I got *ALL* MYTHIC weapons in ONE game...! (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2)

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 - ALL MYTHIC WEAPONS!
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Comments 80
Arron Iliffe
Arron Iliffe 6 hours ago
Mythical weapons shouldn’t be in every game mode just one
heather jones
heather jones 12 hours ago
Who noticed that Brutus’ minigun says “hasta la vista” on it?
_LITTLE _SPICY_BOY 13 hours ago
What kind of WiFi do you use plz tell me
OkTaWIAN raczynski
OkTaWIAN raczynski 18 hours ago
He said paoew pweo rififle and tienterner🤣🤣
Ellis Mulrooney
Ellis Mulrooney 18 hours ago
Uhh Ali made a vid on the battle pass and bought it all and he’s only lvl 15 rn
LazyBoyOscar YT
LazyBoyOscar YT 22 hours ago
I only got the scar,Boombow,Grapple,Heavy AR,Minigun I justicia need to get the DrumGun
Bear Bear
Bear Bear 23 hours ago
check in replay for the bow
Jacob playz
Jacob playz Day ago
Sorry to ruin your fun Ali but when you’d said At the rig you can get Tn turners boom bow her real name is TNTinas Kaboom Bow
Cheese Maker
Cheese Maker Day ago
No grappler
Unfair Tech2198
Impossible there are six
Teresa Hollander
Ali a I got all of the mythic weapons Thumbnail 4 guns Me there’s 6 Wait that’s illegal...
Charlie Flint
They have so much health
Charlie Flint
They are hard to get
Swift EDT
Swift EDT 2 days ago
Who's here when dead pools hand cannons are here
Nazzy Tai
Nazzy Tai 2 days ago
Ali a vs bots
Iker Corrales
Iker Corrales 2 days ago
boom boiw Hard
SVG-Callum -BTW
SVG-Callum -BTW 2 days ago
No it's not where is the mythic goldfish
RGREEN9 2 days ago
If the boss gets in the storm it immediately dies
The Twin Thing
The Twin Thing 2 days ago
Lol he called it tnt turna
Joseph Zanellini
Joseph Zanellini 2 days ago
why are level 15
Kritan S
Kritan S 2 days ago
At 5:43 he killed Lachlan
E S 3 days ago
Hit the like button if you started season 1 or comment what season you started
Collin Berard
Collin Berard 3 days ago
i got all
Ronnie Spurs
Ronnie Spurs 3 days ago
mmgames 3 days ago
Can you give me any gaming channel tips
CJS Gaming
CJS Gaming 3 days ago
1:04 he said tnt Tina turner 😂
Jack Marangola
Jack Marangola 3 days ago
u play ps4
FaZe Hyper_
FaZe Hyper_ 3 days ago
No One Else Is Talking about the morgz music at 8:48
Twin Gamers
Twin Gamers 4 days ago
abhinav gohil
abhinav gohil 4 days ago
I need help in fortnite
Daniel_ DwiiZ
Daniel_ DwiiZ 4 days ago
One time I got 4 mythic weapons
dudegamer4567 friend mee
Ali I have never won a fortnite game I play on solo and my name is dudgamer4567
Tilly Bisco
Tilly Bisco 4 days ago
I thought the silence smg was not in the game
Jason Franco
Jason Franco 5 days ago
mythics are awesome do you agree
The Wither Skeleton Fish Extra
Where da goldfish
gamer boi76
gamer boi76 5 days ago
it will be fun :) ;)
gamer boi76
gamer boi76 5 days ago
alia try playing roblox.
Vivian Shanghai
Vivian Shanghai 5 days ago
Can you friend request October nature
Survalli Pandeyhgyuhbbggh
You are a clickbate
mick harrison
mick harrison 5 days ago
He forgot the mythic goldfish
atomic_chippy 5
atomic_chippy 5 5 days ago
If nothing beats the mythical weapons how do you beat it Ali a
Popular Games
Popular Games 5 days ago
Who miss Ali-A intro
nasrin kabir
nasrin kabir 5 days ago
Thanks for all of the best way
Johan Jensen
Johan Jensen 5 days ago
Alex Beddes
Alex Beddes 5 days ago
Ali why dont you buy the hole battle pass
JamesYT 5 days ago
Tanicia Nastacio
Tanicia Nastacio 5 days ago
Ha They took out the beam bulb
Ashley Matthews
Ashley Matthews 5 days ago
You mist Skye weapon just saying
Tina Swift
Tina Swift 5 days ago
It is not tnt turner it is tntina
Thomas Hilmer-Ewel
Can you please friend me on fortnite my name is Aston_and_Max I also need c bucks
Scott Pullen
Scott Pullen 5 days ago
Emil Tye
Emil Tye 6 days ago
The scar and grappler are my favourite
Sandro Fallorina
Sandro Fallorina 6 days ago
So your saying bosses insta die to storm hmmmm
oren lindo
oren lindo 6 days ago
hi ali a can i plz get the battle pass i am a no skin
I dropped Cornflakes
You r cringe
Alan Shumway
Alan Shumway 6 days ago
I love your videos and I mostly liked all of them
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 6 days ago
I got all the mythical weapons one time
Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark 6 days ago
Did he call her tnturner 1:05
Hassan Ahmad
Hassan Ahmad 6 days ago
the mithic weapons are so OP
pug boy
pug boy 6 days ago
Theres only 5 mythic weapons he said 6
IMAAN.Y 6 days ago
Ksi is secretly ALI A
Apex Squad 999
Apex Squad 999 6 days ago
The luck...
Apex Squad 999
Apex Squad 999 6 days ago
The luck..,
Samy Lammy
Samy Lammy 6 days ago
I love you Ali-A
adiel yebra
adiel yebra 6 days ago
Lowkey Just GIVE Me A SECC PLSS...And thank you🤗....But does anyone else realize THAT HES PLAYING ON HIS ALT ACCOUNT AND NOT HIS REAL ACC Because Hes not level 15 On His normal acc so I think he switched accs just to get bots and he wouldnt have done it on his normal account cause he knows for sure that he woulda taken at least 5 hours to film that😂...Love Ali but it's the truth....Thank you For ya time.
arnav sharma
arnav sharma 7 days ago
i think the mythic weapons are op and there ez to get so i think its a win win
Laura Merle
Laura Merle 7 days ago
Why didn’t you use the grappler?
Jak Attak
Jak Attak 7 days ago
Did he call tntina tnt turner?
Noab Mitiku
Noab Mitiku 7 days ago
Yuyr lit
Bash Bango
Bash Bango 8 days ago
Where is goldfish
The White-Key Family Keywhite
You forgot the mythic goldfish
vruti rana
vruti rana 8 days ago
1:05 did he say Tnt Turner 😡 Its Tntina
Ocean Tube
Ocean Tube 8 days ago
After season 8
Legit2435legend 8 days ago
1:05 go to the rig to take down TNT turner ~alia 2020
Tyler Chieng
Tyler Chieng 8 days ago
It is a bit hard to get the mythic weapons but if someone brings it in it is easier
Jess Parker
Jess Parker 8 days ago
I think if they made a shotgun it would be over powered
Ruth Mcallister
Ruth Mcallister 8 days ago
Can I have the skin that u have on but the girl my name is bigjoey5802361
Zainub Siddiqui
Zainub Siddiqui 9 days ago
You don't have TNTinas bow
Joakim Ojala
Joakim Ojala 9 days ago
No have bow
Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash 9 days ago
BoomBow ?
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