I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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Jun 11, 2019

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Comments 27 763
brazil 7 days ago
haha grape
Alex Plays
Alex Plays 21 hour ago
Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop
brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes
ReVeLuvSubs 3 days ago
Peni Parker
Peni Parker 5 days ago
End Superior
End Superior 6 days ago
Abril Lasso
Abril Lasso Hour ago
i´m hungry now
Angel Days
Angel Days Hour ago
Karl Knudsen
Karl Knudsen Hour ago
I love boost
robux Man_yt
robux Man_yt Hour ago
At part 4:31 i thought those were yeezys
Potato Person
Potato Person Hour ago
Nathan Falu
Nathan Falu Hour ago
... He said "Like that smash button"... He's still not out of it. XD
Kenzington Scarlet
Remember that video when you said nobody can get between you and those yellow potassium crescents? Well.... that dentist had it with you
Fluffle Puff
Fluffle Puff Hour ago
you look and sound alot like Mark!
K-Fun K-Love
K-Fun K-Love Hour ago
“don't forget to like the smash button” 😂😂😂
Quality Person
Quality Person 2 hours ago
I’ve choked on some shit throughout my childhood, and I choked again in the December of 2018. Then in January, I developed uvulitis (I don’t know how to spell it), and somehow I ended up from eating solid foods to having to blend up my meals. I’m starting to recover, but I can totally relate to the whole liquid diet stuff you talked about.
The Teal Plumbob Girl
I have the same problem with my jaw but the dentist said it’s just my muscle deteriorating and I have to stretch it to build it bck
Jeremy Amaya
Jeremy Amaya 2 hours ago
Jeremy Amaya
Jeremy Amaya 2 hours ago
And this
Jeremy Amaya
Jeremy Amaya 2 hours ago
Jeremy Amaya
Jeremy Amaya 2 hours ago
This part
Jeremy Amaya
Jeremy Amaya 2 hours ago
I love this video
kattcalixco 2 hours ago
is no one gonna talk about hoW HE IMPROVED, HIS ART STYLE IMPROVED MY MAN MY KING ❤️🥵🔥
Ph 14
Ph 14 2 hours ago
This is so late and you probably already know this, but the term 'mukbang' is a trend among TV hosts or celebrities where they interact with the audience (i.e. answering questions, etc...) while eating various types of food
Ph 14
Ph 14 Hour ago
@K-Fun K-Love He said he watched mukbang videos, but used a video of just ASMR, so I didn't know if he knew what it was
K-Fun K-Love
K-Fun K-Love 2 hours ago
What do you mean?
Mr. Tinky winky Scp gameplay y mas
This is art 👌 👌 👌
creps11 gaming
creps11 gaming 2 hours ago
On 12:22 he said dont forget to like the smash button. (smash button)? LOL
VallesShortFilms 2 hours ago
Don’t forget to like the smash button
ForgedInLight 2 hours ago
Ngl though, I think I’m going to need this done to me too, because my jaw hurts and such sometimes.
Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley Harriott 2 hours ago
Wow he literally had to stay hydrated for 2 months
Rachel Perkins
Rachel Perkins 2 hours ago
Mine are wired right now but mine only have to be wired for 5 weeks. I had a severe underbite and it was mildly crooked. I am 3 weeks in and I have lost 26 pounds and I have never wanted pizza more in my life.
JaffaJuice S
JaffaJuice S 2 hours ago
I haven't eaten a burrito ever in my life and haven't even thought of it until now... I'm like sixteen
Stephanie Grothe
Stephanie Grothe 2 hours ago
Darcey Lab
Darcey Lab 2 hours ago
bella bergstrom23
bella bergstrom23 2 hours ago
No No ShUT tHe FU-
Bran Flake
Bran Flake 2 hours ago
I have a osar
KittyKate 1797
KittyKate 1797 2 hours ago
Laura J
Laura J 2 hours ago
If possible can you make a video with no cursing so I can buy your merch I really want to but(don't know why I'm 14)my parents say they don't want to promote people that curse So Ye
Leya Nielsen
Leya Nielsen 2 hours ago
Im eating food while watching this lmao😂
Girl With Wifi
Girl With Wifi 2 hours ago
Quoting my cousin, Melanie, "I could live off food." ❤️
jigglypuff52 2 hours ago
.... He is James Potter.
Sandra Blandon
Sandra Blandon 2 hours ago
I think that HAPPENED to me when I was 4 I had to go to a hospital :/ cause everytime i open it MY toungue hurt also my jaw
Maja 2 hours ago
But how do you cough? And what if you have to throw up? How do you brush your teeth I have so many questions...
MLGDUDE 444 3 hours ago
1:30 PG Channels in a nutshell
No one,nobody NOTHING
“What would you do for 1 million dollars?” “Uhhh...probly suck d-“ Lmao had me chocking
Josephine DeGaetano
maxwell maxwell smart
littl skrimp
littl skrimp 3 hours ago
Did anybody notice Adam said “like that smash button”?
lightingmage_ PC
lightingmage_ PC 3 hours ago
On the 5k likes I will tell my mom that I am gay and record it
alex m
alex m 3 hours ago
oh god oh fuck I'm getting jaw surgery in December. I'm.in for a ride.....
Jectt Odom
Jectt Odom 3 hours ago
how did it feel to yawn?
Gabby Games
Gabby Games 3 hours ago
c toups
c toups 3 hours ago
*LiKe tHaT SmAsH bUttON*
I havent had a computer for 2 years. *IM DYING*
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 3 hours ago
Basically you're a failure
Aeronaux 3 hours ago
Omg Dr. Mario
Jason Bex
Jason Bex 3 hours ago
I had cancer and had to stay in the hospital for like 7 weeks and there food was crap anything good from out side was immediately bad after that like I had a thing with beef jerky so when my aunt was coming over and brought beef jerky I was all over it and it tasted awful and I completely stopped eating beef jerky after that.it sucked
Ralejones rojon
Ralejones rojon 3 hours ago
1:34 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) butt and no pants
Isabel Uribe
Isabel Uribe 4 hours ago
Your face reminds me of Mars Hughes from FMAB? I dunno why you look like skinny less muscly Hughes
Rebecca Sanchez
Rebecca Sanchez 4 hours ago
When I was in a two week fast, I loved watching people cook and eat food. I even liked cooking. I couldn't eat anything I made but I still wanted to be around food.
Zz Cutie
Zz Cutie 4 hours ago
I couldn’t stop watching the part were the first part
Tyonne Cobb
Tyonne Cobb 4 hours ago
1:25 😂😂😂
Mr. Male 2007
Mr. Male 2007 4 hours ago
Omfg I luv ur art style!!
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones 4 hours ago
....OHHHHHHHHHHH I GET IT So your saying is that Boost drinks are the devil and tomoto soup is god IM I RIGHT
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones 4 hours ago
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones 4 hours ago
My little sis called "SomeThingElsYT" A cat not a demon I LOL my socks of
nikki carma
nikki carma 4 hours ago
Your so cute....
VickVix 129
VickVix 129 4 hours ago
I will not like the smash button
Ashley Murray
Ashley Murray 4 hours ago
I think he's still kinda tired cuz' he said "don't forget to like that smash button" instead of smash that like button" 12:20
Carter Conkle
Carter Conkle 4 hours ago
Remember to like that smash button
Oslet Playz
Oslet Playz 4 hours ago
Omg I relate i couldn’t eat food for two days bc of my expanded and I was dying XD
theforcebewithu 4 hours ago
This is such a good video just because of the demonize thing
Lisa Henkel
Lisa Henkel 4 hours ago
GuideBeauté Jeu
GuideBeauté Jeu 4 hours ago
guy's he said shutttttttttt uuuuuuup
Hypr Lynk
Hypr Lynk 4 hours ago
RIP Adam's chocolate milk 1 like = 1 carton of chocolate milk
Silent Potato
Silent Potato 4 hours ago
💩 Vs Adam Poop wins
Maria Beach
Maria Beach 5 hours ago
this was posted on my and my mums birthday
Ayisha Gangadin
Ayisha Gangadin 5 hours ago
How did you brush your teeth
SquishiSquishi 5 hours ago
But... did he ever get his #ChoccyMylk?
Squid 5 hours ago
7:12 my favorite part of the video
CHloE748 5 hours ago
I’ve had more hospital stays than I can count, and I’m on my 26th surgery later this year (I’m 22). Because almost all of them were pancreas related, you can’t have anything to eat, even ice chips. My longest hospital stay was exactly 4 weeks and I only got to eat the last week, but it was all clear liquids (chicken broth, jello, water) and let me tell you, it tasted fantastic, even though it was disgusting lol. Every time I was admitted I would watch the food channel to torture myself lol, I could taste the food through the screen. I would also cheat and have my mom get me different flavors of gum, even though I wasn’t supposed to have any. Each flavor was like a different meal to me 😂
natalie angel
natalie angel 5 hours ago
i want gadoraade
Jaylah Luster
Jaylah Luster 5 hours ago
I will fucking eat you 🤣
max v
max v 5 hours ago
mate i had the same thing happen to me but i was 7 and i could not eat for 3 YEARS GGOD DA-
luke alan
luke alan 5 hours ago
At least you stopped yourself from being graped by youtubes demonitisation
NBW Br0Ck 5 hours ago
Ha look at me I will do and will succeed if I don’t care I had my jaw shut with underwear
TheMythCraft 5 hours ago
There are two things that popped into my head when Adam said the word ‘Mukbang’. 1. Memes. 2. BEN Drowned.
Leah 5 hours ago
I swear to god youtube is listening to me. I've never seen ANY of your videos before, and THIS is the video I get. I'm getting jaw surgery (for different reasons) in two weeks and my jaw is getting banded shut. I'm thanking my lucky stars it's only for two weeks
Don't talk to me
Don't talk to me 5 hours ago
Me: **sees the title** Also me: Hehe, you should see Meridith Grey
Ahnaf Amer
Ahnaf Amer 5 hours ago
Just watch buzzfeed Worth it by far the best I even downloaded it ( it’s the food one) #ILOOOOOOOOVESOMETHINGELSEYT😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Maria Medina
Maria Medina 5 hours ago
wait no... I'm so confused *i cant find the smash button*
Call me beep me My mother beats me
That burrito is from sheetz
Matthew Plasencia
Matthew Plasencia 5 hours ago
guy's he said shutttttttttt uuuuuuup
gamer_110 5 hours ago
8:12 bepis
Zakk's Farts
Zakk's Farts 5 hours ago
12:24 like that smash button
Grace Hauck
Grace Hauck 5 hours ago
at the end you said like that smash button why?.....why
Kavuela 5 hours ago
Kanye west
GachaWith HollyXX
GachaWith HollyXX 6 hours ago
....you look like markplier
Duck_15 Duck_15
Duck_15 Duck_15 6 hours ago
I watched this video wale sipping on a Diet Dr. Pepper
XtremeVoltage 6 hours ago
The first “Adam” to talk in the vid isn’t him. Where’s the common sense on the hoodie
Teeny Plains
Teeny Plains 6 hours ago
But what about... Pizza bagels?
Awkward Small Person
*gasp* its hydrocodone i had it after wisdom tooth removal and it was sooo amazing (i have muscle and nerve damage) to where my parents had to hide the bottle (i only had like 10 pills)
Alabaster1223 6 hours ago
Eyyy I caught that bo burnam refrence
Alabaster1223 6 hours ago
I love this style of humor and the animation style is amazing
MetaNARS 6 hours ago
You're a wonderful person and you look awesome! (I'm an aspiring animator and I will surpass you one day!
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