I haven't eaten this food in 20 YEARS...

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20 Years later and I'm finally able to try this food again... In this video I relive my childhood by trying one of my dad's favorite snacks: LIMBURGER CHEESE! Let's review this strange food and see if it brings back some memories!
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Early on in my childhood my dad introduced me to Limburger Cheese Spread on Triscuits. I loved it. Despite the fact that this is a SUPER STINKY CHEESE I just couldn't get enough of it! However, when I was about 10 years old Kraft stopped making this particular delicacy much to my dad's disappointment. Fast forward to 2019 and I may have found a replacement for that long lost favorite food. Let's see my reaction to my childhood favorite snack! How will I react? Will I still like it? Or will it be gross?
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Iminabox Hour ago
Mark: This smells EXACTLY like Limburger did. Five minutes later... Also mark: It does not smell completely like Limburger did. MAKE UP YOUR MIND
Naus Rose
Naus Rose Hour ago
MrCandycake 2 hours ago
To this day i think mark has that atomic tupperwarr
I smiled so much when he took the first bite I don’t know why lol
C N 3 hours ago
This is genuinely so damn heartwarming 😭❤️
Tranquilez 4 hours ago
14:16 when you realize you forgot to submit your homework.
W3ird1y_ R4ch3
W3ird1y_ R4ch3 6 hours ago
I fuckin LOVE cheese, but it doesnt love me back😔. Im a lil lactose intolerant😤😭
Keggles The Lizard
Keggles The Lizard 8 hours ago
This is enough to make a grown man cry. And that’s ok.
Andrew Kboy
Andrew Kboy 8 hours ago
dragon Fire Moon
dragon Fire Moon 10 hours ago
komal gupta
komal gupta 11 hours ago
This was so weird I felt like i was reliving a memory i never had
AceioPlays 19 hours ago
Mark's dad is an amazing deconstructor
____ 20 hours ago
Mark: *hits toe on a corner* ...damn radioactive cup...
Emerald Is Everywhere
Idk but I had a thing for microwaved cheese sticks and eat them melted.
WisCONsin Much love from Wisconsin lol 💕
LabCrab Day ago
Alright, now we wait for October 30th.
LabCrab Day ago
I had the straight up cheese once, I almost vomited...
Wizard Boy
Wizard Boy Day ago
Noah Fin
Noah Fin Day ago
7:00 he was about to cry thinking about his dad I can tell that face
Clown Day ago
creemcheems Day ago
marks the only person whose made me cry over cheese
dogegod 420
dogegod 420 Day ago
Kristen C
Kristen C 2 days ago
6:37 that music really hit me bruh
ItzBiggie04 2 days ago
my dad passed away when i was only 10. i am currently 15 going on 16 and i’m growing up without a father figure in my life. my whole life has been filled with hatred and agony but i learned to live everyday like it is my last, and to cherish every moment in life. i love you all. thank you mark for making me feel better everyday 🖤
TheGreyEevee *
TheGreyEevee * 2 days ago
If I were to taste this specific flavor of custard again, I'd start crying. Because it's the only food my mom and my half sibling both loved to eat, and it made me feel whole.
SpicySausage 2 days ago
Orange is considered the most radioactive color for kitchen ware because of Uranium Oxide, that is why I threw out my grandmother's orange plates and teacups that came from her mom, which she bought during the 1930s and had it taken away by doctors of radiology.
Oblivious Duck
Oblivious Duck 2 days ago
Anyone else scrolling through the comments to see what the food is?
J.C.S S.
J.C.S S. 2 days ago
13:32 radioactive cup
Wheepy 2 days ago
Im talking about baby food
Felix502 2 days ago
"it make you go back in your brain, it make you go back WAY back in your past, it make you think long time ago if you get food that you not eat for while, you get... big brain! and then you remember"
Siobhan Reynolds
Siobhan Reynolds 2 days ago
why do i feel like he had a major mental break down after?
Haoen Geng
Haoen Geng 2 days ago
why am i too emotional even on a eating video
Just AyT
Just AyT 2 days ago
I can't imagine how he would feel if he found out his dad was alive.
Steven Alexie
Steven Alexie 2 days ago
" this was f!$%ed by a wasp?!?! " Markiplier, 2019
Vincent Valentine
I vote we all tweet craft and make them bring it back
Giovanni Apadula
Giovanni Apadula 2 days ago
Mark: This triscut is delicious. Me eating triscuts at 3am. It’s just a flattened biscuit
user of username
user of username 2 days ago
I was half expecting a pazookie
TheWaterBlade 3 days ago
clearwaterblues 3 days ago
Why else eat triscuits??? Try the olive oil and basil flavor with kipper snacks. SO GOOD!
Drawing Channel
Drawing Channel 3 days ago
When I look at the dislikes I wonder. WHY, just why dose this make people upset?
Kitana Jackson
Kitana Jackson 3 days ago
did anyone else think of that one scene in ratatouille?
Nathan Playz - No content
Did anyone notice that the subtitles said ’I'm gonna et you to eat you’ when he said ’I'm gonna get chica to eat you’?
Michael Gustavus
Michael Gustavus 3 days ago
Mark is now a munten
Blue FoxyBox
Blue FoxyBox 3 days ago
Try raw vegetables 😂
J.C.S S.
J.C.S S. 3 days ago
J.C.S S.
J.C.S S. 3 days ago
Markiplier:eats cheese PEOPLE:LETS BUY IT
J.C.S S.
J.C.S S. 3 days ago
19 minutes of Markiplier childhood
Liz Schoenbaum
Liz Schoenbaum 3 days ago
Mark's cup is an SCP
Carlos Denny C. Manalo
Me reading the cooments: why are they crying....... Also me: oh....ok. :(
Smedwaseen 225
Smedwaseen 225 4 days ago
Mark my brother we are more closely related the You’d first think I am white but I am also like you about idk half of a quarter German but I KNOW IM GERMAN so that makes us blood brothers? Idk just thought that was cool and if you read this witch you probably won’t I wanted you to know this fact about me!
rabbit god
rabbit god 4 days ago
Radiation cups bell yeah
Avery Wade
Avery Wade 4 days ago
that mug is freaking nuclear.
Blue sand Man
Blue sand Man 4 days ago
He said it smells like feet and he loves it? Interesting
Xlarcen panget
Xlarcen panget 4 days ago
I cry too
Emmett Bukrey
Emmett Bukrey 4 days ago
I'm from WisCONSin
JewelsCookieCat 4 days ago
Mark: * starts tearing up about cheese and remembering his childhood/dad* Me: dont cry dont cry dont cry
The Heartless Hero 2077
In Kingdom Hearts, I learned that the most precious memories are stored in the heart. Later in life after my mother died, I learned that music has a magic that is capable of playing with your heart like a kitten with yarn... This video tought me that food is no exception as a sort of time machine to your childhood... What I've always known is that memories are priceless, and what is in those memories may be *EXTREMELY PAINFUL* to recal despite not being that sad... Wether its a deceased loved one, a yerning to relieve your youth or just reminiscing about old friends that you no longer talk to and haven't for years... Its not the memories that are the pain, its having lost those memories that will kill a small part of you.... - The Heartless Hero Edit = I've also learned to never use their cups... ever... at all.... for any reason.... what so ever....
Dylan Montoya
Dylan Montoya 4 days ago
Second time I've seen this video and I still tear up so fast when he takes that first bite. Then moments later laughing my ass off about the mug XD
Panda Master
Panda Master 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure you already saw it, but on Amazon you can get a three pack of it for 37.50.
IX Jupiter
IX Jupiter 4 days ago
Man this just hit me right in the feels I lost my dad one and a half years ago and the seeing you is blowing back to remember him too I don’t know it may sound weird but honestly seeing you remember him helps me remember my dad and I just want to say thank you btw I’m 12
Volatile Embers
Volatile Embers 4 days ago
I swear every time I rewatch this video it makes me smile to see someone who has helped so many people have nostalgia and a lot of happiness
Jeremy Park
Jeremy Park 5 days ago
first time i think ive ever seen mark truly happy
Antonio Gabriel
Antonio Gabriel 5 days ago
god damnit i was crying as soon as he started to tear up and be quiet, think, be taken back, remember
Chillin YT
Chillin YT 5 days ago
Markiplier almost crying Then mark talking about his dad destroying the house
Brayan -.-
Brayan -.- 5 days ago
Food & music can be so powerful it lets you relive moments in your life you enjoyed
Kingbearbeast 1
Kingbearbeast 1 5 days ago
The Geiger counter going up super quick 0-0 "oh shit"
Salt_crazy833 Ree
Wait... your dad liked natzizs from world war 2?!?!!
Patrick Moane
Patrick Moane 5 days ago
We could use limburger cheese as a memorization aid for people who have been hypnotised.
mehmet ize
mehmet ize 5 days ago
R.i.p cliff😭😭
cerulean sparrow
cerulean sparrow 5 days ago
are we just going to gloss over the radioactive cup!
Spydoormonkey 0
Spydoormonkey 0 5 days ago
My brother just walked into my room and asked me what I’m doing. My response: I’m watching markiplier eat cheese. He looked at me with a face of extreme concern
Ava M
Ava M 5 days ago
I honestly fully understand why he got emotional, I literally balled over my nintendo ds because of the memories I got by going on it after years because I used to always take it to my grandparents every year when I went to visit them before they both passed away. There was also things that me and my cousin Lauren did on there when I saw her there. I haven't talked to her in about 5 years because of family drama after they passed away I miss her so much.
W e e b l e t
W e e b l e t 6 days ago
its back. your welcome.
Zoe the Potato
Zoe the Potato 6 days ago
Mark's basically eating memories
kyle 6 days ago
The figs bring me back to.
Br8ks_TTM 6 days ago
Seeing Mark remember good times about his dad and almost tearing up was very eye opening. All because of some German cheese :)
Ludrigasaur 6 days ago
I thought your dad was American
Sam 6 days ago
this gives me so much serotonin🥺
The Bruh
The Bruh 6 days ago
Mrkiplier: knows how cream tastes after 20 years Me: dont knows the awnsers for my test even if i studied them yesterday
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