I HATE 13 Reasons Why (Season 3)

I Hate Everything
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IHE delves deep into the hilarious farce that is the third season of 13 Reasons Why.
This video was made in junction with my buddy TheRightOpinion who has a HUGE video on the same subject you should check out ► ruvid.net/video/video-Gef1nihHFYU.html
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Apr 9, 2020




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Comments 80
I Hate Everything
Hope you enjoy the vid, season 3 of this show is so hilariously bad I almost have to recommend it! I came close to not making a video on this topic, but it's merely too humorous not to... This video was made in junction with my buddy TheRightOpinion who has a HUGE video on the same subject you should check out ► ruvid.net/video/video-Gef1nihHFYU.html
Bruce Mccraw
Bruce Mccraw 6 days ago
I Hate Everything do you actually hate everything because i don't no?
Arianna W
Arianna W 15 days ago
Your reaction is so byist . Honestly, the only thing you could say about him was that he was a bad person , when he showed many other things . Your obviously a Bryce hater .
GrapE Bg
GrapE Bg 20 days ago
Hey why u have everything I saw ur vids😡
Abbybaby 29 days ago
I didn't know there was 3rd season 😅
Lisa H
Lisa H Month ago
Why did you have to turn friendship into something sexual?
Equus21 Productions
The first season I thought was excellent. Anything after that to me was meh
Naté Silver
Naté Silver 8 hours ago
Season 4 is out, can't wait to see your review of it!
busancherries 14 hours ago
If they wanted to redeem him, then they should’ve had him confessing for everything he did and receiving the correct punishment. Also Alex should be in prison for what he did along side Jessica.
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
Final season is coming tomorrow! Can't wait for the IHE on that!
Eddie Randolph
Eddie Randolph 16 hours ago
i don’t like bryce but apologizing and trying to understand what he did is him trying to seek redemption i understand you don’t like it but you being biased and saying certain things like bruce isn’t seeking redemption then after saying you don’t care if he says sorry to his victims makes your review not good
Megan Kaprata
Megan Kaprata 17 hours ago
Anyone here because season 4 is coming out tomorrow
Ria J
Ria J 18 hours ago
This made me subscribe to you. You made me laugh so much.
Edits by Amber
Edits by Amber 19 hours ago
It should have been a one season show. It would’ve been a lot better, I refuse to watch season two and three
Abijah 21 hour ago
At least it wasn't at bad as Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones
adeel1650 21 hour ago
I hated Ani and Winston the most. The most annoying characters on the show.
Adrian Spencer Elizalde
And then Clay wakes up, panting and sweaty; it was all a dream, no, a nightmare.
Yuri Miura
Yuri Miura Day ago
The only thing I actually liked was the part of Tyler, he is a really great actor (and in the cast he shines the most, since lots of them are really bad at acting lmao) and I loved how his story brought light to such a "taboo" topic. On the other side, they ovbiously had to ruin it and make it all a mess with stupid thropes and nonsensical scenes. In my mind it was GREAT IDEA, HORRIBLE EXECUTION. (But please show your support to the actor, he was really great!)
Neem Day ago
As a teenager who recently became an adult (cause thats how age works), im insulted that parents will now think that this is how all teenagers are because we a re being 'represented' by this film in a 'mature' and 'responsible way' Fawk that
Dynasty Greene
Yeah you hate everything that's your name
Veronica Pomar
The thing that bothered me about season 3 was that they were trying to make us feel bad for Bryce and I was like your kidding me right hes a rapist.
Juan Hernandez
In the future 13 RW will be GTA high school edition
hey y'all omg
You know Riverdale is an absolute masterpiece compared to this show. Although they both think that they're serious., 13RW is just so much worse. Showing a suicide? That's a horrible way to get views.
Curtain McVarlin
Human bean
Nat l
Nat l 2 days ago
They've written themselves in a corner? They should do what every franchise do when it happens : time travel
Gorillo Man
Gorillo Man 2 days ago
I don't watch the show but from what I've seen, Bryce turned from a normal shitty dude to a fucking Marvel supervillain. What sane person says shit like "I will continue to live on in the bodies of millions of men"?
Kevin I
Kevin I 2 days ago
This show tackles a lot of societal issues: bullying, suicide, school shootings, depression, rape, murder, and other negative behaviors *And it somehow manages to give the wrong opinion on ALL OF THEM*
Jeremy U's RevUs
Jeremy U's RevUs 2 days ago
Do yourself a favor, and watch Twin Peaks instead of this garbage.
Jeremy U's RevUs
Jeremy U's RevUs 2 days ago
This show feels like a more dramatic version of Marville.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 3 days ago
I just feel bad for Bryce’s actor tho imagine getting hated for something he was told to do.
MR meep HQ
MR meep HQ 3 days ago
I don't think Bryce has to be more well rounded, he's already round enough
Michelle DeMarco
Michelle DeMarco 3 days ago
I hated how they handled Tyler's character. I felt like the only reason everyone liked him in the end was because of his trauma. Feel free to tell me otherwise, but if I remember right Jessica hated being with him until he opened up about the ... incident.
Michelle DeMarco
@TheWikidJester yeah then the punk guys left him too after some tension happened with the leader's sister and then they really just left him as a third wheel. Didn't they?
That's the thing I had forgotten about with Tyler and the rest of the crew. They've essentially disliked him since season one, when they learned he was a stalker and took the photo of Hannah & Courtney (going so far as to omit him from the pact several of them made to keep Clay from finding out about Bryce raping Hannah via the tapes). Then, in season two, most of them don't even give a second glance to Tyler after he testifies in court about the goings-on at the school and he's almost forced into making new friends (cue the stereotypical punk rock-loving anarchist kids with an axe to grind about the establishment).
Joel Stone
Joel Stone 4 days ago
Silver fox
Silver fox 4 days ago
I'm sorry, but high school and teenage in NOT this complicated, bruh they're literally criminals at this point
Dr. Geq Breadman
Dr. Geq Breadman 4 days ago
Giving a minor character an intense backstory and killing them moments later is straight up a JoJo referance
doremi fa
doremi fa 5 days ago
It was good to me until the end/middle of season 1
Kaylee Brown
Kaylee Brown 5 days ago
Maybe you should stop hating and actually just do something or anything else
AnOrangeDoor 6 days ago
Maria-Louisa 6 days ago
It's turning into a worse version of Riverdale...
The Schmidt Anderson
every scene with Ani just pissed me the hell off
Pew Pew
Pew Pew 6 days ago
After season 2 came out I stopped watching the series. I don’t know why... I really enjoyed Season 1, I somewhat enjoyed Season 2 but completely lost interest in it after, and season 4 is already a few days away! Wtf
Ryan McMaster
Ryan McMaster 6 days ago
God, this show sucks so much balls I don't know how anyone can take it seriously. Like MAYBE the first season (and that's generous) but after that, its utter trash.
sushi777300 7 days ago
Just shows the average American childhood
Rohan Sanyal
Rohan Sanyal 7 days ago
I got 3 fucking ACT ads during the video
Ajax Sid
Ajax Sid 7 days ago
This show needs to stop
deadshot 090
deadshot 090 7 days ago
This Show is so life is strange
Zaim Hilmi
Zaim Hilmi 7 days ago
StarWarsFan Gr
StarWarsFan Gr 7 days ago
This guy is a living one-star review
Yozuru 7 days ago
No one tell him about Riverdale
Robin Vobin
Robin Vobin 8 days ago
Everyone is such a idiot I don't fucking get how horrible this series is written
cry baby
cry baby 8 days ago
Literally every character is awful in someway..
An enemy stand
An enemy stand 8 days ago
I havent seen thirteen reasons why but just hearing all the things bryce has done makes him sound less like a shitty teen with a trouble home life and more like a machiavellian supervillain plotting the downfall of all around him and weaving a web of lies to force others into becoming his useful pawns.
Lochie JJ
Lochie JJ 8 days ago
"He's was fxxxxxx person clay! a human bean!"
isabella 8 days ago
I hate everything about this show. But the one thing I really appreciated is how they showed the humanity of those who we call "monsters" without freeing them of guilt. Bryce still is a rapist and still has anger issues BESIDES THE FACT that we see his human side. I mean believe me, I honestly despise the show but I'm really glad that they addressed this topic so well (murder and drama aside... obvioisly...), especially because young people watch it and it can be educational. Btw Ani in Italian means "assholes" and that's how I'll end my comment.
Dubious Deliquite
Yea but the problem is that they clearly only gave him a human side because of them milking the series as much as possible In the original season he was just a mustache twirling villain with no redeeming qualities, and after netflix stretched the series past that point they tried to fix him in post purely to make his death slightly more effective Its like in other shows such as the walking dead where all the side characters are only given a backstory or personality an episode before they die, to attempt to make a character who's death is meaningless feel like something
jake hodgson
jake hodgson 8 days ago
I love this fella :) (the narrator not Bryce)
СССР 8 days ago
You should do a “I hate Mosquitoes” video
Albie Smith
Albie Smith 8 days ago
lol people actually think that us brits sound like ani
Norskit _
Norskit _ 8 days ago
Caffiene Complications
Yeah I agree they provs should have just kept it as the first 2 seasons. 3rd one was just unnecessary. But I like the book better
Ashish J
Ashish J 9 days ago
For me even the first minute of the first season was a mistake. But yeah tastes changes person to person.
Radius 9 days ago
This channels name is the biggest mood ever
alexishere 9 days ago
One more season guys just one more
yoboi nicossman
yoboi nicossman 9 days ago
Season 3 of Elite does the attempted redemption arc so much better. Probably because Polo wasn't fucking evil beyond salvation to start. (lol)
Paguo 9 days ago
Holy fuck, Bryce's hairline is leaving the series too. Feels bad man, genetics is a bitch
Nilabhra Mitra
Nilabhra Mitra 9 days ago
You know... English is British origine right? So that accent is the right one...it is The English... Yours on the other hand American accent... Sorry to berak it to you guys your country doesn't really have much history... Except, if u consider Netive American... That being said... I also hate british people...
Lordi 9 days ago
What? Alex *is* British
A man
A man 10 days ago
Who killed DOUG Walker
Maya Young
Maya Young 10 days ago
missed opportunity to name the video “13 reasons why i hate 13 reasons why”
Dubious Deliquite
He named his video on the first season that
Nate DS
Nate DS 10 days ago
This show would be way more fun if they dropped the high and mighty moral bullshit and embraced the stupidity of this story.
Ash 10 days ago
Ngl, I actually enjoyed watching the show mainly because I liked how dramatic it was 😂
Jakahn Kris
Jakahn Kris 10 days ago
He was a human bean guys wtf.
10 days ago
You actually watched 3 seasons of this garbage!? Hahahaha
Rick Mannion
Rick Mannion 10 days ago
Ngl I enjoyed it, Bryce was my favourite character cus of how crazy he was and how fucked he was, I get why ppl hate it, it's the shows fault by branding the show as deep and important
C JR 11 days ago
I look forward to your video on season 4. Cause I for one could not sit through the trash that was season 3.
Caro S.
Caro S. 11 days ago
i always hated beans
giaus🤩 11 days ago
my main issue is just how boring it is, i only watched 1 1/2 eps of s3 just because i was falling asleep also it's really hard to keep track of the timeline, swear they were going on about two homecomings or something i just have no ideaa
Lambda Function
Lambda Function 11 days ago
This show tries to do way too much and does none of it well, so everything becomes a giant mess of internally inconsistent crap. They have to retcon things constantly. It'd be much better if they focused each season on one specific thing and one specific person and made a compelling story providing a perspective that really makes you think deeply about something. But instead it's become a grab-bag of hot button social issues and pandering. It's just masturbatory virtue signaling at this point and it's repulsive.
BLACKPINKRise 11 days ago
The only person that doesn't deserve to go to jail is Zack imo
Kasia Barry
Kasia Barry 11 days ago
Bryce has some of the laziest acting I've seen in a long time. In the most intense scenes, he just talks like a mildly douchey jock and shows no emotion.
Bombproofbutter 11 days ago
He didn’t care about zach and his ex it does seem like zach pushed for an abortion so she wouldn’t be tied to bryce and he could have a better chance with her
cursed tomato
cursed tomato 12 days ago
i've never watched 13 reasons alone as a show at all and still don't plan to, but my parents have watched this show before and i'm glad they wouldn't let me watch it with them. my main issues with this show is how they try to portray mental illness and serious topics, it seems more that they're trying to glamorize and romanticize those topics than bring awareness to them. how the show is written is very poor, if it was actually good, they wouldn't put in those graphic triggering scenes in the first place, and they could've made the scenes less graphic. the characters don't even have much dept in their personality besides their issues being their entire personality. this show is just bullshit.
Bram Steenhoek
Bram Steenhoek 12 days ago
BoJack Horseman is a way better show to represent mental illness change a mind
Deadpool 12 days ago
I hope IHE reviews the Last Season
quazy quaker
quazy quaker 12 days ago
I don't know how I feel about this series.
Zaynab Hussain
Zaynab Hussain 13 days ago
Personally, I liked Sephiroth's 'I will never be a memory' than "I will be reborn into the bodies of a million men."
Who killed Bryce Walker, ... but more importantly, Who Killed Captain Alex?
Haroldsen 11 days ago
More importantly Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?
Zanman 13 days ago
Honestly, to me, people like Bryce aren’t really human
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