I Helped My Wife SNEAK onto a BOYS ONLY Minecraft Server!

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I Helped My Wife SNEAK onto a BOYS ONLY Minecraft Server! with PrestonMinecraft 👊
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Comments 80
Andrea Cardiel
Preston everybody loves unicorns
Shay Sewmangal
Shay Sewmangal 3 hours ago
Hey I am a Girl and I looked
Bahar Gul Safi
Bahar Gul Safi 3 hours ago
Ima boy I like dinos
Ellicia Forster
Ellicia Forster 3 hours ago
You should make a unicorn 🦄 server 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Kassidy Primus
Kassidy Primus 4 hours ago
Sicy Kurian
Sicy Kurian 5 hours ago
Preston your video is so amazing
bri really mest it up in the end XD, Poor Preston.
Halle Aseye
Halle Aseye 5 hours ago
I am Boy
Sophia Hernandez
Sophia Hernandez 5 hours ago
I’m a girl and I see the price hee
Melinda Malasaga
Melinda Malasaga 8 hours ago
How can you do that you are a girl bri you do'nt need like that join the girls only server okay you understand?😂😂😂
Jatin 8 hours ago
talk about boys only server just below it is a girl only server
Ma. Eloisa Sevilla-Perez
bri you used the wrong channel
Jason Segers
Jason Segers 10 hours ago
What so rong with girls THE BULLY ME I HATE GIRLS
Noemi Pagatpatan
Noemi Pagatpatan 10 hours ago
girls are annoying sometimes like a barbie girl she will say hey you are hot wanna be my BF
Ati Ishak
Ati Ishak 10 hours ago
Ugh dil
Isaac Vo
Isaac Vo 10 hours ago
same everybody i think you all are right
Ati Ishak
Ati Ishak 10 hours ago
Immm sorry but im a girl 😅
Marissa Yeo
Marissa Yeo 10 hours ago
isit just me or i hate bri now
Louisa Lawrence
Louisa Lawrence 14 hours ago
im a girl lol 😂 i ❤ ur vids
The Champ Clan
The Champ Clan 14 hours ago
Well thaz ur falt
Senyora Showbuzz
Senyora Showbuzz 14 hours ago
im a boi
The Champ Clan
The Champ Clan 14 hours ago
Exactly cuz us boyz wantz somz time to ourselvz
The Champ Clan
The Champ Clan 14 hours ago
All right so the is there a girls only server 🤔
noname 14 hours ago
Ik ben een jongen
Yuwi Dizon
Yuwi Dizon 15 hours ago
At 9:16 bri looks sooooooo cute n
lauren justin cua
lauren justin cua 15 hours ago
it is only boys server brianna ok
Natalie Zhuo
Natalie Zhuo 20 hours ago
I hate bri
StudiodeeChannel 21 hour ago
Some time I hate bri
Esyl Montejo
Esyl Montejo 21 hour ago
So cool that boy
Esyl Montejo
Esyl Montejo 21 hour ago
Margarita Garcia Pena
O yea
Margarita Garcia Pena
I’m a girl and I’m opining my oye
tank tank
tank tank 22 hours ago
ima girl but id like dinastors
Sherly Rupisan
Sherly Rupisan 22 hours ago
Your brother is in here
Sherly Rupisan
Sherly Rupisan 22 hours ago
Your brother is in here
Valentina D A
Valentina D A 22 hours ago
I am a girl but I’m way more of a boy then a girl if my cousins created a boys only server they would let me in and not my other girl cousins!
Vivienne Zhang
Vivienne Zhang 22 hours ago
why did Bri do that Preston was having fun
Brett Kyle
Brett Kyle 22 hours ago
Thats when da boys on da server watch this video -_-II
Caleb Keith
Caleb Keith 22 hours ago
When brianna said da da da da na na it reminded me of Jurassic park what are those vine
ThebeesMaster _1237
ThebeesMaster _1237 23 hours ago
*Always Help*
ANGEL JOHNSON 23 hours ago
I am Angels brother you disappointed me even though I like the whole time
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 23 hours ago
But i can help you get back in just dont tell bri
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 23 hours ago
Im disapointed in you preston
Izzy’s Country life
Imma girl and I was watching the whole video
Kitty Is awesome
l if you got banned in a sever click the like
Heng Zeng
Heng Zeng Day ago
I hate you
Joy Padilla
Joy Padilla Day ago
Brian Schroeder
I im a little boy I im 7
Arely Diaz
Arely Diaz Day ago
ok we need to do
Braylon Elmore
Amy Werth
Amy Werth Day ago
I love your videos I watch them all the time
Sherri LeDuc
Sherri LeDuc Day ago
my son lovessss dino
TheNoobler Day ago
When she was taking about how she was offended because the servers said no girls, there’s legit a server saying no boys right below it!
Wendy Krugman
by the way im on my moms compouter oh and yhe thing wtth girls is they get bored to esy
ultra Ayaan
ultra Ayaan Day ago
Preston I like dinosaurs and I am a master builder in Minecraft and I am a boy
Kamlesh Kaur
Kamlesh Kaur Day ago
I am a girl But I did not close my eyes when he said close ur eyes if ur a girl I was like nope
THE KING Day ago
THE KING Day ago
Can't believe Brianna
Jules MacGillivray
17:23 what was going on with Prestons head? 😂
Maya Rodriguez
how many things did bri imagine?
Amaziah Cadette
Never let bri in to your ofice again
Rowen loves Rascal
I like how at the beginning of the video she says man city what is that and she's complaining about it and below it is girl and no boys allowed 😂
Ale kto miki i niki
bri is a blab
marian dumitru
Kumala Nana
Kumala Nana Day ago
I m a boy you bor
Salome Onimbo
Do you see how Preston expression suddenly changed when Brianna wrote beautiful and sparkly
ClanFairlie Day ago
Hi I s been my life to see you and Preston
123GO 123GO
123GO 123GO Day ago
Preston I am not closing my eyes are my 👦 i’m not a 👧
Jannah ayesha Pelagio
I mean ah
Jannah ayesha Pelagio
This is how many times Brianna wait ah
Naiteek Ganni
Briana didn't do anything
Gillian Canta
Yo its ok keep cool Brother
Christiano Hongo
No im don't want to see any boy server
Arnel Rodimo
Arnel Rodimo Day ago
Bri: you should be a boy in boy's only server.
Nelsie McKenzie
Op breanna
Nelsie McKenzie
Cynthia Slamat
Preston also get band in grils only briana
poutakz Hales
bri you are so a girl that cabt even be like a girl boy😡😡😡😤🤯
Jaylen Andrade
Preston is not talking boys he is talking gangster
Jaylen Andrade
Hahaha a hahahaha a AAA
Kc playz roblox
Lol i am cheatjng bc i am a girl but if you seenme in roblox its a boi
Jeremy Ordonez
Bri is so bad
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