I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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Jun 11, 2019

I had my jaw wired shut for 2 monthsJaw surgerywired jawwired shutfunnylolstorysomethingelseytsomethingelsesomethingelseanimatedanimationfunny animationanimated storycomedycomedianytWired jawsmile




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Comments 34 286
brazil 2 months ago
haha grape
I'm patato master
I litterly laughed at this for 3 minutes
gacha tuber de Cora
Ha ha
eh boo
eh boo 17 days ago
Bacon_ Lord300
Bacon_ Lord300 10 hours ago
Did you lose weight
Water Bun
Water Bun 10 hours ago
This guy is funny as fuck I’m subscribing
Doggy Donut
Doggy Donut 10 hours ago
I was born with somthing called Fattizam
Sir Quibble
Sir Quibble 10 hours ago
Bippity poppitty😆I YIELD! I YEAILD! 2:53
Jake Everyone’s father
Mazz: no eyes Rebecca: no mouth James: no cloths Adam: no ChOcOlATe MiLk My dad: gone Hotel: triviago
Arturo Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez 11 hours ago
12:26 "dont forget to like that smash button "
Artsy Cake
Artsy Cake 12 hours ago
Jake Gamer
Jake Gamer 12 hours ago
STEPY 12 hours ago
You sans fuck?!?!..
The_hyped_noah 13 hours ago
You look like tony stark (a complement)
Yaplaty Gyb
Yaplaty Gyb 13 hours ago
Genial 👍✨
GachaWolf 54
GachaWolf 54 13 hours ago
*Uhh YE*
Allyson Powers
Allyson Powers 13 hours ago
Adams big boi moment over the soup:RAWR GIMME SOUP
Kursad Sari 026 NL
Kursad Sari 026 NL 14 hours ago
Editor your really good at editing gordon ramsey
Scoopandnyla 14 hours ago
Ugh I hate food
heh memes
heh memes 14 hours ago
4:01 top right corner ;)
Mathew Chavez
Mathew Chavez 14 hours ago
Like that Smash button
cactusdrag0n 14 hours ago
Dude your animation has come SO far and you don’t have that lisp anymore!!! ilysm 💃🏼👏🏼
Luke Hutton
Luke Hutton 14 hours ago
Chubby you looks like a cat
ndyken 15 hours ago
I had a bladder infection I peed blad
Christina Renee
Christina Renee 15 hours ago
I subscribed...just because of this story...it was beautiful 😭
Crist el pro 2.0 volvi
ammmm adam with the problem of chocolate milk you could have asked for a phone and put your translator
Weirdoo oooRightHereBoii
“I WILL F****ING EAT YOU!” What I hear: “I WILL F****ING YEET YOU!”
Trisha Samaroo
Trisha Samaroo 15 hours ago
I smile and I feel pain physically ,mentally and emotionally😂
Anna Hays
Anna Hays 15 hours ago
How did you brush your teeth
Venice Wright
Venice Wright 16 hours ago
9:56 was that a Bo Burnham refrence!!!
lps Bubbles
lps Bubbles 16 hours ago
I love food but hate burgers
-Clemee -
-Clemee - 16 hours ago
Awww, you silly grape 🍇
Donkey loves Shrek
Donkey loves Shrek 16 hours ago
My jaw keeps getting stuck, cracking and giving me pain, after watching this video no thank u ill just stay like that fam
Pureifier 302
Pureifier 302 16 hours ago
Did no one notice Dexter in the background??
candypant s
candypant s 16 hours ago
I had jaw surgery my self recently and this motivated me a lot ^^
TSMDrift 38
TSMDrift 38 17 hours ago
Fans: awwwww Adam:NO NO SHUT UP SHUT UP NONE OF THAT NO.......SHUT THE F- OOF Demonitisation: COME HERE BOI Adam:not this time mother******
McKenna Klender
McKenna Klender 17 hours ago
Does anyone tell you look like markiplier?
Charlotte Emily
Charlotte Emily 17 hours ago
Ryan King
Ryan King 17 hours ago
"Im ganna go and get some pizza." "Ok" Theres just soup!" "What do you mean theres just soup!? "I MEAN THERES JUST SOUP" "THEN GO TO THE NEXT ILE!!!!" "OK YOU DONT HAVE TO YELL AT ME!!!" *"THERES MORE SOUP!!!"* "WHERE ARE YOU!!!???" "SOUP!" *"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SOUP!!!!!!??????" D:
Jazira Mora
Jazira Mora 17 hours ago
When you’re lil bro decides he’s gonna blackmail you you’re entire life 1:25, and then again when you’re older 2:03
Shadow Games ガチャ
Did anyone else realize Adam say "like that smash button"???
JudoJitsu 18 hours ago
*it tasted as if Gordon Ramsay HIMSELF served it up with a bedtime story and a loving kiss.* Can we just appreciate that sentence and the context for a second?
Viridiana Cruz
Viridiana Cruz 18 hours ago
Why are you a demon in the videos
Viridiana Cruz
Viridiana Cruz 18 hours ago
Fuck you
TVG28 15 hours ago
Splish splash ur opinion is trash
Smom 18 hours ago
I almost got my jaw wired shut in a jaw surgery. I managed to avoid getting jaw surgery- luckily
Agt47 18 hours ago
zilaa lapsa blue
zilaa lapsa blue 18 hours ago
Im happy you"re better, even if i alredy commented this.
Velvet Productions
Velvet Productions 18 hours ago
the comment under me is gay
Egg 18 hours ago
wow that was funny this video may be one of my favorite vid from something else yt
Back Mark
Back Mark 19 hours ago
Eeehh...probably suck a di-
jhamikat 19 hours ago
Ha I’m watching this two months after it was released
Ms. Hernandez
Ms. Hernandez 19 hours ago
Juan Valadez
Juan Valadez 19 hours ago
Bryan B. Westbay
Bryan B. Westbay 19 hours ago
Other adam : *Maybe suck some Di-🍆*
Shiloh 19 hours ago
They should've kept it shut
Foxxy FF
Foxxy FF 19 hours ago
Butt lolz
Gacha Fox
Gacha Fox 19 hours ago
Me watching Adam eat and ramble while I’m here and hungry
vlogger Epic
vlogger Epic 19 hours ago
Crowd: awwwwwwwww Adam: nw shwt thw fwck wp Crowd: awwwwwwwwww Adam: shwt wp
Loreal Siren
Loreal Siren 20 hours ago
cat is here for you
cat is here for you 20 hours ago
"Dont forget to like that smash button"
DabMaster 123
DabMaster 123 20 hours ago
chocolate milk
Kraken gaming !
Kraken gaming ! 20 hours ago
Uhm.. i have the exact same thing as him. Oooooooohhhh no. OR I DISLOCATED MY JAW, yaaaay..
Chiara Parisi
Chiara Parisi 20 hours ago
William Talawila
William Talawila 20 hours ago
It said butt lolz
Mikayla Knapp
Mikayla Knapp 20 hours ago
Like that smash button
Blue Phoenix 12345
Blue Phoenix 12345 20 hours ago
5:38 me when I eat nothing but pasta for six days straight then eat a donut
Ender Plasma
Ender Plasma 20 hours ago
1 Like = 1 Chocolate Milk OMG HE HAS 367K LIKES
Ender Plasma
Ender Plasma 20 hours ago
2:51 Adam yields to a Poop Emoji
Undertale Trash
Undertale Trash 21 hour ago
I have a small problem where if I lay on my right side I can't open my jaw because it gets out of place... I hope I don't have the same problem...
Itz ElizabethBanna
Itz ElizabethBanna 21 hour ago
Idk if anyone noticed but he said “Like that sMaSh button”?
Envy Maples
Envy Maples 21 hour ago
U have nice butt
Broken Gamer X
Broken Gamer X 22 hours ago
Adam: I will *F**#KING* *EAT* *YOU!* Me:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Penny Ànderson
Penny Ànderson 22 hours ago
II have braces do you and also an eight you can call me Korra😘🦊🐱 go check out Kenny Anderson or careful aunt but not careful Wyatt
moses pena
moses pena 22 hours ago
When I was about to eat a burger and my brother grab it and I said I WILL FUCKING BREAK YOUR NECK
AWKisbored 23 hours ago
9:59 Was that a bo burnham reference
:.•Bailey Lovely•.:
I’m going to have jaw surgery soon
star.0z 23 hours ago
Soooooooooo i tried smashing the button and ..it didn't work T^T
katewmomnewyork 23 hours ago
me: * pauses at random time* easter egg: *exists* me: butt lolz
Hat kid Dancing
I love tomato soup.
Alexus_ Ulzzang :D
Am I the only one who thought it was kinda hot? ... Either way he’s hot.🤷‍♀️
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Lol grape 🍇
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