I lowballed people on Facebook Marketplace

Ryan Trahan
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Lowballing on Facebook brings out the worst in people
MY IRL CHANNEL ► bit.ly/2NfCrVu
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1. What equipment do you use?
My camera - amzn.to/2gHUHI8
Vlog lens - amzn.to/2h7fNfF
Vlog mic - amzn.to/2BEYBLA
Photography lens - amzn.to/2PtIgw7
My drone - amzn.to/2julTer
Desk mic (commentary) - amzn.to/2nVinIH
My computer - amzn.to/2xmyGBI
My tripod - amzn.to/2w27Tfj
HIDDEN COMMENT: hope this comment gets hugh jass likes lol




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Comments 80
Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan 10 months ago
hey guys :) smash like button? subscribe if you're a lowballer!!!!!
Mackensie Huff
Mackensie Huff 17 hours ago
Please don’t bite your toenails Ryan, that’s an unhealthy habit
Julia Henriques
Julia Henriques 4 days ago
@claire t ...... is that is 🤣
Ferdows Noori
Ferdows Noori 7 days ago
Duxx 22 days ago
dang you bite your toenails?
siphon 25 days ago
Sometimes i bite my own toenails
K Kat Gaming
K Kat Gaming 9 hours ago
I will pay you 0.1 for mansion
Sam Lowe
Sam Lowe 15 hours ago
Of course people get mad, its potentially wasting their time and insulting. Items that can be potentially flipped are easily recognizable. As are items where people are trying to recoup cost or make a fair profit and items that are blatantly inflated and meant to exploit the buyer. Lowball THOSE people. What you're doing is partly the reason it's such a terrible forum to sell on. If you want to hustle go find a good weed connection and flip that.
Big O92MLBOA 19 hours ago
Someone know what shirt he’s wearing
Daily as Baily
Donald Espitia
you look bebe
AirPods Dude
AirPods Dude 3 days ago
lightning: *proceeds to strike* thunder: *proceeds to roar* ryan: if a tornado busts through my window right now, please smash the like button
The Marshall Boys
Ryan asks " Is this available" well obviously that's why it's on Facebook marketplace
Birdinin 3 days ago
*i'm Hugh, i'm known for my low balls*
jesse avalos
jesse avalos 4 days ago
Sometimes I bite my own toenails
Itz Strikez
Itz Strikez 4 days ago
1ASJ 1
1ASJ 1 5 days ago
John Doe would be a good name for a lowball Facebook account
Bubbles 5 days ago
Sometimes I bite my own toenails😂😂
Riley Koller XD
Riley Koller XD 5 days ago
I love how amused he gets with himself 😂
Lucas Friz
Lucas Friz 5 days ago
I bite my own toenails sometimes
Gravy 6 days ago
Mrs.moon. 6 days ago
Jong a name to use or my a girl name Emma
Lelomello 6 days ago
Ur a millionaire and ur like ....... Except if u spend it
Lilfoot Bot
Lilfoot Bot 6 days ago
Imagine the nocking on the door was the dad he took the pic of... lol
SERAE FISH 6 days ago
5:30 yall better stop it in time its hilarious.
Jack Luckie
Jack Luckie 6 days ago
That's my dad
Daaaaavia 7 days ago
This feels illegal, like almost identity theft or cat fishing
Simon C
Simon C 7 days ago
“Sometimes I bite my own toenails” - Ryan T.
Heck Yeah Lol
Heck Yeah Lol 7 days ago
*does this work? Is this bolder?*
Lucas Gontarczyk
Lucas Gontarczyk 7 days ago
Hugh looks like my history teacher lmao
Yaqoob 7 days ago
Ailsa Castañeda
Ailsa Castañeda 8 days ago
Noboby: Ryan: sometimes I bite my toenails
OutOfSpite 9 days ago
I agree toe nails taste good
Carrots 9 days ago
Sometimes I bite my own toenails
SSDANGER 10 days ago
Hey man.... Can you cheer me up... My mom got scammed in Facebook.. she gave this guy 1000 just for laundry machine...
SSDANGER 10 days ago
Then... She got scmmed..
bindiya mandaliya
bindiya mandaliya 10 days ago
5:31 Lmao!!!!!
Ethan Stanulet
Ethan Stanulet 10 days ago
Ryan, "Sometimes I bite my own toenails."
Rasmus Nygaard
Rasmus Nygaard 10 days ago
why do you bite your toenails
Lakshya Bordia
Lakshya Bordia 10 days ago
"I dont even know what meth is"
The Life Of Me
The Life Of Me 11 days ago
5:31 im dyinggggg🤣🤣
Jena Watzl
Jena Watzl 11 days ago
thats my da
Deformed Rat
Deformed Rat 11 days ago
“Sometimes I bite my own toenails” 5:31
Simran 12 days ago
My name lowballer Jeff
King Of Tricks
King Of Tricks 12 days ago
"sometimes I bite my own toenails"
Romo and Pumpkin
Romo and Pumpkin 12 days ago
“ sometimes I bite my own toenails” I don’t Ryan does ohhhh The TEA
Wesley Lindstrom
Wesley Lindstrom 12 days ago
Who saw the Porsche 918 spider He said butterfly doors, bruh they’re gull wing doors
Lily Verhage
Lily Verhage 13 days ago
its Methamphetamine, its a drug
finlay kerr
finlay kerr 13 days ago
bru he do be bitin those toe nails tho
Manal Akil
Manal Akil 14 days ago
for future videos instead of making a whole email you can just do _____@gustr.com.
MrSpeedCraft 15 days ago
00.1 for your RUvid channel
MrSpeedCraft 15 days ago
Sub to me for 24hours of goooooooooooood luck
MrSpeedCraft 15 days ago
Its true I upload videos every day march 19th is my birthday and my wish is 10 sub's before my birthday if I hit it I'll do a give away please hit it
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 15 days ago
Isn’t Facebook for boomers teens use insta
Frizo 1234
Frizo 1234 16 days ago
Landon Litteral
Landon Litteral 16 days ago
Low balls haha
Kevin el Gamer lol
Kevin el Gamer lol 17 days ago
The Dean guitar with the Confederate flag for $150!!! Dude that's worth like $1400, I wish I lived in Texas bro
Goku Black
Goku Black 17 days ago
0:31 Well yeah it's insulting
weird Stuffs
weird Stuffs 17 days ago
pause at 5:30
Danny Danny
Danny Danny 18 days ago
Faze Rug sent me
gioop.thesissy ;-;
gioop.thesissy ;-; 18 days ago
guy with pool table: ryan: ryan again: *how fast does it go?*
Aeonti 18 days ago
that crf125 is hella good deal imma cop real quick
Adam McKim
Adam McKim 18 days ago
This dude could look at lemons for sale and still say “That’s sweet”
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 18 days ago
5 dollars to cut your hair
Sophia Martell
Sophia Martell 19 days ago
U should sell things for like a super high price
Erick27 —
Erick27 — 19 days ago
When he said he will come back in a hour the quick sentence that flashes says I bit my own toe nails sometimes lol
HitThePro 20 days ago
Ik that dow means i dont know.
Lane Hatfield
Lane Hatfield 20 days ago
No one: Not a single soul: Ryan: I LiKe MeTh
Lane Hatfield
Lane Hatfield 20 days ago
RYAN- Meth Is Good
Kayla Haynes
Kayla Haynes 20 days ago
5:31 says sometimes I bite my own toenails
Sic Bro
Sic Bro 21 day ago
“sometimes I bite my own toenails” haha like if u saw that too.
GiveItToZae PlayzGames
Looks just like my friends dad
Darth Logan Griffith
Who saw “I eat my own toenails” in the transitions?
MagicDevil02 -
MagicDevil02 - 22 days ago
Eww you bite your own toe nails
River Girl
River Girl 23 days ago
You should do this again but actually go get the stuff if you make an offer.
Awesome Bros
Awesome Bros 23 days ago
Some times he bites his own toenails 🤣😂
Itz Drwzzy
Itz Drwzzy 23 days ago
Anyone going to mention the tampon
Car mini Clones
Car mini Clones 24 days ago
The geo metro is in another Chanel the Chanel name is WhachJRGO
Jimmy Green
Jimmy Green 24 days ago
Avxnue 24 days ago
Sometimes I bite my own toenails😂😂
Brady Thompson
Brady Thompson 24 days ago
Roger that lmao 😂
Ocean - Subscribe-
Ocean - Subscribe- 24 days ago
Just do you know that guitar is worth 143$ so make sure to do research before buying
Paxton Games
Paxton Games 24 days ago
When he said I love you guys at the end he never said no Homo
Splatez07 24 days ago
Hugh-Jass Lobals
Noah 2324
Noah 2324 25 days ago
No one: Ryan: “searches up middle age man selfie Google: hol up 😕
Fortnite Domination
When he said hugh jass I thought he said huge ass Lmao
spegeti eating Burritos
Nobody: No one at all: NO BODY IN THE WORD: NOBODY IN ANY UNIVERSE AT ALL: nobody: I sometimes also bite my own toenails 5:30
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