I'm Building A Zoo In Minecraft! - New Animals Seen And Caught! - EP07

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Ever want to play Zoo Tycoon or Planet Zoo in Minecraft? Well this might be what you're looking for...
Today we see and catch a bunch of new animals!
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Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.filmmusic.io)
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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 1 207
Felicia Krock
Felicia Krock 6 minutes ago
reptilian exibit I cant spelll
sherry shelton
sherry shelton 16 hours ago
The bird that died looked like Spider-Man
Megan Field
Megan Field 16 hours ago
Pretty sure the goofy looking birds on the hill were blue footed boobies
Molly Sheldon Equine
What mod is this though😍😂
RobMason West
make a meat eter cage
tomas pisio
tomas pisio Day ago
Orka tank
a tucan and a panda
Fastirik Oyuncu
Fastirik Oyuncu 2 days ago
One of the clowers you put in the aviary smell like rotten flesh in real life remove them or the aviary would stink
KKwolf5 Plays
KKwolf5 Plays 2 days ago
I think with the reptiles or with any animal, if they are solitary animals or you only want to put a pair together, but have more you should make some sort of extra or not on display habitat for those animals
Roberto Capulong
Roberto Capulong 3 days ago
can you make sea animals all can you get all d animals and you put them all
Sion Zan
Sion Zan 4 days ago
Been watching you since I was like 16, I'm 19 now, thank you for making RUvid fun for me
Addy & Avi
Addy & Avi 4 days ago
F in the comment section for the kangaroo and hippo that went missing🥺🥺
Miguel Morales
Miguel Morales 5 days ago
Hippos can kill crocs but not lions 👍
Rebecca Koiri
Rebecca Koiri 7 days ago
You are a jerk ,you don't save that little hippo😠😠
Ahmed Elfeky
Ahmed Elfeky 9 days ago
The salemander îs a anfibihan
Heather Neirinck
Heather Neirinck 12 days ago
I like how you have Minecraft building skills. :3
Dexter Chadwick
Dexter Chadwick 13 days ago
Oh, and I think it would be cool if u made it a canyon
Dexter Chadwick
Dexter Chadwick 13 days ago
I know that there is already a comment about which to build next, but can u make a carnivore one
Matt Aks
Matt Aks 13 days ago
I think that you hit the falcon earlier in the ep.that kill might have been revenge.
Alkyl Paningbatan
Alkyl Paningbatan 14 days ago
Maybe its desrespawn
evilbanana 07
evilbanana 07 14 days ago
I have been thinking about the disappearances and I think its lions because you made it so you can get in and they cant get out but if you can get in so can the lions and you have a bit of a lion problem
Hannah Mikkelson
Hannah Mikkelson 14 days ago
Salamarers are anhpins
Itay 16 days ago
The joke about the hippo and your wife made me laugh so hard I thought I punctured my lung
Braxton Wessels
Braxton Wessels 18 days ago
You should make a house and put cats in there if they have them.PLZ🙂
Amazoncheesecake 19 days ago
Safe pond = Blue glass. :D
Max Figueroa
Max Figueroa 20 days ago
2:35 a skeleton horse!!
Mild Jupiter sauce
Mild Jupiter sauce 20 days ago
Salamanders aren’t reptiles, the anaconda might eat it
Julius Dalao
Julius Dalao 21 day ago
I want a lions
Orion Wanderscheid
Orion Wanderscheid 22 days ago
It is called a gar
mohsen aldmari
mohsen aldmari 22 days ago
nautilus is a prehistoric marine animal
Ryn Tittle
Ryn Tittle 23 days ago
Did you not see that desert temple?!
Brookelynn Skinner
Brookelynn Skinner 24 days ago
Save the seed and make it a series on the island. Call it island living or something like you plane crashed or your boat sank and know your stuck on it?
Georgia V
Georgia V 25 days ago
Avocets live in coastal lagoons, it would be cool if you made an exhibit with a large river running through the centre with sandy banks and you could add the loons and other coastal animals!
Jelani Willacey
Jelani Willacey 25 days ago
Hate to be that guy but I don’t think anybody else realized frogs and salamanders are not reptiles, they’re amphibians.
The Collage
The Collage 25 days ago
Salamanders aren't reptiles, they are amphibians!
Scary Boi101
Scary Boi101 25 days ago
37:20 a nautilus is a prehistoric creature that lived in the water, much like a snail
misha bray
misha bray 25 days ago
maybe there needs to be light in the enclosures? and/or naming them might fix the disappearing problem. 🤔🤔
ANewfieWalrus 26 days ago
Sierra Wolf
Sierra Wolf 26 days ago
Guys serious question how do I download these mod packs on my phone I have Minecraft on my phone lol
Tristan Lolo
Tristan Lolo 26 days ago
I think salamanders are amphibians
Lyndsey Ludwig
Lyndsey Ludwig 26 days ago
Do noutilous
Kristopher Stroud
Kristopher Stroud 26 days ago
YOU CAN GET A GAINT LILLY PAD!! For your water (please see this)
Blue Water Sheep
Blue Water Sheep 26 days ago
*catches salamander* “perfect something else for our reptile house.” Me: *Thats not a reptile...?”*
NoProbLlama :3
NoProbLlama :3 26 days ago
*Kidnaps multiple people* It’s okay, you didn’t choose the thug life... the thug life chose you.
Xylon pace
Xylon pace 26 days ago
For the anacondas use the special wood
Shaun Edwards
Shaun Edwards 26 days ago
Maybe the kangaroo and hippos died of old age
Kadie Fletcher
Kadie Fletcher 26 days ago
You can just place down the top of the light and it still works the same
Jime M. Fallas G.
Jime M. Fallas G. 26 days ago
Buttons, use buttons
Pirate_ Princess9
Pirate_ Princess9 26 days ago
sloths love hibiscus just in case you find sloths.
William Birch
William Birch 27 days ago
Whats the seed?
Josh Laake
Josh Laake 27 days ago
starts a JP on the island
Jax Carstensen
Jax Carstensen 27 days ago
Did anyone else see the skeleton horse at 2:35
Dubstequtie 27 days ago
34:55 The bird just witness his friend die so he started to panic.. AND THEN YOU PUNCH HIM?? Aboose!!! D:
Olivia Porter
Olivia Porter 27 days ago
U missed a box turtle at 39:46 :(
thanos kermit
thanos kermit 27 days ago
holy fucking shit im having flashbacks to your zoo in mindcrack!
Blue Water Sheep
Blue Water Sheep 27 days ago
Tom Hale
Tom Hale 27 days ago
You are SO funny with the kidnapping thing!
Tom Hale
Tom Hale 27 days ago
Beef! It's called animal husbandry. I swear. Google it. I don't want to get banned. That's what it's called
Tom Hale
Tom Hale 27 days ago
Isn't Nighthawk's name Kristen? It sounds like you're saying Krispen. Also, am I spelling it correctly? Kristen, Kirston, Kerston, Crispen, Christy
Frosty355 27 days ago
You can find the regular acorns from regular oak trees (You find regular oak trees in the jungle)
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