i'm a cyber bully

Cody Ko
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i'm a cyber bully
Cody Ko

Published on


May 22, 2019




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Comments 40 984
Firefly Jake
Firefly Jake 11 hours ago
Did you seriously put the link to this video in the description? What’s the point of that? 😂
Bella 19 hours ago
Jake and logan are so fucking ugly inside and out !
Gooblyful 2 days ago
3:02 Dude, I was on your side until this. You're clearly losing it dude.
Nathan Ohanian
Nathan Ohanian 2 days ago
This vid has 6 million views and jake Paul’s only has 4.3
Your Dad
Your Dad 2 days ago
Thing is though if he used the right clips out of context (such as a roasting fans video) he could have gotten you into more drama
bitchinx xdreamy
bitchinx xdreamy 2 days ago
Jake: I can't imagine being a human and having this much hatred inside. Me: I can't imagine being a human and being this fucking stupid.
Destiny Chanel
Destiny Chanel 2 days ago
We got chu Cody, Jakes a pussy and a hypocrite that can't take a joke simple as that 😂
k k
k k 2 days ago
Look at that video like and dislike ration. a few thousand likes but 662k dislikes lmfao
Iza Lestan
Iza Lestan 3 days ago
Im still waiting for the nine year olds to cancel Cody.
Cole Jory
Cole Jory 3 days ago
Even if being a “backend tech developer” is a shit job. It gives the person a lot more pride than “PROFESSIONAL VINER/INFLUENTIAL GOD”
cluluvsu 3 days ago
Jeremiah Jeno
Jeremiah Jeno 3 days ago
and look what jake has become
Markianna Tharpe
Markianna Tharpe 4 days ago
the dislikes on that video he tried to make LMAO it says enough ; )
RKD 4 days ago
Man standup would be more scary, that dude needs to be medicated, keep doing you :P
Aidan Dodd
Aidan Dodd 4 days ago
Don’t ever stop making these videos Cody
Sadiaaa !!!
Sadiaaa !!! 4 days ago
I've been considering about subscribing for a long time and when this happened, I subbed right away cuz of how good Jake's vid made Cody look 😂
Joe Welch
Joe Welch 4 days ago
Jake is a bitch!!
Giant Dad
Giant Dad 5 days ago
Marlo Stanfield
Marlo Stanfield 5 days ago
Jake Paul's a clown fuck that guy cody do your thing fam you funny as hell should double down on these fuckers but that'd probably be too easy 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Brook Park
Brook Park 5 days ago
i love you Cody 🤣
Stef33zy 5 days ago
It’s funny how Jake Paul’s fan base are little kids. So I mean I guess he stepped in as a father figure to protect his audience “little kids” from cyber bullies LOL 😂
EvoMusic 5 days ago
Bitch. Fuck you! Minions are cute.
Comic Nine
Comic Nine 4 days ago
EvoMusic r u stupid
Rumbi Tsatsi
Rumbi Tsatsi 6 days ago
This has got to be the worst time to come after someone- after a haircut? I’m looking FRESH as hell in this. What were you thinking? Bruh- I love it 😂
livamour 6 days ago
Wait what’s this about human feces
external_shadow _
He is worst he bully’s people
jack giuffre
jack giuffre 6 days ago
bruh, that video, "Cum powder, ahhh dude. What the fuck"!! That shit was so funny.
Matthew 6 days ago
If you didn't shame these morons people would put these people on a pillory and throw tomatoes at them. Gosh I feel sorry for cody and I never watched one of his videos except this one bc ppl may believe mr.cringe.
Hey Hi
Hey Hi 6 days ago
U are trash
Lavenders Sims
Lavenders Sims 22 hours ago
Linn2271 no jakes trash cause he’s kind of a bitch
Linn2271 22 hours ago
What for? For insulting minions? Lmao
Lavenders Sims
Lavenders Sims 3 days ago
Hey Hi lol yeah jakes trash :)
Max Pain
Max Pain 7 days ago
Manuel Serna
Manuel Serna 7 days ago
thanks to jake pual i found cody and im subbing, to cody
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee 7 days ago
This is how I found Cody ko and absolutely love him
pink helmet kid
pink helmet kid 7 days ago
There are KKK members nicer than this man. He’s the ceo of bullies.
Kate Becker
Kate Becker 7 days ago
fucking love u
ikon warrior
ikon warrior 7 days ago
lmaoo jake is preaching about bullying when he cant even respect a dead man's body
Belle Vie _
Belle Vie _ 7 days ago
Cum powder, I’m gonna slip it in. Did anyone else catch this. 😂
Mr. Struggle
Mr. Struggle 7 days ago
This video should have been 10 min longer.
messayaa 7 days ago
im looking fresh as hell 😔✌️
Jimins Jams
Jimins Jams 7 days ago
I’ve been cyber bullied by everyone on RUvid just because of my pfp and name. That’s what I get on RUvid. I get cyber bullied because of everything I comment. When will this end??
Tivoughn's Smart
Tivoughn's Smart 8 days ago
I like Minions.
alonzo williams
alonzo williams 8 days ago
Its funny that jake and cody videos have exactly that opposite like to dislike ratio's
PHAYLO RENZ 8 days ago
so much hatredddd???? about minions????? fictional characters that dont exist???😂
Henrik lasarus
Henrik lasarus 8 days ago
The editor litteraly edited out the part where you and noel went "Eeeeww dude WTF"
Bromius 8 days ago
Why is this shit in my feed? It relates to nothing I've watched. This has to be the most boring video I've attempted to watch. I think my nana's facebook videos are more entertaining than this
Average Commenter
Haircut looks sick
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 9 days ago
Man you're dope !!!
SKY 9 days ago
Clicked like for software engineers
Jordan 9 days ago
jake is such a pussy
Cody: i dont like minions Jake: I cAnT iMaGiNe HaVInG tHiS mUcH hAtReD iNsiDe mE. hE iS a BaLL Of hAtReD.
Michael 9 days ago
How about jake bullying kids into buying merch and making kids bullying their parents to buy...that’s illegal...targeted advertising, see nerd city video and also the 170 million dollar fine RUvid received.
ASMAL UMAR 9 days ago
Camu powder 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ashannie Lover
Ashannie Lover 9 days ago
“Who likes minions” Me: BITCH STFU I LOVE THEM
epic bagel
epic bagel 5 days ago
@Ashannie Lover did you have a seizure? And wtf dose you being Christian have to do with you liking minions. Are you a 40 year old white women?
Ashannie Lover
Ashannie Lover 8 days ago
epic bagel tf? Uk this could return to you even if you are a christion (ignore errors)
epic bagel
epic bagel 8 days ago
Burn. Burn in the depths of hell along with the minions
mimi stevens
mimi stevens 9 days ago
I see it more as you’re doing a public service
Luke Branam-Wenger
Luke Branam-Wenger 10 days ago
Love the shoutout to software engineers man 💪 You’re such a great and respectful content creator-keep on being your great self!
Rubin Liggin
Rubin Liggin 10 days ago
We love you
Nick Peart
Nick Peart 10 days ago
Your both bad people. if you make a joke saying something racist, homophobic, sexist or just offensive in general just make sure they know it’s a joke or just don’t say it in the first place. Words are very powerful.
epic bagel
epic bagel 8 days ago
Found the snowflake sjw
olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009
shut then fuck up NICK PEART, maybe get a less stupid last name nigga
Asa Mattson
Asa Mattson 9 days ago
helko buy
helko buy 11 days ago
Who came here from PewDiePie??
Ali Floth
Ali Floth 11 days ago
Isa K
Isa K 11 days ago
im gonna be honest, you need to redo that thumbnail
Auslander ;
Auslander ; 11 days ago
Someone disliking of minions ≠ someone filled with hatred
OREOOOII 11 days ago
You an assoholic bitch.
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