I Locked My Employees In An Escape Room Made With Only Amazon Products!

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Today on DOPE or NOPE, our friends here at the office think they are going to be filming some product reviews with us but little do they know, we're actually locking them inside of an escape room! Be sure to stick through the entire video because we'll show you them trying to escape at the end. Also, let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this kind of video and would like to see us make more videos like this!

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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 100
mariam algarawi
if i got kidnapped by them id be so happy
Editor C0urtney
Editor C0urtney 4 days ago
"the back button and x button is cheating" me: *clicks on a different*
megger pegger
megger pegger 7 days ago
I love how all vids are 24 mins.. very satisfying
Meowlodie H-L
Meowlodie H-L 7 days ago
This would be great to do in an entire base.
Sudarshan Karthik
You didn’t say clock on anger video is not permitted, so I am gonna watch awake Paul vide.Thank You.
Larissa Dawn
Larissa Dawn 8 days ago
Roze, the "music junkie" doesn't know how to use a cassette player? .... wow
Uniwolf gamer
Uniwolf gamer 9 days ago
I'm dyslexic too :>
Graham Vrazo
Graham Vrazo 15 days ago
Tanner: Your trapped in dope or nope Me: *clicks off*
Snow_Woman 15 days ago
Guys, please another escape room or a maze video PLEASE
Aurora De Luna
Aurora De Luna 19 days ago
oooo they posted this on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute Wolfie
Cute Wolfie 21 day ago
u can use the youtube icon
Gryffindor Woman
Gryffindor Woman 22 days ago
I didn’t get the key/ Matt’s vlog joke until the 4th or 5th time I watched this.
Pappap Alim
Pappap Alim 22 days ago
I am in my phone I can swipe out 300 IQ
JustOrdinaryLucas 27 days ago
10:34 There you go idot
SoLar- J0805
SoLar- J0805 28 days ago
I have a down arrow in the top left can I use that?
Allen Tandoc
Allen Tandoc 29 days ago
tanner always come up with some lit tones or i dunno whats its called?
Jokes on u im on mobile
The ThunderStorm
You never said I couldn't turn off my phone 😏
qwqWolfyy Month ago
*”Got it. Let’s go to China.”* -RØZE 2020
It's Game Time
It's Game Time Month ago
Tanner: And the x in the top right corner is cheating Mac users: you didn’t say top left
Nikolass Klaramunts
"no using the back button or the x" i used the task manager
Sandwich King
Sandwich King Month ago
So the back button isn't allowed and the red x isn't allowed what happens if I'm on mobile or console.
Builderben08 Month ago
I have an iPad, so I can just press home😄
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis Month ago
Jade Hendon
Jade Hendon Month ago
Did any one else be like ha you can't trap me here during the intro am then get an annoying add.
Papyrus Undertale
It’s just how Matt said vodka at 7:59 that was so Fricking funny dude lol. And the gasp woods did when he let out of the office Me and my friend Love your vids you guys are so funny Keep up the good work :)
ShadowwolfieYT Month ago
they forgot da home button thing for youtube XD
TechnicFlames Month ago
You can just play a different video or skip to the end! XD
Jayme Parmenter
Jayme Parmenter Month ago
I can just pause the video and find another.
Isabel Keyser
Isabel Keyser Month ago
Loved this video and I would love to see more. Hope there will be more someday
Furious BearGaming
What if I’m watching one ipad
[insert text]
[insert text] Month ago
Catherine during the entire escape room, "I HATE YOU" 😂
Amelia Hicks
Amelia Hicks Month ago
'back button isn't allowed' *me who has a back button on my keyboard*
Northeast Artist
I really don't know why I expected Tanner to suddenly drop into low-key creepy zone but ya know, he hasn't a spook gene in him, and that's alright.
Gaspare LoDuca
Gaspare LoDuca Month ago
Find Tanner’s juul
Brushebrush Month ago
What about skipping ahead
Galaxy_Cookie 1
Galaxy_Cookie 1 Month ago
Jay Gaming
Jay Gaming Month ago
0:47 you didn't say anything about turning off my PC
Cuauhtemoc Gutierrez
How does this only have 59k likes. The escape room was awesome!
Toxic Chaos
Toxic Chaos Month ago
What about alt f4.......
QueenZiare Hadley
Why did youtube never show me this video? Yes notifications are on.
Aydin Miller
Aydin Miller Month ago
they should turn all of the bases into an excape room
GG ICE Month ago
At the very end when it was done
GG ICE Month ago
I just alt f4
ieatcakebro bro
ieatcakebro bro Month ago
Aydin Miller
Aydin Miller Month ago
do more of thees
Vadeheartaj AJPW
Vadeheartaj AJPW 2 months ago
Does the home button count??
Connor Halling
Connor Halling 2 months ago
This was honestly such a fun video to watch
Miraculous Gaming
Miraculous Gaming 2 months ago
"the only two employes allowed to do that are me and my wife", Matthias
Photography_ Kakumei
lmao I have an ESC key I don't need to use the x button
Maddie Mace
Maddie Mace 2 months ago
If they dress up like saw in a video that will be a video I will not watch
Rithwik Rithwik
Rithwik Rithwik 2 months ago
Tanner: back button is not allowed and the X button in the top right corner is cheating as well. Me in an Android device: option 1. Presses the exit full screen button option 2. presses down arrow in the top left corner Me: hmph...............well that was easy.
Jose Rigoberto Santana
is control + W cheating?
Nolan Hall
Nolan Hall 2 months ago
0:46 ruvid.net/video/video-YUTT-RG1vU8.html
Nacho Business
Nacho Business 2 months ago
What if you just turn off the computer ha
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
The contestants attitudes could have been better, just a little bit less whiny? gosh what a horrible work day I have so much sympathy
Akash Raghavan
Akash Raghavan 2 months ago
'the back button is cheating, and the x in the top right corner is also cheating.' they did not mention clicking onto another video
iabeny Orantes Antunez
Ir the X dousent work and the back botton... tern of compiuter
Jesús Oseguera
Jesús Oseguera 2 months ago
Jokes on you I unplugged my router
Michael-daniel Bam
Michael-daniel Bam 2 months ago
Tanner: the back button is cheating, and the x in the top right corner is also cheating. Mac users: Aight Bet
Official_ Lil_K
Official_ Lil_K 2 months ago
Press the browser button at the bottom or close all tabs there you go I escaped
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith 2 months ago
if i was locked in a room with them i would be in fan girl mode XD
Bitim 2 months ago
This is dope.
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 2 months ago
7 mill subs but 1.7 mil views?¿ question¿?
Jayden Zabala
Jayden Zabala 2 months ago
Why don’t I Just push the yellow button to put you in the files and set a video into trash been on the computer 🙂
Denver Tate
Denver Tate 2 months ago
What if I just skip to the end, then can I leave?
dylan preston
dylan preston 2 months ago
They never said that skipping all the way to the end was not cheating
Brockton Gau
Brockton Gau 2 months ago
You should just make a video pranking them but it’s saw. The same thing but really like saw
- Rearmostline95 -
- Rearmostline95 - 2 months ago
Ok if the back button and the red button are not allowed I’ll just go to RUvid home since that’s not cheating
Wavy Chamaeleon
Wavy Chamaeleon 2 months ago
did we find tanners juul?
Kamran Sharifzada
Kamran Sharifzada 2 months ago
The little man in his tricycle is called Jigsaw. Not saw TANNER.
Red Spy
Red Spy 2 months ago
You didnt say home button im ok 😃
Veronica Sherbrook
Veronica Sherbrook 2 months ago
Is Rose really dyslexic or is she just say that but I really want to know because I am dyslexic to
Ayla Winchester
Ayla Winchester 2 months ago
I'm on mobile, found my loophole
Christopher Paden
Christopher Paden 2 months ago
i didnt cheat i just paused the video an then opened a new tab
Jade Bradshaw
Jade Bradshaw 2 months ago
tanner : the back buton is cheating , the red x is cheating me : hmmmmmmm ... also : me he never said about cliking anthor vid ; ] me after clicking anther vid : * goes rightb back to it
MCodeX. 2 months ago
"the back button and the red x is cheating" chromebook users: Bet
MCodeX. 2 months ago
i thought this was a video from the matthias vlog channel
Amy Poupart
Amy Poupart 2 months ago
Me:ha I have outsmarted your outsmarting because I'm on a phone
Mayita Hall
Mayita Hall 2 months ago
can we shut it off?
Kirby Clarke
Kirby Clarke 2 months ago
"The back buttons is cheating, and the red x on the top right corner is cheating" Me: *just randomly playing another video*
Reagan Ganshorn
Reagan Ganshorn 2 months ago
I really liked all of the saw movies, but I'm 11 so I don't know if I was supposed to watch it but I did anyways.....
Tracie Richard
Tracie Richard 2 months ago
BurttoastOfToast 2 months ago
Me using a phone you fools
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat 2 months ago
have they not heard of "alt+back arrow"?
MONKEY GOD 2 months ago
There at start of the video Me delete RUvid
[TBC]Ghost and friends Gaming
“I got a match”-Woods 2020
The Raptor King of the West
If anyone thought it was to easy to escape: -follow all pre existing rules -no going to the next video -no skipping to end -no pressing the home button -no turning of the computer/phone -finally, no alt+f4 And begin... *NOW*
The Raptor King of the West
Rockyhipper ok, so far you are winning, congrats on finding the most creative way to do this so far!!
Rockyhipper 2 months ago
Control w
Kyan Atkinson
Kyan Atkinson 2 months ago
Tanner got flow.
CookieCreeperPlayz 2 months ago
0:25 me: immediately clicks off but then remembers I came for escape room so clicks again.
How R U Demo Theatre
I on mobile lol @T0xic toast is a good solver
drawkill 2 months ago
them: you are now trapped in here with us and we'll never let you go me: oh ok bye **clicks on next video**
Silver fox
Silver fox 2 months ago
Roze got 🎂🎂 no cap
Mariam Elmasry
Mariam Elmasry 2 months ago
So shennal is trapped there too?
libby worsley
libby worsley 2 months ago
If you didn't know who tanners girlfriend is you would really question his t-shirt choice
doge. inc
doge. inc 2 months ago
In the intro i was like yayyyyyy free foood and a job thats like my dream
myst dc
myst dc 3 months ago
Bro my teacher uses the first product as a phone jail if we use our phones
Conner Metheney
Conner Metheney 3 months ago
1:00 in you are trapped but he never said I was not aloud to shut off you computer
funnyy boyg
funnyy boyg 3 months ago
Technical we can just delete the tab to escape
Jayvier Chua
Jayvier Chua 3 months ago
Matt: ur trapped in here Me: *leaves video*
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