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Alexander Bautista
Joe is so old in the giant simulater
Andy A.
Andy A. 5 days ago
I never got roebucks in my life
menghong chhum
menghong chhum 7 days ago
l'm a Pro in That Game my Username is mengmong103
menghong chhum
menghong chhum 7 days ago
I want you to play More Pls
menghong chhum
menghong chhum 7 days ago
Travis Holmstrom
Travis Holmstrom 7 days ago
Hey tofuu I have subscribed and I like all the videos I have also joined team turtle and It would make my day if you could donate some robux to me my username is Bigboi2121oo
CHRIS GG 10 days ago
Lazer beam got all gloves @ Toffu
Gerson Cezar
Gerson Cezar 11 days ago
Tofuu i give u pets legendary and friend me username is FRONfakeSIDE
quis nawar
quis nawar 11 days ago
Me name rlyth ok
quis nawar
quis nawar 11 days ago
Pls robux 450 my admin I'm 8 :(
Lilacfloridian5739 Playz
I’m legit playing munching masters rn
Marcy Saunders
Marcy Saunders 14 days ago
5:10 Excuse me say that again please
Lily Osei
Lily Osei 16 days ago
i love your vids in 2020 to 2017
Lily Osei
Lily Osei 16 days ago
2020 give a like now or joe will come for u XD
Frankie Wilkins
Frankie Wilkins 17 days ago
Bobby Davison
Bobby Davison 19 days ago
Mitri Moshnikoff
Mitri Moshnikoff 20 days ago
this game your playng is a copy of a game
Alexander Almario
Alexander Almario 20 days ago
aleksandars life
aleksandars life 24 days ago
Why did you seed fater than upit MOM!!! AM UNSUBSKRIBING
Johann Gabriel Rico
Joel Joseph Inkiriwang
Joe i already got pass you in Boxing simulator
Dem0n Slayer
Dem0n Slayer 28 days ago
I am rank Champion
Saul Gomezfuentes
Saul Gomezfuentes 29 days ago
hey joe 1v1 in boxing sim roblox name sauldj121
Cayenne yuriel Young
im now powerfull ther bruh i buyed evyrithing
S Bonora
S Bonora Month ago
In boxing sim I have 9.3kc money 💰
Mark Gentile
Mark Gentile Month ago
Muammar Gaviola
Muammar Gaviola Month ago
6 penguins i'll give you three
Shaundra Fulton
Shaundra Fulton Month ago
i was there where logan paul fight ksi i sall you :)
Kim Kim
Kim Kim Month ago
You are my best RUvidr and team turtle is awesome.
Lee E j
Lee E j Month ago
Me me me
Talla njie
Talla njie Month ago
Ksi winning
byrne torrea
byrne torrea Month ago
pls pls
byrne torrea
byrne torrea Month ago
play that game again
byrne torrea
byrne torrea Month ago
hey u see you game
NH S Month ago
im more than a trillione are on that game
Bobby Fessler
Bobby Fessler Month ago
Use code gravy in the robux shop to support gravycatman
Jia Li
Jia Li Month ago
Username:alicethebestbunny1 Hey joe what’s your group I want robux and everyone love you
Kathy Czikalla
Kathy Czikalla Month ago
Can I please have 10,000 roebucks Play Roblox Johndoe2013max
Keisha's Beauty
Keisha's Beauty Month ago
Friend me!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡
I am good Kkj
I am good Kkj Month ago
Everybody join Tofu kitchen group
Smokey TheBear
Smokey TheBear Month ago
Plssssßssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss give me roubux
Ritchie !
Ritchie ! Month ago
I saw u
Niel John Fabian
xyruznm 10000
Mayra Chavez
Mayra Chavez Month ago
Hello Joe my name is Jesse you inspire me for when I grow up I could do what you do
Owen Daughtry
Owen Daughtry Month ago
Tofuu can I play boxing simulator with u or something I would mean everything to me because u are so awesome and u let anything come at u and u stand up to bullies😁
Edgar Olsson
Edgar Olsson Month ago
Om top on leder board
T man
T man Month ago
Joe I’m giving people the are new in boxing simulator godly pets and lengendry pets
Lyndsey Stanton
Lyndsey Stanton Month ago
I can’t wait till munching masters is out
Devat'e Smith
Devat'e Smith Month ago
Kimberly Keplinger
roblox _squad
roblox _squad Month ago
In that game
roblox _squad
roblox _squad Month ago
Hi guys
Sarah Dever
Sarah Dever Month ago
I know gravy code is from gravycatman
Jia Li
Jia Li Month ago
I played this before and I didn’t have robux this time but I got op with no robux
oh hey little sis
Litsen u made my day u made me play roblox u made me SUBSCRIBE to YOU. username:DVG_supreme32
oh hey little sis
oh hey little sis
Mega slayer bg
Mega slayer bg 2 months ago
Mega slayer bg
Mega slayer bg 2 months ago
Tofuu pls except my friend request in roblox
Lilian Portem
Lilian Portem 2 months ago
Me too i can't wait end i like ur vids
Lao Mel
Lao Mel 2 months ago
Tommy TinsxX
Tommy TinsxX 2 months ago
Guys go and play tuffs game its awsome
Gordontracy Mcgowan
Gordontracy Mcgowan 2 months ago
im bumbl3b33
im bumbl3b33 2 months ago
I love you vids and I hope I get to get picked for getting robux because I don't have much of it my username is mandgcat
Linette Apelit
Linette Apelit 2 months ago
Tofuu ill give u a legendary pet Name:manahere987
Xander Greegor
Xander Greegor 2 months ago
I got 390 octillion
Shreeja Panicker
Shreeja Panicker 2 months ago
Fe4rChase Last name
Fe4rChase Last name 2 months ago
Fire Heart
Fire Heart 2 months ago
Kian is my best friend LOL
Jenna Pineda
Jenna Pineda 2 months ago
Hey forstaken i will give u op pets if u friend me
Jenna Pineda
Jenna Pineda 2 months ago
Also im close to the last eank
sergio de vera
sergio de vera 2 months ago
when i used code gravy i got 50k gems and 15k coins
Doge Rules
Doge Rules 2 months ago
5:30 I’m a pirate and that’s offensive :D
Lance Engle
Lance Engle 2 months ago
MohamedGeimz AbuGahnem
John Campbell
John Campbell 2 months ago
Can you make a update
Leonard Lynton
Leonard Lynton 2 months ago
Lol I'm to powerful
Wisp 2 months ago
Minecraft Manuel
Minecraft Manuel 2 months ago
Ahh? Hey joe do you know the youtuber Lazarbeam. He is number 1 in Boxing simulator because the owner is a fan of lazarbeam.
ثويبة عثمان
I never won a giveaway everytime I lose I cry
Yvanna Keller
Yvanna Keller 2 months ago
i am a fan
Kiko Bros
Kiko Bros 2 months ago
5:13 did I hear that right??
Andrew Hash
Andrew Hash 2 months ago
I just saw munching masters
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