I haven't eaten this food in 20 YEARS...

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20 Years later and I'm finally able to try this food again... In this video I relive my childhood by trying one of my dad's favorite snacks: LIMBURGER CHEESE! Let's review this strange food and see if it brings back some memories!
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Early on in my childhood my dad introduced me to Limburger Cheese Spread on Triscuits. I loved it. Despite the fact that this is a SUPER STINKY CHEESE I just couldn't get enough of it! However, when I was about 10 years old Kraft stopped making this particular delicacy much to my dad's disappointment. Fast forward to 2019 and I may have found a replacement for that long lost favorite food. Let's see my reaction to my childhood favorite snack! How will I react? Will I still like it? Or will it be gross?
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 13 056
Tobias Hour ago
honestly get rid of the cups!!
Izzer777 /
Izzer777 / 3 hours ago
Mark you should visit your old house
Kai Hux
Kai Hux 4 hours ago
Fig newton's are the best!!
Club Sandwich
Club Sandwich 5 hours ago
I just watched mark eat chips and cheese for 20 minutes...
xchallengerx11 00
xchallengerx11 00 5 hours ago
nice cupnobyl
sMarT MonDAys
sMarT MonDAys 6 hours ago
17:35 One thing ammie didn't mention bout the figs is that when the wasp dies the fig digest the wasp
Fatalord 13
Fatalord 13 6 hours ago
Mark likes feet
Graeme Guthrie
Graeme Guthrie 6 hours ago
Radioactive coffee
Masked man
Masked man 8 hours ago
I love this man
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 10 hours ago
I knew it was fucking cheese
Shy 10 hours ago
I love wholesome videos like this. More of this please, Mark.
Nash 14 hours ago
I want a video about the radioactive tea cup
orionloki08 14 hours ago
RIP Marks bab😢😢😢
willy willy
willy willy 14 hours ago
Well we all know marks new diet now
JoeMama 15 hours ago
Im hungry every time I see Marc with these food vids
ay es em ar
DumbasGenius 4u
DumbasGenius 4u 15 hours ago
Markiplier: "As soon as I took a bite I started tearing up." Me: Oh yeah well as soon as you started tearing up I started tearing up
DracoVulpis 15 hours ago
I used to hate fig newtons, but a couple of years ago I suddenly liked them
Just A Person
Just A Person 16 hours ago
“Leave area immediately and alert government!” How I imagine the call going. “Yes, hi. I have a Tea-Cup that has an immense amount of radiation, I think you should send someone over to check this out.”
Jerky Motions For Fun!
Like i haven’t eaten at all in 20 years
jonnyb7283 16 hours ago
Damn you mark now I need to make food from my childhood.
Silainex 17 hours ago
*insert that ratatouille scene with the evil reviewer*
Lysa Games
Lysa Games 18 hours ago
Let's go Wisconsin!!!!!😂😂😂 LAND OF THE CHEESE🐄🧀
Fruit Cake
Fruit Cake 18 hours ago
Idk why, but this video made my day. It made my heart feel full.
Elgin Washington
Elgin Washington 18 hours ago
Mm~ asmr
DRrockso1224 The Outlaw
Markiplier likes feet confirmed
Takahashi 22 hours ago
*Markiplier recording his designated feeding time as a desperate cry for help for whoever is watching to call the cops and stop making him eat stink cheese*
LATER 22 hours ago
Bro y'all gonna grow cancer cells
Benny Boo
Benny Boo 23 hours ago
Mark: I had to special order it from *WISCONSIN* Me, a Wisconsinite: *HELL YEAH*
Julia Victa
Julia Victa 23 hours ago
Mr. Nostalgic feet cheese and Ms. Radioactive cups A match made in heaven
Julia Victa
Julia Victa 23 hours ago
Amy is perfectly fine with the radioactive cup because she is an alien!
Shadowdemon 117
Go Wisconsin we have great cheese
Aintjewish o3o
mark had a ratatouille moment
Bear_a_kuma Day ago
Beancake. I don't think I've ever met another person who's eaten or made beancake. It is my grandfather's favorite. It looks similar to a pancake, but does not taste like one.
Michael Halliday-king
So wholesome
Tye Wit Tan
Tye Wit Tan Day ago
aww Mark dont cry
Derrik Melson
We all know what mark is going to have in his house for a snack from now on
slav mix
slav mix Day ago
Vietnam flashback 7:02
xxxwhite phantom
Níne he works for hitler
Radio Demon
Radio Demon Day ago
Josef Dagel
Josef Dagel Day ago
i fucking died att the radiation part
SkeleBoi Day ago
Who knew, A cup is deadly nuclear weapon.
it's the nerdablue show
Yep... up here in wisconsin we have limburg cheese...we also have the following products because WE'RE LITTERLY AMERICA'S ONLY CHEESE SUPPLYERS swiss,pepperjack,mozzarella,chedder....i could go on forever with cheese names 😂 P.s glad you liked the Limburgen cheese.
Brendan Hansen
............................. How did that radiation pan out?
Alpha Dragon
Alpha Dragon Day ago
19 minute video of mark eating 😂
park 64
park 64 Day ago
Man, I started tearing up when you did Mark. I really miss my dad.
Sloth Burrito
Mark: This was fucked by a wasp?!?! Back?: Pretty much Mark: *Stares are fig newton then eats it anyway* Me: Same
Jordan Courtney
Mark - 4:35 “that smells exactly the same” Also Mark - 5:41 “it doesn’t smell quite the same?”
secret asian man
wasps! chomp~ wasps? chomp~ he doesn't care lol
secret asian man
she was "radio active~ radio active~"
lorman771 Day ago
Is no body gonna acknowledge the fact that mark ate a wasp birthing pod?
Canadian Tuxedo
3:36 you can see the dopamine rush to his brain and he hasn’t even ate the spread yet
Charles Burkholder
When I was a lot younger my dad used to buy corn nuts, and I then didn't eat them for years. Now whenever I eat them it makes me think of my childhood.
Ayden Redstar
Never had it
Kiden Wolf
Kiden Wolf Day ago
back in those days they used uranium in pottery/ceramics as a glaze. Fiesta were a company that is known for that there red and orange plates are "Radioactive" and because the cup is orange means that the uranium is more prominent in it. Its harmless the only problem is if you ingest it I think.
BIG D 360
BIG D 360 Day ago
Me: watching Markiplier cry while eating My brain: remembering Keanu Reeves drinking wine
Brooklyn Braylin
I just watched a 30 year old man crying about cheese.... I cried with him...
Its ya boy Jio
As lixian zooms in "what are you thinking there mark"
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