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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on RUvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.



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Aug 22, 2020




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Comments 100
Random Fangirl103
Kringe Kringle
Youre kinda like ted nivision in a way
kali 7 hours ago
so... the breakfast club? except they start a band instead of all get high?? (i haven'y finished the video idk if danny made a reference to the breakfast club or anything domnt attack me)
Aquin 7 hours ago
"Some weird little bits - not to be confused with me, who's a weird little bitch". I lost my shit.
Ruby Bowditch
Ruby Bowditch 8 hours ago
Danny you lied. You said you are ugly
beta bangtan
beta bangtan 9 hours ago
My high school has two basements: one that looks normal and like the rest of the school, and one that has pipes overhead and concrete walls. They don’t even connect to each other though, the only way to get from one to the other is going up and back down the stairs or going through the tunnels (which we’re not allowed to do)
Strawburry Milk
Strawburry Milk 9 hours ago
Danny you should watch this movie called The Time Machine from 2002, it’s awful and great to make fun of. Also it’s on amazon prime for anyone interested, but I’m warning you, you’ll never get that hour and a half back
Stuey B
Stuey B 13 hours ago
9:27 killed me
Bradyo 16 hours ago
He can't whistle.
Freekeyforstrange 16 hours ago
Everyone else: wow cool video so funny lmao 😂 Me: replaying that scene with guy with the gun
Alleycat K
Alleycat K 18 hours ago
his bones are getting squishy, oh my god i cant lmfao
young pickle
young pickle 19 hours ago
Danny:Fucking idiot New guy :What Danny: Wanna buy some ecstasy
Nerrissa Rich
Nerrissa Rich 19 hours ago
“Hey I just met you and this is crrraaazzyyy, but grab those instruments...play music with me!”
Jenna ended and I’m sad
One direction vs. the wanted
Frigid Dude
Frigid Dude 23 hours ago
Jenna ended and I’m sad
This movie shaped me into the person I am today
Bears Review
Bears Review Day ago
do 16 candles
AllGames MMS
AllGames MMS Day ago
Kai Seymour
Kai Seymour Day ago
I just noticed how symmetrical Danny's face is
Kenia Queen Regatha Siahaya
Let me go🖐😮🖐
Sofia Kha
Sofia Kha Day ago
Danny: i have it on pretty good authority that there gonna form a band" The shirt: question authority
chief 1 redwolf
Do to others the way that you want them to do to you. Matthew 7:12 Salvation is found in no one else, no other name under heaven given among men where by we must be saved. Saved from the punishment of sin. I’m trying to offer people hope in absolute perfection !!! No more dying, lies, decay, depression, anxiety, crying, sickness, rotten food, broken things , etc... offering the hope of Eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ. We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness. And to know and live out his teachings. Visual Bible movies on RUvid ❤️👑✝️📖🙏 ❤️
Peppa Fox
Peppa Fox 22 hours ago
What do you want here? We are trying to laugh at someone's comedy, you're not helping. I respect you, but he is not being sinful in any way. Commentary is not just being plain out rude and bullying, it's constructive criticism and comedy.
Super Mario Colby
4:45 made me die
Joshua Cabezas
It’s not an electric guitar it’s a bass but okkkkk
Eleanor Blake
Its young Hayley Kiyoko!! :0
White Day ago
QIANGDA LONG 2 days ago
8:41 No
Chaotic chaos
Chaotic chaos 2 days ago
I stood up during assembly and started chanting out wet noodles, 13 other ppl started chanting it with me. I'm now known as wet noodle. Yes I'm an idiot and i love myself for it.
Dustin Malpass
Dustin Malpass 2 days ago
7:02 because it's the UNDERGROUND!
Captain Falcon Best Boy
I watched this video religiously as a kid(the only thing I knew of on Netflix) and I never realized how odd it was until today
seed 2 days ago
omg i love that ratatoing shirt
Emaleigh Schultz
Emaleigh Schultz 2 days ago
Danica Vandenberg
I heard you call yourself ugly but you're not.
Danica Vandenberg
They have a dungeon.
poke digger
poke digger 2 days ago
Not to be mean but you look like your 36 in this vid
Peppa Fox
Peppa Fox 22 hours ago
did anyone ask about his appearance? No, so shut up lol
GregariousGrog Games
danny in danny shirts telling danny he has no talent. peak.
holland thompson
holland thompson 2 days ago
honestly i never laugh at youtube videos but whenever i watch danny’s videos i genuinely laugh lol
Trapmaster Will
Trapmaster Will 2 days ago
So just a bad version of breakfast club
Scary Guff
Scary Guff 2 days ago
Technically but less looking up skirts
spilltheteagan uwu
the guy in the v neck who was dancing at the pizza place is my favourite character
Visual 2 days ago
Moment of silence for this video getting copyright claimed....
Lol 2 days ago
M O R E 👁👄👁
Mega_Bird700 2 days ago
My squishy bones wiggle about when I watch Danny's videos.
Emily Grubbs
Emily Grubbs 2 days ago
Am I the only one who had a huge crush on Stella? lol she was legit my lesbian awakening and now Haley Kiyoko is lesbian Jesus so my life is pretty much complete
Seffo 3 days ago
I’m 99% sure that the “basement” is the glade from the maze runner.
Heck 3 days ago
24:47 I think it’s been longer than months
Heck 3 days ago
17:37 HER name was NANCY 😤
ELMO People
ELMO People 3 days ago
Make “AWUGA” look at that broad Merch
Heck 3 days ago
This movie was my childhood tho
Jayme Green
Jayme Green 3 days ago
I definitely wasn’t thinking about Willy at 10:06 ... I would never 😰😏😳💖
Ruler World
Ruler World 3 days ago
Its so weird that instrad of putting a filter on the "raining" scene they just...made it darker..
GoblinGamez 3 days ago
10:07 🍫🎩 iykyk
Donovan 3 days ago
broken hearted
broken hearted 3 days ago
Maybe I'm just and idiot but why would you drink lemonade right before singing, lemonades sour wouldn't that just make their life's harder?
Stella Bourne
Stella Bourne 3 days ago
Guys, I like my shirt. Yeah, It's a nice shirt. I want to wear my shirt. See my shirt?
Mari Bear
Mari Bear 4 days ago
14:37 describes 2020 perfectly
Besa OMC
Besa OMC 4 days ago
When you mentioned about 'that one kid without any rhythm' lmao, that was 100% me when I tried to do a Music GCSE and quickly found out I couldn't even shake maracas in time.
it won’t let me change my pfp
the fact that danny thinks he’s ugly honestly just shows how blind he is
LPS Gaming123
LPS Gaming123 4 days ago
Stomp away what is she an angry toddler
I love how Danny’s wearing ratatoing shirt in the skit-
Brooke Schwab
Brooke Schwab 4 days ago
A Whole Lotta Bricks
I’m lemonade mouth. Dun nu du nu du nu nu , du nu nu.
Cameron Martley
Cameron Martley 4 days ago
I love your videos
Sanwich Sway
Sanwich Sway 5 days ago
It’s Aron
xSenpaaiLx 5 days ago
I love this movie
Adam M.
Adam M. 5 days ago
now your underground 😏
BlazingFermiteYT 5 days ago
Aiko_ IsRussian
Aiko_ IsRussian 5 days ago
Gavin Martin Music
Easily one of Danny’s funniest videos.
Hope Papernacky
Hope Papernacky 5 days ago
4:18 We love a callback!
mr shinobi man
mr shinobi man 5 days ago
kakyoin seeing jotaros mom 3:30
maggie pikula
maggie pikula 6 days ago
this is- art✨
Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams 6 days ago
My school has a basement. The art rooms, some of the English department, some of the history department, and one science room.
smallfry 6 days ago
Ngl this was one of my favorite Disney Channel movies growing up
LG Free Gannik
LG Free Gannik 6 days ago
A girl in my grade from my town dad wrote the book. Peter Hughes. We had the premier at our middle school with the stars
im hungry
im hungry 6 days ago
Mary Villanueva
Mary Villanueva 6 days ago
But I think it's the one of the disney movies that it's not that... disney
John Michael
John Michael 6 days ago
I always listen to the whole end song, it’s good and Danny’s gotta get that little bit extra Watch Time.
GløomyMushrøom 6 days ago
I think his background distorting and falling apart is symbolizing he's going to leave or quit :(
Thaís Chiodo
Thaís Chiodo 6 days ago
Oliver Henry
Oliver Henry 6 days ago
There’s this really weird movie called a wrinkle I n time me and my family found it to be the worst movie ever so I think you should check it out
Tuan Ramaxhiku
Tuan Ramaxhiku 6 days ago
17:30 that realisation that hes embarrasing himself
Keegan Mason
Keegan Mason 6 days ago
Lol if this was realistic the principal would be fired on he's first day
Super .H.L
Super .H.L 6 days ago
Why do all these bad movies have the actors from good luck Charlie
Victor Kordun
Victor Kordun 7 days ago
16:35, yo mario be clappin tho
Charlotte Adamy
Charlotte Adamy 7 days ago
Danny, you didn’t say anything about the whole Mo and Scott thing. Also this was MY MOVIE as a child and I love it dearly. Mudslide Crush have BOPS for music. And can you maybe do Jessica Darling’s It List next? You’ll hate it.
Avalanche Johannson
Funniest thing is, the girl who plays Stella is actually a famous music artist now. Look up Hayley Kiyoko
Young child !
Young child ! 7 days ago
Omg holy $&!/ a shirt
ThatWeeb ThatDraws
other guy: Okay hold on.. that's actually pretty good- guy: What? Sorry that was just my ringtone. other Guy: *got damnit*
Ce G
Ce G 7 days ago
I wish you could make a review of Camp Rock. Only because I want to see your reaction to: "Wow, she's really good" 😂
Ce G
Ce G 7 days ago
12:04 that's a bass Danny, but ok
Connor scarbro11
Connor scarbro11 7 days ago
Love. These vids
Kira McC
Kira McC 7 days ago
I’ll always be Greg... but this is and has always been my favorite Disney original movie and this hurt like hell
Hannah J McLaughlin
I... Want lemonade.
ron_weasley_simp 7 days ago
"wow f**ck you Wendall, way to make fun of her dead mom. y o u a s s " IM WHEEZING HAHAHHAAHAGJHBGU
Zoe Ellen Goode
Zoe Ellen Goode 7 days ago
"I'm an ugly beast of a man" lol😂🤣
XxMelia_SunxX 7 days ago
Why do you remind me so much of John Mulaney-
Alright, can anyone confirm if this is the plot of Persona 5? Just need to make sure.
Where is the High School basement’s medieval torture chamber? I refuse to believe there isn’t one at the very bottom.
Murry Brasell
Murry Brasell 8 days ago
at 21:45 i did a double take
Michal 8 days ago
disney dannel B)
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