I Hosted a $10,000 Minecraft Hide & Seek

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Minecraft hide n seek gets extreme its basically an excuse for me to hunt my discord lmao
THANKS TO twitter.com/Roark_Cats for helping us with mods
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Mar 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Oof Subscribe
Oof Subscribe 18 minutes ago
Better not cry I’m going to eat your fish tonight good meme
Mr. Magnum King
Mr. Magnum King 17 hours ago
I would of tried to get to the nether lmao
Hamdan Khan
Hamdan Khan Day ago
I was skybasing in this world but I failed of
Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta Day ago
Congrats on 17 mil dude big fan
HalloDaGreenBean 2 days ago
6:34 Todoroki is dying from his own power.
STYLx CITY 2 days ago
Dam i wish i had the link to that barrett-M82 ;-;
Maddox Gilbreath
Maddox Gilbreath 2 days ago
Is Tombay Tom
Is Tombay Tom 2 days ago
gkiokass. 2 days ago
but im sure its weird
Bryce Koh
Bryce Koh 4 days ago
2.47 hey isn't that borate
Bryce Koh
Bryce Koh 4 days ago
Bryce Koh
Bryce Koh 4 days ago
Bryce Koh
Bryce Koh 4 days ago
Flower Queen
Flower Queen 4 days ago
Instead of hide in seek it would be hide and Die
Dhanush All in one
fred fred
fred fred 6 days ago
Did any one else notice that guy with the name Young Todoroki
ThE Nick Solo
ThE Nick Solo 6 days ago
Alex‘s best fortnight you’re the best you are better than anyone I know please check the email
Tom R34
Tom R34 7 days ago
This went form hide and seek to murder and destroy
Amanda Bower
Amanda Bower 7 days ago
Mr.Awesome Can
Mr.Awesome Can 8 days ago
Mary Cadiente
Mary Cadiente 8 days ago
I love your vids
Sophie Villarreal
in 6:27 only MHA fans will understand
I saw a name that was todoroki I have watched mha YOU TO CAN BE A HERO words from allmight
B14ZE 10 days ago
Coronel Space992
Coronel Space992 10 days ago
wy did you kill naruto
Yael Garcia Mata
Yael Garcia Mata 10 days ago
You never used the player tracker
Hannah Ralph
Hannah Ralph 10 days ago
Ok so I think you and mr beast should do a calab video about among us or minecraft
Lil Pukks
Lil Pukks 10 days ago
Lannan: *plays sad music* Also lannan: *screams* DIE DIE DIE
payesangabriel 11 days ago
Duncan’s Coins
Duncan’s Coins 11 days ago
I’m a coin collector
Ella Kiss
Ella Kiss 11 days ago
Yet yet yet
Jonathan Casper
Jonathan Casper 11 days ago
"Where could they possibly be!?!?" "He was in the one spot I didn't check!" :O
Carter DuVall
Carter DuVall 11 days ago
GTA5Map Explorer
GTA5Map Explorer 11 days ago
From hide and seek to hide and yeet
ZamueltheaMazingg 11 days ago
4:46 Lazar:”I thought people would hide in cool hiding spots like BeHiNd TrEeS or something”
GM Gaming
GM Gaming 12 days ago
11:26 someone said Alex is outside of the border
Noah Ontiveros
Noah Ontiveros 12 days ago
They should make a Lazarbeam mod in Minecraft
Kitty kitty cat
Kitty kitty cat 12 days ago
It’s more like hide and death
Violet McCurdy
Violet McCurdy 12 days ago
yes the lullaby put me to sleep? IS THAT BAD? i mean. :/
Ayden Billingsley
Ayden Billingsley 12 days ago
They should do this again
Keagan Huntley
Keagan Huntley 13 days ago
u mean bro
Skatescoot Boi
Skatescoot Boi 13 days ago
M.M.G 13 days ago
streamerbtw gaming
streamerbtw gaming 14 days ago
12:20 look in chat, he is teleporting to players
Maxen Taylour
Maxen Taylour 14 days ago
Santa: you better not cry Santa’s coming to town Lazar:you better not cry I’m coming to eat your flesh tonight
Anna Luna
Anna Luna 14 days ago
omg this was on my berth day
Avery Brooks
Avery Brooks 14 days ago
This is the first Minecraft video I ever saw. I spent three hours on a Minecraft world using a stick for everything. Pickaxe, Shovel, axe, and sword. I also tried to craft guns. It never worked. I also wanted that shovel and pickaxe like he had. i h a t e y o u.
Dallen Rux
Dallen Rux 14 days ago
whats that music at the end
Mariela Turino
Mariela Turino 14 days ago
he copied mrbeast with lava
Zane bates
Zane bates 15 days ago
You rig it to make Alex lose
Sonnyjoe08 15 days ago
5:32 help mum I'm scared
Meowscles 15 days ago
11:24 i like how someone said alex is outside the border
NextToIt 15 days ago
So nobody went to the nether yall so dumb lol
Emily Neicho
Emily Neicho 16 days ago
:( todoroki is dead welp
Kade Jenkins
Kade Jenkins 16 days ago
Lazar I’m in Australia as well
Lucca Dattilo
Lucca Dattilo 16 days ago
Oh yes. Todoroki burning to death. ironic
Berouna YT
Berouna YT 16 days ago
lazar i love u but i love u better if u give me som money hahhahah yeeeeeet i just kiring (:
Omar Cisneros
Omar Cisneros 16 days ago
todoroki nooooooooo 6:28
yeet boy
yeet boy 17 days ago
U mean jk just trolling
Paddy oleary
Paddy oleary 17 days ago
Anyone else just keep going back to watch that dude jump at the start 😂😂😂bloody legend
earth kash
earth kash 17 days ago
I was splaying hardcore and the tnt made me think a creeper was right there.
Noobyjoob YT
Noobyjoob YT 17 days ago
2:55 boruto vs lazar who will win??? (lazarbeam wins!!!)
samayara Prasain
samayara Prasain 18 days ago
0:06 IT’S a youtuber called alex ace
haydos dayos
haydos dayos 18 days ago
Funny 😄
Oscar Vargas
Oscar Vargas 18 days ago
11:25 paul fest snitches on alex
nxr 18 days ago
2:46 I just noticed that the guy had boruto skin lol
Tok Blox
Tok Blox 19 days ago
If Dream was in this challenge Lazar: finds Dream Dream: *so, you have chosen death.*
Umesh Chaturvedy
Umesh Chaturvedy 8 days ago
No dream will have nothin
Kit 17 days ago
LOL this is underrated comment
Slaze Puppy
Slaze Puppy 19 days ago
Hide in cool spots like a tree (T_T)
H.B.I.C 19 days ago
All I could think when I saw the title was Is this really Lazar or is this Mr Beast
They Abominable Shark
What enchants were on that bow for real?
Mahnoor Naz
Mahnoor Naz 19 days ago
R to the end if yyou is time I have a chance to go back into my office and get
Mahnoor Naz
Mahnoor Naz 19 days ago
I don’t think 💭 the time is a little
Cale Thompson
Cale Thompson 19 days ago
Lazarbeam ya love Star Wars right well play jedi fallen order
Baby Lion
Baby Lion 19 days ago
Som dumb add says 1+1=8
Rodolfo Pena
Rodolfo Pena 20 days ago
I saw a baruto with the jogan
Lucasable 20 days ago
Sceptic Indian man
Sceptic Indian man 20 days ago
Roses are red. He shows no remorse. Santa clause is joining the terrorist force
Rodolfo zeferino
Rodolfo zeferino 22 days ago
Sammy Green
Sammy Green 22 days ago
Headshot sniping a tree you can’t do it in any other game me in fortnite season 4 are you sure about that
Toodles Again
Toodles Again 22 days ago
Man I remember when u used to play NFL games and GTA mods testing 😂
makemeprobrother1 Yt
I would just dig 2 blocks on a tree and hide there
Dominic Ortiz
Dominic Ortiz 23 days ago
me: tries to hold the YEET STICK and i fail Lazarbeam: only the worthey can hold the YEEEEEEEEET STICK and then YEEEEEEEEEEEEEETS me TO THE MOOOOON
TheScythe 19 days ago
Altitude Skateboarding
7:10 Lannan looks cracked out of his MIND! lol
Sage LeRow
Sage LeRow 23 days ago
Danielle Baden
Danielle Baden 24 days ago
he. Shoots the sniper and says head shot and nothin 😂😂
Danielle Baden
Danielle Baden 24 days ago
they just die 😂
Danielle Baden
Danielle Baden 24 days ago
people don't know how to play 😂😂 😂😂
Joel Laukart reacts
WaffleWhack 24 days ago
Are you scuff MR.Beast?
Yatheendran Sudharsan
Lanan can beat fresh in Minecraft Battle Royale
Colton Roate
Colton Roate 25 days ago
Look at 8:18 you can see another player run right by
DJ1273 25 days ago
1:52 the leading children's nursery rhyme
katsuki bakugo bish
every serial killer ever: come out, come out wherever you are. i just want to end your entire existance, what's wrong with that?
Marcus 26 days ago
207 thousandth like
Jack_LoL16 27 days ago
A way to get people to die and get out their hiding spot Just put the boom stick everywhere
Matthew Wolfe
Matthew Wolfe 27 days ago
When did I go on MrBeast Gaming?!?
Malboys 28 days ago
9:59 that laugh
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson 28 days ago
at 11:24 in shows you that Alex was in the Border actually
Shelley 29 days ago
Raising Star
Raising Star 29 days ago
Yup he’s scuffed gaming mr.beast
BeastKing895 29 days ago
Are we going to not talk about the Boruto skin??
Liam McGinty
Liam McGinty 29 days ago
you just won 10,000$ how do you feel? -good, i hid in the rock
Plaintreeman 1954
Plaintreeman 1954 29 days ago
2:50 it was bouruto so die
Antoine Le Gallais
Antoine Le Gallais 29 days ago
could you make shououts plzzzzzz
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