I Locked My Employees In An Escape Room Made With Only Amazon Products!

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Today on DOPE or NOPE, our friends here at the office think they are going to be filming some product reviews with us but little do they know, we're actually locking them inside of an escape room! Be sure to stick through the entire video because we'll show you them trying to escape at the end. Also, let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this kind of video and would like to see us make more videos like this!

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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 3 666
Isaiah Coalson
Isaiah Coalson 7 hours ago
But I'm on a phone
Robert Gilbert
Robert Gilbert 12 hours ago
How about clicking the youtube-icon ... ... ... ... ... ... Losers winners only use laptops
Datrebor 15 hours ago
What if my browser crashes again and that gets me out, is that cheating? That was cool but if it was me locked in there I would probably still be locked in there. LOL
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping 15 hours ago
3:27 tanners misuse of "michael and i" hurts so much. i've noticed he does it a lot.
Connor Hancock
Connor Hancock 16 hours ago
Tanner: "The back button is cheating, the x button is cheating" Me: ok, I'll hit the power button.
Two kids Lifestyle
Two kids Lifestyle 20 hours ago
MKWeirdo123 21 hour ago
This feels more like a Team Edge video than a Dope or Nope video. It's awesome though! Please do more.
Crazygacha kitty
...I don't have the red X or the back button. I'm on a phone dummy.
Dominic Conway
On computer use ctr w
Deadlyapple Day ago
Alt + F4
What about ALT F4
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe
I'd be yelling at Roze too. She's so whiney and annoying!! And her clothes are so ugly!!!
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe
This, "card game", looks really dumb. I'm too creative, I would get bored quickly.
Ryssa Abermarus
The back button is cheating so is the x botton Me: Clicks another video, New Tab, Escape Key, TURN OF DA DEVICE!!!
Man Great
Man Great Day ago
I'm with phone soooooooo
Midnight Falcon
Time to make a new tab on computer
In a nutshell
In a nutshell 2 days ago
I can also just press a new video
Hoda Akbari
Hoda Akbari 2 days ago
i thought the dog was real and i was like wowwww my dog NEVER stays still how? and then i realised it was fake oh i knew you cant take care of ANYTHING hahaha
rustin aufdenkamp
More escape rooms
Maxwell Gillespie
For people in the UK you can get the dope or nope game from ASDA because Walmart owns ASDA
Teh Hyper Gamer
Teh Hyper Gamer 2 days ago
Bold of you to assume that I use dark mode.
Links9 9
Links9 9 2 days ago
Rip tanners juul
Tiger Warrior
Tiger Warrior 2 days ago
"You're trapped in here, with us, at Dope or Nope." *Facerolls my keyboard, apparently ended up at a Russian Site that's trying to sell me some strange product* Huh... interesting.
Bloof 2 days ago
ok but can we just get a compilation of all of Matt's weird yawns/weird noises? that'd be great
Chase Thibodeau
Chase Thibodeau 2 days ago
Betty Guevara
Betty Guevara 2 days ago
I'm on my phone hahaha so I can leave
Kaile Hernandez
Kaile Hernandez 2 days ago
Do more escape rooms!!!!
King Anthonygaming
Do you guys have Facebook
Cherryl Boyett
Cherryl Boyett 3 days ago
When I taped this video I wasn't expecting to be trapped in it.
PlayStation Thief
Wait if everything in their is amazon products. I didn’t know amazon sells people and Walls and rooms
Creatives alt acc yes an alt acc
them: YOU ARE STUCK HERE me: im on a phone
SkyRunner Gamer
SkyRunner Gamer 3 days ago
my PE teacher also talked about d##ks
SkyRunner Gamer
SkyRunner Gamer 3 days ago
why can't I just shut off my computer then turn it back on, the lesson here kids is that adults are dum
Sara Hunt
Sara Hunt 3 days ago
Loved it
Joh Vi
Joh Vi 3 days ago
More video like this
Anime Guy
Anime Guy 3 days ago
Heheh they didn’t talk about the X out for the tab
Breanna Kapner
Breanna Kapner 3 days ago
He’s so rude to poor Roze! 😥
Grace Canning
Grace Canning 3 days ago
Ily xx
Katie Bumm
Katie Bumm 3 days ago
when you have a mac and the x is in the top left
Fishyboy Wyeeto
Fishyboy Wyeeto 3 days ago
I love you guys
Craig DeRonne
Craig DeRonne 3 days ago
Alt f4
Phillip Hodges
Phillip Hodges 3 days ago
jokes on them there is an X on the tab I have opened
Emma Liu
Emma Liu 3 days ago
Kinda feeling bad 4 woods because he didn’t get to participate in this MEGA DOPE escape room
imalways waching
imalways waching 3 days ago
Hahaha I am on mobile FOOLS you cannot contain me
Unicorn Ava Belle
“ you’re trapped here with us. At dope or nope!” Me: Yes my dream has come true
infinte 4eternity
tbh tanner is ok at rapping
infinte 4eternity
W4LLST3R 4 days ago
"The back button is cheating, and so is the red X" Me: *task manager time*
Ashley Kemp
Ashley Kemp 4 days ago
how about the x in the top left
Manuela Telbis
Manuela Telbis 5 days ago
"The back button is cheating also the x in the top right corner is cheating." Me: minimize the window and quit it in task manger
Turtle Shelley
Turtle Shelley 5 days ago
"the x in the top right corner is cheating." everyone on apple: *we beat the system*
Shark boy 101
Shark boy 101 6 days ago
Armaan Playz Gaming
Me: **force quits google**
Emerson Cohen
Emerson Cohen 6 days ago
I'm sneaker twins with RØZE
shadow knight
shadow knight 6 days ago
If I am trapped in hi 5 studios I would be so glad it would be heaven
Purple Queen
Purple Queen 6 days ago
What about pressing on another video?
TriXteR 6 days ago
This was fun to watch
Hunter Mack
Hunter Mack 6 days ago
alt f4 to ecape
Dolph Diamond
Dolph Diamond 6 days ago
0:39 but what if I am on mobile
Ze Fox TheBoredDude
jokes on you, I'm in mobile and have a home button (just like every phone) XD
Serona Sky
Serona Sky 7 days ago
This was really fun to watch, I would love to see you guys make more content like this or the suggested maze idea.
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