I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 80
brazil Year ago
haha grape
Yxllow. Lemxn
Yxllow. Lemxn 15 days ago
Tee ky
Tee ky 19 days ago
Lol :)
Jack Peterson
Jack Peterson 23 days ago
brazil jftgtgffffff
Michael Murtagh 2574
500 reply
Alena Park
Alena Park Month ago
Lol now i get it haha
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 12 minutes ago
adam the grape: like that smash button
Animated Łifē Numbers
Is having you jaw shut 2 months bad somethingelseYT?
gacha foxy gamer
gacha foxy gamer 34 minutes ago
any one relize he said like that smash button? first time here im SUBSCRIBING!!!!!!!!!!!
I play Games
I play Games 38 minutes ago
SomethingElseYT destroyed his close.
Miguel Gaspar
Miguel Gaspar 50 minutes ago
When kids screaming in my class and teacher walks in1:27
ZankPlayz Hour ago
Of course he breathed with his nose
Isad Saud
Isad Saud Hour ago
Shut the ah not this time
dead DOGE
dead DOGE Hour ago
Jack Woodford
Jack Woodford 2 hours ago
Anyone who see’s this should like that smash button because smash and likes are cool...
William Kildau
William Kildau 3 hours ago
7:05 y e s
AndromedaIsHere 3 hours ago
g r a p e
lava dude 57
lava dude 57 3 hours ago
4:13 sad boi adem 7:09 angy adem
deku. pink. berryy
deku. pink. berryy 4 hours ago
Jaiden Nez
Jaiden Nez 5 hours ago
I hated it
Jaiden Nez
Jaiden Nez 5 hours ago
I had a sore throat that wouldn't let me eat for two or one weeks and it was painful now sad and it was hard to eat and I slept most of the time
Nathan Cham
Nathan Cham 5 hours ago
Lovᴇᒪy LIL Laꀷㄚ
*like that smash button*
CuberMC 6 hours ago
When he was talking about grapes I was eating them
Stand by perduction”s
Chocky malk
Richard Hickey
Richard Hickey 6 hours ago
when he came out of the tv at 8:47 his shirt said smol me
Cristina Momoc Coman
He said at end like that smash button
Ariana Grant
Ariana Grant 8 hours ago
Ariana Grant
Ariana Grant 8 hours ago
Theodd1sout Fan
Theodd1sout Fan 9 hours ago
Ow are u feeling ok now
Ellis Brown
Ellis Brown 10 hours ago
"Don't forget to... Like that smash button."
Benjamin Cornish
Benjamin Cornish 10 hours ago
Adam: Oh God!! Please!! Have mercy.. AYAHHHHHH!! Audience: -_-
Mohamed Xasan
Mohamed Xasan 10 hours ago
Finley 1
Finley 1 11 hours ago
WoW that must suck man and I subscribed make more vids pls!😀😃😄😁🙂 🙃
Dániel Kakas
Dániel Kakas 11 hours ago
My father told me a story when his friends mouth got wired. They were at a party and they drank so much he started vomiting and he almost drowned in his own vomit.
You made my friend laugh so hard she started chOkInG Nice video bruh
Lynn Holmes
Lynn Holmes 13 hours ago
I love mac and cheese way too much to have my jaw wired for 2 months
Galaxy Aria
Galaxy Aria 14 hours ago
your talking about food and now im hungry or its bc its 12:00 pm
Adam Aviation
Adam Aviation 14 hours ago
// Aesthetic Vibe //
He talk He attac But most importantly He want food bacc
Carllegend The legend
Laura Paquette
Laura Paquette 16 hours ago
Yesss lets like that smash button 👁👄👁
Unitingfish 9867
Unitingfish 9867 17 hours ago
i have to get jaw surgery in 6 months and I am terrified of it
Jayden McRae
Jayden McRae 17 hours ago
I know your song both of them amazing
Jayden McRae
Jayden McRae 17 hours ago
Shut up
D.G.B 19 hours ago
Adam: in a box,cold as hell me: hmmm yes...**visible confusion**
Mary Devlin
Mary Devlin 20 hours ago
THE TOMATO SOUP WAS COLD AS HELL Hell is warm not cold
Lemon Craft
Lemon Craft 20 hours ago
Adam:*fights with demonetize* also Adam:*says the whole word then adds censor* you should edit better m8
valeria rodriguez
valeria rodriguez 21 hour ago
I like how you say so yea
valeria rodriguez
valeria rodriguez 21 hour ago
I like how you say so yea
FangirlShippingQueen_29 Queen_29
Care to explain why he has horns, and his name is Adam? Lol.
FangirlShippingQueen_29 Queen_29
Care to explain why he has horns, and his name is Adam? Lol.
Echostream YT
Echostream YT 22 hours ago
Adam The hilarious Horned Person *_what is he I'm really dang stupid I'm sorry adam dont eat me_*
Bear 22 hours ago
Aiden Elliott
Aiden Elliott 23 hours ago
MizuAchi Day ago
I just realized, after the uncountable times I've watched this, he said "Like that smash button".... Instead of "smash that like button."
Joe Vaccarino
Joe Vaccarino
If anybody is a grape menits is a great
Chase Torres
Chase Torres Day ago
wow common sence like
Fastrencito27 Gamer
I need my past to
Fastrencito27 Gamer
Like for no heart attack
Fastrencito27 Gamer
I had a hear attack when i was a BaBy
Zapninja 615
Zapninja 615 Day ago
So fucking funny
Baileys Art
Baileys Art Day ago
In a few seconds I came up with a question that’s should lead me to directly what I needed to know "Hey what’s that"
Lucia Jayne
Lucia Jayne Day ago
Is this a Adam x TheOddonesout ship
Matthew Ponce
devouring another human being over tomato soup so you already ate one?
Raissha Seeley
He protecc He attacc But most importantly, He wants his chocy milk bacc
redfury125 Day ago
imagine if his mouth had not been wired he would look like a gorillaz character
Brooklyn Wong
Tony McCaff
Tony McCaff Day ago
Haha grape
Turfy The Turtle
He has peas on his teeth No braces forget he said braces
Mr DeathPickle
At the end he says "Don't forget to like that smash button"
Chelsi Rice
Chelsi Rice Day ago
Bruh I sorta know how you feel not eating foods you love yea i can't have gum hard candy and other foods because of expanders.
Alva Brennan
Alva Brennan Day ago
Kaitlin Bumgarner
Make sure to like that smash button!
olga butuc
olga butuc Day ago
Did u try pumpkin suop?
Endy Craft
Endy Craft Day ago
This is hilarious
NinjaXshin s
NinjaXshin s Day ago
4:02 4:00HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 5:39 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah 6:18 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Natallia Miller
The brothers sweatshirt said KshotTv that’s my dads twitch stream account
Leo Erixzon
Leo Erixzon Day ago
Why is the volume soo loww?
MaryTheCootKitten UwU
4:02 Microwaves be like:
Zavian Grundmeyer
The Eyes
The Eyes Day ago
oh wow i swear i wuld die in a week..
Wessyboi 678
Wessyboi 678 Day ago
Tomato soup not like tomato poop
micah baik
micah baik Day ago
I'm sorry but you kind of butchered the name
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