I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair: The Horror Movie

Simply Nailogical
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This is what happens when you quarantine together💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️
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May 30, 2020




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Comments 80
Simply Nailogical
Holo everyone! Glad you're amused by Beyyyyn cutting my hair💀💀💀 Just uploaded deleted scenes on my second channel Simply Not Logical! Watch to see what I CUT✂️ (haha ok bai): ruvid.net/video/video-zTtnGOMNU8w.html
Sarah S.
Sarah S. 5 days ago
Where is Brad Mondo!?
Spongebob Squarenails
Simply Nailogical beyyyyn
James Cabrey
James Cabrey 11 days ago
B e y n
Ella 18 days ago
It’s Joanna cedia not Epstein 😂
Solixtis 18 days ago
Since we are still in “locked down”, and I watch your snaps when you work out, you should do a video of you showing your “simply workout routine” or videos of you working out! Something cool to see!
BONNIE GRANCHIE 11 hours ago
Cristine i love your videos but we don't care about Ben's haircut we want just yours and half the time your cutting his hair.
katelynn102595 12 hours ago
Ben looks like early Markiplier with that little mohawk
Mackenzie Burns
Mackenzie Burns 21 hour ago
Well i just cut off the dead ends
Swasthik Suresh
Uhhh did anyone notice that when she blue-screened it all hrr blue nail polishes also blue-screened
Aliya Gasimova
When you said layers and Ben said what do you mean a do you mean like a three layer dip I literally heard one of the cats meowing and it sounded like in no why do have to live with these idiots
Emily Kruger
Emily Kruger Day ago
your not rich cus you spent all dat cash on nail polish
Jannani Sethuraman
It’s funny when they blue screened it it also worked with nail polishes behind
Jacob Day ago
Cat Butler
Cat Butler Day ago
Troom Troom is actually Ukrainian. The two producers of Troom Troom are keeping their identities hidden. Red Head's real name is actually Yekaterina Musmova (or simply Kate), her Instagram is @kate_musmova. Blue-Eyed Girl's real name is actually Alevtina Martina, her Instagram is @alevtinamartina.
W J Day ago
Am I the only one that gets a little uncomfortable when Ben tells her to cut her hair. I mean having an opinion is one thing, but it's beginning to feel pushy now? Idk, maybe it's me???
Robyn Ross
Robyn Ross 2 days ago
Beyyyyyn is a professional now. he cut off a billion times more hair than he said
sienna x
sienna x 2 days ago
anyone else hear the cat in the background??
Abriella Nannini
Abriella Nannini 2 days ago
"justice for barb" *me thinks of stranger things*
Kat Gacha _life XOXO
I like it
GE - 03SJ - Vista Heights PS (1560)
you are giving me a mini heart attack when i'm watching this.
XxKyberKat_ 005xX
Ben looks like he just wants to leave ;-;
Sandy Ketchup
Sandy Ketchup 3 days ago
Little Astrovia
Little Astrovia 3 days ago
I really love your hair do u?
guess the tik toker by
she’s the only person keeping me alive this quarantine
Xinrui Yang
Xinrui Yang 3 days ago
watching Ben cut your hair was the most horrifying thing that I have ever seen
Anrinette Pelletier
Oooooh someone’s sleeping on the couch
Izzy Likes dogs
Izzy Likes dogs 3 days ago
Cristine, if you are really considering to donate hair, many places except dyed hair
Jacey L
Jacey L 3 days ago
Who else low key wants to brush Cristine’s hair 😅😅
MOcHI PLAγz 4 days ago
No one: Cristine: No they take the hair from your ass
cwpenguin 4 days ago
jimmy neutron vibes?
Andrew 4 days ago
cristine did a better job simply bc theres less to mess up also u could measure how long ben's hair is and then dye the tips of cristine's hair that amount, so its even(ish)
Andrew 4 days ago
at my longest i had around 2 and a half feet!! but then i realized that im trans and chopped 2ft off LMAO cristine allowing ben to touch her hair is honestly the Biggest thing
Marnie the Fat Cat
Umm Anyone else see the genuine fear when Christine saw what Ben was doing to her hair. * shook *
heypeeps 1009_WX
heypeeps 1009_WX 5 days ago
Beyyyn: 'would i do that???' Me: was that a Family Matters reference?
Sarah S.
Sarah S. 5 days ago
Where is Brad Mondo?
Lora M. Keith
Lora M. Keith 5 days ago
Sav fra
Sav fra 5 days ago
Please cut your hair
CassBlast5 6 days ago
Cristine! As a person who doesn’t do anything that might damage my hair, I can recommend Manic Panic hair dye! It’s only temporary and it doesn’t damage! Would be fun to see you do thay
Tenaj Small
Tenaj Small 6 days ago
ben silently said "bitch" yet again i got bad hearing so...
anabxlla -roblox
anabxlla -roblox 6 days ago
I have an orange tabby cat named Ben...or as Christine would say....BEEyEenn
Dēnkī Kāmīnārī
Why did I just imagine my partner shaving my hair like that, and I'm just sitting there making corona jokes to only give cheek kisses like I'm so weird to even put this in the comments 😂
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 7 days ago
Ben: My glasses should be off, *eh* Me: *remembers he's in Canada*
Stephanie Meek
Stephanie Meek 7 days ago
Ben low key grabbed her boobs 🤦‍♀️😱😂
Pania PACE
Pania PACE 7 days ago
holo simply nail logical I think you are the best youtube
Sam Zuk
Sam Zuk 7 days ago
beyyyn is right, you clickbaited us!!! 😂😂😂😂
frida ramos
frida ramos 8 days ago
Okay but she is actually giving him a Tyler Joseph look? 😂😂
Mer Maid
Mer Maid 8 days ago
“Guy tang who? “ hahhahahaha
Dam Damfino
Dam Damfino 9 days ago
Ben is daddy in blue jeans, belt and tucked shirt 👀
sunflower.mxllie 9 days ago
🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 🦋 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 🦋 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
carson preston
carson preston 9 days ago
i love cristine and all but the way she got so scared when ben was cutting the tiniest bit.. i can’t tell if she’s being dramatic for the video (totally understandable bc who wants a boring video?) or if she legitimately has unhealthy attachment to her hair 🤔
Lan Ld
Lan Ld 8 days ago
If you want the truth idk but i have a big attachment with my hair cause i feel like it is a big part of my so how that is unhealthy? 🤔 i feel like it’s normal
De_niceloli😏 9 days ago
Ben trimmed dead ends that "stopped" you from donating so if you donated 12 inches you would have 18 inches of healthy hair left >3> like don't get me wrong if you gonna have long hair gotta keep it healthy. I'm projecting when I had hair as long as yours to my butt and now have it short to at my ears in length so not as big a fan as I used to be for 20 yrs.
Rosie Parish
Rosie Parish 10 days ago
I'm a savage, huh, sassy, bougie, what's happenin'. -simplybenlogical, 2020
PepperPotsCrafts 10 days ago
What was the point of mentioning Gabbie?
Kisap Giri
Kisap Giri 10 days ago
Simply Nailogical and Ben when they split up “ I let you cut me hair “
ARIA SALLESE 10 days ago
You took 6 inches off my HAIR
M I A !
M I A ! 10 days ago
They should get married !!
Mehlsuppe 4 days ago
They don't want to.
챱챠라챱 10 days ago
is it just me or does ben without his glasses look like bernadette banner
SamTV 10 days ago
Actually 3 years after you dyed your hair you can donate it
Cherry Plays!
Cherry Plays! 11 days ago
You watch joana and the try guys!
Mea Korolainen
Mea Korolainen 11 days ago
I mean, if i'll get my hair cut 40cm, i'll get 30cm off of it
stephi1993 11 days ago
damn.. 36" i "only got 31"
Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
Don't waste your time here. She barely got a haircut
bella hernandez
bella hernandez 12 days ago
You’d look so good with a long bob please cut it. long long hair like that is only fun when u get to do a big chop
rocks are dangerous
Christine! I used to have long hair like yours and I learned that if you start from the bottom when brushing your hair you'll get less tangling. It changed my life when I started doing it that way
crazy lavend
crazy lavend 12 days ago
You don't know my hair cristine, I NEED haircuts or else my hair will get like 5 pounds heavy
Gold Dawn
Gold Dawn 12 days ago
if you chopped your hair off to your shoulders you could probably sell your hair for a decent amount, depending on who you sell it to. your hair looks healthy and you have a lot of it
Gold Dawn
Gold Dawn 12 days ago
lol every time she says ben like that she looks like she is about to sneeze
Alara Erenel
Alara Erenel 13 days ago
They are just CUTE AF
Kenya Wiggin
Kenya Wiggin 13 days ago
Point cutting 😏
June Moon
June Moon 13 days ago
YieeeEeeeEEeee Joana Ceddia got featured, mother simplyyyyy😭💖
NotYour Kratos
NotYour Kratos 13 days ago
no eggs
Nuclear 4¡ds
Nuclear 4¡ds 14 days ago
Damn , banana guy is on fleck
VioletKalico 14 days ago
Apart from the video, I stab extra hard from the spin me right round bit
Auburn Ieroway
Auburn Ieroway 14 days ago
13:04 the children crying No
Auburn Ieroway
Auburn Ieroway 14 days ago
Aries mohawk. Live your best life
Peachy 14 days ago
Loreli Perez
Loreli Perez 14 days ago
Beens new hair cut looks like ronalds from sis vs bro bruh even his shirt.
Juliet Xofficial
Juliet Xofficial 14 days ago
No one : Christine at 10:36 : Ben you look HAWTTT!
Autumn Davenport
Autumn Davenport 14 days ago
Simply Nailogical did better than Ben
Hanna Gemberling
Hanna Gemberling 14 days ago
Her cutting his hair is so chaotic, especially with one hand.. I am STRESSED
Sarai Arrazola
Sarai Arrazola 14 days ago
I love that amish hairstyle
Angie de Bie
Angie de Bie 14 days ago
much better than my attempt i made with my poor husband
idk yet
idk yet 14 days ago
beeeennnn woon
Eggox 14 days ago
‘Canadians don’t really use the ‘eh’ thing’ - Proceeds to use ‘eh’ a number of times, un-ironically, in a number of different videos. 😂😂
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