Through Ryan's Eyes
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Literally walking around the house on eggshells, peeping out for that clap back!!!
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Comments 100
Carrie's Life
Rayn: Hell no the last time I checked we live in a democracy. Me: I'm dead
Jay Nike
Jay Nike Day ago
Cerys Griffiths
Ryan worst acting ever come on man
The 4 Musketeers
The 4 Musketeers 2 days ago
4:47 when the doctor bout to give you your shot
Shahad Als
Shahad Als 2 days ago
Fake asf
Isabella Penagos
Isabella Penagos 4 days ago
His roommate was telling Leslie and she was on her phone the whole time
Queen McCall
Queen McCall 6 days ago
The Five Sisters
The Five Sisters 6 days ago
I love you Gus so much I’m a big fan please give me a shout out
Julieta Franco
Julieta Franco 6 days ago
I love your guys channel
Julissa Ochoa
Julissa Ochoa 7 days ago
Fake or not this shit funny 😂💀
Mingsze Yu
Mingsze Yu 7 days ago
These two suit sooooo much
Lily Ahumada
Lily Ahumada 7 days ago
You and rayan are a cute couple I love you guys can I get a shout out please
Izzy Bee
Izzy Bee 8 days ago
Selling Illusions
This is fake .. u can see on hers face
Maddison Lecheminant
Leslie do the water break prank but not until closer to your due date when are you due you could get some oil and water everyone will be sliding everywhere it would be hilarious :-)
Rose Gold
Rose Gold 9 days ago
Love you guys so much and so since y'all baby is due in 3 months don't that mean in June yayyy June is 1 month away
Jennessy VLOGS
Jennessy VLOGS 9 days ago
My birthday is also April 1 too Leslie we’re birthday twins
B&C Strong
B&C Strong 9 days ago
Haha love Ryan’s videos! He be going all out😂😂 I got that same tank top too it’s 🔥
Fame Violet
Fame Violet 10 days ago
That guy who is with Ryan looks and sounds like Austin and can pass as brother.
Kristen Vlogs2010
Kristen Vlogs2010 10 days ago
5:26 Ryan: *Fell's down* Me: *laugh so hard fell down off my bed*
Christina Hochhalter
My uncles bd us April 1st
Kyleizjha Jackson
Kyleizjha Jackson 10 days ago
And do a prank like cop prank
Rosi Hernandez
Rosi Hernandez 10 days ago
Her last name is Hernnadez?? Mine is the same
Kyleizjha Jackson
Kyleizjha Jackson 10 days ago
Yeah like she is pregnant that is not ok she probably cud have a heart 💔 attach
Natania Servellon
Natania Servellon 10 days ago
At 4:54 “bro is that your shoe?” 😂
Makeup By Kikianna
Makeup By Kikianna 11 days ago
Leslie is literally flawless
Lorna Jones
Lorna Jones 11 days ago
Wish i could ever hear you shout out my name that be awesome is Lorna Jones - m o u t r a y my email is Angelina Jones 15 at gmail.com I would love to hear shout out peace out people
Zulema Hernandez
Zulema Hernandez 11 days ago
me and lesli have the same last name lol
Andrea Enriquez
Andrea Enriquez 12 days ago
You got her good
Shanell Richardson
Shanell Richardson 12 days ago
It would be funny if he spoke Spanish 😂 the whole time
Andy Gharbaran
Andy Gharbaran 12 days ago
Abbie 12 days ago
Casually walking across the car park with no shoes on and a branch in his hand😂🤣
Cory A Smith
Cory A Smith 13 days ago
This is funny
Ximena Ortiz
Ximena Ortiz 13 days ago
"She kisses strangers"😂😂😂❤️❤️
Michelle Brandy
Michelle Brandy 13 days ago
Leslie is do beautiful 😍
Chris Escobedo
Chris Escobedo 13 days ago
Omg i love your video❤❤❤❤
Shaunacee Saldin
Shaunacee Saldin 14 days ago
Yellow T.V.
Yellow T.V. 14 days ago
Leslie’s bday is the same as mine
amili price
amili price 14 days ago
Done done done and done
Hannah Curley
Hannah Curley 14 days ago
Can u do a my water broke on ryan
Zhu Wang
Zhu Wang 14 days ago
Bro Ryan where did you get the cast lol
Abigail Torres
Abigail Torres 14 days ago
The last part was so fucking cute, I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH U GUYS DESERVE THE BEST
Cece loves games
Cece loves games 14 days ago
Hold up is she actually born April 1st because I am born April 1st OMG
Hi_Mai 13 days ago
April Fool baby here!!! woot woot lol
Love you guys you are do cute
Diana Lozano
Diana Lozano 14 days ago
Poor she! :D
Angelmarie Reyes
Angelmarie Reyes 14 days ago
lmfaooo “what’s a channel dude” 😭😭
Joy Beasley
Joy Beasley 14 days ago
Rosa Melany
Rosa Melany 14 days ago
She should prank him by telling him she’s on her period🤣
Lesly Johana Cholula
He keeps saying my name 𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐥𝐲𝐲𝐲𝐲𝐲𝐲𝐲𝐲
Eesaa Mulla
Eesaa Mulla 15 days ago
Love you guys:)💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘😍
Trinity Carter
Trinity Carter 15 days ago
7:47 he look *SPED*
Trinity Carter
Trinity Carter 15 days ago
Friend: is that his *voice crack* sHoE
Falguni Khandelwal
Falguni Khandelwal 15 days ago
Btw who's the other guy with ryan the one in black and white striped tshirt
Max Torres43
Max Torres43 15 days ago
this is so fucken cringe
Angie Jacquez
Angie Jacquez 15 days ago
I didn't know her last name was Hernandez My friend's name is leslie hernandez
Janet Diaz
Janet Diaz 15 days ago
I love Leslie's dimples!!🥰🥰😊 Hopefully their baby girl will have them too 💖
Success Motivations
Am I the only one who laughed throughout the entire video?? Lmao I dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Neah vlogs
Neah vlogs 15 days ago
Do a proposal prank
TEMPLESQUARE2004 15 days ago
I never heard her cuss before
Summer Green
Summer Green 15 days ago
This is so fake 😂😂😂😂😂
Ashley Spencer
Ashley Spencer 16 days ago
They’re so cute
Judith TV
Judith TV 16 days ago
4:46 that laughg tho🤣🤣🤣
Cynthia Life Story
Cynthia Life Story 16 days ago
Ryan!! Worst acting ever!! 🙈🙈
Rosa Fuentes
Rosa Fuentes 16 days ago
Haha this video is hilarious 😂. Ryan is a foo!
Alana Tui
Alana Tui 16 days ago
You guys are so cute ❤️
Sanry Namio
Sanry Namio 16 days ago
Hey prank him that your water broke
Jordan Dior
Jordan Dior 16 days ago
Austin should do this on Catherine
mb s
mb s 17 days ago
i laughed so much i love this video 🥰
Kaitlyn Alatorre
Kaitlyn Alatorre 17 days ago
Leslie needs to do a prank on him now
Kelsey Mcfadden
Kelsey Mcfadden 17 days ago
He starting just like Austin and Catherine
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 17 days ago
Bro this shit really happens to people not cool I know u joking but somethings u it a no no come with better content
Faizah Begum
Faizah Begum 17 days ago
They are such a cute couple.
ishita khanna
ishita khanna 18 days ago
Prank Ryan that ur water broke and then gang up and prank Catherine that your water broke
Emily Glean
Emily Glean 18 days ago
She reminds me of ryans sister cathrine from ace family
shannon bates
shannon bates 18 days ago
I turnd on post notification
Prisclla Graham
Prisclla Graham 18 days ago
Omg u did it .Love this show
Misty Hernandez
Misty Hernandez 18 days ago
My name is Misty Hernandez am 10 years old 💞💞💞
Precious Morales
Precious Morales 19 days ago
this was the most cringey thing I’ve ever seen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nita Sophie
Nita Sophie 19 days ago
You guys are so fake all of your videos are fake you are just creeping duhh 😤
CrystalCurlySue 19 days ago
I love y’all but this prank staged AFFFFFFFF!
Med Life
Med Life 19 days ago
fake af
Piloe Pe
Piloe Pe 19 days ago
“U guys are hurting me u strangers” 🤣😂
Jewel Guareno
Jewel Guareno 19 days ago
Awwwwww lesly you are a Aries ♈️ like me💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛🥰
Xxxtentacion 19 days ago
Love you guys so much I subscribed to you and have my notifications on
Stanley Franklin
Stanley Franklin 19 days ago
U now your girlfriend
Leslie Rodas
Leslie Rodas 19 days ago
I’m new to the channel and I just found out her name is Leslie and so is my name
Mommy092012 Padilla
Due date in July yes pore her Ryan your mean I am cancer morn july
yellow muffins
yellow muffins 20 days ago
isn't it looks so obvious LOL
Asmita Baidya
Asmita Baidya 20 days ago
This people r so fake .
Shayda Acevedo
Shayda Acevedo 20 days ago
Ryan got me diying i love yall videos
Promise Zaniya
Promise Zaniya 20 days ago
The only thing I know is the stick
Estela Leyva
Estela Leyva 20 days ago
Ik they should not do this prank but Leslie u should prank Ryan say we lost the baby
Leah 20 days ago
Naomie Laval
Naomie Laval 20 days ago
Annie Lock
Annie Lock 21 day ago
U guys should prank Catherine !!
I'm just niyaah
I'm just niyaah 21 day ago
me and leslie has the same birthday
Mixedkids Crew
Mixedkids Crew 21 day ago
lesley u should do ur not my babydady prank
valeria gomez
valeria gomez 21 day ago
omg!!!!! i feel so bad for your girlfriend i forgot her name
Skylar Schilffarth
Gets picked up and carried. “I don’t know u”
Nate Tucker
Nate Tucker 21 day ago
she is going to kill you
liannys Cotto
liannys Cotto 21 day ago
You do now her
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