i'm addicted to shopping *ANOTHER HAUL*

emma chamberlain
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-emma chamberlain


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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 100
Madison Flores
Madison Flores 2 days ago
Everyone watch: Emma:🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Michelle Crawford
idk how everything Emma shows us is sooo ugly but then when she puts it on its so cute????
Nicola Nimo
Nicola Nimo 4 days ago
Just watch bitch
Kaylin Gabrielle
Kaylin Gabrielle 4 days ago
It’s always the people with a lot of money who literally have the shittiest style
Boyd Mckinley
Boyd Mckinley 5 days ago
Guys watching emma chamberlain on lsd is so hilarious ahhaha
Anna Teague
Anna Teague 7 days ago
Avery Snyder
Avery Snyder 7 days ago
Anyone else just feels safe watching her videos ? :(:
Emma Israel
Emma Israel 8 days ago
How can u wear actually ugly stuff but looking great huhhhh
Juliet Campbell
Juliet Campbell 10 days ago
I love how an ad comes on and it’s you talking about bliss
Lacie Corso
Lacie Corso 10 days ago
I got an ad of you in a video of yours
Zoe Sheehan
Zoe Sheehan 11 days ago
Ok, goat is officially amazing I know this is a video from a while ago but with goat, you can get black used converses for 35 bucks!
Aubree Loves Dance
Aubree Loves Dance 12 days ago
You don’t look as wired as you do in the mirror
Mango 13 days ago
i fw those jeans but this video fucking annoying.
alicia 14 days ago
god to her that morning- *only I know*
Gill Y
Gill Y 16 days ago
Where's the intro music from?
Alexa Seymour
Alexa Seymour 16 days ago
Emma is so good at picking out clothes you would think are ugly but are actually really cute. I need a friend like Emma.
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Karla Flores
Karla Flores 20 days ago
okay this might sound weird but i legit live for your weirdness. like you being you and being weird has just made me laugh and felt better. THANK UOU FOR BEING A FREAK EMMA ILY
noya hillman
noya hillman 21 day ago
7:04 all of you ballet dancers this gave me anxiety
Ei di Swiss
Ei di Swiss 23 days ago
Hi from Switzerland 😍
Gianesse x
Gianesse x 28 days ago
The fact that she can pull off everything tho 😍
Xander Goedgezelschap
Its litteraly winter so i wont be able to wear them *lives in la*
Kelsey Landman
Kelsey Landman Month ago
I love that she’s her own ad for the video
Jazzercise was most definitely not the 90s...
Bianca Rebello
Bianca Rebello Month ago
"and on the bottom it says words" 😂😂😂😂
Ella Grace Glisson
How do I get my parents to let me get a cat? I've asked for a dog of my own for over a year and I switched to a cat because they're easier and I like both. My mom has always been fine with it but my dad is not letting me. I want one for my bday which is August 31st. Please help:(
moll 1234
moll 1234 Month ago
the amount of likes is how many times emma wore that white turtleneck
hellboy 007
hellboy 007 Month ago
idk if its just me but i feel like i see her wear like 5% of the stuff shown in her videos
CVL Month ago
If you’re reading this right now your RUvid channel will grow, just keep grinding :)
Hannah Coleman
Hannah Coleman Month ago
please post on depop again
Curiously Me
Curiously Me Month ago
emma trying to look elegant in that skirt is a mood
Eman Mohammed
Eman Mohammed Month ago
I love u emma but all these clothes r ugly
Chloe Dhamdhere
Chloe Dhamdhere Month ago
Emma: If I wear this people may think I'm a mom. Why does everyone think I'm a mom? Declan and Frankie: Am I a joke to you?
Creeked Month ago
4:47 the t-shirt has a stain :(((
kylie croysdale
kylie croysdale Month ago
Wear did you get you jumper from omg I literally want it so bad
Lena Zangerl
Lena Zangerl Month ago
You are BORN IN 2001?! Are you kidding me?! Same year as me?? I feel like a immature, unhealed baby who doesn‘t gets it‘s shit done next to you. Seriously shock of the day, I need to rethink my existence.
Isabella Vilela
Isabella Vilela Month ago
goals: have enough money to buy ugly clothes that COULD be cute
Julissa Ram
Julissa Ram Month ago
Anyone from canada know what brand her jacket is? Cause i sure doo
Anali Astorga
Anali Astorga Month ago
Hi Emma I love you
Sofía Osornio
Sofía Osornio Month ago
Random comment, but I swear! I have the same hoodie I are wearing at the beginning of the video and I live in Mexico and I bought it in Mexico that’s crazy
Hdvdhzj Month ago
Nobody: Emma: God only knows
kiera robinson
kiera robinson Month ago
She is the only person who can make vests cool and trendy and make ugly clothes look good
AllysonandAlex Month ago
The navy blue vest with flowers...YT search "Molly Shannon SNL shweaty balls."
Joy L
Joy L Month ago
Am I the only one who wears shorts to sleep in the winter bc we have the heat on so if I wear heavy winter pajamas I sweat to death which is disgusting
Samantha Geary
Samantha Geary Month ago
I love how she's not afraid to wear what she wants
Jannani Sethuraman
Emma Chamberlain doesn’t follow trends she creates trends.
Tėja Tėja
Tėja Tėja Month ago
the sweatshirt that says club scout is not collage, it's like boy scouts but are for the boys who are not old enough :)
coolpang15 Month ago
I used to live in pismo beach!!
Sky Month ago
ok, i know i’m 7 months late butt what was the store called? i’m a sucker for vintage stores
ashley couture
ashley couture Month ago
Lolll I like never see you wearing any of the clothes you do hauls on thoughhh
Just Julia
Just Julia Month ago
3:59 just because :)
Caitlyn Felina
Caitlyn Felina Month ago
I’m addicted to YOU
jeanette walton
jeanette walton 2 months ago
'i don't even like coca cola' 😲☠️
Isabelle beisick
Isabelle beisick 2 months ago
Does anyone know where to buy the black hoodie with grey sleeves??
stzrlex 2 months ago
none of them are ugly y’all just don’t think outside the box 😀❤️
Josie Wattenbarger
Josie Wattenbarger 2 months ago
Guess what its been seven months and she doesn't have a baby belly
Synne Norman Styve
Synne Norman Styve 2 months ago
"i dont even like coca cola" me: *unfollows*
allisone grahl
allisone grahl 2 months ago
You should wear the pink and green skirt with a white leather tube top
Marina Fowler
Marina Fowler 2 months ago
for her birthday i feel like just get her a rock and she will be happy😊😊
sweetcreaturexlou 2 months ago
Just give the black pants to Harry Styles he’d LOVE them 😂
ry k
ry k 2 months ago
emma it’s INSANE how you can pull off 99.999999% of things and i can barely pull of a tee shirt hahaha
khushi rawat
khushi rawat 2 months ago
Is that Olivia's hoodieeee
annabelle h
annabelle h 2 months ago
i am in LOVE with the jeans you wore, literally could match those babies to anything. what brand are they?
Avani Chandrasekaran
does anyone know where she gets her turtle necks.
Leila Buono
Leila Buono 2 months ago
She has a slightly questionable fashion sense
Tamar Greenberg
Tamar Greenberg 2 months ago
Emma ur my spirit animal
Maggie 2 months ago
the one that emma said looked like a girl scout i immediately thought of frida kahlo
Tessa Turner
Tessa Turner 2 months ago
I don’t get how everything looks normal on her
Katy bidwell
Katy bidwell 2 months ago
i'm drawing the line at that awful fucking waistcoat!!
Wherearethefaggots? 2 months ago
I swear she was lying when she said she thrifthed her mother, we all know its her grandad
Wherearethefaggots? 2 months ago
It was the weirdest haul ever but i loved it
Makayla Berry
Makayla Berry 2 months ago
Willow Gulewich
Willow Gulewich 2 months ago
No one: Literally no one: Emma: is that such a crime
Aoife Mcgoey
Aoife Mcgoey 2 months ago
does anyone know where her jeans are from they are acc so cute
Anonymous Girlie
Anonymous Girlie 2 months ago
the fact that shes just naturally funny, like she doesnt even try but i laugh sm-
Caroline OConnor
Caroline OConnor 2 months ago
how does emma make anything look good
Jane Pozzi
Jane Pozzi 2 months ago
does anybody know where I can get Emma's coffee slime hoodie? i went to her merch website and all that was there was her stuffed bunny merch
Pedro Henrique Bandeira
JustAPerson 2 months ago
During the video i lirerally got an *acne ad* I-
Azzy Am
Azzy Am 3 months ago
I actually thought I was the only one who felt that way about labels.
Diamond Awesome
Diamond Awesome 3 months ago
when emma’s only 2 years older than me and wants to move to new york WHERE I LIVE ugh emma do it so we can be friends and drink coffee together and soul cycle
B J 3 months ago
Morgan Bacani
Morgan Bacani 3 months ago
i choked on my hot cheat when she pointed to the mirror
Mikka Rose Panganiban
she actually dresses like those vogue models or something
Mikka Rose Panganiban
she actually dresses like those vogue models or something
rachel 3 months ago
Aaron Gonzales
Aaron Gonzales 3 months ago
I look like willy the ground keeper,
Aaron Gonzales
Aaron Gonzales 3 months ago
Mayb3 willy wonka the leviathan movie 2PM
Joghn 3 months ago
We love Emma's stories...Well I do
Xaela Cuellar
Xaela Cuellar 3 months ago
Emma Chamberlain is the Marko Terzo of clothing
Sutton Southby
Sutton Southby 3 months ago
I loved this video I’m dying laughing rn at 12:30 am because of when you put on the fucking dress dude, I’m planning to move to New York so let’s be friends
Shannon Huntington
Shannon Huntington 3 months ago
does anyone know where I can find the hoodie she's wearing in this video?
mushroom dance
mushroom dance 3 months ago
how is that dress ugly i would literally wear it to the grocery store i would wear it everywhere i love it so much :(
Kate Christopherson
Kate Christopherson 3 months ago
Is it just me or can Emma pull of EvErYtHiNg!!!
E vensburg
E vensburg 3 months ago
the flower sweater and the stripey skirt match like if u agree
Pink Blue
Pink Blue 3 months ago
These things are actually so ugly but when she wears them they look so cute
Zuzana Š
Zuzana Š 3 months ago
Normal casual trousers: *exists* Emma: tHe dEtAiLs!!
Michayla Catron
Michayla Catron 3 months ago
i feel like im the only person who genuinely liked all of these, except for the dress and like the rlly fuckin ugly ones but like that vest was rlly cute
Ada Canbolat
Ada Canbolat 3 months ago
Emma: its like? its like? Emma: do you no what Im saying? Me: NO?!
Adrena 3 months ago
This video is so cute honestly and i love that ur style!!
Delphine Kirchner
Delphine Kirchner 3 months ago
Honestly I love your hauls
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