I got BUTT/HIP injections like Kylie Jenner 💉🍑 Before and After pt.1

Alana Arbucci
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A ton of you guys have expressed interest in the sculptra treatment (aka butt shots or injections) to make your butt bigger and eliminate hip dips. I decided to team up with beautyfix Med Spa in NYC to do this treatment and document it for you! This is the first video and shows some results. Let me know what you think!
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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 1 388
J_laubster Day ago
im gunna vomit that needle tho
Grand Master
Grand Master Day ago
bırak dağınık kalsın
Shreyas Jadhav
Shreyas Jadhav 2 days ago
Love from Mumbai ❤️
Y K 2 days ago
damn, its sad to see so many young women here thinking, that this is something they need... I wasnt aware of the fact that this is so normal for a lot of people. and promoted by their „role models“..
Mimi Kili
Mimi Kili 2 days ago
Angela Guy
Angela Guy 2 days ago
Just imagine when shes 80 or so.., that fat firm ass is going to turn into a blobfish😂☠ Oh well, I guess all good things come to an end
Munkhjargal Nymsuren
for what do you get those things in your body? i mean you are beautiful girl. you don’t nesserary to do that
AW 3 days ago
What is everyone gonna do if/when hip dips become popular
Nin Tale
Nin Tale 3 days ago
sick 🤦‍♀️
Anantha Krishna
Anantha Krishna 3 days ago
You're a very beautiful woman... Very brave too
Nisa C. Bartholome
Did you say how much this was anywhere? Did i miss it? It looks amazing girl !
Karii Monty
Karii Monty 4 days ago
I need this 😊 I just want some curves
johnprim 4 days ago
When you are at the gym working out, does this impede your motion at all? I would buy this for a girl I'm dating, but not if it's harmful in any way.
Loreena Rosell
Loreena Rosell 5 days ago
I have hip dips lol but I don't care about that , it is what it is doesn't bother me .
Amora Isonguyo
Amora Isonguyo 5 days ago
She just straight up started jabbing the needles up in there
sanne jonk
sanne jonk 5 days ago
Holy fuck. Just do some squats woman.
Bajrang Lal
Bajrang Lal 6 days ago
Aapke Bobo dikaho
Funny People and kids
Your so pretty ,funny and awesome
Angelrain P
Angelrain P 7 days ago
You are it!! Real and I love you!
Iszah Puertillano
beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍
nunya buissnee
nunya buissnee 8 days ago
Payton Hollis
Payton Hollis 9 days ago
Seems like a lot of pain for such little difference. Maybe do 3 treatments. Kylie must have done like 100 of them 😂😂
High Roller
High Roller 9 days ago
stupid bitch
M Spisto
M Spisto 9 days ago
Kanak Dhupia
Kanak Dhupia 9 days ago
Hi fake❤
Molly Jayn
Molly Jayn 10 days ago
Meanwhile I try to wear clothes that minimize my wide hips and big ass, and this girls getting injections.
Erika Andit
Erika Andit 11 days ago
love yeah girl hahaha I gonna have mine next month is this really safe? like is this going to last for long
Franziska Arndt
Franziska Arndt 11 days ago
LEAA113 11 days ago
*13:32* 🍑🤤😋🔥😍💕❤️🤩
viktoria jack
viktoria jack 12 days ago
And you know what I’m confused about? That most of your audience is underage. And you’re here doing BUTT injections , that is seriously embarrassing. Some young girls look up to your , such a bad influence
satiannaa 12 days ago
i don’t see a difference but ur rlly prettyy
Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez 12 days ago
I don’t see no ass just a flat white wall 🤣🤣
Anonymous 12 days ago
My d*ck is high
Anonymous 12 days ago
I control him but he don't want
OhPlease 13 days ago
Did that fucking doctor say she didn't have alot of muscle in the top area of of butt which she could not grow in the gym, so THAT is the easy solution?? Wow, JUST WOW
Connor Buckton
Connor Buckton 13 days ago
Mmmm dm me 😉
heloise j.
heloise j. 13 days ago
Hey ! It’s awesome, how much did it cost for how much quantity ? ❤️
Najma Syed
Najma Syed 13 days ago
Women should have natural child bearing hips
Goku Sayayin
Goku Sayayin 14 days ago
4:39 guys
REFI LLC 14 days ago
I live in Los Angeles and so many girls here are scary fake.....You don't need anything, You look freakin great just the way you are!!! Way better looking than K Jenner or Fake Kardashian. At the 11:37 mark I kinda changed my mind and say if it makes you feel good wear it, or dont't.... Anyway you look Spectacular!!!!
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 14 days ago
desparate women
Rebekka Downey
Rebekka Downey 14 days ago
You're going to do something bad that you
Linda Moore
Linda Moore 14 days ago
Good God! No way Jose! Being totally fake and a body made with injections and implants and putting the price of beauty over your health . I mean that's so stupid! This is only my opinion. Everyone is hooked on phony is beautiful until you feel it. Ahhh feel the implant or body made by DuPont! Yucky!...not to mention those lovely tell tale scars! All that fluid roaming around your body too!
Guzal Kayumova
Guzal Kayumova 14 days ago
Can It be used for tits? Does it work?
Khaleesi Kimber
Khaleesi Kimber 14 days ago
Being young and that vain is Unattractive.
Austin Hall
Austin Hall 15 days ago
Truly basic as fuck
vladimir ikic
vladimir ikic 15 days ago
Why tho
Marlene Reyes
Marlene Reyes 15 days ago
Hi! How many vials did you use ?
Grounded Human
Grounded Human 15 days ago
The earth was flat🤭
Grounded Human
Grounded Human 15 days ago
Now the farts sounds more princely
Esmiie Alvarez
Esmiie Alvarez 16 days ago
hells no i will not inject my ass can u guys imagine what happens if they poke ure ass wrong 😒 I ratter to pay a good money and have a professional surgeon to put hands on
catherine bonfiglio
Literally doesn’t look like she did any heavy lifting before going to the doc to shoot up. Like just lift da weight
Mohammad Alauddin
Mohammad Alauddin 17 days ago
you guys making yourself a product which is not good for upcoming generation..
Amann 17 days ago
Should've just gone to the bloody gym
George Georgiou
George Georgiou 18 days ago
Cant really understand, or comprehend any reason behind this. What is more beautiful that natural beauty?
Emily Kelbell
Emily Kelbell 18 days ago
What is the injection solution made of? Your body absorbs it, if love to know what it's active ingredients are. Honestly, I feel so sad woman now days feel so insecure that they think this will enrich their lives. Sad.
A n A
A n A 19 days ago
Mg u just pop ur ass back there’s no difference
Amy James
Amy James 19 days ago
i looooooooooooove your videos. please make more cosmetics videos.
Erx 19 days ago
Erx 19 days ago
Sm Mn
Sm Mn 19 days ago
I didn’t know that this thing can be done !! I thought it’s surgery only !
Slim Pick
Slim Pick 19 days ago
Just wanna say I think your a pretty girl. You really don't need to be doing all that work on yourself. Messing with your nose and all the other stuff you have done. I'm sure a lot of women would be very happy with your natural looks. Just sayin. If it makes you happy well it's your body but.....unnecessary
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