"I'm Not Afraid To Kick Out Anybody... Even Monte" | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Monte and Robin clash over what they think this bride wants. Everything is going so terribly that Robin even thinks about kicking Monte out and taking control of the appointment.

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Dec 11, 2020




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Comments 1 263
christy castro
christy castro 3 days ago
Hallelujah! She's got more patience than me.
Wafa Daudiah
Wafa Daudiah 5 days ago
monte Doesnt do this they jusr want drama
Cove 6 days ago
I agree with the statement at the beginning, I get bringing family and friends for support when choosing your dress, and they could have good suggestions but I always HATE when the bride clearly loves the dress and her entourage just goes “no it looks like trash” like tf you’re here to support the bride not tear her down
Viking9 8 days ago
Monte was a complete asshole on this one. He absolutely sabotaged this appointment just to make Robin look bad. I've been in enough commissioned sales jobs to know when one salesman is trying to skate another one and that's exactly what's going on here.
Tia Paterson
Tia Paterson 8 days ago
This is horrible I’ve never seen such a humble bride and such a disrespectful entourage, it felt like they were just criticising the dresses from a fashion point of view not considering what the bride was looking for and what she looked
ally 🧿
ally 🧿 15 days ago
whats up with monte??
Bella Marshall
Bella Marshall 15 days ago
monte never acts like this the most important thing to him is always the bride
Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum 16 days ago
This episode just looks overall scripted lol
ArtisticIdiot13_ 17 days ago
“You like went through five dresses without us seeing” “Because they were hideous!” “But we get to decide if they’re hideous not you” “But im wearing it!” *EXACTLY TRUE*
Loni Loud
Loni Loud 14 days ago
lequesha 17 days ago
She actually looked pregnant in the first dress
Alfred Bonnabel
Alfred Bonnabel 17 days ago
Ane Ane
Ane Ane 17 days ago
monte is not suppose to say * nope that's not the dress * hes suppose to support her not say no to the dress hes suppose to say * that looks os pretty on u *
Tammy Hunt
Tammy Hunt 18 days ago
C M 19 days ago
Monte and Chip need to shut it. Rude.
Aine Mairead
Aine Mairead 19 days ago
Robin,,,,,,,, you just need to 'Zip-It bless your heart
Tanvi Chirania
Tanvi Chirania 21 day ago
This girl looks sooo much like Betty Cooper from Riverdale (Lili Reinhart)
Tanvi Chirania
Tanvi Chirania 17 days ago
@lequesha their features look similar
lequesha 17 days ago
No lol not even a little bit
SNG 98
SNG 98 21 day ago
The need I have to slap this man, who is not the groom, is beyond me....my god I'm glad she has someone else and not this highly opinionated man.
Anna Jackson
Anna Jackson 21 day ago
this is so chaotic
help me get to 1k with no videos
help me get to 1k with no videos
okay yall, listen up. she thought "hmm okay *this might be my dream dress" *so what did they do!? bully her*
maria montanile
maria montanile 22 days ago
Who the hell is this Chip guy? Go away!
maria montanile
maria montanile 22 days ago
Must be nice to have an unlimited budget!
Jade Thompson
Jade Thompson 23 days ago
I dont see monte doing this at all but if he did then he was just probably excited
T Kemp
T Kemp 24 days ago
Chip: “WE get to decide if the dresses are hideous, not YOU…” Me: “The hell you just say, Boy?!”
Zoink Tv
Zoink Tv 26 days ago
Honestly dress number 1 wasn’t doing it for me, I agree with the family
Haley Sampson
Haley Sampson 28 days ago
chip is a creep
elleoria 29 days ago
We all now chip is a little 💅
carol trumpeter
carol trumpeter Month ago
i love the 1st dress
ALL7BTS // Ashley
I’m not going to be that person but SHE LEGIT invited her friend/“fashion” person for criticism and gets irritated by the criticism. Isn’t that why you invited him? - Yet again she has every right to have a final say in the dress.
Tilly James
Tilly James Month ago
Shes adorable
Miranda Hughes
Miranda Hughes Month ago
This entourage, Monte, and script are not it.
Christine Edmondson
Get rid of everyone barring the brides mother!
Barbara Yount
Barbara Yount Month ago
Ask those men are they the ones getting married
Destinee Herrera
Awww the way she cried after she put the veil on how sweet
Carol Matthews
Carol Matthews Month ago
Wow this was weird. Normally Monte listens to the bride but those two guys were acting ridiculous. She might have to fire her personal assistant.
elixiræsthetic Month ago
Robin: "Is this your groom?" Krishtian: "No, don't worry." Chip: "We wish" 😱😱😱 HAVE WE GoT OuR sELVEs a SImP???
Proud to be a Christian
God loves you does anyone need prayers
Rose Cervantes
Rose Cervantes Month ago
That guy is a TOOL.
Miki van Duyn
Miki van Duyn Month ago
whats up with her hair??? so stringy for a bridal oppointment.
Juanita Harris
Juanita Harris Month ago
When are they going to have a show where the brides just say 'eff all of y'all, THIS is what I want'. I wanna see a compilation of those shows.
Puro PunkRock
Puro PunkRock Month ago
Okej but are they going to fix that tan on her before the wedding? The white line is very noticeable
Puro PunkRock
Puro PunkRock Month ago
Lmao the silence on the first dress😂
Sophia K
Sophia K Month ago
“You don’t get to decide if it’s hideous we get to” Wtf…bro Chip is honestly just so rude. And if I had to compare Monte to Randy bro, I can name 1000 better things about Randy then Monte-
No ones Business
I love how she counted chip or whatever his name is on her middle finger!
Gunay Mirzaeva
Gunay Mirzaeva Month ago
A "friend" likes her. He said I wish I was the groom😜
Karen Taverna
Karen Taverna Month ago
Monte should be ashamed of himself....he did it totally on purpose for ratings...time for him to leave
Miryam Amar
Miryam Amar Month ago
Reality TV is NOT!........................P.S..........CHIP SHUT UP or You wear the dress!
Month ago
Very rude and Disrespectful
unique unikitty
unique unikitty Month ago
5:44 I know he didn't just say its not her decision if her OWN wedding dress is ugly or not ... the hell..
Kori Howell
Kori Howell Month ago
Chips the side piece mad she’s getting married to someone else 😂
Sabina Cdț
Sabina Cdț Month ago
20 years old???
Kelly Taylor
Kelly Taylor Month ago
NASCAR driver James Burscher her husband . ruvid.net/video/video-ssz0rPvlIGw.html
Margaret Month ago
Monte could do no wrong . I love him so much 😍. Even when he’s wrong I’m like “ aww monte your so cute 🥰 “ Question : monte or randy ? Who do you like best ?
Dead Gaming
Dead Gaming 15 days ago
Month ago
Monte during scenarios like this before this episode: *yo, toxic family* *S H U T UP* Monte when the producers make him act:
Avi N
Avi N Month ago
This episode just feels off idk
Brandy B
Brandy B Month ago
Eeeww, that 1st dress looks like a maternity dress, he wasn't wrong about that.
연희yeonheeyy Month ago
Can someone kick off the bride's assistant like wth-
QueenCharles Month ago
Chip took over the entire appointment..😂😂
Skyla Henry
Skyla Henry Month ago
"I want flowey" "She wants fitted" If you're gonna script it at least make it consistent
Shelby Lyn Lowe
Shelby Lyn Lowe Month ago
I'm confused... been together since they were 14... met car racing? People get their licenes at 16... so I'm confused haha
M Rafi Hassan
M Rafi Hassan Month ago
Robin looks a little like Reese Witherspoon from a certain angle
I’m Not Anna
I’m Not Anna Month ago
I hate how they made monte look in this scripted video. Monte is actually very caring and only cares about what the bride wants not anyone else.
-_Sisoni Oma_-
-_Sisoni Oma_- Month ago
omg did he LITTERELY say that "We get to decide not you" like wtf man- this was so- like- If I was there I was gonna grab him by the collar and told him to shut his trap what kind of audacity do you need to have to say that
Kimmie Braunthal
it's her dress, but she's getting married on the beach and the material is HEAVY... oof
thomas 2 months ago
absolutely the worst of any episode on any "Yes to the Dress" ... phony nonsense from start to finish sorry I bothered ...one redeeming feature the bride did get a lovely dress
stitchsander 2 months ago
Excuse me, "rooster taken over the hen house." Only in the South... lol
A-J Hartung
A-J Hartung 2 months ago
Am hopong that SOON those absolutely ' Jack Up the cost beltss that look like metal string will dissapear along with the ruffles that lpok like vrumpled cardboard yes you can use a belt BUTBnit aa a throw away Yes a ruffle apprpopriately places but these WCEEYINE today show a comolete lack.of design ...more lije a 6 year old plsying ' dressing up my doll
Savvy Marie
Savvy Marie 2 months ago
Poor thing she just has way to many opinions 😭
Olivia Mackenzie
Olivia Mackenzie 2 months ago
"i think me and monte are a lot alike, we have the same fashion sense" BITCH YOU WISH
TAH MERCY NUNG 2 months ago
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Anika Sikder
Anika Sikder 2 months ago
Let's be honest when the bride said her name Krishtian Turner, I immediately remember about William Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean 1
Kee-Ann White
Kee-Ann White 2 months ago
I hate when they say it's not a wedding dress.........hellooooo you are in a Bridal shop and what does a "wedding" dress look like.....stupse
Yumna 2 months ago
kinspoo 2 months ago
the dresses that monte hates is in HIS store that HE works in.(i know he doesn't own the store)
Ramo Cody
Ramo Cody 2 months ago
Tbh all the dresses except for the last two looked ugly ash 😭🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
LiviTheGamer 2 months ago
I can’t believe this Monte never ever acts like this
Josie 2 months ago
"We get to decide if they're hideous, not you." It's crazy how much this man thinks his opinion matters
Kiana Kosack
Kiana Kosack 2 months ago
It's so obvious that they told Monte to act like this lol....this isn't how he works xD
Darlene Holloway
Darlene Holloway 2 months ago
All hail the bloody vail!!! lol Something about those vails...and then the flood of tears come.
Kown Al Qallaf
Kown Al Qallaf 2 months ago
As soon as he said “oh I wish” I ran so fast to the comments
sophieann 2 months ago
First of all Monte was so out of line- And second he’s a male, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a bride wearing a wedding dress. Even if it looks good on them, it’s about how it makes them feel.
Meadows ASMR
Meadows ASMR 2 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 Monte's great
Meadows ASMR
Meadows ASMR 2 months ago
I'd LOVE to work there.
Jessy Joe
Jessy Joe 2 months ago
These people who come with the bride need to understand that ITS NOT YOUR DAMN FREAKING WEDDING!!
kani Isadora
kani Isadora 2 months ago
I hate how everyone gets mad when the people in the SHOW comment on the dress. But everyone in the comments is commenting on the fucking dress and the brides body. You are all childish, if any of you are over the age of 20 I'd be shocked.
Exquisityシ 2 months ago
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Exquisityシ 2 months ago
Costa Rica is dangerous if you accidentally drink the water or open your mouth in the shower. Diarrhea is not romantic.
Eric Silver
Eric Silver 2 months ago
Seriously, what ever happened to THE BRIDE BEING THE ONE TO DECIDE?!
Loyal Xiao Simp
Loyal Xiao Simp 2 months ago
Ashley Wood
Ashley Wood 2 months ago
Love dress 2 on her
Monte's gasp was gold
☀️Kollux Apollon☀️
7:47 you can clearly see the VEIL! 🙄 Everyone turns when the veil comes out, its so annoying!
Terry Hoover
Terry Hoover 2 months ago
What a spoiled, immature, vapid girl. This marriage is doomed.
Helge ron
Helge ron 2 months ago
With friends like that, who needs enemies.
Itz_Sophie_ 2 months ago
Her assistant: Hi I'm your replacement *No one: ... *My mouth dropping*
Hailey Gurtner
Hailey Gurtner 2 months ago
I felt bad for her like every dress she liked and was happy about they hated it
A Colley
A Colley 2 months ago
"So now Robin's gettin a lil Snappy!" 😆
A Colley
A Colley 2 months ago
The maid of Honor's hair is BOMB! 💥
Life with me Abby
Life with me Abby 2 months ago
This is cleary scripted Monte is usually so kind and only care about what the bride thinks
Hope D
Hope D 2 months ago
Chip : "well we get to decide if they're hideous not you" Me: It's her wedding
Charlie rain
Charlie rain 2 months ago
What the fuck monte
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