i lost

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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 89 920
Norma Beltran
Norma Beltran 2 hours ago
Igette Kavira
Igette Kavira 3 hours ago
Hahaha your a joke
MysticalYoyo 3 hours ago
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 4 hours ago
The world knows you won that fight logan
shuaib Khalif
shuaib Khalif 5 hours ago
Ksi won less go u stink
Crazy 9
Crazy 9 5 hours ago
Logan Paul is week ass KSi beat you up
Andrej Zlatar Andi
Andrej Zlatar Andi 7 hours ago
Even if the points get back in his favor,he already lost.Nobody will see him as a winner.If he wants to man up he should take the L and go back to vlogs. EDIT:Nvm
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 7 hours ago
the two points was the right call - EVERY BRITISH PERSON EVER
Jaya Ravenclaw
Jaya Ravenclaw 7 hours ago
You dispointed us :(
kathryn davies
kathryn davies 7 hours ago
haha u lost
Nagy Boy
Nagy Boy 7 hours ago
I hate that you lost but i dont think you did lose
Chris 8 hours ago
No one: Logan paul: i like boxing but the rules sucks
Ónix 9 hours ago
Lol KSI looked like a spinning Boomerang😂
Tongenus 9 hours ago
I wasn’t cheering for anyone, Because I am Canadian nor a Logan Paul fan or a KSI fan, But did anyone ask, no
HUG3M4NHOL3 9 hours ago
Also vote conservative
HUG3M4NHOL3 9 hours ago
Count keni The 1 st
Logan you fucking lost just accept this
dishant bansod
dishant bansod 9 hours ago
Don't be sad bro.. Ur an MAVERICK Ur an savage Go champ😎
Leah Keenan
Leah Keenan 9 hours ago
Ahaha lol what an idiot Like if u agree 😌
Rick Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez 10 hours ago
Tenia que a ver ganado logan, no mames wey
stilianos Gregoriou
stilianos Gregoriou 10 hours ago
Description says:be a maverick -i dont want to be a loser😐
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 10 hours ago
Logan Paul:”l don’t feel like I lost.” Also Logan Paul:”I’ll like to send an Appel to the commissioner to give my 2 points back”
bikestar.nathan 10 hours ago
12:41 the reason why your a meme
Bailey Highton
Bailey Highton 10 hours ago
Any body notice the 3 people hangin out on the tree
Puskàs Szebi
Puskàs Szebi 10 hours ago
But you lost dumb ass
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 10 hours ago
i lost Well no shit
Roeg Sniper
Roeg Sniper 10 hours ago
You lost just take the L on move on damn
Justin Time
Justin Time 10 hours ago
Logan why are you such a loser????
Angel Topete
Angel Topete 10 hours ago
U lost because u hit on the back of the head but if u didn't u would have won
Mood. SZX
Mood. SZX 10 hours ago
dude took down his appeal vid
Sam Freeman
Sam Freeman 10 hours ago
u hit illegal shots
Cody Hamilton
Cody Hamilton 11 hours ago
You were in foresum
Billy Butler
Billy Butler 11 hours ago
Suck it up cupcake
TheCagyBee z
TheCagyBee z 11 hours ago
I agree 1000% logan shoulda won
Max Pinner
Max Pinner 11 hours ago
The 2 points were 110% deserved not only did you punch him in the back of the head you punched him while he was down after holding his head and hitting him with 2 uppercuts. How you can sit there and say that the 2 points is undeserved. You could’ve been disqualified for it and the ref in the fight is highly respected
Xavier Kidd
Xavier Kidd 11 hours ago
You should have one tho
Xavier Kidd
Xavier Kidd 11 hours ago
But u boyh did good
Niall Dowling
Niall Dowling 12 hours ago
Funny how all these 11 year old logan fans think they know more about boxing than a professional boxing referee and a panel of professional judges
Josh Trejo
Josh Trejo 12 hours ago
Disappointed his fans smh
Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming 12 hours ago
Nomany how many times you fail always get back up we Mavericks yah yeet savage
Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming 11 hours ago
@Niall Dowling you a bitch
Niall Dowling
Niall Dowling 11 hours ago
Ugh. Logan paul fans annoy me
unknown user
unknown user 12 hours ago
You’re not a real boxer, you’re a waste of oxygen
LondonTubeTV 12 hours ago
*i lost* Well no shit
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congrats ksi
rip maverick