I HATE THIS - Warning Trypophobia! (very ew) - Subnautica - Part 4

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too fgar gamers
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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
NO WiFi 22 hours ago
Lol 69 meters? Coincidence? I think not.
Pewdiepie sound like Indian voice..
A Medic Main
A Medic Main Day ago
3:34 spiders in Australia be like
MEME stars
MEME stars 2 days ago
the cobalt cobra
the cobalt cobra 2 days ago
“Guy at the store gave more tips. I can go in the ship WHAT”
Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen 2 days ago
its not gone.
Gege Ardian
Gege Ardian 2 days ago
JackSeptiCube thats cute
This guy is bad at Minecraft
Wow that dolphin hop was really cool
PS4 Gaming
PS4 Gaming 3 days ago
Pewdiepie: its gone Also pewdiepie: heads straight into another reaper territory
Nick Dermois
Nick Dermois 4 days ago
Milkyzzz 4 days ago
reaper: my roar goes brr brr
Kert Allik
Kert Allik 4 days ago
So he went AROUND the aurora and didn't die?
J C 4 days ago
I’m so glad he finally met the Reaper... about time lol after avoiding one MULTIPLE times. Add to that his reaction was exactly what I hoped.... yaaay lol
Jenna Benna
Jenna Benna 5 days ago
Why did it take this many episodes to find reaper wtf
UnSkilledOne 5 days ago
Everybody should subscribe to me
Sarcastic Grumps
Sarcastic Grumps 7 days ago
Comments: Talking about Subnautica shit I don't know 'cause I've never played or watched it Me: DON'T YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT TO ME
Samuel Lajeunesse
I just realized I had trypophobia while watching this video
Dr Perry
Dr Perry 9 days ago
Never seen someone swap batteries in front of a reaper and live to tell the story hahaha well done
Sasha Love
Sasha Love 9 days ago
Felix: let’s make an L. :me LWAIY?
WaterMine613 11 days ago
Omg you make me wanna play again
rich pesca
rich pesca 11 days ago
I love pewdsss!!❤️
Wendell Wendell lima do nascimento
Lol the reaper leviathan scared the shit out of him xD
Mario G
Mario G 12 days ago
This castle reminds me of the one in the movie Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki
Wolfie GVD
Wolfie GVD 13 days ago
so funny
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 13 days ago
The store guy is probably laughing his ass off
celine 02
celine 02 13 days ago
16:07 "This planet is under quarantine " hmmm...
Dimond Catcher
Dimond Catcher 13 days ago
play pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
EnurGaming 15 days ago
"people explode" Felix: WOAH BUTTERFLY
Mackenzie Gaming
Mackenzie Gaming 15 days ago
Everyone in sunbeam: *dead* Pewdiepie: *WOOOOOOOW* as expected to the man who will create a genoci-
Just1biberon 15 days ago
Il a copié sur Squeezie
Carter Han
Carter Han 16 days ago
This game does seem relaxing. I just can’t see myself playing it though since it seems very time-consuming(Playing too many games already). I’ll just settle for watching Felix this time. 😂
ana rup
ana rup 16 days ago
Flamer 66
Flamer 66 16 days ago
Ya it was totally so cool how u were a dolphin , amazing actually love it!
Dimitri Fenner
Dimitri Fenner 16 days ago
Pewds at 0:44 "I came looking for copper and I found gold."
Blue the albino indoraptor
16:31 I Am NoT TouCHIng Pp
Kaden The Human
Kaden The Human 17 days ago
Pewd: Tries to stay away from big scary fish monster Also Pewds: Continues to search the exterior of the Aurora
Kaden The Human
Kaden The Human 17 days ago
Okay, did he really just say that someone at the store told him to go to the ship? That’s a real bad idea....
HyunieBun 17 days ago
they guy from the store must be like: Kappa
Yeet Bot
Yeet Bot 17 days ago
Pewdiepie: I think that went pretty well Sunbeam who just got blown up: am I a joke to you?
Henry Hodgkinson
Henry Hodgkinson 18 days ago
pewdiepie: comment how cool that was me:tha was crap pewdiepie :(
Max Paulus
Max Paulus 18 days ago
"this game is comfy" clearly you haven't run into any Sea Treader Leviathans Edit: ok later in the vid at least he ran into a reaper leviathan
WOT Nate
WOT Nate 19 days ago
This planet is under quarantine covid: k
mathew egesdal
mathew egesdal 19 days ago
The dolphin jumping was cool!
Destructor y Tade Ar
10:28 speedruns be like
DevTheBloody 19 days ago
Oreo Kitten
Oreo Kitten 19 days ago
I have trypophobia
Lord Farquuad
Lord Farquuad 22 days ago
Pewds: “Im sure it’s gone”. meanwhile he goes through 3 more reaper territories
Matthew Dopkin
Matthew Dopkin 23 days ago
My question is how is there nickel deposits at the island
青yoon. 23 days ago
"I'm infected? I'm sure it's fine." Subnautica Veterans: *nervous sweating*
Kascha Kanofski
Kascha Kanofski 23 days ago
*watches sunbeam explode* pewds: “i think that went well”
TheZiad 24 days ago
Sounds like someone is smoking hookah at the beginning
Regret Definitely regret
Aurora has not been there for 100 hears
Regret Definitely regret
Árlea Cruz
Árlea Cruz 24 days ago
Alguém fala português e em 2020
GAME Master641
GAME Master641 24 days ago
Rami Hadidi
Rami Hadidi 25 days ago
claire white
claire white 26 days ago
i mean 0:43
claire white
claire white 26 days ago
pewdiepie: copperer ( 4:43 ) also pewdiepie: calls it copper correctly after a few seconds and does not realize he said copper wrong a few seconds earlier
claire white
claire white 26 days ago
i mean 0:43
The Legends Fallen
The Legends Fallen 26 days ago
The Legends Fallen
The Legends Fallen 26 days ago
Sarih Lee
Sarih Lee 26 days ago
he went past the entrance so many times XD XD ah
batt Matt
batt Matt 26 days ago
Hop hop hop.what was that? Hop hop hop
lisa 26 days ago
dannys videos
dannys videos 26 days ago
U swam right under the dam entry point 40 times
hello yes
hello yes 27 days ago
hey did you know that you can stand on the bird things
Hanky83 Yt
Hanky83 Yt 28 days ago
I knew he would encounter the reaper after exploring without a sea moth
Paul Aaron
Paul Aaron 28 days ago
pewdss the first youtuber to survive an encounter
I'm a Pizza
I'm a Pizza 28 days ago
19:48 (don't watch if extremely trypophobic)
Nicolas Rouleau
Nicolas Rouleau 29 days ago
Sick dolphin jump !!
Liberty 29 days ago
Pewdipie's rescue exploded Pewdiepie: WoW
Nedka Cipher666
Nedka Cipher666 29 days ago
Aurora: *shakes violently Pewds: It'S sTaBlE
Tweek Ludwig
Tweek Ludwig 29 days ago
For the first time in literally FOREVER (other than the video on Twitter), we are able to hear Felix swear because it was so loud and jumbled in with audio at 21:37 . Nice.
Kaung Satt Thar
Kaung Satt Thar 29 days ago
The Reaper Leviathan didn't touch Pwds because he's rich.
Andrei Ratan
Andrei Ratan 29 days ago
this game makes minecraft's creatures look like barbie dolls
FunziesGuy 29 days ago
Pewds finding the reaper is everything I hoped that it would be
Claricia Natania
He was so shook, i'm WHEEZING
dylan ertle
dylan ertle Month ago
felix says i have almost beat the game when hes at the very beggining
Angel Munoz
Angel Munoz Month ago
Pewds can die by anything else but sees a shadow attack hears a loud long fish scream and panic and still surivive
Samuel Ruiz Arenas
theres a beacon u can mark places with them and then call them
Nicole Rachelle
Nicole Rachelle Month ago
Watching pewds play is more stressful than wedging your cyclops in the river entrance.
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