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I went to Arizona to train and bet Marquette I could punt farther than him!

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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 3 288
James Watkins
James Watkins 7 hours ago
Imagine kick boxung him
CuhripTV on Twitch
CuhripTV on Twitch 11 hours ago
You bangbro
Blueice12 14 hours ago
Never heard of him he looks more like an LB and to find out he is just a punter LOL Plus he was an undrafted punter and played for Raiders my Bros a Raiders fan and i never heard of him and now after 6 seasons he is unemployed.
ThigKids 1
ThigKids 1 16 hours ago
Can you stop Kersing all the Time
Zach sesto
Zach sesto 16 hours ago
Ur an amazing example of human kindness bro
LQG1C -_-
LQG1C -_- Day ago
Magic song is fire but I can’t find it anywhere
Mykel Wells
Mykel Wells 2 days ago
What happen to the g wagon
Dylan Kennison
Dylan Kennison 2 days ago
Dude I wish I had the confidence to do what you do man. I hate my job and wish I would have made something of myself. I’m only 24 but still I wish I could do this man. Your the best RUvidr bro!
Harry Cox
Harry Cox 2 days ago
You both seem like really good genuine guys though, props for being so good to those kids out there
SouR A.M.A & SouR J.A.Y
One of the best NFL players is Kris Jenkins
FFG_clawzyy 3 days ago
Dee is so motivational 💯 I want to be a punter and when Im not doing well, I watch his videos and get back out there .. hope he makes it far and I hope to see him some day in the NFL . ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🏈
MF 45
MF 45 4 hours ago
mustafaa1973 _YT
mustafaa1973 _YT 4 days ago
Bro lol i live in az
Josh Ammons
Josh Ammons 5 days ago
Be a NFL coach
Get this kid on a NFL roster
Xander oGreegor
Xander oGreegor 8 days ago
Lmao dragon ball z
50 000 subs with 0 videos challenge
Shout out Danny Duncan hahahahahaha🤣😂
Daniel 1
Daniel 1 11 days ago
Can u come to the bears plz?
Alyssa McCullough
Alyssa McCullough 11 days ago
You cuss to much ass hole
Blake Straten
Blake Straten 11 days ago
5:06 anyone else laugh?
Mason Kerr
Mason Kerr 12 days ago
I forget ur name is Donald. Lol
Adrian Dominguez Romero
I live in Phoenix Arizona
King Baseball
King Baseball 12 days ago
Race ezekel ellet
Royal masters Palace
Deestroying: Rosay Deestroying: fuck
Zaccheaus Rutherford
You are trash at catching
Willy Benavides
Willy Benavides 15 days ago
What's the song that was playing at 1030
Royalline X
Royalline X 15 days ago
Yes I got a PhD nigga
Jaxon Calhoun
Jaxon Calhoun 16 days ago
That kick thou
Lebron James
Lebron James 16 days ago
10:30 Dee please release that track I love it
Lebron James
Lebron James 16 days ago
I would sign that petition
Lebron James
Lebron James 16 days ago
How about double 69K likes?
Lebron James
Lebron James 16 days ago
YOU WERE IN ARIZONA!!? WHERE? I live in Arizona I can't believe I missed a chance to meet the greatest kicker of all time😭😭😭
Kkidus.e. Berhe06
Kkidus.e. Berhe06 16 days ago
Is it bad I fist bumped him back through my screen
RigidR3verse 18 days ago
yo i know this is not related at all but my number is 19 too so thats pretty dope
the Master Pro
the Master Pro 18 days ago
What ia the name of the songs
Kevin Noris
Kevin Noris 19 days ago
bro why hasn't King gotten picked up by any nfl teams
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 19 days ago
Bro u were out kicking at my own high school field
Charlie Stewart
Charlie Stewart 20 days ago
I’ll give you my G wagon and I’ll buy a new one
Cryst 20 days ago
Your videos go hard
Orson Ward
Orson Ward 21 day ago
5:50 yea I got a PhD nigga😂😂😂
Jawdendf jDJEnfjfj
Hi destroying I'm a kicker I need some advice because I'm not really good you can text me if you see this my Snapchat is @jaeden_cosme
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