I Just Opened 100+ APEX PACKS in Apex Legends..

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100+ APEX LEGENDS Apex Pack Opening - I unlocked some intense weapons! Legendary Weapon Variants and Legendary Weapon camos, all look supr cool. This is my first Apex Pack Opening. This is my biggest pack opening
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11 фев 2019

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Комментарии 5 296
Hollow 11 дней назад
Apex PACK, Apex Packs, Dear Apex Legends Gods, i kept saying alpha packs. Accept my apologies.. anyways - Enjoy
ZackBeastie Plays
ZackBeastie Plays 6 дней назад
Hollow you know that you can equip them right??? There’s a big button that says the current skin you have on the weapon or legend and you can equip the current one
Justin Chew03
Justin Chew03 7 дней назад
Ethan Hadley
Ethan Hadley 7 дней назад
Hollow you can click on the weapon then click equip
melwin 7 дней назад
I think ur joking that u do not see the equip button right?
Case Carney
Case Carney 8 дней назад
I want to make guns because we just got on
Sike vdb
Sike vdb 12 часов назад
yo im from belgium and in belgium nobody can buy packs its lock in belgium i hate belgium the king in belgium can go suck a fk nut
Nathalie День назад
Get's excited over the mozambique skin, although you will never actually be using it.
papa noalsa
papa noalsa День назад
you can equip it when u get it
raged technician
raged technician День назад
My favorite item I received was the crimson fired taken for the g7 scout
Alex Servin
Alex Servin День назад
I only got the epic ones
Noah Steedman
Noah Steedman День назад
Can u add me on fortnite or apex username is minion_rush9
Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards День назад
Sub to me please I have no subs lol
Bau 1322
Bau 1322 День назад
I was the 911 dislike. Police: 911 what’s your emergency?
Saturated Odin
Saturated Odin 2 дня назад
I would guess you get crafting materials
Bravery05 2 дня назад
The kuini
DarkC4 Gamer
DarkC4 Gamer 2 дня назад
i have got an grey skin
Joshua Lofulo
Joshua Lofulo 2 дня назад
smh my head
Fernando Valles
Fernando Valles 2 дня назад
Got the heirloom set for wraith so that was neat as hell. Best part was I didn't even know it was as rare as it is.
jens drost
jens drost 2 дня назад
jens drost
jens drost 2 дня назад
Can i Please have those apex packs 🤑
Stona Raptor
Stona Raptor 3 дня назад
2. pack was heirloom. Had disconnect and lost the heirloom. Seriously fuck this shit
Gavin c
Gavin c 3 дня назад
1:48 ....................
Legitraak 3 дня назад
I'm level 42 With only 1 legendary 😂
Cold Day
Cold Day 3 дня назад
Like 60 or so packs n just a ton of legendary
Fortnitemares 3 дня назад
I got a gold skin for bloudhound and mirage and it only took me 5 pack to Get em both
ABFenix 3 дня назад
I’ve opened 21 packs and my best thing is the heirloom set for Wraith
XD GETCLAPED 3 дня назад
You would just get crafting materials if you get everything
xGhostLike 4 дня назад
Oh yeah yeah raider
Oh yeah yeah raider 4 дня назад
Would love to get free stuff😂
MEOWLOTOV ! 4 дня назад
My brother got the fucking knife and only spent $20 on apex packs, it’s less than a 1% chance. Usually the way to get it is by spending $500 and you will guarantied get it.
Twisted Reaper
Twisted Reaper 4 дня назад
“The yellow and the orange and the purple there coming”
Twisted Reaper
Twisted Reaper 4 дня назад
Your fucking stupid you can equip the camps for one and it says the name of the gun under it when you open the pack and you are soooooo annoying
SkyLimit Music
SkyLimit Music 4 дня назад
Every 30 packs you open you get a legendary
Alpha Eric
Alpha Eric 4 дня назад
For some who is level 25 he really doesn’t know shit about the game...
Colombo TNT
Colombo TNT 4 дня назад
gimme gimme gimme some apex packs
Aether Martyr
Aether Martyr 4 дня назад
i hit lv 41 yesterday and after all the apex packs that i opened, i dont have a single legendary. and have 215 craft metal fuck this game
This channel will never hit 1,000 subscribers
Your face cam was a little bit delayed with the game.
Rose Walsh
Rose Walsh 4 дня назад
Please let me win the giveaway! I’ve been subbed for a while now and really hope I can win. Also the best thing I’ve got was a wraith skin called quarantine or something. I don’t really know it just looked cool.
Nelz Playz
Nelz Playz 4 дня назад
He does know u can equip them straight away?
Hamza -
Hamza - 5 дней назад
I opened 15 apex packs and the best thing I’ve got is a på epic banner frame Sad life.
Ryan A.
Ryan A. 5 дней назад
Apex packs are dope!
Jack Paquette
Jack Paquette 5 дней назад
This guys either illiterate or retarded you click on it then it literally says "EQUIP" DUMBASS
timeking 23
timeking 23 5 дней назад
If you get y The same item 2x Im sure its gunna turn into crafting parts
xd cole.noblett
xd cole.noblett 5 дней назад
There is 666k views
Jdjdhd Jfjdhdnd
Jdjdhd Jfjdhdnd 5 дней назад
Nigga, it says equip it’s like the bigger word tgere
The shark
The shark 5 дней назад
Bry you can
Jurassic Ws
Jurassic Ws 5 дней назад
I’ve opened 10 apex packs and my favourite is wraiths knife that I got on my 5th pack ever
just tired
just tired 5 дней назад
Video is much more enjoyable when muted.
It's Tom Woodgate
It's Tom Woodgate 5 дней назад
Why people getting mad that he doesn’t know EVERYTHING about the game it’s been out for a week
Bogdan Radu
Bogdan Radu 5 дней назад
I got a legendary skin for wraith actually the first 1 in her list and it’s my favorite
magnetron tosti
magnetron tosti 5 дней назад
I got the phisolophers stone fit caustic
Animal Plays
Animal Plays 5 дней назад
I feel sorry for him since he doesn’t clearly see it says equip.
Exiled Entity
Exiled Entity 5 дней назад
At 7:00 he finally realizes you can actually equip 😂 gg man 3:26 Also you can edit what you want people to see on your banner .
Dr.gamingz 2
Dr.gamingz 2 5 дней назад
my favorite apex pack is the only one i ever opened
AlexShirtless with Cody
AlexShirtless with Cody 5 дней назад
He says I wish I could equip it right now when there’s a big shiny EQUIP button in his face!
Hman 4 дня назад
He’s a noob
Valentino Baucco
Valentino Baucco 5 дней назад
You are retarded
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 5 дней назад
When you unlock everything you get crafting materials
dabber luke
dabber luke 5 дней назад
Yo im level 43 and the only legendary ive gotten was crafting materials once
Ulises Perez
Ulises Perez 5 дней назад
🤦🏽‍♂️ you jst gained a bunch of metal, craft some skins bro
certi_6N 5 дней назад
2.6 million subs no pc 😬
Henry George
Henry George 5 дней назад
Did he not see the huge equip button?!
Jordan Obst
Jordan Obst 5 дней назад
what the hell does he mean that we cannot see the skins when he pulls them? I see them perfectly fine.
DarkSoldier 6 дней назад
1.55 I wish I could equip them here lol
Ssundee Jr
Ssundee Jr 6 дней назад
Press the skin then you are able to equip it
GRG MALA najaki
GRG MALA najaki 6 дней назад
Legendary skin
PlutoV2s Loot
PlutoV2s Loot 6 дней назад
My friend got the knife if you look up plutoV2 it’s his newest video when I post this comment
Oaken Foster
Oaken Foster 6 дней назад
Spend your crafting metals so you don’t have to buy all the packs
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 6 дней назад
You can equip them there
Golden Fruit xD
Golden Fruit xD 6 дней назад
He said alpha packs like from rainbow six siege
DARTH GAMING 6 дней назад
Apex packs
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Watkins 6 дней назад
It literally says equip right there
Henry Cipriano
Henry Cipriano 6 дней назад
Hollow every time you get a badass skin you open you jaws so wide like wtf
marchelo rodriguez
marchelo rodriguez 6 дней назад
i would love pack give away
Terror Gaming
Terror Gaming 6 дней назад
i got nothing in apex pack ... i got all rare and common
Owen Shaffer
Owen Shaffer 6 дней назад
1:50 you Can
Brenden Ellis
Brenden Ellis 6 дней назад
Brenden Ellis
Brenden Ellis 6 дней назад
1st pack big game hunter
vincent prevost
vincent prevost 6 дней назад
hollow: I wish you could equip stuff straight from packs me: you can
23MaverickGaming lol
23MaverickGaming lol 6 дней назад
you can equip the skins there just click on a skin and on the right side of the screen it will say equip
Nymisxz Gaming
Nymisxz Gaming 6 дней назад
How are you so lucky bruh I open a pack and get Common,Common,blue
Connor Gregg
Connor Gregg 6 дней назад
“I wish u could equip them right here” looking at the button that says equip
douglas is updates
douglas is updates 6 дней назад
u got 3 crafting metals
matayáš tláskal
matayáš tláskal 6 дней назад
So you open 100 packs and did not play a y game wow you are so stupid Just play
Jay Elliott-Tideman
Jay Elliott-Tideman 6 дней назад
I really need apex packs plz I love your vids and my account is called FortniteAcount0
HuntinTox 6 дней назад
click to the baited to the ignored your channel
Joezzz 6 дней назад
1:48 ARE YOU BLIND?!?!?!?!?
Joezzz 6 дней назад
He got nothing good. Lmao
jose meza
jose meza 6 дней назад
Why does it sounds like he’s got 3 hrs played on this game. “What gun is this... Orchid”? Retard
Bluee 6 дней назад
You can equip them right here if you press on the item and it says Equip
Dacreams 6 дней назад
imagine having 2.6m viewers but 4 iq
V3NOM Instinct
V3NOM Instinct 6 дней назад
I already opened wraiths Kunai knife at level 16 was pretty cool
Coy Beaman
Coy Beaman 6 дней назад
You can equip it
ghost330killer 1
ghost330killer 1 6 дней назад
Btw you say you wish you could choose it right there when you get it but clearly it says equip under the name of the thing you get
Brandon Fegley
Brandon Fegley 6 дней назад
It says equip RIGHT THERE
Stephen Greene
Stephen Greene 6 дней назад
I got wraiths Heirloom knife
pengoon 3961
pengoon 3961 6 дней назад
Don't know about anyone else but I've almost grinded out 30 of them and I only have 1 legendary and 2 purples
UltraCAE 6 дней назад
I need apex packsssssss
Mukul Tomar
Mukul Tomar 6 дней назад
Guys I think it's ok if he made a mistake we all do I don't know why everyone is so mad at him just for making such a tiny mistake at 1.48
A.K. W
A.K. W 3 дня назад
GetRekt 9001
GetRekt 9001 6 дней назад
Gim me apex packs
Po Tato
Po Tato 6 дней назад
You probably get crafting metals after all unlocked, not sure what that’s gonna do
Flipping Eddy
Flipping Eddy 6 дней назад
Pure Cancer these days, what happened to you...
pixelvengeance33 6 дней назад
im a wraith main but I only get skins for characters I don't even like that much thats why all my wraith skins suck
Ruben Ramirez
Ruben Ramirez 6 дней назад
finfisher for bangalore
Miyamoto Musashi
Miyamoto Musashi 6 дней назад
i would really like some apex packs to open. i liked and subscribes just now because i can already tell your content is good
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