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Who says cheap wigs can't look expensive? Here's every major synthetic wig hack I've come up with over the years.
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Dec 6, 2018

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Comments 9 772
Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 6 months ago
Who out here is ballllinnnn on a budge?????
Alyssa's Dome
Alyssa's Dome 10 hours ago
I'm not ballin, just on a budget.
Lyric Thompson
Lyric Thompson 15 hours ago
Is that rlly a question 😭😭
I dont have enough money to have a budget
kelly Grace
kelly Grace 5 days ago
Me lol
Natalia Gorecka
Natalia Gorecka 7 days ago
Me 😭
C.J. Sylvia
C.J. Sylvia Hour ago
I watched this, started calling my friend Whitney and now she goes by Whitney.. thx Brad
Nightcore Fox
Nightcore Fox 9 hours ago
My hair is thicc af everywhere and straight af. I feel offended
Galaxy Moonun_17
Galaxy Moonun_17 15 hours ago
My natural hair is longer than the wig
cupcake Squad gamer
cupcake Squad gamer 15 hours ago
Katie McCullough
Katie McCullough 15 hours ago
This is how many times he said "natural" Love your vids 😊 | | V
Sage Barry
Sage Barry 17 hours ago
"No ones hair is that thick" I'm going to be honest with you, it is. Mine is. My best friends is. But mine also isnt thst long
inky muffins
inky muffins 18 hours ago
You have such a sweet personality. I subscribed the first video I saw of you. I would totally have a friend like you.
Beauty Made Simple
Beauty Made Simple 20 hours ago
Thank you!❤
The Midden Family
wait should it be shorter in the front cause my hair is he same length for my whole head...hehe
Sugarkit _
Sugarkit _ Day ago
“Don’t part it in the center. It’s just not going to look as realistic” Um what if my natural hair is parted in the center Does my hair not look realistic Lol
Toriku’s universe
Synthetic wigs are made of fabric cotton(i think)They brush the fabric until it feels untangled and then straighten it out. And to make the wig you pin down the hair to a wig cap and it sets it up
Leanna Danser
Fixing a wig? More like giving tips to wig makers on what not to do
Smol bean -3-
Her waves look like mine tbh my hair *s u c k s* But he made it look good 💀
Cheyenne Griffith
You are my favorite hairdresser RUvidr ever!
BRAD WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON A maximum outcome with minimal energy I run with my Chinese flashcards to study.
Tia.x maria.v
This hair style makes you look so Damn hot brad like ugh
Kendall Russell
Kendall Russell 2 days ago
38 dollars is sooo much money I’m so cheap
Eleftheria Konstantaki
brad: nobodys hair is this thick me: *looks at her even thicker hair in the mirror* it isnt?
Ahagse 2 days ago
My granny recommended this video to me.
Angela McLeod
Angela McLeod 2 days ago
Brad: *buys a wig with a gorgeous hairline and is thick* Brad: make it worse to actually be realistic
Breanna Taylor
Breanna Taylor 2 days ago
I love how Brad keeps saying that no one has that kind of hair with thickness and everything...he should meet my hair.
Xx_color _xX
Xx_color _xX 2 days ago
I can see your nipple in one seen
Momo 2 days ago
Brad: Nobody's hair is this long and this thick especially toward the ends. Me: slowly inches down feeling like I don't exist
Alyssa Hughes
Alyssa Hughes 3 days ago
We can all relate to Brad. Maximum outcome Minimal energy=MY LIFE!! 😂😂😂💜💜💜 I’m “ballin on a budge” hahah
Clio xox
Clio xox 3 days ago
Hair- Goes about halfway down a back "It's not realistic to have hair that length" My hair- Goes down to my thighs
Rachelle Carley
Rachelle Carley 3 days ago
He ruined it with the curls but I get what he was trying to do
Rachelle Carley
Rachelle Carley 3 days ago
I bought one from wish for 13 dollars and it looks 99.9 percent better than that
San Dra
San Dra 2 days ago
Same! I buy all my wigs on wish!
Evelyn Quintana
Evelyn Quintana 3 days ago
My hair is nearly to my knees and very thick
Sarah Allan
Sarah Allan 3 days ago
My natural part is dead centre and I can’t fix it...
Your Fun Sister
Your Fun Sister 3 days ago
New subscriber and OMG!!! Loved it!!!!! You are FABULOUS
jordan abrams
jordan abrams 3 days ago
The amount of excitement I felt when he said "I'm from delaware" is ridiculous
Effin Menace
Effin Menace 3 days ago
Nice to watch but Wayyyy too many ads🙄
Cassandra Powell
Cassandra Powell 3 days ago
My hair is that long and thick so is my hair ugly.
Julieee Rdz.
Julieee Rdz. 3 days ago
Is it just me or does it look like he threw dirt on the roots with the eyeshadow...
biasedice 3 days ago
9:56 and i oop. that nip slip tho. 😱😂😂
Claire Hildreth
Claire Hildreth 3 days ago
*curls first few strands* *realizes that it looks like crap* Brad: Ummmm... I’m just trying to mess the hair up a little bit... 😬😬😬 Ya sure Brad
Vive Lafat
Vive Lafat 3 days ago
dude i've been watching youtube since it started and you are the first youtube channel that i've ever subscribed to. i don't know why, I just like you.
Island Life
Island Life 3 days ago
Wow people on this thread are SO RUDE!!! I think that you are adorable and so funny! Very handsome too!
Gãlåxy ß_tçh
Gãlåxy ß_tçh 3 days ago
Why does he remind me of Joey graceffa
Seliște Valeria
Seliște Valeria 4 days ago
But my hair is thick at the ends 😭😭😭😭 and it gets tangled very often ☹️
Claire S
Claire S 4 days ago
I love how he tells us the brand of hairspray he’s using and says it’s expensive you don’t need this get any kind of cheap hairspray like bless you know I’m broke
Brianna Lee
Brianna Lee 4 days ago
He says no ones hair is this thick and long. My hair was longer than that (almost to my butt), much thicker than that, the front of my hair was relatively the same length as the rest of my hair because my baby hairs had grown out, and my hair was very health..... so am I just lucky???? And if you don’t believe me look at my Instagram: @Itz_briannadl
Haley L.Hoobs
Haley L.Hoobs 4 days ago
My hair is that thick and long all the way down, guess I am just blessed. It is a struggle actually! Love you brad:)
Haley L.Hoobs
Haley L.Hoobs 3 days ago
Mingle Fox nope not just you boo! The struggle is alive and shaking
Mingle Fox
Mingle Fox 3 days ago
same girl. aint it such a hassle to brush and style it everyday?? or is it just me
Kendall Brueggemann
why are you coming for deleware like that, brad???
Angelique Dickerson
I love how you keep saying no ones hair is that thick and im here like yeaaaa right. I have to get my hair thinned out every 3 months or I get headaches because its so thick and heavy and just last month got under my hair shaved to take away some of the thickness. my hair dresser makes sure I am her last client of the day because her hand gets tired when she does my hair lol
Lexi McQuade
Lexi McQuade 4 days ago
My hair is like nearly that thick lol
Sadie Krelle
Sadie Krelle 4 days ago
Yas honey! Its look so slay!
Bri Devlin
Bri Devlin 5 days ago
Reply to around 1:45 in the vid- My friends hair is thick all the way down and its goes past her booty😂😂I have so much fun braiding it!!
Alex Munkz
Alex Munkz 5 days ago
This went down hill faster then my grades
Lulu B
Lulu B 5 days ago
he’s like don’t touch the curl and i’m like what curl?
Ophelia Hinz
Ophelia Hinz 5 days ago
When he said nobody’s hair is that thick, I don’t think he has met my cousin...
I’m a human 3000
That chest thoooo
Amara Baker
Amara Baker 5 days ago
;-; my hair goes down to mid thigh and I'm 5'8
Shell Fritsch
Shell Fritsch 4 days ago
I wish had your hair long my hair go down to my lower back I'm 5'11
Luv2sing 1
Luv2sing 1 5 days ago
My hair is naturally that long and thick but mine curly
you must subscribe
not trying to be mean but when you said that nobody has hair that long and that thick at the end my hair is and I don't have extensions I use coconut oilhair mask and I take really good care of my hair I have never dyed it in my life
Savonne Grady
Savonne Grady 5 days ago
Are u gay
the asexual sponge
Brad talking about how noones hair is like that just makes me feel really bad about my hair lol.
mel scare
mel scare 6 days ago
Your kinda are wrong my hair was like that my hair still parts in the middle of my head and my hair used to be thick in the front and back sorry to say that 😬
Alex Carr
Alex Carr 6 days ago
Realistic? Purple hair.
loverrlee 6 days ago
Everybody: “Nobody’s hair is that thick all the way down.” Me: ... mine is... 🙋‍♀️
Brooke Shanklin
Brooke Shanklin 6 days ago
When he curled it, it made it look greasy and gross
Brooke Shanklin
Brooke Shanklin 6 days ago
Umm sorry but... My hair is that thick. I mesured the circumference of my ponytail and it was 5 inches around in the middle and 4.8 inches around the ends
Vidhi Basu
Vidhi Basu 6 days ago
Ok, but as a Pan, you're the most beautiful human being I have ever seen.
Xxmoonly xX
Xxmoonly xX 6 days ago
Um my hair is parted in the middle and is really thick at the bottom and my hairline looks like that but I've never done anything to my hair it's still natrual I've only trimmed my hair soooooooo help
Default To The Max
Love you ,Brad💥
Brooke Burge
Brooke Burge 6 days ago
I like this video idea
Amanda Ferguson
Amanda Ferguson 6 days ago
The dollar goes first $38 🤦‍♀️
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 6 days ago
I have long hair and i dont use extensions 🤔🤔
Ervh Heider
Ervh Heider 6 days ago
Can we just stop showing hate like if your just going to complain about it don't watch it
olivia prince
olivia prince 7 days ago
You can pluck a synthetic wig
tellaxx swartxx
tellaxx swartxx 7 days ago
When he says nobodies hair is so thick Ermm okay I'll just skiddadill out of here then😂
W. Kevin
W. Kevin 7 days ago
i want send you wigs, block head, please email me 👉info@musewigs.com.
Emily Montgomery
Emily Montgomery 7 days ago
He didn’t pluck it? 😞
Morgan Burkett
Morgan Burkett 7 days ago
The before hair looks like mine when I forget to brush it Brad: Nobodies hair is that thick Me: *looks at hair* damn I guess I'm nobody
Haily Lawrence
Haily Lawrence 7 days ago
My hair is pretty thick everywhere
gootsy Collins
gootsy Collins 8 days ago
Lol i notice you always say "costed" its just cost 😂😂
bruh.... my hair is a few inches from being that long and my hair is thick.... I beg to differ.... but appreciate the wig fixing methods....
quenby hamilton
quenby hamilton 8 days ago
No no no no no sis please straighten it out again 😭🥺😢💀
starry night
starry night 8 days ago
I don't think you had too much experience with wigs....professionally
starry night
starry night 8 days ago
What is it with these soft waves? You could've done a Victoria Secret blow out with this wig, and it would've looked great. This wig at the end of the video still looked like it seen better days. Sorry.....
Phoebe Sage
Phoebe Sage 8 days ago
The bit about the part kills me. My natural part is directly in the middle... I had to train it, which took AGES
Sophie 9 days ago
Hey Brad, ik you probably won't see this... But any tips for curly baby hairs? Like they're untameable 😂
mai ott
mai ott 9 days ago
i actually enjoyed the steps but somehow the result became suddenly .. hard to tell
Canara Forgione
Canara Forgione 9 days ago
Angelique Umutesi
Wait why would he need to restyle wigs before RUvid, I thought he was a hairdresser
yukiji nakamura Yukon yuki
Both you and the wig look amazing
Vanessa Magana
Vanessa Magana 9 days ago
It looked better befor he "curled" it
Lily Val
Lily Val 9 days ago
I just got nice fill lace adjustable neck length lilac hombre on Ebay, but needs to be fixed so I'm on RUvid. The middle line is short, but fake glue lol. Lol You look funny, but good with that wig. Lilac and purples my face, and plum. I can't cut the lace off omg. I wil ruin my $15 investment. Mines is lace cap with adjusters. I have that steamer somewhere, omg. I'm not sure I can find it in time for next weekened for my stream. I hope it isn't superficial burried. Yes nice indeed.
emily caldera
emily caldera 9 days ago
I have long thick wavy/curly hair and it needs help sis 🥵 do my hair 😩😩
Elle17 :P
Elle17 :P 9 days ago
LOL Delaware shout out ;D
Maddison Chastain
If ur hair won't hold a curl what can u do to make it hold curls????
Cecilia Collins
Cecilia Collins 9 days ago
I fin it offensive when everyone says- "No one's hair is THIS THICK." LIKE BOI DAT AINT TRUE!!!!!!!! MINE IS CRAZY THICK. I can't get mine thin for the life of me!!!!!!!!! :C Who else is with me!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
Tutis wuzhere
Tutis wuzhere 9 days ago
Um yes, heller *LOUDLY clears throat* do you have a technique that makes it possible so that my wig doesn't get, um-heh-ya know, SNATCHED?
xisobelx373 9 days ago
Hey, where did you get the necklace?? Ty
Midnight chan
Midnight chan 10 days ago
Ok so to me that wig looks like it was made for cosplay
BALLERWOLF 10 days ago
my hair is longer in the front, pretty sure the lady the used to do my hair(she wont even talk to me now) call it a lop, don't hold me to that though haha
Sage Ridings
Sage Ridings 9 days ago
Why doesn't she talk to you? Tea
RawrItsTess :3
RawrItsTess :3 10 days ago
Have you met my sister? Her hair although dandruff full is very freaking thick!
Emily Kirkley
Emily Kirkley 10 days ago
My hair is literally longer than that and thicker than that not even kidding💀💀
Cherina Kim
Cherina Kim 11 days ago
Who else wants series of these videos?!
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