I let YouTubers Decide what I Buy! - Challenge

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I let RUvidrs Decide what I Buy! - Challenge with Brianna ๐Ÿ‘Š
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Dec 10, 2019




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Comments 100
Tara Hill
Tara Hill 2 hours ago
Chad wild clay is the best besides you and Preston
Peyton Walker
Peyton Walker 3 hours ago
# dog
Jessica Boyd
Jessica Boyd 10 hours ago
Antipina Valentina
Antipina Valentina 15 hours ago
Call the fish Cody cause it looks like a cod
oLonely 15 hours ago
Quin jade Caballero
Quin jade Caballero 16 hours ago
I hate the second yutuber
Shikha Chowdhury
Shikha Chowdhury 18 hours ago
Unmooseable Laughs
Unmooseable Laughs 19 hours ago
Jerry the fish
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 22 hours ago
Fhish name should be Gilbert
Isla McCosh
Isla McCosh 23 hours ago
Hey Brianna I think Preston should name the fish
mr bear44
mr bear44 Day ago
Maybe Gerald
Creszia Mai Catis
How about famboy
Hearts Hooves Paws
Hot dog my coffee
Thebestbeast Dude
2:26 chad wild clay I am a big fan
Lowery Jenner
You can name the fish dumpy
Lucy Bradley
Lucy Bradley Day ago
CALL him jerld
M Mudassir
M Mudassir Day ago
Michael Youtube Gaming
Name him fin
NEON- Gaming
NEON- Gaming Day ago
I love Chad wild clay
Chance Gagne
Chance Gagne Day ago
Sreyneang Chum
I know a funny name is flowry
Mitchelle Manalo
Bob do Bob pls
Ricardo Zarate
Riley is the name of my school
Kendall's Life
Kendall's Life 2 days ago
You should name the fish Mr. fire
Anthony Pineda-Estrada
Mr. A
Ella Brinckerhoff
That is not how you are supposed to make romen bri
Maverick Faulkner
Reagan Shusko
Reagan Shusko 2 days ago
shnicer doodel
Max Tupy
Max Tupy 2 days ago
You named him already but Timothyplayz
GUSTAVO MANSO 2 days ago
NAME THE BABY FISH HARROLD THAT NAME IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna Sisseck
Anna Sisseck 2 days ago
Preston Junior
Finnley Stamford
Finnley Stamford 2 days ago
You should name the fish floppy
Cherish Hilson
Cherish Hilson 2 days ago
I eat ramen like breeana
Allison Dugger
Allison Dugger 2 days ago
Baby Pebbles
Thrixie Domingo
Thrixie Domingo 2 days ago
Babby or fihy
Iin Rafika
Iin Rafika 2 days ago
Ruby Field
Ruby Field 2 days ago
Freddy the fish
Alikki Petrellis
Alikki Petrellis 2 days ago
I think for the name for the fish is flash
billy miller
billy miller 2 days ago
Angelina Riccobono
Jerry should be his name
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 3 days ago
What about mr. Plum???
Kayla Nunez
Kayla Nunez 3 days ago
/Burnt-toast\ 3 days ago
Na,e the fish โ€œgorgenโ€
glenny fermin
glenny fermin 3 days ago
Ishwar Bissessar
Ishwar Bissessar 3 days ago
Tatem Paulk
Tatem Paulk 3 days ago
Commit if you are a hater but I'm sorry bre that I'm saying this I'm just making sure okay but you should name him gory the fish in your next video can you please give me a shootout pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssse
Eshan Sembhi
Eshan Sembhi 3 days ago
Sky high
Oscar Zheng
Oscar Zheng 3 days ago
Preston should be the fishโ€™s name because that also means you married a fish lol
mickol b3
mickol b3 3 days ago
Eleanor Wilkie
Eleanor Wilkie 3 days ago
Eleanor Wilkie
Eleanor Wilkie 3 days ago
I'm not a spy niga
Eleanor Wilkie
Eleanor Wilkie 3 days ago
What about the name Guppy my dog is cooled that but she's a puppy
Joshua Allen
Joshua Allen 3 days ago
Reagan Brubaker
Reagan Brubaker 3 days ago
Kay Outram
Kay Outram 3 days ago
Fishy โค๏ธ
Craftynugget ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Daphne Briella Bong
I think the fish name should Jery I picked this name because its the second name that bri gives to babypreston in minecraft
Siko Siko
Siko Siko 3 days ago
No name hem the FISH
Siko Siko
Siko Siko 3 days ago
Name hem by Bihanna
M G 3 days ago
Pet fish it will be geery
Farhanah ahmad
Farhanah ahmad 3 days ago
Lil peb as it is small and looks like a pebble
super sibling
super sibling 3 days ago
I think the fish name is John
Annie Imran
Annie Imran 4 days ago
Hey Brianna if the fish is a boy you should name it cool if is a fishes agree with your name is Lily thatโ€™s all I can think of
Katelyn Matos
Katelyn Matos 4 days ago
How come u never show the fish after this year
Press Vlogs and gaming
Name him double chin
Daniela & Juan's Dominguez
Longest because your name your baby Chung
Madysin Naylor
Madysin Naylor 4 days ago
I can't eat sushi I'm allergic to shellfish
Marizela Redzepovic
Walhalla hatte wis
mรชh รข bรดรดลฅรฎfรปฤบ pรดลฅรขลฅรด
Name him mr Johnny u probably already named him
Abigail Good
Abigail Good 4 days ago
Hmm let me think I think the fish should be named SIR DOG THE DOG like if you are subed to mrbeast
Kerry Revier
Kerry Revier 4 days ago
Nielle Posada
Nielle Posada 4 days ago
Nielle Posada
Nielle Posada 4 days ago
diamond boss12
diamond boss12 4 days ago
Name the gold fish puppy
John Howell
John Howell 4 days ago
Bobby joe bye Miguel that's the name I wanted to be joke
Saravanan Setti
Saravanan Setti 4 days ago
I think so the fish name is john
Nicole Coleman
Nicole Coleman 4 days ago
You should name your fish Jerry
Nicole Coleman
Nicole Coleman 4 days ago
You should name you
You should name the fish socks
Ben Worthley
Ben Worthley 4 days ago
Buddy the fish
Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones 4 days ago
My Mum
Jennifer Smart
Jennifer Smart 4 days ago
For the fish
Scarlett Chanel
Scarlett Chanel 4 days ago
Or lunch
Scarlett Chanel
Scarlett Chanel 4 days ago
Name him feran
Kartiki Salunkhe
Kartiki Salunkhe 4 days ago
Kartiki Salunkhe
Kartiki Salunkhe 4 days ago
I like you and the spy Ninja
your pop
your pop 5 days ago
I think fish should be named Tiny
Maggie Rodriguez
Maggie Rodriguez 5 days ago
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 5 days ago
Fred Briana
Candie Barnes
Candie Barnes 5 days ago
Who else was singing โ€œbaby fish doo doo do doโ€
THE APE FAM APE 5 days ago
Jessics Clark
Jessics Clark 5 days ago
I like the whiteboard the best and the easy bake oven thanks Bree Iโ€™m your biggest fan I love your videos and theyโ€™re so neat and kind maybe you should try to make a video where you have to say whatever the other person says in the store for you know that would be neat because not a lot of people would think about that and is kind of risky but itโ€™s fun and exciting and I would like you to
Jessics Clark
Jessics Clark 5 days ago
Lol love video
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott 5 days ago
Pizza ๐Ÿ•
Oli Arkwright
Oli Arkwright 5 days ago
Manha Ahmad
Manha Ahmad 5 days ago
Wen. Dog
Savannah Severns
Savannah Severns 5 days ago
this vid is dumb
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