I got SCAMMED by Wish...

Austin Evans
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Today on Mystery Tech we take another shot at Wish...with some mixed results.
Last time we bought tech from Wish: ruvid.net/video/video-SzkHeDPTLOg.html
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Sep 14, 2019




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Comments 5 264
Nyxlich Hour ago
Just watched a 27-year-old have fun with a Mickey Mouse TV. The internet never stops to amaze me.
ITzRecklesss Hour ago
Austin: "a truck fell of the box" Can anyone explain please.
I ordered those IE800s after watching this video. Should be here in a few days.. Hoping i get lucky as well.
mexicano soy
mexicano soy 3 hours ago
Lmao I'm watching a video about this guy is buying things from WISH and all the ads commercials are from wish.... 😬😬😬
roman rapoz
roman rapoz 3 hours ago
Yammie noob? Is that you?
Matthew 6 hours ago
only buy gpus from actual brands and make sure they dont have VGA ports lol
KON K 8 hours ago
Oh my goodness he is playing clash rroyale! 😂
Gipglorp Alien Friend
You have the same birthday as me!
Zachary Griffith
Zachary Griffith 9 hours ago
You should make a video make in that computer the ultimate gaming laptop
IceCreamJunkie 9 hours ago
I _wish_ you didn't get scammed.
2009 11 hours ago
I got scammed by wish also for $60 that sucks
JAR JAR proffitt
JAR JAR proffitt 13 hours ago
I had that same mickey mouse t.v. when i was little
Eugene Sayers
Eugene Sayers 13 hours ago
How ironic that I got a wish advert before the video
NightBot 14 hours ago
"Fun" fact: The mAh depends on the outputvoltage. with 5V and 100ah (100 000mAh) you have 500wh(500 Watt/hour) You could power something that draws 500W for 1 hour or ideally something that draws 1 Watt for 500 hours. With 1V that would only be 100wh. If that big 120Ah battery spits out 12V for example that would be 1440 Watt/hour. If the outputvoltage on the same battery was 5v (usb) it would have a rated capacity of p/u=i 1440/5=288Ah=288 000mAh
shellycooper86 14 hours ago
Y is there a pimple poping toy Ewwwwww
LaserLauKon YT
LaserLauKon YT 15 hours ago
I got a Wish ad on this vid
JBSTheGamer 15 hours ago
I CRINGED so hard we he bought a GTX 1060 which is totally fake.
Youtube Kullanıcısı
DUDE those IE800’s were a veeery good deal.
Haroldo Urbina
Haroldo Urbina 16 hours ago
Ironically enough I got an wish ad xx
Esnad plecan
Esnad plecan 17 hours ago
Broooo i got wish ad when i clicked on this vid
Notorious Smith9
Notorious Smith9 18 hours ago
The fake Xbox controller has no jack because it is the original Xbox one controller
MrBeast6000 19 hours ago
Ya dont saaaaaay
Quantum 19 hours ago
savuporo 19 hours ago
1:12 "But if my size is black and my color is white" WAIT, THATS ILLEGAL
Saj Salem
Saj Salem Day ago
I im not even joking I got a wish ad.
Tails Era
Tails Era Day ago
Congratulations you did racism
Mark Russell
Mark Russell Day ago
Did Austin just tell us he isn’t hung ❌
Splatzy Day ago
3:37 2024 on the date what
banana smoothie
Got an ad for wish
Nightshade Jade Cat
Ken reminds me of Ned from Spider-Man
Davindra Ramsarran
Ironicly when I clicked on this video I a wish ad played
Rizbo Day ago
steathNatick Day ago
Lol a wish ad popped up before the video started
yotam.dobrin Day ago
The Sennheisers are fake, but good fakes. There are lots of these types of clones on Aliexpress as well
Celmari YT
Celmari YT Day ago
lmao i got wish ad in video called "i got scammed by wish" :DDD
Mooni Man
Mooni Man Day ago
I like how there is a wish advertising commercial in the minute that you get the bad product and there is an ally express advertising commercial just under the video when you scroll down
NHTB Day ago
why he look like Logic
smiling doctor
smiling doctor 2 days ago
i got ad anddddd it was wish ad
apianbell 2 days ago
You have to press select to select 2 player austin!! Im not very knowledgeable in tech, and Even I know what it is Edit: I’m just jokin, I am a tech youtuber, and very knowledgeable at tech, but cmon!! What were you thinking austin!!
Clxpsy !
Clxpsy ! 2 days ago
When u get to stay home from school 4:55
ItsAl3ksas 2 days ago
*Literally pressed on the video and got 2018 Christmas add from WISH* 🤦
ordinary animator
Lol did only wish sponsor this vid?!?i keep on getting wish adds lol
Smaller_Amoeba 3 days ago
Oh, the irony, I got a wish ad on this vidio
Ian Becerra
Ian Becerra 3 days ago
Anyone else actually have the Micky mouse tv growing up
m me
m me 3 days ago
Austin: I got scammed by wash Wish: *plays ad*
Carlos CRockPimpHoes
You didn’t get scammed dumbfuck you made thousands and thousands off that video
CRoP GalliE
CRoP GalliE 3 days ago
wait... wait... wait... can i have the mickey mouse tv
YeemaBread 3 days ago
I got a wish ad on this
TBFY_ CLAN 3 days ago
hi do you do promotions?
Jammy dogder king
no realy
Niklas Paananen
Niklas Paananen 3 days ago
Got a wish ad at the start of the video??? Wtf
United Gaming
United Gaming 3 days ago
I wonder what a GameStop refurbished headphone would be like
Phoen1xG4m1ng YT
Phoen1xG4m1ng YT 3 days ago
That’s funny how I got a Wish ad in this vid
ToxiKKGaming 4 days ago
I got one of those green game boys it f*cking broke in 5 days
AlienBmxican 4 days ago
Thought the laptop in the beginning was a censored bar
Bruno Bucciarrati
How ironic a wish add on a wish based vid
Metal_323 4 days ago
I got a wish ad on this video lol
Dropper 4 days ago
*gets wish add before the video starts* Hmmmm
Weeb 4 days ago
I think those Sennheisers are probably overnight ones. Where they run the factory without any QC and sell them outback.
OZMAN YMD 4 days ago
Ask me if I’m suprised
OZMAN YMD 4 days ago
No I’m not gonna edit that comment
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