I made $_____ SELLING oreo game of thrones cookies

Reyes The Entrepreneur
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May 24, 2019




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Comments 656
Luis X Belman
Luis X Belman 6 days ago
Do a ice cream kart
DjJSlink 8 days ago
Food stamps?
justin hunt
justin hunt 18 days ago
Best energy
Captain Cold
Captain Cold 24 days ago
From 3:12 count how many times he said “Game of thyones” 😂💀
Edgar Bernache
Edgar Bernache 25 days ago
You should make a video of all the hustles that fail I think that would be interesting
Aquarium Samurai
I appreciate your hustles but I hate the arbitrage junk. Its for losers who cant come up with a legit hustle. Buying things from the grocery store and reselling to idiots is a lazy welfare type gig.
SR Real
SR Real Month ago
Buy and hold buddy. Keep for a decade or 2 or more. It'll be vintage
Bud Thats My Real Name
Maybe the guy selling it for 10.50 is using his food stamps
Klownguy22 Month ago
But Reyes.....you should accept food stamps to sell the Oreos!!
LE ROUX LR Month ago
Your the most honest youtuber I’ve ever seen, and u seem to have a good heart, god bless you man
Booner Month ago
Why not return them lol
Month ago
Could have found a GoT bar to sell them at.
Happè Month ago
I wish he could upload the video with the aluminum can hats .It would be cool to make
Alejandro gomez
Alejandro gomez Month ago
Butt reyes
Ava Gavin
Ava Gavin Month ago
BUT REYES!!! YOU NEED to USE THE WEBSITE PIRATESHIP.COM ^^^Gives you cheap CHEAP rates! so you can ship for so cheap!
Felix The Dev
Felix The Dev Month ago
If you never tried, you never had learned the lesson, that is, about supply and demand. Great video Reyes. Keep up the good work!
Black Tube
Black Tube 2 months ago
1:40 what were you doing here with the Crassula / succulent plant?
caleb honey
caleb honey 2 months ago
We got those at the store I work at... they ended up going out of date. No one bought them
Raid Cliphd
Raid Cliphd 2 months ago
Plot twist: he bought them for his family to eat and he wanted to make money so he made yt video that will make him over $1k
Max León
Max León 2 months ago
The money you made from this video can make up for what you lost, especially cuz you made sure it passed 10min lol
Bryan Padilla
Bryan Padilla 2 months ago
You only dropped $24 for an opportunity at making a big profit. Would make that gamble everyday
Poker Savage
Poker Savage 2 months ago
I've got some new content up on my channel. Feel free to stop by Reyes!
Niche Site Ideas
Niche Site Ideas 2 months ago
You should have sold autographed packs to your subscribers :D
Poker Savage
Poker Savage 3 months ago
Oreo NEEDS to pay you! Me and my girl are going to get Oreos now, thanks!
Angelo S.
Angelo S. 3 months ago
It’s easy, they buying them with coupons, discounts, deals, so they didn’t pay 3$ each
jamiebev1989 3 months ago
The struggle to get past 10mins so just rambles on
Filipe 3 months ago
Take it on the chin boom and get back up
Mr smiles #
Mr smiles # 3 months ago
Where can I get one of those metal hats at
scott hayes
scott hayes 3 months ago
Not that bad. The basic reason people make money is to eat. So just eat em.
Kyle Catley
Kyle Catley 3 months ago
But Reyes, when it says or best offer, than it probably sold for less than that amount. Use watchcount.com to see how much best offer listings actually sold for.
Kris La
Kris La 3 months ago
It’s all about trial and error, failure is part of the journey towards success!
al3inawy 3 months ago
U can sell them after ten years maybe 😂
EliteSaiyanWarrior 3 months ago
Who would spend $35+ on cookies?
Capture Nexus
Capture Nexus 3 months ago
You definitely speak Spanish
Bee Gee
Bee Gee 3 months ago
the way i made money off these is i shipped them out via media mail, only 3.17 for shipping
perrrry 3 months ago
You need to value your time a lot more, Reyes :D
Jay Van
Jay Van 3 months ago
You paid retail from Walmart, others probably paid wholesale which is usually 50% less
Lisa's Spott
Lisa's Spott 3 months ago
But Reyes!!!! freeze that cookie haul and post later in the year for sale.
Jeffrey Lim
Jeffrey Lim 3 months ago
Reyes your losing all your money to shipping, just use free usps shipping materials don’t pay for them, and also you could just use boxes from Home Depot there ~$0.8
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez 3 months ago
Make mexican ice cream bars and sell those! Paletas de galleta
Azoui 3 months ago
The guy with 18.99 probably didn’t buy them from a store. Probably from a larger supplier and bought more at once where he might have got them for 1-2 dollar per pack
uzerish x
uzerish x 3 months ago
i want some oreos now
Brockit Gaming
Brockit Gaming 3 months ago
Yo I had got some of those Oreos and was gonna sell on ebay.... BUT REYES.... I really like Oreos... so I ate em rip
Debra B.
Debra B. 3 months ago
Dang, didn’t know these were a flop. I contemplated buying some to flip weeks ago when they appeared in my grocery store. They were on sale so I thought something must be wrong if they’re selling them so cheap so I passed but apart of me was like hmmm I wonder did I miss out. I hate to see you lose but you will def get that money back in another venture
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 3 months ago
Debra B. By the time they hit retail stores it was already to late. The best sellers are buying from wholesalers weeks before it's set to go on the shelves at Walmart.
Caency 3 months ago
Damn, maybe If the ending of GØT was better people would have bought them for more
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 3 months ago
Caency no way, the ending has nothing to do with if people would buy these. The problem was that these oreos got sold everywhere and it's not exactly a collectable items either. Those two things are far more likely to be the reason.
Plushy Cornet516
Plushy Cornet516 3 months ago
He stole the oreos
Juan Zumba
Juan Zumba 3 months ago
You'll get your money back from the money you earned from making the video.
Nixy ferP04
Nixy ferP04 3 months ago
Fuck I just ate the asteroids today
Malachi Radke
Malachi Radke 3 months ago
Should of sold them a 2 weeks after you bought them when they were still hot
INMAR TV 3 months ago
I knew I should've bought them to save.
broxxad 3 months ago
yes, if he had receipt he could return them, but that is for consumers. Reyes is not trying to be a consumer, he's practicing entrepreneurship in which you have to deal with risks vs rewards. If he just returns them for a refund, what the whole point in the first place.
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 3 months ago
broxxad he brought them a few months ago that's why he didn't return them. Dude waited to long to put em for sale.
420 Trips
420 Trips 3 months ago
Trippy fucking Oreos :O
NiBi 3 months ago
“I’m looking for the OoOoreos... Game of Throooones” hehehe
User Block
User Block 3 months ago
ahora te le las tragas
Josh Gelman
Josh Gelman 3 months ago
Just return the Oreos
hugo aguilar
hugo aguilar 3 months ago
Just the thought of even trying to re-sell cookies sold nation wide? Bad idea hoenslty, he should of known.
Fabian Ledezma
Fabian Ledezma 3 months ago
Just eat them
Strong Ellis
Strong Ellis 3 months ago
You need to sell stuff off a 3rd world country
Momo /.
Momo /. 3 months ago
This mf dealn oreos???
mantiscity 3 months ago
Those people probably ship it from their job, and they could be getting the product for free sometimes
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