I'm all in on the NBA returning with a 22 team format - Nick Wright | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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The NBA’s 22-team format expected to “overwhelmingly” pass on Thursday. Nick Wright, Kevin Wildes and Chris Broussard give their reactions to this, plus Broussard gives insight on who his MVP vote will go to this year.
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I'm all in on the NBA returning with a 22 team format - Nick Wright | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First


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Jun 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Khoa Do
Khoa Do Month ago
bro said Portland could challenge Lakers lol
c32ax1 Month ago
That because Whiteside is bad because of his attitude.
Muzi Dube
Muzi Dube Month ago
Dam I like this gentlemen who's picking and pecking on Nick... this is fun tv
Optimist Prime
Optimist Prime Month ago
People don’t want people who have a habit of making “bold takes” choosing their MVP. Nick Wright should never be approved and I feel bad because he passionate but he wreckless too
Dennis Walker
Dennis Walker Month ago
how many people completely forgot they fired cris carter mid season? 😂
Rob Jarrell
Rob Jarrell Month ago
Again this is why nick knows little about basketball. Nurkic and Collins play specific roles on the team as extra defenders and good passers in a system they both know well. The one thing the blazers lacked is depth. Past their starting 5 they didn't have much because of injuries with a few throwaway and rookies
Indigenous Negus
NO ONE should feel bad for clay bennett...😂😂😂😂
Docta91104 Month ago
Nick acts like the nba cares about he’s opinion. 😂
Trey Murray
Trey Murray Month ago
Wow so Dame and Nurkic are going to outplay Lebron and AD 😂😂😂
Gerald Chisley
Gerald Chisley Month ago
Nick naming the nets must be KD and Kyrie, and now the Blazers must be scared for the number 1. Zion
Simon Sez
Simon Sez Month ago
Nurkic, Collins and Hood are 3/5 starters... they’ve missed essentially the whole season... if LeBron was missing 3 starters Nick Wright would be making all the excuses for him but since it’s Dame we’re discussing, he gets all the blame for the blazers subpar record smh
Sam De Luna
Sam De Luna Month ago
If they were truly interested in safety they’d drop the top 16 into the playoffs on a best of 5 series
Hammeraffe Jo
Hammeraffe Jo Month ago
i hope pelicans get the 8 seed
Dwayne Carter
Dwayne Carter Month ago
They're tryna make it easier for the Lakers
Kast Awaits
Kast Awaits Month ago
Nick Wright, Colin Cowherd & Jenna on some 2 on 1 sandwich action. 😁🥪🥖🥖
Icy Hott
Icy Hott Month ago
Why does nick remind me of tom green
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill Month ago
Chris is a racist
George Bishop
George Bishop Month ago
Phoenix Suns were 7-4 to start the season. All of that was without Ayton. Then major injuries derailed their season. They are fully healthy. At some point these boys are going to get some rep
Kelly Huffaker
Kelly Huffaker Month ago
Jenna lookin extra milfy today
Jeremy Lawrence
Jeremy Lawrence Month ago
Can we get Chris Bruissard a new mic. These headphones audio sucks
Emmanuel Braithwaite
When LA don't win the final, or is beaten out in the second round, they're going to be very sorry that they Resume the season, TRYING TO GIVE LEBRON A EASY CHAMPIONSHIP, hoping some silly team beat the Clippers, and the Milwaukee Bucks, so that it will be a WALK THROUGH FOR THE LAKERS.
David Rainey
David Rainey Month ago
Nick does realize that Nurkic has been and will continue to be more valuable to the BLAZERS than Whiteside, right?
Diego Chavez
Diego Chavez Month ago
Blazers😂😂are trash it's over for them the pelicans are a better team . Sorry but there a new era and the blazers time in be the playoffs are over.
Steve Visa
Steve Visa Month ago
BOOKER FOR FINALS MVP.. Let's go SUNS 😆😆😆😆☝️☝️☝️☝️
Steve Visa
Steve Visa Month ago
Oh nice the the Suns suddenly have decent chance make run for chip this season.. BOOKER FOR FINALS MVP. LET'S GO..😆😆😆🤟🤟🤟🤟
Mix Master
Mix Master Month ago
The bad teams are planning to protest to play
ianchang1228 Month ago
In fact, maybe drop bottom 4-6 teams after all star break for the rest of the season..? Not even sure how itd work but idk i think that might spice up the regular season
Byron Bowman
Byron Bowman Month ago
They act like Washington is bums (they are actually) but you have to out run them and out score them to beat them. Beal is 2nd in league in scoring. Milwaukee would sweep them but they could go 5 or 6 games against any other team in the East.
Key Marie
Key Marie Month ago
How many games for the play in? 1 and done? Best of 3? 5?
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson Month ago
22 teams? Only 30 in the League FFS. They may just let everyone at this rate. Playoffs are for the elite!
nearzero12 Month ago
And as a blazer fan Whiteside is overrated.
nearzero12 Month ago
Blazers out in first round? We'll see.
Steve H
Steve H Month ago
Hyped every year for nothing
Jevin Carbonell
Jevin Carbonell Month ago
Pelicans are gonna be fun to watch.
Same Day
Same Day Month ago
if clay bennet cant afford the sonics he shouldnt have stole them.
Adnims Opena Naniuganis
i miss nba
Pairadeau Month ago
Aw sheeeit! Let's get it!
Hariz Syed
Hariz Syed Month ago
Why they be hating on the wizards? they’ve got one of the best backcourts in the league assuming john wall is john wall. Remember bradley beal put up 30+ points this year
Euanmiguel Mangune
Poor nick asking for some alms on the mvp voter list
Glenroy Smith
Glenroy Smith Month ago
Nick Wright coked up this guy using some type of drug he's high look at him . If you are a great coach this is perfect situation for your ball club to move up in the standing . Anthony Davis should definitely be in the MVP talks he has the Lakers top of the west , but Giannis is the top runner AD should won defense player .
kalem rhodriguez
It's too much going on, just cancel the season
SP#34 Month ago
Should be top 8 from each conference . Each team plays everyone in thier conf once allowing teams to go up or down and find some ryhthm, then playoffs start . For those 9th-11th seeds with a chance , its just unfortunate for them because of circumstances . You cant please every team in this situation
Roderique Hayes
Roderique Hayes Month ago
Possibility of dame vs pg13 again
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Month ago
I miss Cris, the only man I've ever heard call Nick Wright, Nick Wrong. 😁
Neil Kumar
Neil Kumar Month ago
This show doesn't really work without cris carter. Nick Wright isn't likeable.
Genuine Life
Genuine Life Month ago
The idea lol
gamechanger Month ago
Cavs are a new team with Drummond!
iTuber012 Month ago
The fact that a Nick Wright would even be considered as a potential voter in the awards given to players tells you all you need to know about these awards. (MVPs and such are GIVEN, titles are EARNED)
rickyfromthe6 Month ago
Have the worse 2 teams be related to the ncaa
Karan Chopra
Karan Chopra Month ago
This guy Wilde isn't very smart now is he🤦‍♂️
John Tran
John Tran Month ago
Covid-19...The seeds are planted for an eventual OKC relocation back to Seattle
Natnael Guliano
Natnael Guliano Month ago
The Thunder is thriving in OKC, only expansion will be the reason why Seattle would have an NBA team
Gibran Leon
Gibran Leon Month ago
OMFG if Nurk and Collins come back I genuinely think Portland take the Lakers out round 1. Bron will quit when Dame goes off on him. Side note, the NBA awards would lose any credibility they have the second they give Nick "Bron Ball Washer" Wright a vote. He would literally vote Lebron across the entire board.
Lester Caldera
Lester Caldera Month ago
Wilde is so boring
MrOshea81 Month ago
If Nick Wright ever gets an official vote for MVP and or ROY then the NBA have lost their minds
3forwade Month ago
Can someone explain this 22 team format ?
Adam V
Adam V Month ago
From what I understand it would be the 16 teams currently in the playoffs, then teams that are within 6 games of the 8th seed which would include the Kings, Pels, Spurs, Suns, Blazers, and Wizards. Then I think they play a few games to determine seeding and get in shape, then they have a play-in tournament for the last 2 seeds. I also think under this proposal they get rid of East/West and seed 1-16. Don’t quote me though I might be wrong but I think that’s the proposal
B J Month ago
Of course they're all in. They are struggling to make up content with no sports.
Eon Ross
Eon Ross Month ago
Nurkic and Collins are really solid players. Wtf is nick talking abojt
M.L. Scylla
M.L. Scylla Month ago
POLO Month ago
I’m confused is it a 22 playoff format or 16?
POLO Month ago
Alexander 2016 I wonder if Dallas is including they’re 10 games over .500 but a 7th seed
Alexander 2016
Alexander 2016 Month ago
The idea is, that teams under .500 are play-in tournament for the last 3 spots. The teams over .500 are already in.
Eon Ross
Eon Ross Month ago
22 that will be cut down to 16 I assume
L-e-gendary Month ago
why not the whole 30 teams.... Warriors vs Lakers first round lol
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Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong Month ago
The Wizards are going to the playoffs now!
Thedrick Scott
Thedrick Scott Month ago
Please don't give Nick Wrong a vote! We already know would be MVP and Defensive Player of the Year would be if he had his way
Cole sutton
Cole sutton Month ago
With everything going on in the world it’s so nice to have this NBA talk instead of the state of our world!! Really gives people a sense of the world prior to 2020
AE Gimenez
AE Gimenez Month ago
amen. escapism.
scottpal105 Month ago
Have the bottom teams play for top draft pick
Tashon Little
Tashon Little Month ago
Wildes definitely gotten better but notice how they rarely is ever have segments with just them 3. Will be interesting to see once they get back to the show
d oten_38
d oten_38 Month ago
cancel the season..
Master U
Master U Month ago
22 get in. . That's the rap. . Let's play🏀🏀🏀
Master U
Master U Month ago
@Selfish Stockton . . . 🏀
Selfish Stockton
Master U Are you finished or are you done?
Master U
Master U Month ago
@ai papi . . Its done
ai papi
ai papi Month ago
*a wrap
Wun Foe
Wun Foe Month ago
They should have only the 16 and start the playoffs. NBA really wants to capitalize on trying to get Zion and Pelicans to the playoffs. Greed.
Antonio Caballero
Nick has fit into the bad guy CC role and Wilde is now the nice guy Nick ....you can tell it was planned
Hail Hughes
Hail Hughes Month ago
Why is he acting like Memphis is 10 games under .500 lol they are 32-33
Mollywhopp Month ago
If they play the raps there cooked anyways
YoungRay Month ago
@Tyquan Williams don't disrespect Ja
รꪊքɘⱤ CⱤɨք
Their trying to get the pelicans in
Hail Hughes
Hail Hughes Month ago
Nathan English lol 😂
The Chi
The Chi Month ago
He trying to make it easy for his boyfriend lebron
Antoine Wardlaw
Antoine Wardlaw Month ago
Stop It white bull is high af
Abe McGee
Abe McGee Month ago
Do key players like Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell who have had COVID get to play, since we don't know enough whether they can still be infectious.
Rude Boi
Rude Boi Month ago
They'll be able to play they both took another test and came back clean from that virus they'll be playing 100%
Abe McGee
Abe McGee Month ago
@Anthony Rendo It was only a couple of months ago, my man. People who recovered from it sometimes test positive again. The point is we still don't know everything about this disease.
Anthony Rendo
Anthony Rendo Month ago
Wtf do u no how long that was ago it don't stay in ur body that long
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Month ago
Please, Nick is too biased to get a vote!
Simon Sez
Simon Sez Month ago
Yeah it’s sorta annoying he’s taking shots at Dame for not making the playoffs when 3/5 starters have been injured for the blazers when I’m sure he’d find a way to praise LeBron if he was in the same position
Tomasoranski Month ago
Have 23-30 seeds compete for better lottery odds.
Simon Sez
Simon Sez Month ago
Tomasoranski They already did that for 60+ games this season... they’ve already shown their worth lol are 5-10 more games really gonna prove anything that the regular season didn’t already? Possibly but I just have my doubts
Simon Sez
Simon Sez Month ago
Nathan Poulos I agree with your point there, plus I don’t think players even care about picks like that. The Suns and Knicks have got all the picks in the world and where has that got them? Even the King’s and Timberwolves. Atlanta has had a ton of picks. I don’t think anyone’s gonna be motivated to play by some picks
Tomasoranski Month ago
Nathan Poulos every player wants a new contract. If they’re expiring, they play for their next contract. Prove their worth in the NBA. It’s just an idea 🤷🏽‍♂️
Nathan Poulos
Nathan Poulos Month ago
what about all the players in those bottom teams who are free agents next year and have no interest in staying at that team. Why would they want to risk injury and play off for their team when they won't be staying next season to improve that team. Would make no sense for them
JT Joe
JT Joe Month ago
That’s a great idea👍😎
marquise carr
marquise carr Month ago
Give a all out 30 team tourney the warriors would run it up 🤣
Lucianodadon Month ago
This clown begging for a vote just so he can vote for his man crush with no objectivity lol
butchbrittany Month ago
"The iDEEaAa... ahem... pardon me..." 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AWSME J Month ago
JT Joe
JT Joe Month ago
Justin Villasana
I hope Portland knocks the lakers out. I’m tired of hearing about the lakers
Justin Villasana
Vincent Ramirez I just want someone to do it 😂
Vincent Ramirez
Vincent Ramirez Month ago
Portland can’t knock the Lakers out because the Kings will do it.
thejonesbass Month ago
Well get ready to lose that hope 🤣😂🤣😂
Global c0ri
Global c0ri Month ago
Can you guys subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe back I’m really fast 🙏🏿🙏🏿💯I would really appreciate it tryna grow the channel
Punit Modi
Punit Modi Month ago
Wilde is getting so much better then when he started, taking shots at nick I love it
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Month ago
Wilds has got better but he's kind of like a lamer version of Nick. Nick needed someone like Cris with a totally different background and viewpoint to bring the best out of him.
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall Month ago
I still dont like him
Bryant Roscoe
Bryant Roscoe Month ago
He has gotten much better. I still miss CC tho
Punit Modi
Punit Modi Month ago
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo lOl more a nick wright hater but sure 😂
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo
LOL yeah, let me guess, you a Bron hater
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Month ago
Fatlock is gone
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