I made $_____ SELLING oreo game of thrones cookies

Reyes The Entrepreneur
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game of thrones season finale
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May 24, 2019

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Comments 643
Mrsmiles #
Mrsmiles # Day ago
Where can I get one of those metal hats at
scott hayes
scott hayes Day ago
Not that bad. The basic reason people make money is to eat. So just eat em.
Kyle Catley
Kyle Catley 3 days ago
But Reyes, when it says or best offer, than it probably sold for less than that amount. Use watchcount.com to see how much best offer listings actually sold for.
Kris La
Kris La 5 days ago
It’s all about trial and error, failure is part of the journey towards success!
al3inawy 6 days ago
U can sell them after ten years maybe 😂
Who would spend $35+ on cookies?
Capture Nexus
Capture Nexus 9 days ago
You definitely speak Spanish
Bee Gee
Bee Gee 9 days ago
the way i made money off these is i shipped them out via media mail, only 3.17 for shipping
perrrry 10 days ago
You need to value your time a lot more, Reyes :D
Jay Van
Jay Van 10 days ago
You paid retail from Walmart, others probably paid wholesale which is usually 50% less
Lisa's Spott
Lisa's Spott 10 days ago
But Reyes!!!! freeze that cookie haul and post later in the year for sale.
Jeffrey Lim
Jeffrey Lim 10 days ago
Reyes your losing all your money to shipping, just use free usps shipping materials don’t pay for them, and also you could just use boxes from Home Depot there ~$0.8
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez 10 days ago
Make mexican ice cream bars and sell those! Paletas de galleta
Azoui 11 days ago
The guy with 18.99 probably didn’t buy them from a store. Probably from a larger supplier and bought more at once where he might have got them for 1-2 dollar per pack
uzerish x
uzerish x 11 days ago
i want some oreos now
Brockit Gaming
Brockit Gaming 11 days ago
Yo I had got some of those Oreos and was gonna sell on ebay.... BUT REYES.... I really like Oreos... so I ate em rip
Debra B.
Debra B. 11 days ago
Dang, didn’t know these were a flop. I contemplated buying some to flip weeks ago when they appeared in my grocery store. They were on sale so I thought something must be wrong if they’re selling them so cheap so I passed but apart of me was like hmmm I wonder did I miss out. I hate to see you lose but you will def get that money back in another venture
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 6 days ago
Debra B. By the time they hit retail stores it was already to late. The best sellers are buying from wholesalers weeks before it's set to go on the shelves at Walmart.
Caency 11 days ago
Damn, maybe If the ending of GØT was better people would have bought them for more
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 6 days ago
Caency no way, the ending has nothing to do with if people would buy these. The problem was that these oreos got sold everywhere and it's not exactly a collectable items either. Those two things are far more likely to be the reason.
Plushy Cornet516
Plushy Cornet516 12 days ago
He stole the oreos
Juan Zumba
Juan Zumba 12 days ago
You'll get your money back from the money you earned from making the video.
Mathieu5787 12 days ago
How they make money it’s easy they go to Walmart and don’t pay for them lol
Nixy ferP04
Nixy ferP04 13 days ago
Fuck I just ate the asteroids today
Malachi Radke
Malachi Radke 13 days ago
Should of sold them a 2 weeks after you bought them when they were still hot
INMAR YT 13 days ago
I knew I should've bought them to save.
broxxad 13 days ago
yes, if he had receipt he could return them, but that is for consumers. Reyes is not trying to be a consumer, he's practicing entrepreneurship in which you have to deal with risks vs rewards. If he just returns them for a refund, what the whole point in the first place.
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 6 days ago
broxxad he brought them a few months ago that's why he didn't return them. Dude waited to long to put em for sale.
420 Trips
420 Trips 14 days ago
Trippy fucking Oreos :O
NiBi 14 days ago
“I’m looking for the OoOoreos... Game of Throooones” hehehe
User Block
User Block 15 days ago
ahora te le las tragas
Josh Gelman
Josh Gelman 15 days ago
Just return the Oreos
hugo aguilar
hugo aguilar 15 days ago
Just the thought of even trying to re-sell cookies sold nation wide? Bad idea hoenslty, he should of known.
Fabian Ledezma
Fabian Ledezma 16 days ago
Just eat them
Strong Ellis
Strong Ellis 16 days ago
You need to sell stuff off a 3rd world country
Momo /.
Momo /. 16 days ago
This mf dealn oreos???
mantiscity 16 days ago
Those people probably ship it from their job, and they could be getting the product for free sometimes
BrizzyTV 17 days ago
You should hold on to them for a few years and their value will increase
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 6 days ago
BrizzyTV a lot of people already have that idea, if these where limited to a certain region sure but they got put out all over the country not to mention other countries etc.
Jay Weezy
Jay Weezy 17 days ago
you can flip exclusive theme snacks and soda on ebay. it’s a pretty old hustle
Viper 17 days ago
TKSS 17 days ago
Just save it and eat em bro.
James San
James San 18 days ago
I make extra money buying Sideshow, prime1, XM, or custom statues and i wait till it sells out then resell for 30 to 60% more.
Michael Iniguez
Michael Iniguez 18 days ago
Do you still have one that I can buy
AlchemyForge 18 days ago
Buuut Reeeeyyyyeeeesssss! TBH I'm glad these didn't sell. If you shipped oreos in that envelope they would show up destroyed, and you'd get dinged in the reviews. Vacuum seal them, put them in a cool closet and wait for Rick and Morty to do an episode about them in 2032 - then get that Mulan dipping sauce money haha Stay on your hustle, fam
Danny Carlson
Danny Carlson 18 days ago
I still see um at jewel
WarDies Gaming
WarDies Gaming 18 days ago
game of thyones 🤔🤣🤣🤣
Elijah Pajarillo
Elijah Pajarillo 15 days ago
Game of tgyones
Easymoney 1
Easymoney 1 19 days ago
Games of what 😂😂😂😂
Kurtis Watts
Kurtis Watts 19 days ago
You have to sell on Amazon
Cédric Zeiter
Cédric Zeiter 19 days ago
Just eat em lol
Roshan 19 days ago
You hustle so much, why don't you learn how to trade? like forex etc? Your mindset sounds pretty amazing so maybe you can be a god at it
Roshan 19 days ago
Brett Marden
Brett Marden 19 days ago
Spending way too much on shipping my man. $1 padded envelope and $3 shipping. Avoid the priority mail unless your item is super heavy, not for Oreos.
Omar Luna
Omar Luna 19 days ago
Wont let us follow you on Facebook bro.
Lil NoobLord
Lil NoobLord 19 days ago
Sell Fried oreos lol
Himynamejeff P.
Himynamejeff P. 19 days ago
Two months later there are two pallets sitting at my local foodsco, if you wanna hop on it lol
Paul Jimenez
Paul Jimenez 19 days ago
This really inspires me. I really love the art of buying and flipping but never knew how to ship things through Ebay to broaden the people I can sell to. This makes me want to learn how to do this.
W G 20 days ago
Upload a video with all your failed projects
Peter James
Peter James 20 days ago
But Reyes! Cool idea, nice try. I'm watching to see next idea.
Neon Calico
Neon Calico 20 days ago
Use pirateship.com for your shipping. Much cheaper option especially for under a lb.
Fonzie Sanchez
Fonzie Sanchez 20 days ago
How have you not learned yet that you can get cheaper pricing going direct with the USPS. You're not that smart bro.
Roast Beef Curtains
Imagine if this dude discovered selling weed...
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 20 days ago
I like the fact that you posted this even thou you lost money.
Shawn Daniel
Shawn Daniel 20 days ago
Also, look into RUSSEL BRUNSON and CLICKFUNNELS! There is a mass movement of entrepreneurs making serious cash (I'm talking as high as over $100k a DAY!) using the ClickFunnels sales funnel software and with the drive you have, you could be making some serious cash and not have to drive around so much! LET'S GET IT! I'm on my way to using ClickFunnels, myself. Don't let me catch you in the rear view Reyes!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-0O3tDgC64wQ.html
Shawn Daniel
Shawn Daniel 20 days ago
My dude, there's ONE success for every TWELVE failures in entrepreneurship! Make a compilation for your old failures and post the new ones that don't end up working out. We respect your hustle but you don't need to keep secrets. We entrepreneurs NEED to know what doesn't work too!
bmadasz 20 days ago
Dude, the problem is you're trying to ship things flat rate. You need to start shipping things with only priority mail, and be sure to use eBay's shipping labels. You'll never go up to a USPS store and get better rates than what eBay can offer you. Find a general sized product you want to sell, buy some bubble mailers in bulk, and start saving on shipping. That's where you're going to see a better return on the products you sell.
Alberto Gomez
Alberto Gomez 20 days ago
Jeez if you lost money on the Oreos the damn ads are for sure going to make you profit
MRW2276 20 days ago
Using a flat rate envelope like that for cookies is bad news long term on ebay. As your will most certainly run into buyers who will be mad about broken cookies and will file a claim. With such little margins on the cookies. One or two returns is all it will take to kill your profits. So unless you can get the oreos into a box at first class rates or have higher overall margins to be able to go into the medium flat rate boxes your basically are looking at a snack for yourself at this point.
Gypsy TV
Gypsy TV 20 days ago
The people selling them for cheap most likely stole them
1503Neptune 20 days ago
You live you learn
gmc9753 20 days ago
I think of it like this. You're trying to sell a perishable product in a non-sealable package. I would think after a while, air and moisture would turn them into a science experiment. Therefore, no one is going to keep them around for years and years hoping to make a killing later. They're essentially a food novelty and nothing else.
Oscar_FML 20 days ago
Don’t ship flat rate that’s should only cost like 4-5 to ship
chris bevins
chris bevins 20 days ago
Its shit bag reseller like you why I didn't get my kids a nes classic! Fuck you shit bag
Sneak Soul
Sneak Soul 20 days ago
First class shipping should be between $2-$3, assuming the package weighs 13 oz or less
Quick and Dirty
Quick and Dirty 18 days ago
16 oz or less these days
cali 420
cali 420 20 days ago
My boi looks autistic 👤
cali 420
cali 420 20 days ago
No mames watch them sue ur ass for reselling can they i dont no im always high af
hamburgerfatso 20 days ago
lmao imagine getting this worked up over a few dollars
Richard Branson
Richard Branson 20 days ago
How about selling it outside the US? Maybe sell to Middle East or Asia? This stuff may not be unique in US but it sure is overseas.
DirtyBrit 21 day ago
They were holding the GOT Oreo cookies in the back hoping to sell them on eBay too 🤣
Patrick 21 day ago
How is Reyes your first name not your last name?
steve n
steve n 21 day ago
These only did good first few days since people wanted them for the show premiere ...Cases of 12 where selling for $90 plus on Amazon that week.Dont feel bad we have about 20 cases left over LOL.
Tom & Jaden
Tom & Jaden 21 day ago
Fucking scalpers
Buuuuuuut Reeeeyes.... Just eat the damn cookies
Chris -0
Chris -0 21 day ago
you paid $3 for oreos you got ripped hard, thats your problem,
ANDAIR Empire 21 day ago
And I'm stuck still tryin to sell my pepsi crystals from 2015 & 2016. Learned a valuable lesson. Some stuff just sells way slower. www.ebay.com/itm/CRYSTAL-PEPSI-15-Bottles-BRAND-NEW-and-SEALED-Oct-2015-2016-20-oz-IN-HAND/132955746965
The Alaska Boy
The Alaska Boy 21 day ago
even if something still doesn't workout can you plz still post it?
Robert Diaz
Robert Diaz 21 day ago
Bro are you dumb they have a expire date and they rather go even or loose money then have to throw the cookies away and make nothing at all
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 6 days ago
Robert Diaz the expiration doesn't matter if people want them. Crystal Pepsi or whatever it was called expired yet people still buy em.
Scotty Haines
Scotty Haines 21 day ago
If you do something like that get things that are nostalgic. People love their past
Stuntman Mike
Stuntman Mike 21 day ago
BUT REYES!!!!! I respect the transparency
Moezill Beats
Moezill Beats 21 day ago
0:16 Butchered
darrell l
darrell l 21 day ago
Media mail.
Pyramidion 21 day ago
oreo sent me a goblet for theses oreos was cool!
Rudy Esparza
Rudy Esparza 21 day ago
BUT RAYES! Return them walmart will return any thing .I thought you knew.
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 6 days ago
Rudy Esparza didn't you watch the video? He brought em a while ago before the last season even started
noonsvert 21 day ago
Waiting for the uploaded of the fails?
john smith
john smith 21 day ago
Reyes you fuck up!! i bet you ate half of those!!
Bunk Garage
Bunk Garage 21 day ago
You didn’t lose money, you gained money making this video lol
Martin is god
Martin is god 21 day ago
Andrew Prince
Andrew Prince 21 day ago
You made your money back in your RUvid money from this video
Crispy Videos
Crispy Videos 21 day ago
Keep killing it Reyes!
john dunne
john dunne 21 day ago
You are assuming that everyone bought them at the same price as you but prices differ in different parts of the country and they could have used coupons also they might have found a cheaper shipping price
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 6 days ago
john dunne doubt they used coupons the posting he showed is probably someone who brought wholesale.
And we learn more from the failures.
Boston Bob
Boston Bob 21 day ago
But Reyes...you didn’t lose money. You peppered us with 3 ads and probably made a $1k from Adsense
Boston Bob
Boston Bob 21 day ago
8:00 they’re not making money. They’re cutting their losses and selling at a negative.
Kojo Nhyira Quansah
what has happened to your decal and t-shirt merch business. I watch sometime last year where you were making at least $4k in sales. Don't know what has happened to it but i feel you should go back to it. If you were still on that hustle, i feel you could be expanding to other states
David Ferrer
David Ferrer 21 day ago
RUvid became his real hustle man, his channel is his business these side hustles are just videos for his business
New Things
New Things 22 days ago
I would argue that with an item like this you want it listed the same day you buy it. Since it is a consumable with an expiry, people know they cant keep it around as a souvenier. So the people that watch the show just want to give it a try, and since it gets hype they buy it right then.
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