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SURPRISE!!!! in todays video i talk about how i found out im pregnant and show you how i tell my family!

instagram: @crazy.goodlife

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May 10, 2021




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Harmyni gibbons
Harmyni gibbons 4 days ago
You gonna be an amazing mum
pw3bst3r 5 days ago
What baby do u want do you want a boy or a girl
Brianne Sexton
Brianne Sexton 7 days ago
Are you doing ok? You haven't posted in a while?
Duttons 1 fan Lol
Hi Lacey when are you going to post another video?
Kaia Hughes
Kaia Hughes 7 days ago
So I’m confused is that girl who comes in after u tell ur parents your sister
Kaia Hughes
Kaia Hughes Day ago
@vintagevinyls thanks
vintagevinyls 7 days ago
Rebecca Schroeder
Omg yayayyyyy
THE DODA BIRDS 8 days ago
Congrats hun!!! I love watching your entire family you guys are all so sweet.
Aeva Wirun
Aeva Wirun 8 days ago
congratulations lacey your going to be a great mom
Amber Bruyere
Amber Bruyere 8 days ago
Have you told crazy pieces you are pregnant and if so what was there reaction!?
ZAZ• 8 days ago
Use protection next time lol
yolo.kay4 5 days ago
Even when you use protection you can still get pregnant lol...
Dayna Luke
Dayna Luke 9 days ago
Haven’t seen a video from you Lacey !
Jet Amie
Jet Amie 9 days ago
Congrations hope he will look like you because it will be so lucky
Kinlee Mickelson
Kinlee Mickelson 10 days ago
It’s my berthday in 17 days
Alisha Price
Alisha Price 11 days ago
Your mom crying made me cry.
Ella Mae
Ella Mae 12 days ago
Hannah Stranahan
Hannah Stranahan 12 days ago
My heart is so happy for you guys I had my daughter when I was 18 and she was the biggest blessing♡
Lucy Lyman
Lucy Lyman 12 days ago
Aww congrats! Your going to be the best mother ever 😊
itellly 12 days ago
To people saying 19 is too young, LOL, she is an adult, if people can go into the army at 18, they are more then capable of having a kid. Lets also circle back to 50-60 years ago, 19 was a normal age to have kids, and now it's not? Sure this wasn't planned but that doesn't mean she isn't ready. Go to the parents channel and watch their video about this and then come back here and tell me she isn't ready. And ready or not it's not our place to judge someones life.
itellly 12 days ago
I was able to comment on your family channel, but your parents are amazing people! I want to adopt when I get to that point in my life and your parents are such an inspiration, their mission to adopt siblings, and welcoming everyone with open arms blows my mind. You're a great family.
Rebecca Frederick
Rebecca Frederick 12 days ago
Was 19 years when I found I was pregnant now my husband of 17 years we have 3 kids together 17 years after dont worry about what ppl say...
Kevin 13 days ago
It looks like his pull out game sucks
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson 13 days ago
are u going to tell the crazy peices
Leah Mayeur
Leah Mayeur 14 days ago
I became an ant at 4 years old
Jaimie 0830
Jaimie 0830 14 days ago
Omg I am so so happy for you have you had any pain?
Jill Lorrainne
Jill Lorrainne 14 days ago
I watch your families channels and I watched the q&a & I love how you told your mom that you were pregnant on Mother’s Day! I found out I was pregnant with my son on Mother’s Day of 2020 & my due date was January 13th! I had him January 9th 2021. Congrats to y’all both sending prayers for you & the baby every step of the way! Yall will make amazing parents!! ❤️
Alexis Kempenich
Alexis Kempenich 15 days ago
Alyssa Kostiew
Alyssa Kostiew 15 days ago
Congratulations! U will be a great mom! Best wishes! ❤❤❤
Louis Styles Tomlinson
Your dad saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to you was the cutest moment! I can’t wait to see you become a mom (even though I guess you are already pregnant so you are a mom right now)! Holy cow! I have a feeling it is going to be a girl! Looking forward to finding out though! :)
Misty Harbold
Misty Harbold 15 days ago
I saw on your parents channel that you stated about taking classes and your dad said that you probably wouldn't need classes. No matter how many siblings you have I would still tell you to take the classes. 2 years later My boyfriend tells everyone take the classes you'll be prepared so much more for the birthing process and after.
Ann Ward
Ann Ward 15 days ago
A big congratulations to the both of you. Watching you with your other siblings your going to be a great mommy. Tell grandma and grandpa I send a big hello and much love to you all.
Kirsty Fiona
Kirsty Fiona 15 days ago
Darrah H
Darrah H 16 days ago
Was this planned? Congratulations!!!
Divreen Z
Divreen Z 16 days ago
People don’t realize how easy it can be to be pregnant 😏 wish you guys good luck and hope your both on the same page!
Hannah Gaffney
Hannah Gaffney 16 days ago
Hi, I heard u r struggle with bad morning sickness at the from the crazy middles vlog when my mum but most recently my cousin were pregnant when they had morning sickness they used ginger as a remedy ginger biscuits or ginger ale or ginger beer neither drink are alcoholic they are pop (soda) (I'm English so I say pop) and ate safe to be consumed during pregnancy my mum also used to have dry crackers by the bed if her morning sickness was triggered by hunger. P.S. Congratulations and I'm sorry is this is advice you have had before.
Jami A
Jami A 16 days ago
How old are you
Melissa K
Melissa K 16 days ago
I just watched your recent video on crazy middles, I can't comment on there so thought I'd comment on here instead.. I have a feeling you're having a girl, and I haven't been wrong yet 👌🏻❤️
Bambi Francisco
Bambi Francisco 16 days ago
You stated in the recent crazy middles q&a that you were going to wait to get married & that is perfectly ok, I'm jst wondering about the baby- when it is born- will it carrie your last name since your not married, or will it have elis last name? Will they let you do that?
S. A.
S. A. 15 days ago
He is the father and is involved so I'm pretty sure the baby will have his last name which is perfectly legal.
Stacey loughead
Stacey loughead 16 days ago
Congratulations ❤💙 fyi tea tree oil will help with sickness xx
velma mono
velma mono 16 days ago
We miss you and hope you come back and hope you are feeling ok
Nina Dabro
Nina Dabro 16 days ago
Definitely you having a boy 💙
Star 16 days ago
Peppermint candy or mint tea helps with nausea
mary ellen martinez
Can you put your child in time out
Wanupgurl 16 days ago
i saw your Q&a with your dad and I had the same thing. I had morning sickness pretty much the whole pregnancy. I had to drink ensure shakes and i lived on crackers and ginger ale and whenever I could find a food that I could keep down I stuck to it. But my biggest advice is get some ginger gravol. it's non drowsy and it's all natural and it helped me with Nausea so much.
Addison Long
Addison Long 16 days ago
whos last name is the baby gonna have
Ronnie Baker
Ronnie Baker 16 days ago
So happy for you!! So happy to see your family is so supportive! I was 18 when I got pregnant with my first. Wouldn’t change it for anything! I wish you so much happiness!
Ashanti Nedd
Ashanti Nedd 16 days ago
Sandra Eberling
Sandra Eberling 16 days ago
You will be a great mother cuz you have learned what a real mom is like.
Gina White
Gina White 16 days ago
Don’t worry about the naysayers honey. I’m really excited for you and Eli, you’re going to be A Wonderful Momma. You have such a Wonderful support system around you. God is so Good 😊 blessings to you Eli and your Family much love Gina
Dora RBLX 16 days ago
Congratulations! 🥺♥
Justin Shallcross
Justin Shallcross 17 days ago
You are so yung
Gracie Goo
Gracie Goo 17 days ago
When are ya'll going to post again?
Carrie Durham
Carrie Durham 17 days ago
When is your due date??
Lilac Lemonade
Lilac Lemonade 17 days ago
We miss your videos Lacey 😭🥰💕
Mobile Eric
Mobile Eric 18 days ago
I was so excited and shocked because I did not expect what I was about to watch I thought it was like a prank but I am so excited for you lacy
Gemma Luescher-Verseckas
Congratulations! You have an amazing family to support you
Gemma Luescher-Verseckas
Congratulations! You have an amazing family to support you
Gemma Luescher-Verseckas
Congratulations! You have an amazing family to support you
Gemma Luescher-Verseckas
Marianne Johannessen
Congratulations you guys 🥳💖🧸
Karen Lovesdisney
Karen Lovesdisney 18 days ago
I am sooooo beyond excited for you guys!! I actually saw your mom and dad video first and loved everyone’s reaction. I wanted to hug you too. Hugs from our family to yours. Congratulations sweetie ♥️
Crystal Witt
Crystal Witt 18 days ago
charlie kwok
charlie kwok 19 days ago
Me to
one vlog away
one vlog away 19 days ago
New subscriber but so happy for you, Congratulations!!
Samantha Covey
Samantha Covey 19 days ago
For everyone yelling at her in the comments. I’ve known a lot of Christian girls that have gotten pregnant/ had x before marriage. So calm down. God loves everyone no matter what!
Brielle burgstaler
Brielle burgstaler 20 days ago
how can you posibly not now that your pregnant if you did the nastyies
Kazia May
Kazia May 20 days ago
Congrats you guys xx
Laney. thomaseldridge
Wen is she going to post a video
smiley face
smiley face 21 day ago
If it’s a girl are you gonna name her everly Paige
Leah Vaughn
Leah Vaughn 21 day ago
Life with Them
Life with Them 21 day ago
Congrats!! So happy for you!!
Anoushka Abbimane
Lily Blake
Lily Blake 21 day ago
I love you soooooooooo much!
Fotini 21 day ago
When are you going to put a video up????
Payton Gilley
Payton Gilley 21 day ago
Britta Jensen
Britta Jensen 22 days ago
Hi Lacey. I just watch the vlog with your birthday on your parents' channel. It might help you throw up less, if you eat oatmeal in the morning. Just a little bit like 1/2 cup or something like that. It is also very healthy for both you and your unborn child.
Adriana Lopez-Rodriguez
I am obsessed with you channel is an especially crazy pieces I hope you have a safe Pregnancy lazy I hope you’re safe and I know you’re going to be a great mom I already know it
SeaOfSeaHorses 22 days ago
Anavaeh looks like your mini me
Alyssa Dreams
Alyssa Dreams 22 days ago
Are you going to tell crazy peices
Walter Garner
Walter Garner 22 days ago
Diane Bieber
Diane Bieber 23 days ago
scared and excited is the way it will be for alooongtime. Happy Mothers day Lacey
Brynlee Yates
Brynlee Yates 23 days ago
Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾
Hill Family
Hill Family 23 days ago
Yay so excited for you!!!
Jackee Ballance
Jackee Ballance 23 days ago
Have you told your siblings that have moved away yet?
anne greenwood
anne greenwood 23 days ago
the reaction of your parents melt your heart your child is going to be so blessed by amazing parents another great video
Jenny Petri
Jenny Petri 24 days ago
Hello 🙋🏽‍♀️💗🧡❤️🤎🥰😘😍🤓 it’s Me 🙍🏽‍♀️💗💙💕 And i Just Want To Saying Hi 👋🏽💕❤️🧡😘🥰😍 To You Guys Crazy Good Life And How Are You Guys Crazy Good Life And i Like Watching This Video 🎥❤️💙💗🥰😍😘 About I’m Pregnant Telling My Family And i Give Me Jennifer To Your Video About I’m Pregnant Telling My Family A Thumbs Up 👍 🙍🏽‍♀️💗💕❤️🧡💙🤎 And i Comment Me 🙍🏽‍♀️💗💙💕❤️🥰😍😘 Jennifer To Your Video About I’m Pregnant Telling My Family And i Been Me Jennifer Subscribe To Your Guys Girls Channel is Crazy Good Life And i Hope To You Guys Crazy Good life Have A Great Day To Me Jennifer To You Guys Crazy Good Life And This A Nice Comment From Me Jennifer To You Guys Crazy Good Life And i Just Want To Saying Me Jennifer Congratulations 🎊 💙🧡💕❤️💗🤎🙍🏽‍♀️ To You Lacey And Eli i Cannot Believe Your Pregnant To You Lacey From Me Jennifer And i Hope To You Lacey Have A Great Day From Me Jennifer And i Hope To You Eli Have A Awesome Day To Me Jennifer And Me Jennifer i Am From San Diego And i Am Me Jennifer A Fan Of You Guys Crazy Good Life And Much Love To Me Jennifer To You Guys Crazy Good Life Bye For Now From Me Jennifer To You Guys Crazy Good Life
Taylor Rapp
Taylor Rapp 24 days ago
When are you guys going to post???
Nicole Connolly
Nicole Connolly 24 days ago
Congratulations Lacey your going to be a good Mum I hope everything is ok haven’t seen a new video sending hugs from Australia
Linda Achenbach
Linda Achenbach 24 days ago
i am so glad for you both.
ANGELA BROWN 25 days ago
this baby is going to be so so very loved
Aleida Ochoa
Aleida Ochoa 25 days ago
So happy for you with all soport
ashley charter
ashley charter 25 days ago
anyone else get the feeling that this channel is going to phase out Cynthia and just be her channel? now since she’s starting a family of her own, you know? nothing wrong with that I’m just saying! 😱
Roxy Maddison
Roxy Maddison 25 days ago
Congratulations 👏 👏
Or Terem
Or Terem 25 days ago
You are amazing, you can do it and be happy ! Never doubt that ! And I’m sure you will have a crazy good life! So excited to witness this journey
Holly Emtage
Holly Emtage 25 days ago
I have a question for you: if the baby was a girl, what names would you consider and if it were a boy, what names would you consider? Congratulations!
Annette Walter
Annette Walter 26 days ago
Take care and enjoy every minute.
Linda Worre
Linda Worre 26 days ago
Children are a blessing from the Lord! God bless you all.
Blake 26 days ago
Congrats 🥳👏
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson 26 days ago
How did his parents react ?