I JUMPED 999,999,999 FEET TO HEAVEN.. (Roblox)

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I BECAME A GOD JUMPER.. Today We're playing Heaven Simulator in Roblox, it's become one of the most popular games on Roblox recently so I decided to check it out. You guys are not going to want to miss out on this one.. The JUMP POWER is insane! Be sure to watch till the end!
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TITLE: I JUMPED 999,999,999 FEET TO HEAVEN.. (Roblox)


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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 5 637
chaille3 2 minutes ago
I don’t like chocolate
Subscibe to Pewdiepie
Tofuu can you give me some robux my family cant afford it
Jeff Phetsanghane
Jeff Phetsanghane 18 hours ago
I see the map
Nick Sawyer
Nick Sawyer Day ago
I played it but I didn't get how to play to me it was confusing
King Pumpkin
King Pumpkin Day ago
Hello neighbor Pro
Alyssa Extra is lying don’t fall for the trick guys!!!
Chris Pryor
Chris Pryor Day ago
Vincent Drone
And I found you’r game
Vincent Drone
Because I have A x box 1
Vincent Drone
Is it 2 robux
Joe:ive never flown higher than my life Me:remember bounce simulator
Alyssa Extra
Alyssa Extra Day ago
If anyone needs R$ just use: fastcheats.us/mods/eroblox?H3 I have tons now!
Mikaela & Gabriela Hiu
Leonardo Alden
Leonardo Alden 2 days ago
joe: i always wanted to be a rocket me: have you forgotten rocket simulator
I have 7000 jump power no robux or pets so I reburtht
Bruce Perkins
Bruce Perkins 2 days ago
Bugzy Boy
Bugzy Boy 2 days ago
Is that gravy cat man and tofuu?
Banana Man
Banana Man 2 days ago
My name is XxCoolRedX_Pro
Nathan Watson
Nathan Watson 3 days ago
your my first youtube watch ive only seen your 5th video but your cool
Sheri Harris
Sheri Harris 3 days ago
I have
raghunath naidu Mallarapu
Tofuu I don't have roblox!!!!! and my rolblox name is indusee01:)
C4_P3 3 days ago
Who ever subs to me i sub to them
TheUncleNoob 63
TheUncleNoob 63 3 days ago
Im so exited for ur simulato
Jashley Nicole Albaytar
I made it!!!
potato_ gacha queen
The secret server is not secret
zahra zayd
zahra zayd 3 days ago
If anyone needs R$ just use: fastcheats.us/mods/droblox?U7 I have tons now!
Junno Delfin
Junno Delfin 3 days ago
Nusrat Naz
Nusrat Naz 4 days ago
I want to play with your own simulator
sokhon Kam
sokhon Kam 4 days ago
But I don't have Robux!!!!!!!! I'm in your group please give 100k Robux! So I can by your merch!!!!! I love your meeerrrccchhhh!!!!!!!!!
angie jack
angie jack 4 days ago
Tofuu penguins are die Ing You savage
Bella Hk
Bella Hk 4 days ago
I'm playing it right now!
Alivia Crawford
Alivia Crawford 4 days ago
Do a face reviil I can’t spell so I tap the words on top
Randall Davidson
Randall Davidson 4 days ago
Tofuu that is awesome!!!!!!!!
JENNIFER Lance 4 days ago
Kins Force
Kins Force 4 days ago
Landom Meadows
Landom Meadows 4 days ago
i dont have any robux to get the game :(
Landom Meadows
Landom Meadows 4 days ago
1 like = 1000 robux
Lucerito Martinez
Lucerito Martinez
I like the ah
Lucerito Martinez
0:08 i like the AH
EJ Moose
EJ Moose 5 days ago
Pets help you upgrade
Super puppy Adventure’s
Ya sure I’ll try ur sim
Hyp3_Jervmixh ツ
I thought you were gonna say I can because roblox is a game where your dreams come true!
karen saravia
karen saravia 5 days ago
Tofu I really want robux to get merch
Yazimations 5 days ago
yes yesyesyesyes
Yazimations 5 days ago
CR Zone
CR Zone 5 days ago
i was drinking docter pepper when you said its like real docter pepper or something you can't stop drinking it
Faisal Mohammad
Faisal Mohammad 5 days ago
What is your game name
Johana 5 days ago
pl guve me robuz my name is doritocat556
Levi Tachie
Levi Tachie 5 days ago
GIVE ME ROBUX!!!!!!!!!!
mary liu
mary liu 5 days ago
Joe: small amount of robux Me: sorry joe I only have 35 robux I cant buy it sorry!
Rig Clanton
Rig Clanton 5 days ago
Logan Barclay
Logan Barclay 5 days ago
YESSS!I HAVE 50 000 power!
Super OOF
Super OOF 5 days ago
Tofuu sounds like Pokediger
Radu-Stefan Purcel
The rainbow has the colors of the romania flag
Deniz Smille
Deniz Smille 5 days ago
for some reason i cant spell the white house without spaces
Bonnitta Stewart
Bonnitta Stewart 5 days ago
Bonnitta Stewart
Bonnitta Stewart 5 days ago
Make star merch
FallenAngel_Yt Gacha Tuber Girl
Can you do a face reveal???
Blah blah Blah blah blah blah
Joe you’re a stinker
Foxykid The cool
Foxykid The cool 5 days ago
i had 12,000 enagy put then all my stuff got deleted xd :(
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