I'm Coming Out.

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I love you all so much…
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.




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Comments 80
NikkieTutorials 2 months ago
*I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖
Patricia Pena
Patricia Pena 3 hours ago
Patricia Pena
Patricia Pena 3 hours ago
I STILL LOVE YOU NIKKI!!! You’re a beautiful person in and out, you’ve always been!! ❤️❤️❤️
Jasmijn Slootweg
Jasmijn Slootweg 12 days ago
Nikki Love you toooo
Fwzi Kurdistan
Fwzi Kurdistan 14 days ago
Y r u gae?
Boujee Beauty
Boujee Beauty 2 months ago
Love u back
oXBlack_OutXo YT
I would have never thought holy shizzles
Msp 18099
Msp 18099 Hour ago
We love you Nikkie! No matter what gender you are we will still support you and it is so brave of you that you want to share your story with us. You are perfect the way you are. You are an inspiration to all of us. I'm so proud of you😍. I LOVE YOU so so much😘!.Stay strong sis!! xxx 💪👏👏
Crystal Buckner
Crystal Buckner 2 hours ago
Wow I thought you were born a girl! You are so beautiful.
RutPie 2 hours ago
Haseeba rahman
Haseeba rahman 2 hours ago
We still love you Nikkie ... We love YOU not your gender... ❤️❤️❤️
Iva Josipa Maric
Iva Josipa Maric 3 hours ago
I'm proud of you. GO ON :))
Insane Soul
Insane Soul 3 hours ago
Gurlllll damn you look pretty anyways❤️🥺
Elin P
Elin P 3 hours ago
I'm proud of you for telling us and the whole internet, sad though that you had to do it on someone elses terms. ❤️
Jasmin Khan
Jasmin Khan 3 hours ago
You're real n tell your truth about yourself that's it..Everyone have a different reality n a different truth about themselves...So you are still a niki who loves makeup n we really like that ...
Keven fh
Keven fh 3 hours ago
Abou rob ابو روب
Midhula Mohan
Midhula Mohan 3 hours ago
I never doubted once!!. All that it matters is that you love yourself and your family accepts you for who you are. The bonus part is that we love you a lot too 😘❤️❤️😘
Jesus Christ my Lord
What you say it's not according to the Word of God. I know it hurts but Trans & gays go to hell.
Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull Hour ago
@Narancia Best Girl stop trying to spread atheism, you fool
Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull Hour ago
Believe it or not, same sex relationships are natural. Mallard ducks, for example. Or different types of monkeys, which are biologically related to us obviously. Not sure about the first one, however
Narancia Best Girl
Narancia Best Girl 2 hours ago
What you say doesn't fit in thebworld of science. I know it hurts, but the man in the sky doesn't exist.
nishtha kapoor
nishtha kapoor 4 hours ago
I am so proud of you.
Sneha Roy
Sneha Roy 4 hours ago
We lovvveeeeee uuuuuu nikkieeeee...always b as u r❤❤❤❤❤
Graciela Murillo
Graciela Murillo 4 hours ago
Omg ur trans same girl😭
Bansku 4 hours ago
Just attention seeking, I call this bullshit. There is no pictures and no proof.
Anz Beauty Magic
Anz Beauty Magic 4 hours ago
It was shocking in the beginning but u spoke it through so well. Love you more.
Ellie Friedman
Ellie Friedman 4 hours ago
I love you!!!! You’re amazing❤️
Coco Wei
Coco Wei 4 hours ago
We love a girl who expresses herself so powerfully :D
sniper the love
sniper the love 5 hours ago
We all support u and love u for who u are❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Joy Duncan
Joy Duncan 5 hours ago
Lots of love 💓
María Lopez
María Lopez 5 hours ago
you are so fking inspiring, I've been following you since 2014 and I can not believe the power that you have, you. are such a strong women and I hope you the best in your live. All your followers will support you, because as u said, u r u no matter your gender or your past and we love u for who u are.
Genthonk Genthink
Genthonk Genthink 6 hours ago
Thank you for shared such an inspirational story. Everyone has their own mask which they put on in front of others. Need such a massive power to put that mask off. . . Congratulation for you Nikki, may the best comes after. . .
Sümeyye BAYRAKTAR 6 hours ago
bu youtber ın en çok giriş kısmını seviyorum çünkü bir tek girişi anlıyorum
rania khan
rania khan 6 hours ago
You go gurlllllllllll Love you❤❤❤❤❤
Dark Ranger
Dark Ranger 7 hours ago
What? I'm speechless lol This is the biggest secret of RUvid history. I still cannot believe it.
Ferona Schilder
Ferona Schilder 7 hours ago
I love you nikki I love you
Qbaby May
Qbaby May 7 hours ago
Aww I still love you no matter what 😍😘
D P 7 hours ago
I wonder why you people need so much attention? Ellen didn't say hello. Why should she? You are a man who decides to pretend to be a woman You will never be and that is that. No tampons, no child birth, unless you get a WOMAN pregnant. Deal with it dude!
Narancia Best Girl
@Sitting Bull oh, I meant according to her gender.
Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull Hour ago
@Narancia Best Girl not according to his/her 23rd pair of chromosomes
Narancia Best Girl
Narancia Best Girl 2 hours ago
She's still a woman...
Soko 7 hours ago
Shading Ellen was not cool at all when she supported you that much. Shame on you. She doesn't have to say hi to you, maybe she had her own excuses.
Lalina Vanturez
Lalina Vanturez 5 hours ago
Soko there’s a whole thread on twitter of people exposing Ellen, people who have worked for her have said she fired them for looking at her when she told them not to. One of the writers for her show said she didn’t meat Ellen for 2 years. And another person who was a guest on her show said that when he was talking to the employees she said “What are you doing talking to these people? You don’t have to, they don’t deserve that kind of attention.” There’s been talk for years on how sadistic she is. Nikki saying what she said is nothing new Ellen is a terrible person.
S//C[TV] 8 hours ago
I hope one day you repent, man.
Narancia Best Girl
Narancia Best Girl 2 hours ago
@S//C[TV] elaborate on that, please.
S//C[TV] 2 hours ago
@Narancia Best Girl he’s a guy though
Narancia Best Girl
Narancia Best Girl 7 hours ago
I hope you are very happy, girl*
mia kerub
mia kerub 8 hours ago
we all love you💓💓💓
Kaylah Cortada
Kaylah Cortada 10 hours ago
I just want too say that i love everyone. You guys are so inspirational. I.... I love... I really like a trans girl and i want to tell her but i... im scared... advice?
Erin The Roach
Erin The Roach 7 hours ago
Kaylah Cortada just tell her. What she is going to want is for no one to treat her different. Good luck.
Gloria Agnello
Gloria Agnello 10 hours ago
Nina Oghanna
Nina Oghanna 10 hours ago
I don’t know why i’am not surprised I feel like this is something that I knew but I mean I don’t care if she’s trans I will always support her ❤️
Mummy to many
Mummy to many 10 hours ago
Beautiful, beautiful WOMAN! X x
Drunk Bunny Designs
Drunk Bunny Designs 10 hours ago
Love you always 💞
S Whye
S Whye 10 hours ago
You LIVE your YOU hunni... My life secret is i have always been attracted to both sexes.. Greatest thing is my hubsband knew this 19 years ago and he still loves and accepts ME. He alloows me to be ME. I was ME before husbands kids. You Rock on Nikki.
Charlie Renfrew
Charlie Renfrew 10 hours ago
ana Bella 2
ana Bella 2 10 hours ago
Why you can t say it i born a boy
Lucy Marquez
Lucy Marquez 10 hours ago
we love you. i believe you are a great person with a good heart with such talent. love from the philippines.
Ruby Kowell
Ruby Kowell 11 hours ago
TRANS PRIDE STAND UP🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Ruud Lieshout
Ruud Lieshout 11 hours ago
Lieve schat 😘 Wa bende gij toch een Mooi en prachtig mens! 🥰🥰🥰 Lieve Nikkie, Ga vooral zo door!
MarieBeauty Life
MarieBeauty Life 11 hours ago
Is she a he
Narancia Best Girl
Narancia Best Girl 7 hours ago
She is a she
study with me
study with me 11 hours ago
I love you so much Nikkie 😘😘😘
Taylor Hinzman
Taylor Hinzman 12 hours ago
I accept you wholeheartedly. This changes nothing in my eyes. You're still beautiful and amazing. I hope you got all of the support you hoped for.
Cindy may mcguire
Cindy may mcguire 13 hours ago
yamini gururani
yamini gururani 13 hours ago
I love you Nikkie :)
rhs010 13 hours ago
So out of curiosity I went back and watched her first RUvid video to see what she looked like when she “began her transformation” and I put that in quotations because homegirl looks and sounds like a girl the same back then as she does now lol
BenderlyKills 14 hours ago
You're an amazing vrouw!! I love you Nikkie!!!
Dz Djazayria
Dz Djazayria 14 hours ago
Je le savais ça se voit comme le nez sur la figure que c'etait un homme ! Mdrr
Marissa Frances
Marissa Frances 14 hours ago
This made me respect you more than you know. You are Nikki. I love you.
Marissa Wolfe
Marissa Wolfe 14 hours ago
I am 😳 shocked, ur so beautiful I would have never thought. Love u girly!🥰
Subarna Pradhan
Subarna Pradhan 14 hours ago
toti asem
toti asem 15 hours ago
God damn..even she was born a boy..the makeup youtube community is all men lol
Haha Funnyguy
Haha Funnyguy 15 hours ago
I love you. Thank you for being strong, not just for yourself but for many others. Stay confident love Bc you have no reason not to be ❤️
Ancois Van Der Berg
Ancois Van Der Berg 15 hours ago
It takes so much for you to share your truth. I love you so much and I am so happy for you❤thank you for being such an inspiration🤗❤
You_Gube 15 hours ago
Nikkie: to all the blackmailers this ones for u🖕I hope u can sit nicely on it Me: QUEEEN!!!!! YAAASSSSS!!!!!
Hareem Fatima
Hareem Fatima 16 hours ago
Inspiration to me
Chloe Davidson
Chloe Davidson 16 hours ago
I still love you ether way 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍👑👑👑👑
Rosa Dinosaur
Rosa Dinosaur 16 hours ago
We Stan I beauty queen who is first herself above anything
Maiigan Chum
Maiigan Chum 16 hours ago
Boss lady Nikki ❤️💞🌻 you be you girl. Your story is saving lonely hearts ❤️🌻
lightningcat815 16 hours ago
You’re beautiful, I love you even more now Nikkie. 🌈
Jennifer Roy
Jennifer Roy 17 hours ago
Wow you don’t even sound male. Literally would never have guessed you were born male. You seem like a lovely person. Wish you all the best.
Sam Doro
Sam Doro 18 hours ago
I can't believe anyone could dislike this video, its honestly so saad.
Lari is dumb
Lari is dumb 18 hours ago
Naylin Pereyra
Naylin Pereyra 18 hours ago
Nikkie you know that nothing is going to change at all Now this was a big surprise for me because I always saw you as a girl but now I see you as a strong inspiring woman
noodzz011 d.
noodzz011 d. 18 hours ago
Nicki Whitfield
Nicki Whitfield 19 hours ago
I’m so proud of you. This makes my heart warm and happy inside. You’re such a beautiful woman! 💖💖
Sorry Mom
Sorry Mom 19 hours ago
Nikki you had every right to keep this to yourself
Ariadna N.
Ariadna N. 19 hours ago
Something I noticed is that she does not mention that she was born as a boy ... it is sad that she does not accept that.
Narancia Best Girl
Narancia Best Girl 7 hours ago
What do you mean? "She didn't mention her biological sex, therefore she doesn't accept it"? WHAT is that logic? Anyways, she did say she was born in the wrong body, so...
agrina nilin
agrina nilin 19 hours ago
What a brave girl ❤ but what matters in RIGHT NOW Dont even worry about past What matters is now and what you are
ananya samantasinghar
Everybody is talking about she hiding the reality,but she at the other hand showed us the harsh reality that she didn't wanted us to look at her differently which we usually do so she hiding this from evryone was very genuine and I truly appreciate it and respect it Nikkie🥺
I'm up 4 ever lzzs
I'm up 4 ever lzzs 20 hours ago
Jamie Raimer
Jamie Raimer 20 hours ago
honestly being trans is okay no one should judge you or scare you because were all human so who cares you are you and you are amazing
Aarika Fletcher
Aarika Fletcher 20 hours ago
Just how did we not know.
Chelsea savoie
Chelsea savoie 21 hour ago
i’m so late 🥺, but i’m so shocked. you’re so beautiful 💖
She reminds me of jazz Jennings. She’s very motivational and sweet and respectful. But it might I just say it kinda triggers me when people say “I had no idea!” Because that’s the point, your not supposed to notice because it doesn’t matter. They are who they are, so please don’t point it out. It’s not respectful, and I’m not saying everyone does it just some people. I love you Niki💖💖 this was very brave of you to do sister💖💖
Madison Andersen
Madison Andersen 21 hour ago
Omg I had no idea
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