I JUMPED 999,999,999 FEET TO HEAVEN.. (Roblox)

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I BECAME A GOD JUMPER.. Today We're playing Heaven Simulator in Roblox, it's become one of the most popular games on Roblox recently so I decided to check it out. You guys are not going to want to miss out on this one.. The JUMP POWER is insane! Be sure to watch till the end!
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TITLE: I JUMPED 999,999,999 FEET TO HEAVEN.. (Roblox)


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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 5 883
James Williams
James Williams 12 hours ago
I think u mean Olympus for the cromulus thing and the rainbow bridge is the start of asgard
TheFurpatch Day ago
Kallesh Hebbal
Kallesh Hebbal 6 days ago
even if you didn't win RB battles your vids are still the best!!!
megan nixon
megan nixon 7 days ago
I have made it i have more then 123 million jump power
Charlie Adams
Charlie Adams 8 days ago
Nevin Jackson
Nevin Jackson 8 days ago
I've got to the end
Christian Plays 99
My roblox name is wrong its isabellarosesrea
Christian Plays 99
Tofuu i have no robux and i love your vids and my roblox name is isabellarosesera
MS21 BlackCat
MS21 BlackCat 9 days ago
i haved
Juan Jose Ramirez
Juan Jose Ramirez 10 days ago
i thought it was legends of speed
ALEN WALKER 10 days ago
Me begging my mom to get me robux then she doesent get it then I get 4 pounds in my pocket
mastermind1605 14 days ago
Ive never had robux username grandmasterj2012
Joseph Nadal
Joseph Nadal 14 days ago
Yes tofuu i play heaven simulator im almost 1k in there
Black Fash
Black Fash 15 days ago
I love Your vids plz give me
Caleb Keith
Caleb Keith 19 days ago
Joe I just started supporting you sorry I was distracted on your vids
Maria Kumar
Maria Kumar 24 days ago
*Having crackhead energy be like*
Susan Lanfer
Susan Lanfer 24 days ago
i like ur vids and you shold play more gun simulator.
Susan Lanfer
Susan Lanfer 24 days ago
Dread Head
Dread Head 24 days ago
I made it up there
Dread Head
Dread Head 24 days ago
gohan games
gohan games 25 days ago
Yoshiharu John Ikehara
I don't have robux so I can't play the game alpha
Kian Kernaghan
Kian Kernaghan 28 days ago
Pls robux i like your vids and my name in roblox is roblox191l
Jonathan bg Danieles
Tanks for more simulators!!!!!!!
Ian Daniel
Ian Daniel 29 days ago
But I dont have any robux 😭 Name:Creeper swager7 Any way I dont know if you can give me robux cause I play on xbox but just letting you know I love your videos
Treck Ter
Treck Ter 29 days ago
I’m sorry I can’t I don’t have any robucks
Andrew Molina
Andrew Molina Month ago
I’m why you could see threw you you jumped so high you were vibrating
Victini Month ago
Joe you made a mistake the coins we're the demonetization symbol
Hana Alvarez
Hana Alvarez Month ago
Wow you so crazy 😁😁😁😁😁
Jessica Robson
Jessica Robson Month ago
petra verwey
petra verwey Month ago
Lul voorbeeld gaat het Meer nog nul
airis roblox
airis roblox Month ago
Terra manolas
Terra manolas Month ago
i played your game
fe4ar y
fe4ar y Month ago
I am diabetic
Megacoolbug Plays
I do want to play but I accidentally deleted roblox I need my password
I did
Sky Boy
Sky Boy Month ago
Raul Cabezas
Raul Cabezas Month ago
I made it
superssj1110 joanel
Dilan Cruz
Dilan Cruz Month ago
I love your vids my Roblox name is DilanPlays45
hardeep kaur
hardeep kaur Month ago
I poor I used my last robux :( :/
mason Ly
mason Ly Month ago
Viktor Boev
Viktor Boev Month ago
This game is botted
Yvonne Mcconnell
Kolton Offenberger
I can't I dont have robux name:koltooooon09
I Wright
I Wright Month ago
he wishes he could be the owner of the Game he is a yt now he cannot believe it he is so mad because he is not the owner
Tomas Bendero
Tomas Bendero Month ago
Hi tofuu i Like your vid and i Sub to you and Like and i Like you to watch Name:arckythegamer216
Phil Lambton
Phil Lambton Month ago
I can come to the cloud in one jump
Samantha Chadwick
o my gosh he said 800 at 2:25
John Michell Ureta
Username: johannjohann1234 please give me some robux am poor :( 1like = ROBUX :(
kitty gamer
kitty gamer Month ago
I've got to the top with no robut
Emilyn Andrada
Emilyn Andrada Month ago
Tofuu i like you so much so i drop a like to your video all the time i dont even have 1robux so your my only hope
Joshua Cline
Joshua Cline Month ago
I don’t have enemy robux
Keane Muffin99
Keane Muffin99 Month ago
I am vip
Raygan Farmer
Raygan Farmer Month ago
Tofuu sounds like poke
Aydenn Chea
Aydenn Chea Month ago
I love your videos THEY ARE better than my life keep making them
Aydenn Chea
Aydenn Chea Month ago
Wow Woooooo
Tyler Griffin
Tyler Griffin Month ago
Joe you’re a stinker
Amelia Sculli
Amelia Sculli Month ago
username:KITCAT512356 could i pls have robux ur vids are amazing
Poke Friendship
Poke Friendship Month ago
Yea it took me 2years 6weeks 3days and 21 hours not lying
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