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if you’re wondering wtf happened to my mouth, tune in next week lmao
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Comments 80
Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna 7 months ago
yes my top lip is extremely swollen- stay tuned next week lmao
Athina Carolina
Athina Carolina 6 months ago
I think they look great!
Helen King Jr.
Helen King Jr. 7 months ago
didn't notice^^
Erin Smith
Erin Smith 7 months ago
She looks so different
Sandra Evans
Sandra Evans 7 months ago
Hi girl cant wait for broken girls!
Fight Back Against Your Demons
I think it was on August 13th. 💜💜💜
Charlotte Newcomb
When he tells alexa to play songs by gabbie hanna, my Alexa started playing them 😂😂
Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe Month ago
“I’m chilly. And emotionally damaged.” Dude same. 😂
Banana Jones
Banana Jones 2 months ago
Oh my god finally a video where I don’t see horrible nasty hate comments everywhere! Well damn this is a miracle!! :D
B JeB 2 months ago
Wow so crazy. You died it. Wow. Crazy. So Extreme.
JessiRee 3 months ago
But wait.... The lips!!!! Did you????🤨🤨🤨 Did I miss it???
JessiRee 3 months ago
Every time you do your hair I'm sad... Because I love it... But then every time you do your hair... It's awesome and I love it.😶
priscilla wheeler
priscilla wheeler 3 months ago
But she has control issues with her hair and tried to blast guy.....remember
Caesar Hamato
Caesar Hamato 3 months ago
Apparently P!nk got her name from a character from a movie or something. I heard that her friends said she acted similar to the character but I could be completely wrong XD
Lydia Maya Lynn
Lydia Maya Lynn 4 months ago
Damn that blonde is so goood ooof I feel sad but the coral was cute too
Melissa Lawrence
Melissa Lawrence 4 months ago
LOVE IT!!!!! I swear u can pull odf any color!! So BEAUTIFUL!!! I totally listen to pillow case atleast twice a day 😅
sunflowrr xx
sunflowrr xx 4 months ago
Have y’all noticed whenever people compliment her she doesn’t say shit she’s just like I know 😑
Maatta Miah
Maatta Miah 4 months ago
She just doesn't beleive it
Jass Ughh
Jass Ughh 4 months ago
Omg.. mullets are a New Zealand thing 🤨😂🤣
hope mate
hope mate 5 months ago
Joe : She was my friend first Irene: Hippety hoppety Now shes my property
hope mate
hope mate 2 months ago
@Stuffed Animal thanks
Stuffed Animal
Stuffed Animal 2 months ago
hope mate you deserve more recognition for this.
Julia Wincent Soprano
It’s crazy how I read Gabbie as a little bit more bitchy just because her lips are swollen from injections. She clearly isn’t, I’m just saying it’s insane how one small change can have such strong impact based on your associations. Looks stunning as always though❤️
Susan Basso
Susan Basso 5 months ago
This is the first time I’ve came back in months, and I’ll tell you I am so god damn exited to watch all of your recent videos.
Small Things Big Moments
Now im jealous 😂😍😍😍
exe _ rae
exe _ rae 5 months ago
4:31 I’m pretty sure it’s a joke and im gonna sound dumb for saying this but that’s not how she got her name! She got it from a movie
Coral Breeden
Coral Breeden 5 months ago
my name is Coral, and i love it
sunryses 6 months ago
Ugh I can’t believe you’re able to sleep at night having those chemicals and bleach in your hair it’s so bad for your hair, and it didn’t even look good, I recommend you shave your head and keep your natural hair color but you don’t have to
savana fehr
savana fehr 2 months ago
Bruh, beleive it or not, your hair heals!
sunryses 6 months ago
Gabbie your eye shadow is so beautiful girl
hannah jones
hannah jones 6 months ago
Pink’s name was actually inspired by a character in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs! Mr. Pink, played by Steve Buscemi
Ava Hart
Ava Hart 6 months ago
She should get straight across bangs!!
TooFabulousForYou X
TooFabulousForYou X 6 months ago
I love platinum on Gabbie😍
Danny Marie Williams
Gabbie I love your pink hair and you are extremely gorgeous . I'm excited to see part 2 of your cleaning series 💖💖 💖
Amanda Quoff
Amanda Quoff 6 months ago
It’s the 27th of September. It’s not even August yet
Rowena Kite
Rowena Kite 6 months ago
4:17 no... she said at one of her Sydney concerts last year that it was because she always wore red at school. So the bullies called her pink because of red clothing, too make her sound more immature.
Jessica Brejcha
Jessica Brejcha 6 months ago
OMG THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO! But more of a rose gold color
Axstetic 6 months ago
Guy triggered my Alexa
Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne 6 months ago
Okay but this snapped
Meg Smith
Meg Smith 6 months ago
I wanna dye my hair now 😭
Chloe Sw
Chloe Sw 6 months ago
1st of all your hair looks bomb af Secondly YEHHHH BROKEN GIRLS MUSIC VIDEOOOOOO
Scar Casarez
Scar Casarez 6 months ago
Still don’t see a change
Ashley Wilshaw
Ashley Wilshaw 6 months ago
Please stop filming with gum in your mouth. I have misophonia and it's extremely difficult for me to watch any of your videos where you're chewing gum.
Skylar Spinks
Skylar Spinks 6 months ago
Did anyone else’s Alexa go off
Argo 6 months ago
Gabbie reminded me of Lady Gaga so much in this video for some reason. Like sometimes she just looked like her.
Leanndra Saferight
Leanndra Saferight 6 months ago
I just noticed that this video came out on my birthday 😂😂
winterrrsea 6 months ago
So sad to see that Guy isn't Guy with you anymore....
Life Begins With A Cob
can i just say that i love gabbies song monster
April Romanek
April Romanek 6 months ago
I thought the color was going to be more vibrant, but I still liked it, and I hope Gabbie didn’t say she liked it if it wasn’t vibrant enough. At least it won’t be so hard to lift for the next time.
mariam abdelwahab
mariam abdelwahab 6 months ago
History/old school geek
Jenna Marbles who?
yoitssaigee 6 months ago
lmaooo😹🤣 i was sitting next to my brother and one of his cute ass friends😅 when they were talking about vaginas😭💀 my brother’s friend nodded his head then looked at me like “😏” AAAAHHHHH😭😹 edit: not to be classy or trashy buuuuuuhhhhttt we’re dating now😹💗
analisa quiroz
analisa quiroz 6 months ago
why does gabbie look like emily ratajkowski
Petition Peitition
Petition Peitition 6 months ago
Julie Morgan
Julie Morgan 6 months ago
Who else came her lip filler
Charlie 6 months ago
Are they actually dating?! I ship it so hard!
StormingSkies 6 months ago
go lavender next pls
James Guildford
James Guildford 6 months ago
What’s up with your lips on this video it makes you look so different in a good way tho
Jordan Carr
Jordan Carr 6 months ago
I kinda love the blonde
kathryn sleezer
kathryn sleezer 6 months ago
Gabbie I wanna see you with long hair... Winter 2029-2020
Peter D
Peter D 7 months ago
I have platinum and she’s killing the game
KrYpt1c Crazyy
KrYpt1c Crazyy 7 months ago
Now I’ve watched her lip filler video I can’t stop noticing how big her lips are compared to before I like it though
Chloee Howard
Chloee Howard 7 months ago
Gabbie: " I think this is my most extreme hair transformation" um what about the time she chopped it all off and dyed it galaxy BY HERSELF lmao I love her though. This literally looks amazing!
Laura Delp
Laura Delp 7 months ago
You and guy tang should just be a regular thing
Gracie Reese
Gracie Reese 7 months ago
Her gay bestfriend has never saw a Vagina before so she showed him and he said “oh it’s pink!” That’s how she got her name 😂
Not Your Average Child
My hair stylist has a thing for my grandpa and they are 60! My hair stylist has purple hair and she rocks it. She also loves me lol
FaithIn TheReins
FaithIn TheReins 7 months ago
10:03 ... sex joke
J Ml
J Ml 7 months ago
aww Guy is actually such a sweet guy! he seemed too LOUD and extra on his own channel :0
Random_child 7 months ago
0:18 when you and your best friend became friends
Miu 7 months ago
5'20'' such good advice on haircolouring!
I love how this guy has his face all over
Kepler Kangroo
Kepler Kangroo 7 months ago
>Has control issues. >Has a video with guy where we saw the control issues unfold over a few videos. >Comes back to guy and gives up control again. This time control in hands of randos. Me: This video is very interesting and I want to study the mind of this person.
Ryan Plays Gamez
Ryan Plays Gamez 7 months ago
I think I like longer hair on her
omg AJ omg
omg AJ omg 7 months ago
Sophie Neal
Sophie Neal 7 months ago
u shouldve stayed blonde tbh it looked nice and professional
Kristine Gruwell
Kristine Gruwell 7 months ago
The end of this video made my Alexa play Gangnam Style.... 😂😂
Chloe’s Trash channel
Did hot topic throw up on you
Alyson Morgans
Alyson Morgans 7 months ago
Why is no here talking about the fact that she mentioned she's releasing a music video for broken girls?! I'm so excited! Love you, Gabs!
21hairgirl- Amber
21hairgirl- Amber 7 months ago
I’m surprised no one commented this. Why is her hair in all the following videos not pink? It’s back to blonde. Or are all these videos filmed before seeing Guy Tang but then just posted later? She posted a new video yesterday with blonde hair. 🤷‍♀️
Susan Abderhalden
Susan Abderhalden 7 months ago
You look awesome platinum
Susan Abderhalden
Susan Abderhalden 7 months ago
No don't do anything your hair finaly looks good.
Maddie Owen
Maddie Owen 7 months ago
4:24 got me cracking up laughing
Michelle Santoyo
Michelle Santoyo 7 months ago
Tell me why I dye my hair rose gold and then I see this 😂 I’ve been loving the pink hair colors on people 😍😭
Hannah Hawkes
Hannah Hawkes 7 months ago
7:53 he has obviously never seen America Horror Story because lady gaga SLAYED in that
M M 7 months ago
"I like attention" *also has social anxiety* ..me
The Valenzuela Fam
The Valenzuela Fam 7 months ago
frani lila
frani lila 7 months ago
last time i watched guy tang he looked completly normal now he looks like a ken doll im confused
Rain 7 months ago
Lady Gaga was also on another TV show lol forgot the name its something hotel I think?
Mxx Wallace
Mxx Wallace 7 months ago
'' Irene, he's right here, text me'' ... mood af.
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