I made a City of Extreme Cruelty in Cities Skylines

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Welcome to The Bathtub. It is forever on fire, surrounded by an ocean of sewage, with no sunlight.
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May 10, 2021




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RTGame Month ago
does everyone like my new city if you want to watch all of my city experiments together, I've made a Cities Skylines playlist here ruvid.net/video/video-V37Au5H0kG0.html
the daily nighttimer
I am 99% sure that the only restaurants you allowed inside your city were Chipotle and Taco Bell, and even then you made all the food supersized.
theallarounder 8 days ago
If you want real cruelty just make a city in Somalia thats under constant terrorist attacks and so on. You could set the disaster frequency up to max and the disaster strength at like 3 or 5 so it doesn't just end everything after the first strike.
David Finley
David Finley 25 days ago
@Achilles Arturo yup, I've been using Flixzone for since december myself :D
Alessandro Cason
Alessandro Cason 25 days ago
@Achilles Arturo Yea, been using flixzone for months myself =)
Achilles Arturo
Achilles Arturo 25 days ago
Pro tip: you can watch series at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.
Tyler Jefferies
Tyler Jefferies 11 hours ago
Can't be underwater and on fire?? I'm from Ohio, we lit our RIVER on FIRE
Jon Chui
Jon Chui 11 hours ago
There is no sewage problem in Ba Sing Se
i want die
i want die 23 hours ago
Wtf happened to the Attack On Titan plot!
Stairs Day ago
where country roads tho
Scavver Day ago
attack on titan but turd instead of titan
Mzanniksan Day ago
10:03 paradise? *i heard that before in some manga*
Periart 2 days ago
The paper mario music is killing me, especially when thrills at night plays
Roblox Gaming Hub
I play cities skylines and i accidentaly made a bridge 100 feet in the air and made it end mid air, and then cars fell off but they were flying?! Edit: The city was called demise of humans
DubiousTheatre YT
To summarize: "I want to fill up my poop-bathtub, not play the game properly"
The Serious Chicken
The firtialness of the ground in this city, IT’S WELL OVER 90,000,000,000,000
Emily G
Emily G 4 days ago
West Virginia, mountain mama take me home country roses. Lol 😂 am I the only mine who removers those days? I am ok..
aviendhar idek
aviendhar idek 4 days ago
I'm convinced that rts videos are why I've started having a reoccurring nightmare where I'm driving down a 90 degree road
Emily G
Emily G 4 days ago
I can’t tell if this is worse than poop-cano or not 😂
WeegeeTime64 5 days ago
Very cool bathtub stream.
Xenophorm 6 days ago
Well, the Rosa and Sina walls have fallen.
Duke2006 6 days ago
14:25 Daniel sounded like a General commenting on a war
Abhay Sastry
Abhay Sastry 7 days ago
Anna Maria
Anna Maria 7 days ago
huh. Attack on Titan looks kind of different.
sushi ballin
sushi ballin 7 days ago
i'm imaging a disaster movie type scene of a man frozen in shock, staring up at a tsunami of shit crashing over the city walls
Chaos Insurgent
Chaos Insurgent 8 days ago
Hedsta 8 days ago
Attack on titan but instead of titans it’s just shit
Gabriel Thadeo
Gabriel Thadeo 8 days ago
Whats next, a donut?
SpiderBigTime 8 days ago
DUKE_THE_NUKE500 9 days ago
This is aot
Krispy Beatzzz
Krispy Beatzzz 9 days ago
He sounds like he’s narrating an episode of attack on titan
Kingston Da King
Kingston Da King 9 days ago
I haven’t had this good of a laugh in a while, literally rolling on the floor when they started calculating the amount of shit people produced a minute
Rexor 10 days ago
That explains why the firefighters never put the fires out, it’s because they’re so fat they can’t leave their beds
Rexor 10 days ago
Is-is that a whirlpoop?!??!
herp the derp and derp the herp
I don't remember aot having this much shit
RoadTrain 11 days ago
I nearly died laughing from this. Legit. Choked on my fucking food.
Space ecks
Space ecks 11 days ago
there is no war in ba sing se
Mihai Dijmarescu
Mihai Dijmarescu 11 days ago
who would have known sewage is so flamable
Mihai Dijmarescu
Mihai Dijmarescu 11 days ago
when MrBeast does a "eat 1000 taco's from taco bell chalenge " this is what comes afterwards
Mihai Dijmarescu
Mihai Dijmarescu 11 days ago
welcome to your new school its Shitopolis elementery school
michaelflash123's stuff
RT is the best villain
missingindy 13 days ago
Dear God.
Stewart Anderson
Stewart Anderson 14 days ago
This is like the Netherlands but literally shittier.
Seth Monroe
Seth Monroe 14 days ago
Two words: Water Slide
Jeynarl 14 days ago
It's like the maze in the maze runner but instead of a maze it's poop. The poop runner
Mr.moto19 14 days ago
I bet this city can share 1 wifi router
ZEFRB 14 days ago
he's back in cs!
Noah Donson
Noah Donson 15 days ago
Shitty Skylines
absboodoo 15 days ago
Every Paradox gamer is a war crime committer with no exception. Even the Cities Skyline enjoyers? Especially the Cities Skyline enjoyers.
BadassFreeman 15 days ago
'What volume of poo is this?' A shit-ton.
Benaya Moses
Benaya Moses 15 days ago
Josh, stop teaching other youtubers to destroy they're computers please.
EddyKidPlayzYT 13 days ago
@Benaya Moses oh ok. That makes more sense
Benaya Moses
Benaya Moses 13 days ago
@EddyKidPlayzYT a youtuber, his youtube channel is "Lets Game It Out"
EddyKidPlayzYT 13 days ago
Who is josh?
Henry Fortman
Henry Fortman 16 days ago
So the poopcano was just pre-hard mode as it seems
RedFox 16 days ago
Magnsarn 16 days ago
just a random person with a donkey pfp
The reverse bathtub would have been a better name tbh
TheSamles 17 days ago
attack on dookie
Kr0ll3x Gaming
Kr0ll3x Gaming 17 days ago
charlie and the chocolate factory really took a downturn didn't it
EddyKidPlayzYT 13 days ago
Not Emir
Not Emir 17 days ago
Cifer 17 days ago
The most surprising thing is how much waste those people managed to create
Gavrilo Princip
Gavrilo Princip 18 days ago
Citites in Venezuela be like
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi 18 days ago
I'd rather shoot myself than drown in fecal matter
ggman 18 days ago
dontsinkthe boat
dontsinkthe boat 18 days ago
This has nothing to do with city skylines but everyone that has people playground is on a FBI watchlist
Q G 10 days ago
What is that?
Hat Man
Hat Man 18 days ago
"Hotel Zero Six, you are clear to land runway One Niner Right" "Uhh... Tower... With all due respect, I'm not making a short final from flight level 100, gimme vectors to a real airport".
Menacing Ship
Menacing Ship 19 days ago
Kats 19 days ago
POV: You watch RT make a waterfall of shit while you take an extreme shit from all the Olive Garden you ate.
KriegLord 19 days ago
“How are they so ill” Well how the fuck do you think
canofbeans 20 days ago
More skyline
ay pimpin
ay pimpin 20 days ago
0:55 its fuggin rock bottom from spongebob
Papa Gilbert
Papa Gilbert 20 days ago
The city was inhabited by poo-monsters, the mayor had giant walls to fend off the shit but they just produced too much, it was inevitable.
Trey Holyfield
Trey Holyfield 20 days ago
"Electrified Sewage" sounds like the name of a badass Nu Metal band.
Brenden Waltke
Brenden Waltke 20 days ago
Ah yes, I remember the good ole days where we would fill these volcanoes with poo… Miss those days…
Don Crown
Don Crown 20 days ago
Ur fake laffing and forced wittiness is really triggering me
ChrisDanceMusic 21 day ago
Is the letter H silent in in Ireland. The bat tub
phantomfire12 21 day ago
This is what happened to Atlantis
Youknowwhat LQ
Youknowwhat LQ 21 day ago
2 minutes in, the first video I've watched How can you violate more human rights than GrayStillPlays and Spiff can combined in one whole video? Definitely going to stick around
Ice L
Ice L 21 day ago
14:59 this ending is probably my favorite
Da Lava Wolf
Da Lava Wolf 21 day ago
Did you realize it has the 3 walls in attack on titans at 0:11
Catnumber 15
Catnumber 15 21 day ago
Is this attack on titan?
Imran Haque
Imran Haque 21 day ago
Attack on TItan took a weird twist
OdieMikes 21 day ago
7:54 laughs in submarine
Zoe 21 day ago
Tbh, the guy living next to the trash dump was probably one of the best options :/
Zoe 21 day ago
The “most attractive city awards” scare me. Just how low is this bar set for these awards?
Zoe 22 days ago
2:02 i-is that a sewerage waterfall?
HoleInTheSky 22 days ago
Marquis De Sade wants to know your location
viper_77 22 days ago
Wolfdoggie Tenkaistar
pretty wet, bro
Nomit00 22 days ago
when the highway is actually a way up high
Moosey 22 days ago
This is so cruel, I love it
LordPhan7070 22 days ago
9/10 no country roads
mitchell cook
mitchell cook 22 days ago
Reminds me of attack on titan lmao
Rick S
Rick S 22 days ago
shitting a litre a minute for 14 years had me in tears 9.6 tacos a minute lmao
George King
George King 22 days ago
The return of the King
SHDU Studios
SHDU Studios 23 days ago
jalk bacs
jalk bacs 23 days ago
play mafia definive
Forter 23 days ago
could you make a mod collection of all the mods you use on the city skylines workshop?
verx 23 days ago
AoT's next season looking kinda weird...
Zoomr 23 days ago
I am disappointed by the lack of Country Roads
Adam Manning
Adam Manning 23 days ago
Low key, he did give me the idea to make a river of waste pipes leading to a dam. That would probably offset the power requirements a lot
Fod-der 23 days ago
My #grandma is #fucking #dead !!!!! #pizza
Bass Dat
Bass Dat 23 days ago
Matthew Hogan
Matthew Hogan 23 days ago
Today we drowned a town in their own shit water
Duckling Chief
Duckling Chief 24 days ago
What's the name of the bgm at the beginning there with the violin?
Utsav Khandelwal
Utsav Khandelwal 24 days ago
It reminds me of EREN Yeaager !!!❤️
Nugget Knows
Nugget Knows 24 days ago
Fondue Fountain