i'm a cyber bully

Cody Ko
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i'm a cyber bully
Cody Ko

Published on


May 22, 2019

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Comments 39 954
Lana Baker
Lana Baker 2 hours ago
Everybody see that thumbnail Yeah that's the face of SHAME
Liam McDermott
Liam McDermott 3 hours ago
It’s everyday bro
Charlotte Marshall
Charlotte Marshall 3 hours ago
I thought that was Drew Gooden in the thumbnail
The Ecodragon
The Ecodragon 5 hours ago
Are you a fan of willne and memeulous then?
Chase Alexander
Chase Alexander 5 hours ago
I just started watching ur vids and now I realize Jake is a terrible RUvid'r
Zachary Castillo
Zachary Castillo 8 hours ago
“KEEP it 50nic babyy”
TraGic Quin
TraGic Quin 9 hours ago
I'm going to just slip it in gettttttt itttt
Ethan Bell
Ethan Bell 9 hours ago
We all know make is gayyyyyy🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Emily 12 hours ago
Being a tech developer has alot more talent then holding a camera
Alex Collins
Alex Collins 13 hours ago
The same dude that dissed teachers is talking about stopping hatred
Claire Chamberlain
Claire Chamberlain 14 hours ago
we luv you and you’re a bad bitch. fuck him lmao.
Just Game Gaming
Just Game Gaming 15 hours ago
Hoang Alexj
Hoang Alexj 15 hours ago
let's make cody ko to 20 million subcriber =))
Luke Haskins
Luke Haskins 17 hours ago
Fuck minions
petra franjic
petra franjic 17 hours ago
Cody my dude you have won the youtube and our hearts😂😂😂 You have an *ARMY* !!!!! We will fight your fights and punch that Jake dude in his "hero" face 😂😂😂
I don't know
I don't know 17 hours ago
CODY, YOU DID A BIG MISTAKE. How dare you actually not dislike minions?!?!?
Delicate Mwa
Delicate Mwa 19 hours ago
Cody: *I’m talking about how nobody likes minions* Me: *Who’s gonna help kick this guy out the tea party*
Delicate Mwa
Delicate Mwa 19 hours ago
*Chokes on tea*
Berzan Goybulak
Berzan Goybulak 19 hours ago
dis nigha epic
Hannah Siby
Hannah Siby 21 hour ago
Sham Sweetman
Sham Sweetman 23 hours ago
tee few
ArkaKaia Experience
you suck in fortnite
Golden Goose
Golden Goose Day ago
Jake: “MaYbE hE’s A sOcIoPaTh Or SoMeThInG” Now THATS a “bruh” moment
Soft Panda
Soft Panda Day ago
I saw this first on Pewdiepie channel.
Jesse Cisneros
“BLOW A FATTY GHOST” i love that part
Richter Rayos
Thank jake thats a publicity helping yah channel
The swag master
Templar Exemplar
Said the guy that recorded the dead guy
Landon Munnings
You are easily the best RUvidr hands down! You’re hilarious
Ally Birch
Ally Birch Day ago
This video is seriously hilarious you always crack me up 😂
Hannah Mckinniss
You’re a legend
yousef alghamdi MD
“I’m sorry for bullying you” Nice
jack white
jack white Day ago
Cody you legend!
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee Day ago
4:33 fresh as a baby’s ass thats what
Stirling Ironside
Cody u r the funniest youtuber out here Jakes just tryna start drama as always😂😂👎
Genki G
Genki G Day ago
dude the thumbnail made me more uneasy than the virgin video
cdzl Day ago
it makes me laugh at how jake thinks hes so pHiLoSoPhICaL and above everyone else. hes such a hypocrite lmao
I just laugh at people now when they pull that "yOuR A hAtEr, yOu hAvE sO mUcH hAtReD iN yoUr hEaRt" crap. Like gimme a break, are you 12?
alejandro Preciado
I would have decked jake in the face for stepping up to me like that, cody you are a funny kind soul and i know you dont want to hurt someone with your atomic bomb hands, next time he wants smoke call me up bruh.
Genevieve Frankford
LOL he is just generating more fans for you. What a dumdum.
Grace Murphy
Grace Murphy Day ago
becuse those kids are dumb somtiems
FBI OPEN UP 2 days ago
I bet Noel in the back *sipping tea*
HardClxmpers 2 days ago
ur an ass
elle madison
elle madison 2 days ago
“I cant imagine having that must hatred” cody: “c-come on!! I mean-their-their minions!!”
Blendyy 2 days ago
you know whats funny? jake takes cody seriously. cody genuinely doesnt give a single fuck and you can tell by the way he carries himself. keep going cody youre fucking hilarious!
Ella T
Ella T 2 days ago
jake is such an idiot
smol potato
smol potato 2 days ago
Jake: "He's so full of hatred!" Also jake: "KILL THE KID AROUND THE CORNER"
Melanie Taylor
Melanie Taylor 2 days ago
We love you Cody
Michael 2 days ago
I only found you because of Jake's video and now I subscribed so that's pretty E P I C
Dead Memes
Dead Memes 2 days ago
But I don’t want to give Jake views
I dont know what to name myself
oh shit I just got cyber bullied
The Epic Ninja
The Epic Ninja 2 days ago
Cody you are so funny 😂!!!
Gabrielle Marie
Gabrielle Marie 2 days ago
Yah Cody go off 😁
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 2 days ago
Dude, I have been watching your videos for the last week, you and Noel are the most hilarious channel I have ever seen. I haven’t laughed more than watching you vids bro. Good work!
Ryan Mburu
Ryan Mburu 2 days ago
Daniel Williams facts😂😂💯
Reid the anime boi
love the way you gained subs from this lmao
Pineapple Mango
Pineapple Mango 2 days ago
Cody: Says, “Hi,” to one of his fans Jake: *So much hatred*
Alex02 2 days ago
so glad i heard this drama and got the chance to subscribe and watch your hilarious videos
yousmelllikecereal lol
jake literally hangs out with lil tay a nine year old, and hes a grown man. that doesnt sound weird to yall?
HitManGamer 3 days ago
Damn niggga 744K
PoodleKong1 3 days ago
I'm not a fan of your content but cause of that Pewds video. Free Sub
Koi Shofo
Koi Shofo 3 days ago
ThatOneAsianBroe 3 days ago
Oh my god it’s the American controversial Jacksepticeye
Yo go watch pewdiepie's video and go to 14:50
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 3 days ago
How could he hate on the morning routine vid🤦🏽‍♂️
Aleksandar Simonovski
Troy L.
Troy L. Day ago
Aleksandar Simonovski ok
Rosa Djanogly
Rosa Djanogly 3 days ago
Me and my sister watch you videos religiously ( like girl defined religious ) and we talked about the CAMU / cum powder for weeks
Lmao "cum powder"😂,that video was pretty funny
Duncan H
Duncan H 3 days ago
I literally am only subbed to you now because of Jakes video
Bodil Vreugdenhil
jake did not do this to point you out as bad, but himself as good........ sad
TylerrFN 3 days ago
Your a bitch stop playing the victim card
idk reee
idk reee 3 days ago
SToP pLaYiNg FOrtNiTe you 9 yearold
Kaitlyn plays Roblox
I mean you actually went to college
Nikki morris
Nikki morris 3 days ago
There is a difference between reviewing content in a comedic way and bullying someone. lol
Aliya 3 days ago
Bro what Jake did was actually so immature, you react to other people’s content and voice your own personal opinion that’s not cyber bullying. this bitch legit abuses the people around him. I can’t get over how dumb jake is like he craves drama the bitch needs to get off his high horse and just suck up the fact that your content is better then his will ever be ❤️❤️ keep up the good work
bangbangsubway 4 days ago
i can tell by ur fuckijg idiotic homophobic face you fucking tellatubbie lookin ass
bangbangsubway 3 days ago
@idk reeebnha is good tho, nice pfp
bangbangsubway 3 days ago
@idk reee ok dummie but im not in 5th
idk reee
idk reee 3 days ago
I dont think a 5th grader should be calling someone homophobic
Terrance Godwin
Terrance Godwin 3 days ago
Come again?
Makayla Stone
Makayla Stone 4 days ago
Jakes such a joke 😂
Michael 4 days ago
the goblet
the goblet 4 days ago
Cum powder? HATRED
the goblet
the goblet 4 days ago
Next thing we know, jakes is going to challenge danny gonzalez to a duel. And then throw drew gooden down a canyon. I dont think hes a fan of commentary channels.
Archerfish Johns
Archerfish Johns 4 days ago
Jake: He cyberbullies kids Cody: Which kid? Jake: ...He cyberbullies kids Lmaooooo never change cody
McKenzie Callahan
He’s shitting on Cody for nothing when his brother showed millions of kids a dead body....OKAY
Sam Sontag
Sam Sontag 4 days ago
"i look fresh as hell"
Tommy Rojas
Tommy Rojas 4 days ago
Tommy Rojas
Tommy Rojas 4 days ago
Poor Jeff had no clue what was going on.
Malak Qah
Malak Qah 2 days ago
Hee knew everything actually 😂 it was his plan to trick jake and get them together ! you should go and check jeffs cid
kait & lo
kait & lo 4 days ago
"years of not even being invited to the youtube tea parties, and now I'm at the head of the table"
I don't care about your opinion
He has the mind of a 6th grader mixed with a kindergartner Nothing worse than those two 😔
FaZe Robo06
FaZe Robo06 4 days ago
U getem Cody
Natalie Roberts
Natalie Roberts 4 days ago
coming around to minions is worse than the cyber bullying
Paula Latorre
Paula Latorre 4 days ago
Sadly I found out about you thanks to this idiot!! Only good thing that came from Jake Paul’s video
Koogie 4 days ago
this got you a lot of subs
ragingbrawler 4 days ago
How the fuck does he have the audacity to belittle software engineers. He wouldn’t have a fucking career if wasn’t for the folks who developed this site.
Mila Holmes
Mila Holmes 4 days ago
jake its sooo basic human whitout self love.
Laisha Zavala
Laisha Zavala 4 days ago
Lmao he looks like a 12 year old saying that someone bullied him
melodramatic 4 days ago
The morning routine was F*CKING FUNNY
Addi Caldwell
Addi Caldwell 4 days ago
It’s funny how jake thought he could win with his army of 10 year olds
Succulent Stan
Succulent Stan 4 days ago
The thumbnail makes him look that much sexier
Dun Can
Dun Can 4 days ago
Cum powder😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mikael Laurila
Mikael Laurila 4 days ago
cyber bullys man those guys go to hell with me...
Kill Me
Kill Me 4 days ago
I'm still just amazed at the thumbnail
lily this, lily that
You look like that one dog from the Secret Life of Pets named Max
Terrance Godwin
Terrance Godwin 3 days ago
Excuse me?
GikkiV 4 days ago
Now this.. this is what I like to call a "Mr. Struggle" move.
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