I Lived in a Van with my Sisters for a Week

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My sisters and I spent a whole week in a Van!! Watch The #FeldmanSisters embark on our journey through California where we visit Sequoia National Park and more! In this video we try to convince Mia to join along by giving her a whole presentation about why #VanLife is a good idea. We also spend time picking out the van and decorations to make it pretty and "CloeCouture". Watch us pick up the vehicle, test drive it and decorate it before we go! We give you a FULL TOUR before we head on our way. If you like these types of videos where we bring you exploring with us please let us know in a comment below. We have so much fun adventuring and we hope you love joining us! To see more from my sisters, go follow their channels linked below!
Part 2! We Lived in a Tiny House for a Week: ruvid.net/video/video-pFix5M6TGxE.html
Saige's channel: bit.ly/2LlQ6sG
Mia’s channel: bit.ly/2Ba1bEW

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Thank you for watching my video and I hope you enjoyed! You guys make me so happy and I hope to do the same for you. Thank you for giving me the chance to do what I love everyday.
Love, Cloe Breena
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Aug 16, 2019




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CloeCouture 2 months ago
whos excited for the Feldman Sisters Road Trip?!?!?
lester chaboyer
lester chaboyer 18 hours ago
She can't drink coffee if she's pregnant
Taylor Paice
Taylor Paice Day ago
Yas queen
Adam 42
Adam 42 2 days ago
me to
F N 4 days ago
Hana Claire
Hana Claire 7 hours ago
iii_QueQue_iii 11 hours ago
U guys should play hide n seek in the dark
Meghan Macalino
Meghan Macalino 16 hours ago
I wonder who’s the oldest?
Ava George
Ava George 19 hours ago
part 2
Taylor Paice
Taylor Paice Day ago
You said that there was a presentation and then there was an add and same thing happened when you were going to show us the van
Jayden Plays!!
I have a sweater just like yours mine is blue and white too
Lupita Martinez
LaTonya Cummings
LaTonya Cummings 2 days ago
My bday is August 12 ayyyyye
Adam 42
Adam 42 2 days ago
mia needs a machine like now get her a machine ather ways i will un subscribe
Adam 42
Adam 42 2 days ago
come on guysmia needs a manchine
RandomGirl 15
RandomGirl 15 2 days ago
Don't say your cool
Aarshia 101
Aarshia 101 2 days ago
Pls do more videos with your sisters pls🥰🥰
Gregory Roth
Gregory Roth 2 days ago
you guys are my fav
Denisse San Pedro
I wanted that click if you want too👇
Fhylbert Angellie Bucu
Me everytime im an extra at class reporting: *Saige at 4:48
Jhamia and Samantha
The dog was so cute
Rozentina J Dos Santos
The van is just ... WOW!🤩
Carla Villaflores
The bed is lava 5 4 3
Carla Villaflores
The bed is lava 5 4 3 2 10
Charae King
Charae King 4 days ago
Rey Manguera
Rey Manguera 4 days ago
Can you make a morning routine in the van pls
Fong Angie
Fong Angie 5 days ago
This is how many people want to be Cloe 👇🏻
BBWovles Squad
BBWovles Squad 5 days ago
Karen Prentice
Karen Prentice 5 days ago
Nandini Singh
Nandini Singh 6 days ago
Does Saige do her make up?....... Because I don't know why but she looks pretty nice..... 😊💕 By a little girl 🐈
Lola Grace
Lola Grace 6 days ago
That is so cheep
Arielle Spagnuolo
iidarkxberry Vlogs
Omg i love jennelle she’s so funny to watch and I love her and you!!!! 🥰🥰
Karys Allen
Karys Allen 8 days ago
mia: meritesrian,metalibrain me: 🤣😅😂😅🤣😆🤣😅😂😅😆🤣 No hate :)
Lisa The Boss
Lisa The Boss 8 days ago
when the tv said #vanlife i thought it was going to say my name cuz my name is vanlisa
Lisa The Boss
Lisa The Boss 7 days ago
@I like k pop Oof oh thx :) <3
I like k pop Oof
I like k pop Oof 7 days ago
I said you have a nice name :>
Lisa The Boss
Lisa The Boss 8 days ago
@I like k pop Oof what i dont understand
I like k pop Oof
I like k pop Oof 8 days ago
Lisa The Boss you have a name
Rachel Greer
Rachel Greer 8 days ago
Why did you blur the lepercen RV I am so mad
Rob & Angie Marklund
hi i love you can i get a shoutout please
Loveu doulo
Loveu doulo 8 days ago
How comes they have different titles!?
Layla Burnes
Layla Burnes 9 days ago
Was Mia in hollyoks
cute cat puppy lover
Who da daddy😏
cute cat puppy lover
She pregnant 😲 omfg
XCisLife1210 9 days ago
Youtube Maya
Youtube Maya 9 days ago
Hi I am Avrilcarrasco I love you and Maya
Kirrilee Simmons
Kirrilee Simmons 9 days ago
Who’s here after Mia had hazel 🍼
Kirrilee Simmons
Kirrilee Simmons 9 days ago
0:10 saige : it is exiting Saige : has a bad time Me : 😂😂
StephanieRedRose 9 days ago
my dad has a RV
Ella Ghevondyan
Ella Ghevondyan 9 days ago
It's meta ter anion
Maria Garavito
Maria Garavito 9 days ago
I Love you✌😘😍
layah_playz 21
layah_playz 21 9 days ago
August 12........they are going on my birthday
Jaylliana Queen
Jaylliana Queen 9 days ago
You are a Target look at Matt and Rebecca video letting RUvidrs pick my food for the day there are 4 targets you are one of them
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 10 days ago
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 10 days ago
She on the bed
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 10 days ago
Hunter Jacklynn
Hunter Jacklynn 10 days ago
So funny
Anna McKercher
Anna McKercher 10 days ago
mia is smart mia is cool lmao
Evangeline Donta
Evangeline Donta 10 days ago
1 like = 1 snack for Alfredo
Barbara Ryder
Barbara Ryder 10 days ago
They should go to tiny house Nation
Maddies_Hair 10 days ago
how did this get more views then yk oris's new song
Lauren_YT 10 days ago
I want a rv
Shehryar Lodi
Shehryar Lodi 10 days ago
Madatraiannian right how to spell it its hard
Shehryar Lodi
Shehryar Lodi 10 days ago
Bella Lister
Bella Lister 10 days ago
Anybody watching this sick in bed eating ramen 🍜??? Nope just me, okay
Kenn Dane
Kenn Dane 10 days ago
Chloe your awesome can’t wait to see Mia’s baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Roblox Coala!
Roblox Coala! 11 days ago
Awww, Mia said Yeah Yeah so cute when she woke up
Mia Samuel
Mia Samuel 11 days ago
Hi I love y’all
Yami C
Yami C 11 days ago
i went to sequoia in July in it was the most FUNNEST thing ever one because I went with my bestfriend and her family and second f all nature is AMAZING
Caitlin Wall
Caitlin Wall 12 days ago
Mia is a frickin mood
GalaXy Girl_YT
GalaXy Girl_YT 12 days ago
Me and my siblings hold kill eachother lol
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