I Got Addicted to Heroin in Front of 1.5 Million YouTube Subscribers

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Taylor Nicole Dean is queen of PetTube, a RUvid niche for bloggers with dozens of pets. But after disappearing for a few months, she finally came back with a video explaining how she had been addicted to heroin. In this episode of MY LIFE ONLINE, we track Taylor’s meteoric rise to celebrity and how addiction took over her life.
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Published on


Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 100
dark side of culture
I'm struggling with neropathy so bad that my whole body hurts every day, I used opiates like vicadin and liquid doses of lidocaine over excessively due to consistent pain and circulation issues I'm so terrified of getting any meds due to my previous addiction that I even stopped taking my anxiety medication for ptsd in fear of over dosing, I'm reaching out to you because you have similar experiences and I'm terrified of getting hooked again the pain in my body has gotten worse and worse and I don't know why, I have a doctor's appointment on the 4th of October but I fear the worst that they are going to put me on more meds I can't do it, I want to cry and scream cuz I know where that takes me if I have a bottle of anything, it's been so hard not taking opiates I've gotten to the point where I either take non emergency over the counter tylenol or I go to the hospital but I just don't trust doctors at all. Doctors don't freaking care about my past drug addiction they don't know how Manny times I've o.d. I'm super scared about this doctors appointment cuz I don't want to put myself this that again.
Falisha Marie
Falisha Marie 2 hours ago
Red and white and ca🐭😉
Zaid Kureeman
Zaid Kureeman 3 hours ago
Maybe she has ADHD. Addictive tendencies and maybe emotional dysregulation/rejection sensitivity..
Lyndsay Dowie
Lyndsay Dowie 3 hours ago
I think you could be autistic.
Straight Up gurlll
Straight Up gurlll 3 hours ago
The guy is jonny craig ex dance gavin dance vocalist.
AGRILLEDCHEESE 69 4 hours ago
3 hours clean from her... 3 seconds clean from hero... 3 seconds clean from heroin Love heroin
Natalie 5 hours ago
to anyone going through addiction right now, this is the sign you need to keep pushing toward recovery. I believe in you and I love you and we'll get through this
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero 6 hours ago
Been clean for a year and a half 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Yuii Chan
Yuii Chan 8 hours ago
just got recommended this i hope she is doing well i miss her .
Frank Saenz
Frank Saenz 9 hours ago
South side
Josie rae
Josie rae 15 hours ago
Still struggling with heroin. But I’m trying 🤍 proud of all y’all who are clean!!!
Aysha Mu
Aysha Mu 15 hours ago
Praying for everyone who’s fighting drug abuse. The world is the best support system out there wishing you greatest happiness You are strong and you are loved forever never give up
Fight Insight
Fight Insight 21 hour ago
this video makes me want to shoot up.
Lee Goncalves
She did Suboxone then got precipitated withdrawal from doing it too soon after using heroin... It's like withdrawal x 1000.... She's lucky her mom was there for her
Vee V
Vee V Day ago
1 hour clean from coke
Jade Alyssa
Jade Alyssa Day ago
I don't know who she is, but I love her. Her story spoke to me. 💓
Ok Zoomer
Ok Zoomer Day ago
I hate YT comment section....honestly you people are sick and need to die
Norman Ng
Norman Ng Day ago
4 years clean from methaphethamine and 1 year clean from weed
Quique Day ago
Addiction esp. heroin addiction is not something you can cure yourself of so if you find yourself in a similar spot just know this will be a lifelong fight & the day you forget is the day you will most likely relapse. It truly is a fight of one day at a time but there is help. But my best advice is not to immediately get on methadone or suboxone replacement therapy but to go cold turkey which is extremely difficult but it is better than the alt. which is a lifelong dependency on Methadone which can create other problems like having to deal w/ other addicts (which can & does trigger relapses) at clinics or having to pay upwards of $17.00 dollar a day for treatment. It's a battle but know you can overcome w/ the proper help & ppl around you.
C Day ago
shes so pretty and i love her so much :((( i only discovered her channel when it was too late
Alex Bancroft
Problem with heroin is that once you know how it feels you can never not know how it feels
Anandhu Krishna
Just like jessie and jaine😬
Evan Brown
Evan Brown 2 days ago
of course it was jonny craig lmfao
gmadera7 2 days ago
yea blame on it Jonny. cause she’s a baby and not a fucking adult. using drugs is a choice.
SinovenatorSam YT
she abused her animals
Stacey Adams
Stacey Adams 2 days ago
addicted users can be the strongest manipulators
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 2 days ago
Hun why would he let you try that. He never loved you. I know all about addiction, I take methadone.
F U 2 days ago
She's addicted to attention! STOP ENABLING HER HABIT
Timber Day ago
You’re dumb
Mayra Noriega
Mayra Noriega 2 days ago
Im also frm San Antonio Tx culebra area n on methadone for over a1 yr on 240 miligrams was an addict to heroin n cocaine (speedball) for 20 yrs off n on till now i got my family bk n live in my apt with my 17 yr old daugther n husbsnd im proud of myself never ever thought i would be so call normal n living life just wanna say everyone )Slips) its ok best part is accepting the problem n doing something about it so gd luck girl n keep up with ur UTube channel remember ur accepted by many n especially by GOD 💋♥️👍✌️✌️
The Mechanic
The Mechanic 2 days ago
I been clean all my life because im not an idiot to trh heroin🤓
Matt Bowman
Matt Bowman 2 days ago
You can hear her voice get a little croak to it over a little while. Defo a tell your doing downers
jerome5ify 2 days ago
2 days off after 15 years of this "life" this time i'll make it it's hard but possible
Lilly Black
Lilly Black 9 hours ago
dontbabyme 17 hours ago
Please make it happen! Stay away from it! Please!
ellyse williams
ellyse williams 18 hours ago
hey, how are u doing with ur journey :) i hope its all going well for you, stay strong
jason renicks
jason renicks 2 days ago
I haven't used since yesterday
jason renicks
jason renicks 10 hours ago
Oops I relapsed yesterday
Ben F.R.C
Ben F.R.C 2 days ago
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Zim The Invader
Zim The Invader 2 days ago
she look like tha type
Funky Rooster
Funky Rooster 3 days ago
Tbh weed is not the gateway drug. Coke is. Anybody who's been around both weed, coke, and people addicted to other stuff countless times can pretty much confirm this.
100 Subscribers With Some Videos
Roberto Malagon, I’ve read plenty of books.
Roberto Malagon
100 Subscribers With Some Videos on the gateway part. You’re right about the pre frontal cortex tho.
Roberto Malagon
100 Subscribers With Some Videos lmao, read a book or something son.
100 Subscribers With Some Videos
Weed is a gateway drug though. A lot of people who do hard drugs like meth and heroin, started with weed and moved to cocaine, and eventually heroin. Weed can ruin the brain, and cause mental illness, especially in people under 25 with undeveloped brains.
Alxx Sv
Alxx Sv Day ago
Therapy is better. Making friends is better. Getting a pet to love is better. Finding someone to love is better. Including yourself more is better. Crying it out is better. Anything is in fact, better. Best wishes to you getting better. Good luck.
Sasquatch Nunu
Sasquatch Nunu 3 days ago
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 3 days ago
Maria Griffith
Maria Griffith 3 days ago
I’m so grateful for recovery today, being in active addiction is a LIVING HELL! I wouldn’t trade drugs for life today ever again. Today I choose LIFE! 😄💗
Maya F
Maya F 4 days ago
Wait i watched her channel
David Colmenero
David Colmenero 4 days ago
I have no idea who this girl is I randomly clicked on this video. Is this the same jonny craig of Emerosa.
Collin Schultz
Collin Schultz 4 days ago
USA has a bad problem with man made terrorist drugs those need to be replaced with natural medicines cbd for daytime marijuana before bed Ayahuasca with a trained assistant
Davida Lawson
Davida Lawson 4 days ago
Hanging There Taylor Nicole Dean. You Can Do These, Stay Clean and Sober. Join The Church Group With Same Problems Called Celebrate Recovery, I Knew Some Friends Went There To Get Helps. They Are Everywhere In 🇺🇸 USA.
Lyle Null
Lyle Null 4 days ago
i love you taylor dean. im sober too. shits hard to get off heroin. love yah
Kyle Konarski
Kyle Konarski 4 days ago
Bill for 6, cut me 3, sit in a class or two get a few messages get a naltrexone implant it’s a wrap
Andrej Destradi
Andrej Destradi 4 days ago
hey mujer loca take cocaine end heroine together is much better ha ha ha ciao ciao bella
Victor Serkiavic
Victor Serkiavic 5 days ago
Only real drug addicts use meth
Jayden Bobb
Jayden Bobb 5 days ago
I used to watch and didnt even know this
robin yates
robin yates 5 days ago
I can't say anything but thank you. Thank you for this video
Steve Bobowski
Steve Bobowski 5 days ago
Anyone that needs help to quit or stay off needs to watch this video. ruvid.net/video/video-U-5ALO7cMRk.html
tony smith
tony smith 5 days ago
Treta Ghunberg
Treta Ghunberg 5 days ago
Instagram and so on leads to women exposing themselves even more and makes hoeing around normal. That will get a huge backlash for society.
Treta Ghunberg
Treta Ghunberg 5 days ago
But she seems to be okay.
Karma Cuisine
Karma Cuisine 5 days ago
Oh Queen You're so strong❣️❣️❣️
Tori Gustke
Tori Gustke 5 days ago
My brother and I just lost a friend of 21 years to herion. ( afew mts ago)He said one more time and he would stop. He died 3 days before his bday on the phone with my brother. I am proud of all of you that has gotten clean!
Popay 5 days ago
Two days clean . Broke. Depressed. And got Twins on the way. Time to set the drugs aside . And This video gave me hope I can break the cycle ! I’ll be back in a year with an update. Today’s date is September 25th 2020. See you next year.
Popay Day ago
Jahmmeer D your right brother .
Popay Day ago
Samantha Albanese wow I appreciate your Insight thank you for your long words !
The Guy
The Guy 2 days ago
Ur just one dummass person thats it
Jahmmeer D
Jahmmeer D 2 days ago
Don’t go back think about your twins, and your family, it may be harder to think about them than the drugs but just try, try to think about the future bc there will not be be one if you go back remember that, stay safe, be blessed a year will go by in no time😁👍🏽
The Guy
The Guy 2 days ago
Dummy doing drugs bringing kids in the world what a shame
Trippy OG
Trippy OG 6 days ago
Those people are haters she is good to her pets tell them haters to kill their self
MSZ S 6 days ago
She's so fkn gorgeous omfg 😭
sophiedexterabby 6 days ago
More people need to make videos about addiction. Addicts aren't just the homeless person on the street. They are friends, neighbors, family, Drs, lawyers and nurses ADDICTION DOESN'T DISCRIMINATE!!!! It can and does happen to SO many people. We need to end the stigma, so that more people will reach out for help. Be it detox/rehab, Methadone or Suboxone, NA. The help is there, but taking that first step is the HARDEST step you will ever take, and also the best one.
Eli Timmons
Eli Timmons 6 days ago
If you’re and addict do to certain life situations or mental illness then I totally understand but if there are lot drugs out there that are tools and can be used relatively safely. Education is key here don’t just bash, enjoy responsibly for recreation. We need everyone to have a better understanding of drugs and their use. Peace love and stay safe everyone!
Tavion Frederick
Tavion Frederick 6 days ago
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Michael Jones
Michael Jones 5 days ago
Y'all are such scammers , nobody believes yall
marlo stany
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Jessica Schöneberg
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mark jarvis
mark jarvis 6 days ago
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WOLF195224 6 days ago
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Armando Rocha
Armando Rocha 6 days ago
Heroin was the best feeling in the world! Followed by the worst feeling you'll ever experience 🤮🤮🤮 11 months clean off opiates and benzos
Angela Stein
Angela Stein 6 days ago
RIP CHEESE. I feel bad that I stopped watching her after Cheese died. Im happy that she too survived through that horrible drug.
SwedishHedgehog 7 days ago
Eileen Dover
Eileen Dover 7 days ago
Never get high with a partner
nfl highlights
iheart138 7 days ago
I’ve been trying to beat my addiction for 22 years and I know eventually it’s gonna kill me.
iam hosine
iam hosine 7 days ago
You have in your house zoo
Young Genome
Young Genome 7 days ago
You would have to be on drugs to have all these animals
lola 7 days ago
Poor girl. I hope she is doing better.
Ted 6 days ago
lola she would rather hang out with a guy who openly talks about his Xanax use than let her “fans” know that she’s ok.
Josephine Poutine
Just go to rehab and get clean and evrything will b okay... No heroin ruin your life and consum you, u will never b the same after.People just don't get how bad it is to get off...
conor4522 7 days ago
Iv been in the middle of that darkness personally, but it's kinda funny a snake person is addicted to heroin. Got to be able to laugh about it.
D Me
D Me 7 days ago
Maybe musuc will help 😎Much respect. Attached is my pre hip-hop, pre-rap, officially unofficial old-school classic 70's ballad. On Chordify (for keys & guitar), Sirius, Pandora, ITunes, Amazon, Apple, Spotify, IHeart Radio, Shazam, RUvid, Napster....and the recently released "Key To Our Love, Vol 1" limited-edition vinyl & digital album, on Google. ruvid.net/video/video-e6tsTYcftp0.html Don't Act Surprised by David Dawkins/ Charisma. I sang lead, wrote it, & played drums. dawk110@gmail.com for newly written songs. Work with an O.G who knows lyrics, beats, hooks, & melodies, with an old-school flow. Peace!
7 days ago
3 years ago I got off of an antidepressant.. I'm still going through withdrawals. It's terrible. I was in fentanyl patch and it took me a week to get off of it.. I am an advocate for OPIODS as they work and are not as dangerous as antidepressants and psych drugs.. After an antidepressant I can no longer walk, barely shower, barely brush my teeth.. I can't do much of anything 3 years later. Yes people get addicted to many drugs and it's terrible.. But the millions who die every year from antidepressants need to be discussed
L. Duke
L. Duke 6 days ago
@love layne Oh I know... it started with the 2016 CDC guidelines that were written by Big Rehab/ Suboxone Profiteers, psychiatrist (Andrew Kolodny) and anti opioid zealots like PROP that Blocked all medical doctors, pain specialist in advocates for chronic and intractable pain disease. Maybe I can help you if you are still having some trouble finding care/ solutions, I am a pain disease advocate with The Insufferable Movement, I am not as active used to be but I will be glad to try to help if I can
L. Duke
L. Duke 6 days ago
Antidepressants and Tylenol are NOT a substitute for therapeutic morphine titration if you are a legitimate chronic disease /pain intractable pain patient, it is medical unethical and inhumane to discriminate against a disabled person with disease induced pain or force them on off label un FDA approved 'antidepressants' to treat a physically based illness
John Strawson
John Strawson 8 days ago
Hi I've struggled with opiate addiction all my life. I'm now in my early 50's and I'm still struggling. You did the right thing I'm happy you're doing well. I hope to quit. Good luck 👍
Youtuber 5 days ago
@John Strawson It's not about me doing something nice for others. This is a matter of saving another's life and a matter of life and death. You really do need to stop abusing drugs you will be the one who will suffer in the long run. Start a new life from today. I doubt you will listen to my message and you may continue but each time you use your drugs, Remember what I said.
John Strawson
John Strawson 5 days ago
@RUvidr thanks . I know what you mean. I honestly appreciate it. You know not many people take the time out to talk to a complete stranger. I do appreciate it thank you ❤️
Youtuber 5 days ago
@John Strawson What I mean is, it is not about the money. Better have no money and live a bit longer than have money or otherwise spend that excess money on things that can keep you occupied instead.
John Strawson
John Strawson 5 days ago
@RUvidr I don't quit things well. I'm not a quitter. I've had cars I've had all those good things. I do want to quit but rehab just doesn't work. But thanks
Youtuber 5 days ago
Just stop it. Stop it right now! Go to rehab. Your 50s will be the last if you don't stop. My advice will give u several more decades Stop it!. You don't hope to quit. You will quit right now. Change your routine. Quit your job. Spend the money that you would spend on drugs on better things like great restaurants and maybe a new car. Stop. Stop . Stop
Sam Deason
Sam Deason 8 days ago
was that johnny craig..
Colleen C.
Colleen C. 8 days ago
I literally just watched this video 22-23 minutes ago. Trevi Moran (I hope I spelled that right) just came out with almost the same total f’ing video seconds ago!!!! I’m so freaked out as this video came out 8 months ago! Is a title like this normal and I’m just and old @ss 34 year old? Help!
JAS 8 days ago
What's really sad is that because of incredibly ignorant US drug policies, addicts can't get the treatment they deserve. But an unintended consequences is that chronic pain patients can't get life the restoring opioid analgesics they need to function. One think you could do is quit talking about taking prescription opiates! You're taking ILLICITLY OBTAINED DRUGS & you need to be honest about that.
Bloodreign137 8 days ago
Highlighting that article the way you did was some BS that I would only expect from the journalistic integrity that vice has transformed into over the last couple years. It’s literally her word against his, what proof do you have that she’s the one telling the truth? Because she’s the one sitting in front of you? Kind of like that Antifa murderer you guys let spill those bullshit lies that have been prove in court? Screw you vice, you’ve become a joke. So glad Tim pool doesn’t work for you anymore.
RED_ RaKKooN 8 days ago
The parental warning in front of this video was awesome...I think every non child friendly video should do that
XpoSZioN 8 days ago
His a manipulative prick, he knew she was loaded with money from RUvid and he knew if he gave her heroin she would get hooked! Hence she would support his habit too! Nobody usually jumps on a needle, everyone I know smoked it first and then moved onto the needle. So for him to let her even touch it in the first place is sick but to let her start by shooting it up is disgusting 🤦‍♀️ it’s heartless and it’s heartbreaking!
Onyx 8 days ago
Off topic, but I f****ing hate when people COLLECT exotic animals as an aesthetic. It's literally r/imnotlikeothergirls and it's animal abuse.
Colorado Corvette girl
I just started my recovery, 6 days clean!!!
Molly Alexander
How are you doing?(:
H Bo
H Bo Day ago
There you go! :)
john smith
john smith 8 days ago
you got this
Bebo Rodriguez
Bebo Rodriguez 9 days ago
Why in heroin you r stupid
reno 6 days ago
no u
Shelley Flores
Shelley Flores 9 days ago
I watched t he video on your channel and I watched this video and can't help but notice some discrepancy in one on your channel like u said he asked u to do heroine together with him just once and get sober next day but on ur channel u said he said you could do cocaine and he do heroine because u liked cocaine and that you eventually asked him to let u try heroine one video he forces u to do it other video you asked him to shoot u up which is it
Lia Moreau
Lia Moreau 9 days ago
Yo!is this johnnys girlfriend!!!
DatNigga Jeezus
DatNigga Jeezus 9 days ago
Damn she's bad no wonder her channel took off
xeke ‘
xeke ‘ 9 days ago
I hope these dumbass kids that never dealt with the trauma of addiction are not calling her a hero or praising her for getting clean, she put herself in this position.
Richard CYBORG Wilson
Addiction is so complicated and hard to write about, very well done for coming out the other end of a habit really congratulations. Much love. Xx
K G 10 days ago
Nobody cares about you.... Just overdose...lol
scophile williams
scophile williams 10 days ago
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Miss Kiff
Miss Kiff 10 days ago
Everyone’s a drug addict. You will be surprised
L. Duke
L. Duke 6 days ago
Um False...
Psychotropic Traveler
Yep, whether they realise it or not
Lindsay Wilkins-Mulder
So beautiful. It must be crazy to have this much pressure at this age. Going down the halls in middle and high school gave me horrifying anxiety. I can't imagine that times a million. I'd need drugs, too. Actually, I did.
Rachid Najari
Rachid Najari 10 days ago
🆘 just subscribe 🅰️ and I’ll do the same 😍 we all need help 👍🏻 so let’s help each other & grow together 💯
o2 breather
o2 breather 10 days ago
aw i wanna see
West Senkovec
West Senkovec 10 days ago
To be fair, no one in their right mind would hold those big ass spiders so I'm not surprised
Press Woodard
Press Woodard 10 days ago
Suboxone does help. Stay strong people. For people not as fortunate to just go to rehab. It’s cliche but you really have to love yourself and have pride to quit. What I mean is you have to decide that you are more important then some drug that after the Superman/woman feeling leaves it just makes you feel normal or really sick without it but you’ll soon realize your normal without them is your best. The physical last a few weeks but the mental part can be months and maybe years BUT I promise you life will be better. I suggest putting the suboxone in water and snorting it if you just recently quit or having a really tough time missing that high and it will get you through your days and then cutting down. But warning suboxone has a withdrawal too so you most likely will have to repeat the same quitting instructions until you find your strength. But nobody said it was easy just don’t give up and find new hobbies and surround yourself with good people. Also a good thing about quitting is sex is amazing lol you can feel your part again if you know what I mean. Stay strong people if you need any help message me and I’ll help only so much I can say in a RUvid comment. Also cut off all plugs and users and toxic people you are at a very sensitive time when u try to quit so you’ll look for any reason to use .. oh it’s Saturday I’ll do it once.. or I won’t let myself get bad on it again I learned my lesson, I literally only talk to people who don’t mention oxy or anything related. Until I am at a point where I’m not weak. Or if you don’t want to quit just make sure your not hurting anyone else it was easy for me because I’m a empath so I rather deal with the pain of quitting then the pain of hurting others but as I learned everyone doesn’t care. B easy yall
Derrian King
Derrian King 11 days ago
I know our struggles are totally different but I’m struggling to get off cigarettes (Newport’s short in the box), cannabis, and loratabs. Like I don’t know what is wrong with me it’s like I love that happy euphoric feeling man and how good it makes me feel. I battle depression and anxiety so I feel the drugs make me feel how I wish I could feel normally with might them. It’s just crazy man how good it makes me feel. But without these things I’m a mess and just angry and crying. Sometimes I just want to end my life. Ima try again to quit cigarettes for good this time. I don’t really struggle with the weed or pills like cigarettes because I just get it when I can. If it effects my bills being paid or vacation money I can do without. It’s not the same with cigarettes! Cigarettes are pure hell and from satan! Never ever start I beg you!
MO,S a PEDO! Terrorist
Derrian King heroine similar to giving up smoking but opiates make your body feel terrible
Corey Breeden
Corey Breeden 11 days ago
Im recovering from 2 years of using cocaine. I’m now 4 months clean and plan to keep it that way
Bill Ding
Bill Ding 11 days ago
I got addicted to heroin in front of nobody and I wasn't a untalented marginally attractive girl making 20k a month in add revenue and had to risk going to prison every night
Squid Skid
Squid Skid 11 days ago
Pet RUvid is disgusting. Animal collecting hurts. It’s an addiction in itself.
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