I Just Opened 100+ APEX PACKS in Apex Legends..

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100+ APEX LEGENDS Apex Pack Opening - I unlocked some intense weapons! Legendary Weapon Variants and Legendary Weapon camos, all look supr cool. This is my first Apex Pack Opening. This is my biggest pack opening
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Feb 11, 2019




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Comments 5 412
Hollow 2 months ago
Apex PACK, Apex Packs, Dear Apex Legends Gods, i kept saying alpha packs. Accept my apologies.. anyways - Enjoy
PortGamer 408
PortGamer 408 15 days ago
I want some Apex packs gamertag is PortGamer 408
pug plays
pug plays 15 days ago
You can equip it when you get your loot
OG BEAST Month ago
Hollow you can equip the skins from there you just pick equip from the thing you click
ZackBeastie Plays
ZackBeastie Plays 2 months ago
Hollow you know that you can equip them right??? There’s a big button that says the current skin you have on the weapon or legend and you can equip the current one
Justin Chew03
Justin Chew03 2 months ago
Cohen Gardiner
Btw what u get when u get everything is crafting matierials
darkness 01
darkness 01 3 days ago
How fucking stupid is this guy I’ve played for a week level 47 and know more
ZacTheConqu erer
ZacTheConqu erer 3 days ago
At 7:00 he noticed messed up
ZacTheConqu erer
ZacTheConqu erer 3 days ago
You can equip them
AleXtreme569 4 days ago
They give you only crafting metals
Von ParZivaL
Von ParZivaL 5 days ago
The legendary mozombeque makes me cry 😭😭😭
Facless 8 days ago
Legendary flatline ar camo
Axel Laing
Axel Laing 12 days ago
You can equid it right there 🤦‍♂️
If you unlock everything you will just going to get Crafting metals
I really need Apex Coins but apex Packs is just as Good
Alan Peters
Alan Peters 12 days ago
Syynster 12 days ago
Syynster 12 days ago
Syynster 12 days ago
Fire Lord
Fire Lord 13 days ago
Tht Mozambique
PortGamer 408
PortGamer 408 15 days ago
I want some Apex pack gamertag is PortGamer 408
pug plays
pug plays 15 days ago
You idiot of course u can equip it from there
PokemonAssociate 15 days ago
*is that a hint of a Mozambique in the thumbnail...*
Gemini Nosaga
Gemini Nosaga 16 days ago
it will be good hollow
Its_Splodes 16 days ago
If you unlock everything you just keep getting crafting metals
Brayen Manis
Brayen Manis 16 days ago
You still have much to learn. You spend your money on all of these packs and you dont know anything about the game😂
Dragana Surla Maiuri
Heirloom set
Gage Jacobs
Gage Jacobs 17 days ago
If you get every item and open more apex packs you just get crafting material
g d
g d 17 days ago
g d
g d 17 days ago
I want Alex packs
Patrick Sutton
Patrick Sutton 18 days ago
you can just tell this guy isn't good at apex lmao
mennie cabasal
mennie cabasal 17 days ago
he is good at apex...he's good at the main game,not at buying or equiping
kagan ness
kagan ness 18 days ago
You can equip skins in the pack
Mr Lucky
Mr Lucky 20 days ago
The royal guard for bloodhound
Alessandro Binaggia
when u max out everything in the game u get crafting materials form packs
Bragg Bringer
Bragg Bringer 20 days ago
U can equip it my boi 11 likes if u agree
ItZ Venom
ItZ Venom 20 days ago
i wish you could equip on this screen he dose it at 20:49 lolololololololol
HaZy TTV 20 days ago
So dumb dude i betbu get 2 kills per game
The Epic Gamer 56
The Epic Gamer 56 20 days ago
It pisses me off that he gets such good stuff and I get grey quips, intros or Mozambique skins. He gets so many purple and gold and I'm here with the shittiest luck ever
Izayah Streicher
Izayah Streicher 21 day ago
U get only crafting mats when u have everything
A.A. 90
A.A. 90 21 day ago
If u unlocked everything u will keep gitting crafting mats
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 21 day ago
You was praising them so you get good loot that's why you called them alpha
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 21 day ago
Kraber Mozambique lmao
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 21 day ago
If you unlock everything you just get crafting materials
Rohan Shawarma
Rohan Shawarma 21 day ago
It says “EQUIP” right there lmao
Keegan Baxter
Keegan Baxter 22 days ago
When u unlock everything u get crafting parts
Redreaper 11
Redreaper 11 22 days ago
U said no dupes there’s crafting materials
robokiller 9974
robokiller 9974 22 days ago
I only have a legendary p2020
anthony emlen
anthony emlen 22 days ago
When you unlock everything you only get crafting materials
The NuttHead
The NuttHead 22 days ago
Ligma killed me.
Magnus Rúnuson Svenningsen
I'm LVL 43 and I've gotten like one legandary.Ps. hollow u can equip items when u are opening packs
Da oily bannana
Da oily bannana 23 days ago
My Favorite was getting a legendary liberator skin for wraith
Thias-TVM 23 days ago
Smokey Charger
Smokey Charger 24 days ago
If you get everything you just start getting crafting materials
Jasper .v
Jasper .v 25 days ago
Than you get only crafting metals
Raul Vega
Raul Vega 25 days ago
280 apex packs skins and legendary ban for every legend
Andy Cam
Andy Cam 26 days ago
He's making me lose my brain cells
Steven Wight
Steven Wight 28 days ago
Yes,I want to be a winner like you
Shaun Mize
Shaun Mize 28 days ago
ahmed hartavioglu
ahmed hartavioglu 29 days ago
Lol he doesn’t knows how to equip LMAO 😂
Jahbasedvesprey Month ago
Equip not euipt
ZombyNinja81 ibn
I think you get crafting metal
Toby Swagerman12
Quick tip with the crafting materials you craft all the junk first then your upcoming packs get real sick for video
Mads-Emil Brønnum
you sound soo clueless about this game
Smoxy Fox
Smoxy Fox Month ago
Him not equipping all those legendaries high-key annoys me .
Liam Raimundo
Liam Raimundo Month ago
*Alpha pack*
Liam Raimundo
Liam Raimundo Month ago
2:44 you’ll just get crafting metals
iLurk eSports
iLurk eSports Month ago
Hollow after you get everything including the Heirloom Set (Red), You get Crafting Materials ;) Hope I helped!
Carter Simpson
Carter Simpson Month ago
i leveled up to 20 and got the heirloom crate and went crazy
SharKadow 28 days ago
No way
Obey Hectic
Obey Hectic Month ago
My favorite pack opening is when I got “the vengeance seeker” for my wraith
Im Dronn
Im Dronn Month ago
I got the *Heirloom Set* from a level 28 pack. Right after i won a game. Its my recent video, please check it out
Dead 24 days ago
U're so lucky lol
Im Dronn
Im Dronn Month ago
I opened 1 pack after a win and got heirloom. Its my last video
Chris Cella
Chris Cella Month ago
This dude looks like Mirage
DarkArmedTTV 2
DarkArmedTTV 2 Month ago
My first pack I got the knife
DarkArmedTTV 2
DarkArmedTTV 2 Month ago
I know
N-word Pass
N-word Pass Month ago
Lucky mf
Noble Society
Noble Society Month ago
Hey bro this is awesomeness, great work.
drew nelson
drew nelson Month ago
You would get all crafting materials
Marthy John Dizon
500 packs or less u get heirloom set😬😊, you know heirloom? Higher tier than legendary, its a set of skin, knife and banner pose
SWAT • Month ago
It'll be cool if you got this without PAYING!
51UM Month ago
That overpowered as fuck yellow mirage skin ridiculous. You cant even see him. So dumb.
Nick Geffen
Nick Geffen Month ago
Is it just me or are the drop rates for console better? My mate on ps4 got a legendary on his second drop. And im level 37 with not a single one...
retarded aunt
retarded aunt Month ago
My favorite item I got is a legendary camo for Mozambique it’s called honor guard
Game Rocker 101
Game Rocker 101 Month ago
This dude be fuckin reterded and don't know how to play yet
Komrade Matt
Komrade Matt Month ago
If I got a legendary skin for the mozambique I'd be rather upset lmao.
Its legit 30 dollars for one skin in this game.
Hey Peepz
Hey Peepz Month ago
He gets so many legendaries and im lvl 74 and only got 2 so far out of apex packs 🤣🤣🤣
Lonestarjo0 Month ago
This dude plays Gibraltar and said the flatline is good...🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Cayde Raleigh
Cayde Raleigh Month ago
and you just get crafting materials after you unlock everything
Cayde Raleigh
Cayde Raleigh Month ago
I’m getting shook the equip button is so big and obvious
I love Robo
I love Robo Month ago
Why did you not equipp the new things I swear that annoys me
Elite_kid Month ago
If you have everything then you get crafting metals
Elite_kid Month ago
Yes I want some packs
raggy Month ago
4:07 notice how the spider apex thing flies away.
Jihad Akbar
Jihad Akbar Month ago
20:39 his reaction
PhaiZ Month ago
I need ur guys opinion on this pls Help me with this 🙏🏻 I got 1185 crafting metals Should i buy either 1 legendary skin Or Epic skins-Rare quips-Rare Banner -Epic pose for my n only bangalore 😅
billie moody
billie moody Month ago
What did u buy? Buy legendary skin! The space suit for bangalore looks dope af
Bruno Idzan
Bruno Idzan Month ago
Wow youre mi idol
Lol you literally did one of the thumbnails One of the huuu look at this puts hands on face
KoalaGuy Month ago
Haha this guys sees the true beauty of the Mozambique... ':)
keyb0at Month ago
"I just wanna slap this guys flappy gums out!" -Equip
SAMMYBOI _128 Month ago
I’ve opened like 20 packs and my two favorites are the multicolor r-301 AR skin or the galaxy peacekeeper skin
Myst1cM4tt Month ago
I got jebaited. Legendary crafting materials :(
Hdlegend Killer-DJ
*I wish I could equip them right there*
RickyPlayz Month ago
I started 2 days ago and I got a purple tier skin for that big dood.
Jacob Mcallisterr
Void specialist
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez Month ago
alpha packs alpha packs alpha packs
Jerry Quintero
Jerry Quintero Month ago
I love how he said “I love how common you get legendarys in this game” this guy!! Dude I’m lvl 80 and still only have gotten one legendary. So no you don’t get them that often ! But I will enjoy watching your video :( MBN
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