I JUMPED 999,999,999 FEET TO HEAVEN.. (Roblox)

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I BECAME A GOD JUMPER.. Today We're playing Heaven Simulator in Roblox, it's become one of the most popular games on Roblox recently so I decided to check it out. You guys are not going to want to miss out on this one.. The JUMP POWER is insane! Be sure to watch till the end!
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TITLE: I JUMPED 999,999,999 FEET TO HEAVEN.. (Roblox)


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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Sarah Robinson
Sarah Robinson 10 hours ago
Fortnite bois fish or peels
Luca Corlette
Luca Corlette 4 days ago
u asked for joe u r a stinker well u got one JOR UR A STINKER MOM DONK SAY THAT!
shawnimates something
Me: ohh a game i want too try it Tofuu:spend a little robux Me:i dont have robux.......()
Nkosi Webb
Nkosi Webb 5 days ago
I want to play it but i don't have robux
Roman Ibarra
Roman Ibarra 5 days ago
and i typed mqn in sted of man
Roman Ibarra
Roman Ibarra 5 days ago
i like wen you do thoes memes on your screen man its so funny and cool
Isabella Lin
Isabella Lin 8 days ago
I’d bet you anything that you can’t sub to my friend’s channel: iisunflqer ii
COB Animations
COB Animations 9 days ago
Username: COB_Animations Tofuu I used ur star code :D ur my favourite youtuber I love u :)
Glacion gamer 999
Glacion gamer 999 12 days ago
I have no roblox
Ian Loude
Ian Loude 15 days ago
joe youre a stinker lol
XxgamerboiXx 73
XxgamerboiXx 73 16 days ago
I lost m-my heaven simulator progress and now I’m back to 1 I was at the highest twitches eye
nightmare laughery
nightmare laughery 16 days ago
yes and no
Stevie Surber
Stevie Surber 18 days ago
ive spent 50;00 robux i got money
Blaze Lion
Blaze Lion 19 days ago
Should of bought the flying cloud
Lil Infinite Girls
Lil Infinite Girls 20 days ago
Gerry Dela Cruz
Gerry Dela Cruz 23 days ago
Gerry Dela Cruz
Gerry Dela Cruz 23 days ago
I want to play your game but i don,t have robux
Gerry Dela Cruz
Gerry Dela Cruz 23 days ago
I want to play your game but i don,t have robux
Thomas Tyrrell-howell
I played heaven sim but when I rejoined I lost all me jump
Torcher Skin[PIGGY]
Parental Control
Parental Control 29 days ago
Make it only 10000 soda dude and chocolate
Parental Control
Parental Control 29 days ago
Who is the best RUvidr ever it's tofuu
Parental Control
Parental Control 29 days ago
Used code forstaken in the Roblox shop
Rogier Cole
Rogier Cole 29 days ago
naruto rikoudou
naruto rikoudou 29 days ago
editer roasting tofuu speaking of tofuu im hungry now
naruto rikoudou
naruto rikoudou 29 days ago
Ranjit Grewal
Ranjit Grewal Month ago
JOE you're a stinker P.S I AM NOT A HATER
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor Month ago
Somebody get the chocolate fish from SpongeBob why do I have to say anything *F r i c k*
Joshua Potter
Joshua Potter Month ago
Your a robux Master🤑💪
Marco Stroebel
Marco Stroebel Month ago
Cristelle Dalle
Cristelle Dalle Month ago
Aiden gamez
Aiden gamez Month ago
Go to my ut at aiden gamez
mr.beast2 oof
mr.beast2 oof Month ago
I give support an sub like notification notification
kadi Carroll
kadi Carroll Month ago
It looks like u r flying on a marshmallow
Gustav Beijnoff
Gustav Beijnoff Month ago
please can you add me on roblox? My name is GustavBei on roblox! (love your vids)
jookster12 Month ago
malaak bashir
malaak bashir Month ago
Joe plllll add free merch I'm poor I have no roux
Ved Bhagat
Ved Bhagat Month ago
hey tufoo I like your video but I'm still sad about rubox just you remember that I say my name is different name in roblox my name id jacksonguy490 in roblox subcribe tufoos video
bless this mess
bless this mess Month ago
I don't have any Robux :-( and so I can't join you thingy
Damian Cantu
Damian Cantu Month ago
I just sub but i been a big fan
Edineia Lisboa-Finch
I played your game
Denzel Darko
Denzel Darko Month ago
I played this game with my sister
Tom Kirtom
Tom Kirtom Month ago
bbb I don't want to spend robux
Rachel Giambo
Rachel Giambo Month ago
I'm the owner
Florian van Buuren
but i dont have robux:(
Adrian Marasigan
aryan Chalk
aryan Chalk Month ago
Tony Daoud
Tony Daoud Month ago
Hey I bought robux just so I could but your alpha game and I spent it on your game but when I bought it did not let me in and took my robux
Hamza Ucfjdfdar
Hamza Ucfjdfdar Month ago
And i played heaven simulator
Hamza Ucfjdfdar
Hamza Ucfjdfdar Month ago
I plated ur simulator
Bentley Rice
Bentley Rice Month ago
I sub and turned on notifications and liked on every vid
Senju Sage
Senju Sage Month ago
I have 4 robux and my brother keeps bullying me about it if you want you can give some robux so here is my username SENJU_SAGEKYUBBI
Imani Curtis
Imani Curtis Month ago
danya gamez
danya gamez Month ago
My acount for roblox is fortnitemaster1641
Kip Miller
Kip Miller Month ago
Kip Miller
Kip Miller Month ago
I never got pit and I love your videos
Jimmy Ta
Jimmy Ta Month ago
Open heaven simulator I have 1 million steps
Pnoel Noel P
Pnoel Noel P Month ago
Hey tough I need some robuxmy user name is DragonMaster55515
Oliver Church
Oliver Church Month ago
I love you
Beck McGrath
Beck McGrath Month ago
i love the game it is alsome
Themythicalfourlover101 martinez
Grapple hook is better than flying cloud
Callum Reid
Callum Reid 2 months ago
If u want to get to the top why I U lower energy
Jordan Voelker
Jordan Voelker 2 months ago
And I bought it and it was on front page
Jordan Voelker
Jordan Voelker 2 months ago
He a made the game for robux
River Hume
River Hume 2 months ago
Tofuu !
Rachel Noelsaint
Rachel Noelsaint 2 months ago
I don’t have roebucks
youtube hiboy_9090
youtube hiboy_9090 2 months ago
Lava man Boy
Lava man Boy 2 months ago
At 9:28 he said I love bouncing but in 9:30 he said STOP BOUNCING IDIOT kinda weird right?
Jacinta Chua
Jacinta Chua 2 months ago
Name hrhryfufuu
Jacinta Chua
Jacinta Chua 2 months ago
Nani i new game need robux i have no more and no money to buy robux
Liam Weirdo
Liam Weirdo 2 months ago
Yes I wen’t on the red building
The boys and Boo
The boys and Boo 2 months ago
I love your vids I’m new to roblox I sub and like my name is nuggety name can I have 10k robux
Zam Kim
Zam Kim 2 months ago
i wish i have alot of robuk
gamerplayzroblox 2 months ago
Joe friend me please my username is shockingkyle23 and can I get robux please I want to feel like you with alot of robux
Tony_phony Official
Tony_phony Official 2 months ago
Find the difference m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m rn m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m
ink bybidwell
ink bybidwell 2 months ago
me: tofuu how do you win every game tofuu: robux just spending 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 robux
Erick Gallegos
Erick Gallegos 2 months ago
I played it without robux
Crystal Greene
Crystal Greene 2 months ago
Yes I have played heaven simulator I got 2001 jump Paul
EceAkay 2 months ago
I have no robux
Dudu Slither
Dudu Slither 2 months ago
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