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Jan 18, 2021




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Comments 100
Daisy Garcia
Daisy Garcia Day ago
I’m in a relationship and been here for ten years and it’s so toxic I really don’t know how to walk away. The anxiety level is super high. I really pray that god one day gives me the strength to walk away.
Korbyn Torres
Love you mamas
Dee Day ago
Can’t believe there’s so many narcissistic people out here. It’s so hard to find true love nowadays. I dealt with the same situation as you for 4 1/2 years and broke up with him a week ago already. Moving on is difficult whenever your partner is abusive. I wish nothing but the best for you, for me, and for all the women/men out there who are going through the same. We are STRONG and we CANNOT accept shit from ANYONE.
makeup by julia
makeup by julia 2 days ago
I absolutely look up to you 🥰 I am proud of you & happy to hear that you’re healing. I’ll be praying for you!
Julyssa Rivera
Julyssa Rivera 4 days ago
Code doesn’t work😔
Karina Rivera
Karina Rivera 5 days ago
I am so proud of you and in awe. It’s is so hard to talk about being in a toxic situation. Even if you did cry, you’d still be soooo sooo strong! This really made me think a lot about the things I am going through... you may have just saved my life... thank you...
Mel 2.0
Mel 2.0 5 days ago
You don’t need crystals we need Jesus
Lupita Gonzalez
Lupita Gonzalez 7 days ago
Guys what happened?
Jasmine Porrua
Jasmine Porrua 7 days ago
her and her baby daddy broke up because he became extremely toxic and cheated on her. A day after she posted this video he broke into her house and pointed a gun at her and their son, he got arrested and recently just came out of jail
Rose Ortega
Rose Ortega 7 days ago
Your a strong woman. Nd the best mother.❤🌹
gaby quij
gaby quij 8 days ago
People watching this like - in a bed - not in a full screen - reading comments
Sandy R
Sandy R 8 days ago
Keep your head up. I’m a single mom and I work 2 jobs and I feel so terrible not being able to be with my 2 kids but I’m trying to provide them a better life keep pushing mamas. There’s a lot of us out here
Jacelle Amador
Jacelle Amador 12 days ago
I love this sm ,this video was such an inspiration for some of us love youuuu💞👏🏻
Jacelle Amador
Jacelle Amador 12 days ago
Yess girl you pick yourself back up 💞you got this
crescent moon
crescent moon 13 days ago
We love you. You are so strong, and I hope you continue to stay strong🖤
Joanna Juliet
Joanna Juliet 14 days ago
its okay baby.... i love you and Travis soo much your like an angel, dont listen to what haters say ok, love your self
bhabiee88 love
bhabiee88 love 14 days ago
10:38 ur welcome
Ran 2 years ago💗 we have a son together though so it’s still difficult. I just wasn’t happy at all. I had no emotions and felt so empty. Giving them a reaction is what gives them more power. Stop reacting and showing you care. I started responding with “okay. Alright. Uh huh.” And he would be so toxic and say hurtful things to me that I just muted it. One day I realized I was ready to leave. I packed my son and I’s stuff then went back home with my family with open arms 💗💗
Alexandra Arteaga
Alexandra Arteaga 16 days ago
I love this , thank you for talking about it 💖🥺🥺
Janine Estrada
Janine Estrada 17 days ago
A women should remember she has control of what is best for You , good job in sticking to your guns & proving what needed to be done Some men are insecure so they constantly try to find validation w other women & make the one they have feel less than to bring them down to they’re level ,they need help! & I’m glad u can get recovered from that !! For your self & son
OHSNAHPZ 17 days ago
Yoatzi! Your first outfit gave me an early 2000s Latina moment, LOVED IT!! 🙌🏾
Kat Rubi
Kat Rubi 17 days ago
forget the crystals. I promise that turning to God will bring you so many blessings and it will make you feel so much better 😭💖
Jessica Flores
Jessica Flores 18 days ago
I feel you girl. I am currently going through this! Take a break Girl! Being a mommy is the best thing ever but you also need atleast a few hours to yourself! That will not make you a bad mom! A happy mom make a happy child!
qveen._. ashley
qveen._. ashley 19 days ago
Did anyone else try not to cry when she talked about Travis or is it just me. Love you yoatzi take you time.
Patricia Vargas
Patricia Vargas 19 days ago
I'm going through the same thing I can't seem to find myself and I seem to cry a lot I have a bad case of anxiety and depression I try to feel myself but them I start feeling asco about myself and I pull my hair I cry myself to sleep and I sometimes feel like nobody understands me
Ruth Villalta
Ruth Villalta 4 days ago
Hang in there things will get better. Pray and leave your situation in God's hands 🙏🏻 I promise it will get better
eunice gamez
eunice gamez 19 days ago
crystals are healing, im happy to see you on your spiritual journey
Grace Doherty
Grace Doherty 20 days ago
Stay strong my queen 👑💗 Everyone can wait to hear the full story. You just need to focus on yourself and heal and you are so strong and such a good mama. Stay being a bad bitch !! ❤️❤️
glenda Pinal
glenda Pinal 20 days ago
Someone update me. What happend
Karolyn Velazquez
Karolyn Velazquez 20 days ago
Karolyn Velazquez
Karolyn Velazquez 20 days ago
Hi Louie
Brianna A
Brianna A 20 days ago
Brianna A
Brianna A 20 days ago
Love the hair babygirl
Sara Mendoza
Sara Mendoza 20 days ago
I totally understand I know my relationship is toxic right now and I can’t leave because I’m scared and stuck because well I’m too poor to find a place. It’s hard to leave 😞
April 1626
April 1626 10 days ago
@Sara Mendoza time will tell when that door to a new journey is there for u. Keep ur head up and eyes open, and even if ur hope is low soon in your time it will shine so bright to light ur way queen
Sara Mendoza
Sara Mendoza 12 days ago
@April 1626 I’m trying but it’s hard
April 1626
April 1626 15 days ago
Girly keep ur head up and do what you can now to get through this becuz every storm carries a sunshine
cece garza
cece garza 20 days ago
I feel you 💯
Jessica Banuelos
Jessica Banuelos 21 day ago
Aww you are strong and you can do it Im Also a single mommy but we just have to be strong for our babies 💞💓
Queenliss Liss
Queenliss Liss 21 day ago
Sis he was already cheating .....u did good
Rice Girl
Rice Girl 21 day ago
Stay strong 💜
Selina Renee
Selina Renee 22 days ago
Annalise Santiago
Annalise Santiago 22 days ago
Yessssssssssssssss, babe im trying to get out of a situation myself but i have no where else to go and its harder when you dont have a job and have nowhere to go, im so happy that you got of of the situation and wish you the best bbs!
Jasmine Valdez
Jasmine Valdez 21 day ago
Girl I hope you can get out of that situation and just thrive
Aryba Qazi
Aryba Qazi 23 days ago
Wow she’s such a beautiful person and great mom, God bless you and protect you.
Aryba Qazi
Aryba Qazi 23 days ago
Oh you’re super rad for talking about crystals and incense
Bianey 23 days ago
3:48 notice how her smile went away:/
Andrea Mendez
Andrea Mendez 24 days ago
Love your hair Yoatzi, and girl take your time heal don't worry about us, you don't owe us an explanation. If one day you want to tell us about it to help others once you have healed go ahead, but if you don't ever want to talk about don't, it okay its not an obligation. We just want you to heal, to be happy, and to grow. I wish you the best and all the blessing to be send your way. I know how hard it is to experience anxiety, be patient with yourself you got this. And your doing the right thing by surrounding ur self with love ones. And you are an amazing mother and strong mujer you got this girl! 🙏❤
Soraida Cruz
Soraida Cruz 24 days ago
Be Strong and Endure. God is protecting you and your family. Hang in There. Love You Girl❤😘
Lendsay Landaverde-Discua
aw, i love how your exploring new things and having fun with life honestly.
Fatima Moya
Fatima Moya 24 days ago
Yoatzi love you guys 😘😘😘😘🙏🙏
Mei Chicas
Mei Chicas 25 days ago
I have been a subscriber for a long time now. I really don't know what its happening right now but i hope you feel better. I love your video very much.
Takuachita La CuH
Takuachita La CuH 25 days ago
Wait how to u look at her dms?
Laisha Bernal
Laisha Bernal 25 days ago
you got this babe💞 god is with you by every step u take, we love you and we’re always here for you💞 !
CARRILLO'S WAYYY 25 days ago
Alexandra Quintero
Alexandra Quintero 25 days ago
I am a big fan
Alexandra Quintero
Alexandra Quintero 25 days ago
I love you Louis I love you Jackson and I love your sister to
Alexandra Quintero
Alexandra Quintero 25 days ago
It ok I love you The Castro family
Lorena Lucero
Lorena Lucero 26 days ago
Girl you are a very pretty girl you are young have a nice body so why are you depressed? If I had like that I'll be a top notch B***** all day everyday...
BigJackol 21 day ago
just because you have things in life doesn’t mean you’ll be happy all the time, it’s life.
Evelyn Ramos
Evelyn Ramos 26 days ago
God loves you
Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed 26 days ago
Good nice video
LittleLiz 27 days ago
Yoatzi God loves you so much I know you are finding refuge in other things but I promise you God takes any pain and worries!! I recommend and play worship music!
Silvestre Almanza
Silvestre Almanza 27 days ago
I love you 😘❤️
Lea Naomi Namuche Moya
At the end of the day Yoatzi u did the best for your family. Maybe u guys are better just co parenting. But u shouldn’t feel like u have to stay w the father of he child. And I went through the same thing. But I’m not a mother and seeing u make this decision , I’m just happy for u ❤️
Melissa 27 days ago
Please tell the truth what happened to you I'm wondering and I'm worried
Psychobabyy 27 days ago
I needed to watch this so bad I’m always stressful , alone and always thinking negative. I try to get out of the negative things but it’s hard. I’m a mom of 3 , I have bad anxiety and my partner is making it hard for me. I don’t have friends, my family is far from me. I wish I was close to them so I could go out with them to feel better. 😔 but this video is a big help 🙏🏼 thank you and I’m happy you are finding positivity.
Ruth Villalta
Ruth Villalta 4 days ago
Don't be scare leave! Reach out to your family ask for help but please don't continue this way. Pray put your situation in God's hands I promise it will get better 🙏🏻
Psychobabyy 27 days ago
Also I’m going through what you went through now so I’m trying to get out of this abusive situation. But I’m scared to leave
Karla Lopez
Karla Lopez 28 days ago
Good job girly I love you and take your time and do rush telling everybody it’s your time and one day at it time remember 🧡🧡💕💕
Naya Vizcarra
Naya Vizcarra 28 days ago
I feel like I'm I'm currently living in this nightmare. I'm in denial a lot, and then I'll have those moments of clarity that tell me "get out". I'm up and down, hot and cold. Content, and miserable. Point is, I get it. It's hard getting out of a toxic, abusive relationship. I hope we all find peace and self love. Proud of you girl. Only better things coming for you.
Naya Vizcarra
Naya Vizcarra 27 days ago
@Lydia Ponce it's a living nightmare. Wishing you nothing but healthy healing.
Lydia Ponce
Lydia Ponce 27 days ago
I’m in the same boat girl I feel you, it sucks feeling trapped and you can’t escape being scared and being unhappy and traped 😭😣😭😭🙏🏼
Nathalyn Ramirez
Nathalyn Ramirez 28 days ago
jacqueline fonseca
jacqueline fonseca 28 days ago
She is so strong and you can actually see THE GLOW , God she is beautiful and you can tell she has been through a lot and gained so much strength !!💞🙏🏼
•Sunset Angel•
•Sunset Angel• 28 days ago
Guys what happened I’m so confused 🥺❤️
Kaylo Bless
Kaylo Bless 29 days ago
I love the intro boo!! I was like heeyyyy
Dani Garcia
Dani Garcia 29 days ago
A quote I always say to myself “si mama no es feliz, bebe no es feliz” ❤️
Sabrina P.
Sabrina P. 29 days ago
Keep your head up always and stay positive even on your darkest days.. 💛 Stay strong gorgeous.. 💗 💪 God bless you always.. 💙🙏💙
Avril Navarro
Avril Navarro 29 days ago
It’s okay ma love your self . You need to know your worth . Your are gorgeous anything people say abt negativity don’t listen to it we’re here for you . And we’re here to support you ❤️❤️.
kwood14023 29 days ago
Wendy Amrel
Wendy Amrel 29 days ago
Turn to God not crystals 🙏🏼❤️
Alondra Adriana •Tarot•
I want to send you items from my store🛍💗🔮I sell jewelry w/ authentic crystals & more
Marisol Groves
Marisol Groves Month ago
Aracely Inigues
Aracely Inigues Month ago
So gorgeous 😍
Rosa Garcia-Gonzalez
Your a great mother, I kinda wish I was your daughter💘😄I love you.
Lucero Espinoza
Lucero Espinoza Month ago
Move out girl am scare he might try it again people like him have nothing to loose 😞
Selena Garcia
Selena Garcia Month ago
Love you girl I stand for a strong independent women ❤️❤️🥺🥺👏🏽👏🏽
_fighting.alone _
Julie Carrillo
Julie Carrillo Month ago
Gabriela Gossett
You said you didn’t know what it was called how you styled your hair and to let you know what we thought about it.. so I just wanted you to know it looks beautiful! I love the dark hair on you and the style that you did is called -hair crimping- and it’s done with a -crimp/wave wand- (google it) lol. Anyways, you look great! I love this video!
Orville Jackson
Orville Jackson Month ago
Wow this video made me feel so powerful. This felt like a pep-talk! Yoatzi, thank you for radiating positivity 💕 Things do get better. Thank you for sharing & for the love! 💗
Ashley Rivas
Ashley Rivas Month ago
i know how you feel, my mom was in an abusive relationship and it effected me. i am proud of you because you saved your son from all that. do not regret it do not, face forward and imagine the feature with you son, all those positive moments.
Lemonzz_ Playzz
Lemonzz_ Playzz Month ago
omg yoatzi hope your safe you can take a break its okay.☹
Yazmin Melchor
Yazmin Melchor Month ago
If you ever need anyone to talk to please reach out I’m going through a similar situation and it’s hard but your a strong women
Yours Truly
Yours Truly Month ago
Although I don’t know what exactly happen but I’ve been watching louie and I’ve always loved seeing yoatzi in his videos she’s so gorgeous dude 🥺🥺😍🤍🤍🤍I hope she gets through what ever it is she’s going through
butterfly slime ramirez
Take your time
Gracie Toscano
Gracie Toscano Month ago
Love you Yoatzi be the girl Boss u are and u don’t need a man in ur life to be happy . You made it all the way this far on ur own .
Paola Salazar
Paola Salazar Month ago
Stay strong pretty mama your baby is so lucky to have you ..
Ophie Month ago
You got this girl! You are a strong beautiful woman and mom!! 🥰
cute jin
cute jin Month ago
I love you yoatzi
Play Withmatt
Play Withmatt Month ago
Yoatzi you are very beautiful ! I wish you nothing but the best in life for you and your adorable son ❤️
Jose Ochoa
Jose Ochoa Month ago
YASSSSS u tell yourself yoatzi stay strong!!!
Julie S
Julie S Month ago
What a piece of shit to do that to you. His ass needa stay in jail. Keep flourishing Yoatzi 💕
Camille Acosta
Camille Acosta Month ago
You are so deserving of the world 💙 It’s always so inspiring to see how much you empower yourself and your strength 🌸⭐️ Thank you for all you do Yoatzi💚🌱
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez Month ago
Good Music
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez Month ago
Itzell Tamayo
Itzell Tamayo Month ago
I love you I’m so proud that you found yourself you do you booo te querio mucho
Itzell Tamayo
Itzell Tamayo Month ago
Paola Loeza
Paola Loeza Month ago
girl I feel like I could feel you're pain I wanted to start crying as soon as you started talking about just being anxious but honestly I hardly hear people say their going through stuff and they're actually doing things to make themselves feel better you aren't letting it kill you, yes cry and deal but you are doing things!! Como se dice no le estas acariciando la emocion , U R AMAZING
Edy Marirza Torres
If i was this beautiful i wouldnt know how to act lol. Your son will be proud of you for moving on.
Thalia Flores
Thalia Flores Month ago
girl your hair looks amazing
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