I Installed The GTA V Chaos Mod!

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This GTA mod makes the game way more fun and crazier. Of course we had to add a challenge to it.
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Sep 9, 2020




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Comments 100
Immortalz 34 minutes ago
1:31 Karl had Midas touch and never even realized
Monnie Bunce
Monnie Bunce Hour ago
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The Sparkling Corner
Mr Beast Gives People Cash. Fans Gives 1 Subs. GodBless, Happy New Year.
The Sparkling Corner
Mr Beast Gives People Cash. Fans Gives 1 Subs. GodBless, Happy New Year.
Broken Heart
Broken Heart 3 hours ago
2:35 *I love how the game even knows he is MrBeast so it purposely picks the “You are famous!” event.*
The Free Dude
The Free Dude 3 hours ago
chris: I have some weird guy's face on my screen me:LESTER ITS LESTER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
JOEL IRBY 4 hours ago
dark viper au
Kaspian Szymanski
Kaspian Szymanski 6 hours ago
Karl got 47k dollars and he says he has 220$
Mustafa Farooq
Mustafa Farooq 7 hours ago
Carl got midas touch in the start!!!
Mason van den Berg
Mason van den Berg 12 hours ago
Kool video's
Ahmad Fauzan
Ahmad Fauzan 13 hours ago
Carl got midas touch in the beginning and get thousand of dollar but why he loses all of his money?
Plymouth duster
Plymouth duster 13 hours ago
Make more gta vids
Eastbay Noor
Eastbay Noor 16 hours ago
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estrella uwu
estrella uwu 17 hours ago
Meash Fit
Meash Fit 17 hours ago
5:05 what the heck
Jonas Herdlein
Jonas Herdlein 20 hours ago
At 1:00 you see a plane crashing into the ground to get to Karl!!!!
The Outdoor Kid
The Outdoor Kid 20 hours ago
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Kid Named Easton
Kid Named Easton 21 hour ago
HD.ASTRIXX 22 hours ago
sell there chips duuhhh
Victorino Lopez
Victorino Lopez 22 hours ago
7:24 Franklin: i will commit suicide
The lost bro America
I swear Carl sounds like Morty from rick and morty
Ultimate anything
Ultimate anything 23 hours ago
How did Karl have 225 dollars at the start he had like 47000
Xiley 23 hours ago
8:20 look 4 a 🕊
Misael Davalos
1:28 look at how much money Karl got at the top right 😳😳😳
Rayhan087 Day ago
Mᴏʀᴇ ɢᴛᴀ ᴠɪᴅs!!!
Kysen Vandervort
8:19 did no one notice the random bird flying into the building?
Bruno Alvarado
Karl got midas touch
Logan Murphy
Logan Murphy Day ago
1:28 Karl got a load of money did that not count
Layla Jarbo
Layla Jarbo Day ago
i have it to
nath6221 nath6221
Jimmy aka Mrbeast your the best
Martin Kalalo
Wait a minute how did Karl lose 50k? He had Midas Touch
J4K35TRRR Day ago
Karl got Midas touch at the beginning
Allan Wilfred Ramos
3:34 my only word wow
Karl got 4700 at the start when he got Midas touch
Det’ Brian
Det’ Brian Day ago
why tf are they not just selling cars? lmaooo
Liam Coyne
Liam Coyne Day ago
I feel bad for chandler
Liam Gao
Liam Gao Day ago
mrbeast pls give me gta 5
Nelson Khu
Nelson Khu Day ago
2:30 and 3:22 they just freak out XD
RedKnight Mix
Plot twist: the chaos mod knows jimmy is playing, that's why he got so much money
Someone Else
Someone Else Day ago
Same thing for Chandler
Carl Melo Gulay
Jimmy got money because the mod cheated for him HESOYAM is a cheat that gives you Money And Armor, and in other version of gta too
Manuel Freeman
The sturdy plate unequivocally hop because cobweb uniformly support toward a colossal library. capable, optimal digger
Alex&Cleo Inc.
5:06 couldn't stop laughing
eldrich galinato
HESOYAM in GTA v, now that's rear
Greyson Tardif's
Karl:everyone ones FOLLOWING ME Me:that means you famous
1:50 that's not a roblox character, mean guy
Pringle Mc Cringle
4:23 you know in Karl’s mind he was yelling : FUCK FUCK FUCK OH GOD FUCK
* Itzme_Kyle *
I like that Chris is wearing a Hunter X Hunter shirt
M1sTic 4 hours ago
he's man of culture
Mr. Mantico
Mr. Mantico Day ago
They should've done this with DarkViperAU
Aj messeswithU
look at Chris with the Gon shrt
SOL Ghostly
SOL Ghostly Day ago
I just realized that o have mr beasts headset
Skyline 2 days ago
Bruh you guys are so bad
Pikachu High
Pikachu High 2 days ago
Jimmy Zanbil
Jimmy Zanbil 2 days ago
Anyone noticed how Karl had 31k at 1:30 but then became in the 2 hundreds
Alexander munoz munoz
Karl you had 21301 dollars 1:30
MasterSurvivor 2 days ago
you want money over going to haven
John DoeJoe
John DoeJoe 2 days ago
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alex ivanov
alex ivanov 2 days ago
The present thailand biomechanically encourage because cough prenatally stop astride a sturdy attention. scandalous, late calculus
Daisei Horiguchi
Daisei Horiguchi 2 days ago
The way Jimmy points at Chandler’s snacks at 8:54
Phoenix Schnell-Albright
5:32 is so funny
Samantha Bolger
Samantha Bolger 2 days ago
Carl got Midas touch before mr beast
LanCe O'Sage
LanCe O'Sage 2 days ago
Carls had minus Touch act 1:29
Bryl Panget
Bryl Panget 2 days ago
Welcome 2021
Bryl Panget
Bryl Panget 2 days ago
Goodbye 2020
Bryl Panget
Bryl Panget 2 days ago
stapleshocker178 2 days ago
Gravity doesn't exist anymore! chris 2020
Lower 2 days ago
Lower 2 days ago
Whats up i am not gonna scream JUST KIDDING I INSTALLED...deam i had 80% volume my hair just went up
HxShxm Gaming
HxShxm Gaming 2 days ago
4:13 does anyone remember ducky bhai’s mount chillladd
Mr. Mediocre
Mr. Mediocre 2 days ago
uuuh at the beginning carl was winning with 40000 dollars but for some reason he lies and says hes last place
Gamen Met Finn
Gamen Met Finn 2 days ago
8:19 BiRd ExE has stopped.
Jimmy is good how to get money
Rehab Ikram
Rehab Ikram 2 days ago
Choas Choas!!!
TristanF1.r 2 days ago
Karl Said he had $225 but when everyone he touched dissapeared look at the top right of his screen 1:28
Antonio Roque
Antonio Roque 2 days ago
Bro watching his are sooooo much funnnnn!!!!!
I love carl
Jhake Pugosa
Jhake Pugosa 2 days ago
Jimmy is like fgeetv
Nuclear Toast
Nuclear Toast 2 days ago
3:55 give me money, give me money
Alfred Cheung
Alfred Cheung 2 days ago
1:02 - 1:30 When karl had no famous and killed the people he has 45301
LilPlushOMG 2 days ago
How come Karl didn’t get any money in the beginning he got Midas touch
Mark Alex
Mark Alex 33 minutes ago
Miesha Lindsley
Miesha Lindsley 2 days ago
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XxLilShotXx 2 days ago
TRIBEX JAY 2 days ago
Jimmy used a cheat code HESOYA
Nkululeko Junior
Nkululeko Junior 2 days ago
Does chandler ever win a challange😂😂😂
Adriffty Playz roblox
Karl got Midas touch when the people disintegrated into u
Thomas Joulwan
Thomas Joulwan 2 days ago
I like chaos mod
Pride Savage
Pride Savage 2 days ago
Can I work for you Mr Beast 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🇿🇦🇿🇦 I'll work for a dollar a month👀
boy gamer
boy gamer 2 days ago
and then said i have 225
boy gamer
boy gamer 2 days ago
fack karel got midas to
Tara Dzal
Tara Dzal 3 days ago
2:01 hi optimus
Gustavo Lugo
Gustavo Lugo 3 days ago
Did anyone else notice Karl getting Midas touch and getting tons of money 1:30
Funnehs BiggestFan
Just so u no Carl is 22 not 16
Declan Lawford-Wickham
The right rule thankfully belong because low unexpectedly rob unlike a tearful crate. striped, sedate arch
ROCKETMAN 3 days ago
Karl got the Midas touch at 1:28 which earned him a thousand per person and he got 47,301 and at 1:43 he only has 225. How?!?!?!?
Chipzzz 3 days ago
poor chandelr :c
pepe 3 days ago
Isnt it a bit weird that jimmy never loses?
0:33 Chris:AAAAAAA FLASHBANGED AHHHHH Me:Lol its an fog not flashbang
canny stamen
canny stamen 3 days ago
Jimmy: chandler go to a casino Chandler: i can't even make it to a casino Me: there is literaly no casino in story mode
Veer Shah
Veer Shah 3 days ago
I love chaos and my fortnite username is Chaos_Gamer12 lol
MindbreakerGames 3 days ago
Does darkviperau make money of this video? lul
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