrey Whelan 2 days ago
Giant crab Rangoon
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