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Hola comadres!❤️
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Name : luissa Garcia
P.O. Box 921194
Sylmar Ca 91392




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C 6 days ago
yoo I have the same grinch pajamas as el compadre!! idk how many compadres watch like me but that ending was cute af, i cant imagine what you had to go through with the crash but im glad the evening turned out with you two happy and safe at home :D
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 12 days ago
ni hablar español saves
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 12 days ago
sigue gravando y manejando
Alicia Dondiego
Alicia Dondiego 16 days ago
Si una vez ivaa a saalir de la escuela de mi niña para dar vuelta. A la izqquierda. Y el señor que iba a dar buelta a su derecha y me hacia la ceña que dieraa mi vuelta a la izquierda pero mire que venia un carro. Atras del se,or y no me confie. Porque mucha gente hace esto si alguien da buelta. A su derecha se pasa al carril contrario para pasarlo. Nunca se confien si haiga dado buelta a mi izquierda aiga chocado. Con el que venia. En el carril. Que me tenia que meter. Mi esposo me dice que haga las cosas hasta que yo me sienta segura auque la gente que este atras se desespere
AnaLilia Sanchez
AnaLilia Sanchez 17 days ago
Damn I’ve missed your videos so long ugh I started crying I’m just now watching your videos again I’m glad you’re okay lulu💕💕
Jennifer Flores
Jennifer Flores 22 days ago
Omg I reacted the same way when a car hit me the first time
Angie Preciado
Angie Preciado 29 days ago
Ay Comadrita Me Imagino El Susto 😢 Lo Bueno k Tu mami estaba serkas Y K Tu estas Bien Mujerss
Adriana Navarro Martinex
Comadre gracias adios estas bien ..
Barbara Cortez
Barbara Cortez Month ago
If u dnt know how to be a responsable driver and didnt even have the audacity to give her yalls insurance card to pay for her damages! Smdh u have no business driving. ! Your supposed to give pple your insurance"especially" if your at fault! Shameful
Flaca Avila
Flaca Avila Month ago
Comadre que hermoso ojalá algún día me toque ese tipo de cosas porque yo si soy romántica te deseo lo mejor con tú esposo son muy lindos igual que rubí y a Adriel @mainfamilyofficial son tan lindos
Denise Llamas
Denise Llamas Month ago
Just drive safe girl listen to your mom
Denise Llamas
Denise Llamas Month ago
Are you okay girl oh my God I'm glad you're okay
nope Month ago
Now I believe true love does exist ❤ Saludos desde Utah comadre
MarceVegas Month ago
🥰🥰🥰🥰me encantan está parejita tal para cual 🥰
Vanessa Super_timida
Gurl I know how u feel trust me last year I got hit in my door my Carr was toatled. I went to hospital everything it's scary the lady bit me so hard it was my first accident it's scary A lot of things come to ur mind I'm glad ur ok though the material come and go but not you
CrazyLife Vlogs
CrazyLife Vlogs Month ago
I literally cried , how he picked you up I felt his appreciation toward you , and all the sweet stuff he gave you 🥰 , I’m glad your safe from the car accident
mayra fraire
mayra fraire Month ago
Cuando salgas de allí salte ala mitad del que está estacionado y asegúrate de la primera línea y poco a poco ala segunda toma tu tiempo si pitan que lo agan pero siempre asegúrate de ver el segundo línea y luego ya pero para mas seguro nunca te vallas asta la segunda mejor métete en la primera línea
mayra fraire
mayra fraire Month ago
Hay no yo conosco allí es la van Nuys y Glenoaks allí es muy peligroso pero yo siempre salgo por allí y como dices es muy peligroso pero como dice tu mamá nunca te creas o agas lo que te dicen tu chequea antes de salir yo dejo que me piten y agan si train prisa que se salgan por otro lado
mayra fraire
mayra fraire Month ago
You make cry
Annabell17 Month ago
Awww como me cae bien tu mami. She is so cute! Such a nice lady ❤❤💓💓💕💕💕 I am glad you are ok 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rubyy _
Rubyy _ Month ago
Girl i know it’s terrifying yo igual el mes pasado choque y mi carro quedo destrosado lo bueno que al carro que le pege no le paso nada ni a las personas dentro el carro pero mi carro si quedo todo destrozado despues de unos dias si senti mi cuerpo que me dolia porque al instante no me dolia nada pero ya despues de tres dias me empezo a doler el pecho.
Ale F
Ale F Month ago
Es lo peor chocar y más si es tu culpa, créeme que así actúan muy buena gente y cuando hablan a su aseguranza, aconsejan demandar y ellos se benefician 🙄
Jennifer Guillen
I was in a car accident on new year eve I had just bought my car . It was a complete total loss . I didn’t react right away and once I started to react I couldn’t open my door the break pedal completely broke on me my door was dented in I was full of car fluid I was mad af because I had just bought my car but after I got home I was just thankful that I am alive .
Life With Jocelyn
Hope you’re okay! Gracias a dios por cuidarte💕💕
Naomi NLP
Naomi NLP Month ago
So glad you’re ok. I can’t imagine a world without my Comadre. 🙏🏽❤️
Nicol Moran
Nicol Moran Month ago
8:30 mom was talking facts ! Glad your okay lulu ❤️
Patty Uribe
Patty Uribe Month ago
How scary I'm glad nothing bad happened to you and the other lady 🙏
Abigail Moniquee
La culpa la tiene quien te dio el pase al carril, grab his plates!! Its not your fault!!
tania garcia
tania garcia Month ago
I swear you and your moms relationship is amazing... makes me miss mine I know me and her would have the same relationship 🥺💕 made me cry...
Angie Ramirez
Angie Ramirez Month ago
Dont speak Spanish then keep switching to English, back and forth..ugh so annoying
Araceli Soriano
Araceli Soriano Month ago
Awwwww ima cry 😭 😭😭😭
emmaescobar330 Month ago
Comadre I got in a car crash that same day !!! But me and the other guy wear fine thank God but I had just bought my car a week ago brand new 😭😭💔!!
julia olivares
julia olivares Month ago
why you wanna sound like la chula be yourself and only use one language because it’s annoyingly, your spanish sucks so stick with english
Judy Osorto
Judy Osorto Month ago
You guys are to cute comadre 🤗 best reservations ever! 🌮
marcela rivera
marcela rivera Month ago
Que bueno q estas bien saludos
Laa Jenny
Laa Jenny Month ago
Lulu ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Glad your ok comadre!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Valentines day! You literally make a bitch wanna fall in love lol
Yesenia Vlogs
Yesenia Vlogs Month ago
Hola comadre saludos
Diana Duran
Diana Duran Month ago
Being in a car accident is the most scary thing ever , my mom got in a car accident When I was 8 years old because she trusted the person that told her the road was clear and a car hit my side and I was the only one hurt and I almost lost my eye because the glass splattered all over my face and it was so scary , but I’m so glad that you are ok 💕that’s what matters the most 👌🏽
Offie S.
Offie S. Month ago
God bless the lady for treating you with mercy and respect!!! Be proud of the family God gave you!! Jesús loves you!!
Chismeando Con Mara
Hermosa nunca es un mal día míralo de lado bueno estás bien con vida y la muchacha también las cosas materiales van y vienen nunca tenemos que preguntarle a dios porque tú míralo de lado bueno comadre te quiero 🤗
_mari xoxo07
_mari xoxo07 Month ago
Same thing happened to my sister! Getting out the mcdonalds drive thru! A man la señalaba to get out the drive thru and a car was speeding and hit her from the side and flew her car to the other side of the road! Luckly God was w her y no le paso nada. I'm glad you are okay!! 💞
Esbeydy Martinez
Belive it or not comadre, despues de verte llorar I got the chills 🥺 I hope you feel good.! I ve a un psicólogo si es necesario. I love you comadre.!! 🥺❤️
Melissa Barraza
Melissa Barraza Month ago
The same exact thing happened where there was a blind spot I couldn't see the truck coming but my accident was worst because because my son flew out of the car from the back because of the impact and he had major injuries and was in the hospital for almost a month thank God 🙏🏼🙏🏼he is still with us, no sé que hubiera hecho si mi niño se me muriera me volvería loca but yeah accidents are so bad and then your left with fear of driving and not getting out the house with no one Thank God you are ok as well God truly blessed🙏🏼🙏🏼 us I had angels with me not only spiritual but people that helped me out with my baby because I wouldn't of known what to do 😢😢
Fabiola Valladolid
Lulu, you have the purest most beautiful soul. Never change 🥺♥️
Yvette Leal
Yvette Leal Month ago
My husband got into an accident with my son and it wasn’t as bad as your but the body shop did a total lost. It will be better if you get yourself a new car if it’s going to cost you that much.
Luna Family
Luna Family Month ago
Where do you get your sunglasses comadreeree
Life of Sivi
Life of Sivi Month ago
💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕YO QUIERO ESTAR ASI DE ENAMORADA.
Paloma Oblongata
Al minuto 10 doña Trini makes me cry 😭😭 ay madre que Diosito me la siga bendiciendo siempre. Cómo me hace recordar a mi ama.
D Month ago
I’m so glad you’re ok. I know that feeling of talking about it and literally just crying😭 I was in my first car accident in December and literally felt the same!!
Sofia Nava
Sofia Nava Month ago
I am glad your okay Comadre❤️❤️❤️Gracias a Diosito no te paso nada y te bendijo con una hermosa familia que siempre esta hayi para ti en las buenas y en las malas😭❤️
Abigail Salazar
Abigail Salazar Month ago
Glad you okay
Analy Esteban
Analy Esteban Month ago
i’m glad your okay. i totally know how you feel 😣
Guadalupe Estrada Contreras
comader where do u live
Janettsz Month ago
Yo tambien tube un car crash on Valentine's day 😫
Vanessa Cervantes
I am so glad you are ok I love u
Elbia Cruz
Elbia Cruz Month ago
My boyfriend has the same ones lol 👢
Eva Mora
Eva Mora Month ago
So sorry about your car accident the good thing your fine that is the most important n that no one got seriously injured glad u and your fiance 💏were able to enjoy Valentine's day with your favorite food tacos everything looks delicious n your gifts are beautiful Especially the flowers Happy Valentine's day to y'all Comadra Eva Mora from San Antonio TX xoxox🙋‍♀️blessings
Omayra Figueroa
Omayra Figueroa Month ago
Ay comadre me tienes aqui llore y llore pensando lo que viviste, unos años atras yo trabajava de cajera y un señor en mi linia me insulto muy feo y avia mucha gente y le dije a mi manejadora y no iso nada asi que sali corriendo de la tienda llore y llore me subi a mi carro queria llegar rapido a mi casa a abrazar a mi hija y esposo y no me di cuenta de que tan rapido iva y choque muy feo y me dio tanta vuerguenza porque me estampe con 2 carros estacionados y tumbe el cerco de una casa y avia mucha gente mirandome mi camioneta giro muy feo fue tan horrible me imajino lo que sentiste😭😫 gracias a Dios estas bien comadre eso es lo que importa🙏
Sonia Lopez
Sonia Lopez Month ago
I hate exiting that shopping center. Glad you’re okay, I remember my first accident I cried so much but because I had my baby brothers and baby sister.
Priscila Alvarado
abby os
abby os Month ago
The same thing happened to me comadre and I had my kids with me😥😥since then I never turn left 😅 I always turn right y ala primera me meto algun lugar ala izquierda y me regreso😂😂😂 ya me da miedo
Adriana Sanchez
Adriana Sanchez Month ago
Omg I literally live a block from that shopping center. Thank God you're ok comadre
Lulu's Dose of Beauty
Y’all are sooo cute en la lonchera ósea el date perfecto 👌🏽
Lulu's Dose of Beauty
Omg how scary😱🙁 Hope you feel better♥️
Lupe Nunez
Lupe Nunez Month ago
Wait the position you got hit in means that was the other persons fault their insurance does cover or does the other person not have it?
Yulisa Casarez
Yulisa Casarez Month ago
Thank god everything it’s good you got home same and the other lady as well ❤️
Abi Btz
Abi Btz Month ago
This ended up being so beautiful 🥺🥺
Lourdes Flores
Lourdes Flores Month ago
I was there when that happened I was just getting there and the car accident happens
ezgarcia65 Month ago
Se dice " mi prometido"
Valeria Juarez
Valeria Juarez Month ago
You guys are so cute!!🥰🥰🥰😍😍😘😘🤭🤭🤭.
Veli Escareno
Veli Escareno Month ago
Glad your okay ♥️♥️
Londraaaaaa Month ago
Omg comadre! Sooo sad this happened to you. Estavas bien contenta but I’m glad it ended well!!! ♥️
acilegna delgado
You should’ve gone through insurance, it would’ve been cheaper and they could’ve seen what was actually wrong with the car, not just look at it and say it needs a new door and what not. Glad your okay!
Xochitl Araiza
Xochitl Araiza Month ago
Omg I hate that area lol I know exactly what you mean
Acsa Wong
Acsa Wong Month ago
Your so pretty omg I’m a big fan love u comadreeee 🥰💕❤️
Michel Alvarado
Michel Alvarado Month ago
Comadre so happy you are Okay ❤️ pero también quiero saber que te compraste en Louis Vuitton lol 😂✨
Sarai Becerra
Sarai Becerra Month ago
Omgee I’m glad you’re both okay!!!!
Miranda Mancera
Miranda Mancera Month ago
Lo bueno que estás bien comadre ❤️❤️❤️
Nory25 Month ago
Gracias a Dios que tú y la otra persona estan bien! ❤❤
Maria Pina
Maria Pina Month ago
Hay hermosa los accidentes pasan en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Le cuento en febrero 1 ya casi llegando Ami casa a meterme a mi driveway que me choca un borracho medio vuelta Ami carro pero meló hiso total y aparte me quebro huesos y mi rodia el ligamento seme salio. Lo bueno que usted está bien el carro se arregla. Nose preocupe yo quede bien asustada meda pánico manejar😘😘
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