I Got Addicted to Heroin in Front of 1.5 Million YouTube Subscribers

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Taylor Nicole Dean is queen of PetTube, a RUvid niche for bloggers with dozens of pets. But after disappearing for a few months, she finally came back with a video explaining how she had been addicted to heroin. In this episode of MY LIFE ONLINE, we track Taylor’s meteoric rise to celebrity and how addiction took over her life.
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Published on


Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 9 105
I almost got sucked into the whole heroin thing, did it for like 2 weeks before I realized how much I wanted to keep doing it. Just stopped buying it, and i'm happy I did. Now i just chug vodka.
Tiffany Bennett
Tiffany Bennett 21 hour ago
I HAVE EDS 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Natalie Vo
Natalie Vo Day ago
OH NO I’ve watched her for SO LONG and I didn’t even realise she got addicted to heroin because I haven’t watched her for a pretty decent amount of time I miss her I hope she’s okay I love you so much I hope you’ll get better ! 😭💔🥰 I only JUST saw this and I’ll pray for you ! I’m so sorry your going through this right now 😭😭😭
STONEDay Day ago
I can relate.
Greg Wooldridge
Stupid when a friend gives you that drug. Not really your friend. think
Katie Giles
Katie Giles Day ago
Lol around 9:50 boy who hasn't said that about a BILLION times trying to quit lol? Gosh she didn't even know...
Katie Giles
Katie Giles Day ago
Wow so what? Half the youtubers are prolly on heroin. I've been a heroin addict for 10 years and u would never know it unless I told you. She should of never of said anything it's none of yalls business.
Just A Moment with Brian
Speaking as an ex heroin addict of 10 years, I was literally that guy that said, "Lets just do the last of this bit together and Ill never touch it again." I guarantee everybody on the face of this planet, that if you're able to convince that other person to do that shot with you, it will absolutely never be your last time... Just that other persons first.
Cecilia S
Cecilia S Day ago
Okay I'm proud of her but she never actually addressed how the pet's were doing while she was an addict and sick.... I would love to know if someone took care of them or what...
Misha Bear
Misha Bear Day ago
i seriously feel for her drug use but i feel worst for her animals, she's not just an addict but she's also got a mental illness no -she's an animal hoarder
Reported Leek
Team Jonny Craig all the way
Takeshia Cruz
It's doesn't matter everyone makes mistakes nobody's perfect ...The best thing to do is be yourself be honest real not worry about the haters ...There's more addicts & mental health issues than we all know or think it's a serious issue that takes time to fix ...my heart goes out to everyone that is at war with a addiction or mental health the fight never stops ..
this is stupid
Long Shlonggg
the only good thing about Jonny is his god given singing voice.. he won’t ever change. If he does change you can come back and correct me.. but he won’t ever change. You’re lucky to have gotten out of it and gained a supporter out of me because of it. See yourself how ppl on here see you. You got dis
Beulah307 Day ago
Beautiful girl+Beautiful animals=GOOD COMBO!
Lxren K
Lxren K Day ago
She’s amazing.
Brenda B
Brenda B Day ago
Crazy how something so cool as starting her RUvid career ended up to giving her all this connections to drugs. BUT at the end of the day she said yes to that first hit of coke and then said yes to trying this and that . I’ve done a few “drugs “ which is weed , & shrooms but I always had my limits and always stood my ground not to be around opioids , heroin etc . She clearly had issues before all this which made her vulnerable 😔
gay christian
Brenda B well yeah when you are broken that’s all you can fucking do is say yes to everything. I mean I understand her and I know why some people turn to drugs. Yes it was their choice but it’s not their fault
Almog Vine
Almog Vine Day ago
The best thing that girl can do is stop use the internet i mean just stop posting vids and stop caring about how many people are watching u....
Vlad Toma
Vlad Toma Day ago
A lady such as her shouldn't do any drugs.
Moe Snert
Moe Snert Day ago
Young people and internet can be a bad mix often
Binah G
Binah G Day ago
You could tell that she is high on opiates during this interview right now trust me I know the ones who really know Aint stupid
Binah G
Binah G Day ago
The end of the day The dirty ass United States laws really does not have any right to control of anybody’s consciousness and what you do to your own consciousness shouldn’t be of anybody’s business and laws should be changed and stop making the wrong people rich and making beautiful girls like this field villainized because they want to take care of their pain
boujee baby
boujee baby 2 days ago
Celebrities do it for years in front of millions, not uncommon.
Ben R.
Ben R. 2 days ago
Ben R.
Ben R. Day ago
@XxChouXx yeah like 'shoot up with me and everything will be beautiful' 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🤢
XxChouXx Day ago
She did explain
Calm Breeze
Calm Breeze 2 days ago
Don’t use drugs bro , bro said come on man just take this hit with me n I’ll quit 2 weeks later u got some more H man fuck rehab
Calm Breeze
Calm Breeze 2 days ago
Lol she tried coke one night n was hooked the next day like damn shorty got an addictive personality
Disclaimer: I'm not hating on her nor would I ever call her garbage, I think she is a human and humans are complex, I also don't value animal life above human life but I do value animals. But seriously, literally as soon as she came clean to the public and not long after she rehomed 12 animals, she started buying more animals and posting to youtube about it as if she was never going to relapse again. And these animals did not come from rescues like where the 12 that she rehomed most likely had to go. Now she has admitted to relapsing again. This is blatant irresponsibility and it's made all the worse by her public status. As someone who adopts rescues and wants to start my own shelter (specifically for parrots and farm fowl) in the future, I can't help but see her as similar to that person who treats animals as disposable, buys the latest trend of exotic animal and then tosses the poor thing aside when it's health is failing to the point where it doesn't look cute or cool on social media anymore. And she doesn't seem to even consider adopting, she only barely pretends to care about the mess that people like that make, even going as far as to try to pretend that her pure-breed rag doll kitten came from an adoption event when it really obviously did not. If I had an active shelter now though, I would decline applications from someone like her, but I would also atleast attempt to sit down human to human and try my best to talk them out of taking on any more animals for the next few years so that they don't just run off to a breeder instead. I wish that a vet or respected expert in the field of exotic animal husbandry could have that talk with her.
Jose Gasca
Jose Gasca 2 days ago
Wish you the best and hope you stay strong ..
Dawn Thompson
Dawn Thompson 2 days ago
Grsat for you for talking. SaTX is a drug zone with not a lot going. Get outta there! Best of luck w all and ur recovery!
Jay 2 days ago
You have that Liv Tyler look going on. Beautiful girl. Sorry you got all involved in the bad life. The attraction to and defense of bad has always made me scratch my head... Tell me what is wrong with good again?!! Wishing you nothing but the good. Joy
Caroline Edwards
Caroline Edwards 2 days ago
I love this girl. I’m really glad she’s okay and I love her cut animals.
Rusty shackleford
No babe you dont ever do drugs are bad.
Christopher Moore
I remember being told 25yrs ago in an inpatient treatment facility that less than 1% of heroin addicts will ever find true recovery. They also said that the lucky ones will die early on and others will lead a long and drugged out existence that's so much worse than most people could ever imagine. I'll be 52 in less than a week and I can say with experience and conviction that it would would've been a much more compassionate death if I OD'd 20yrs ago. Perhaps it takes people like me so that others can see they never want to end up like I did. Opiate and opioid addiction is definitely not a joke....
Christopher Moore
Btw, I have nothing but love and compassion for this young lady and I KNOW exactly what she's dealing with. Surely she is a beacon of hope for many others out there and I wish her nothing but the best life has to offer. Some of us must die so that others may live and I wish that kind of death could end - well before my own...
Javier Greaves
Javier Greaves 2 days ago
Lame af « i WanNa Be lIke TheM » lookin ass 😂💀 be urself dumbass
Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes 2 days ago
She's on meth now
Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes 2 days ago
Women blame everyone else for their problems whether it be their parents their boyfriend or someone at work. They just can't admit that. It's them doing the things to themselves.
Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes 2 days ago
The repeating factor in life is that women always blame someone else for their problems?
Free Pretty Fly
Free Pretty Fly 2 days ago
Lol shes probably acting like an addict😤
Krissy 2 days ago
No one put a gun to her head to use drugs. Why is she blaming it all on her ex?
GidTheKid 2 days ago
She is gorgeous.
oopsimdead 2 days ago
lmao his statement. a "recovered former drug addict" there is no "recovered". only recovering. i've seen that very same attitude bring down so many people. yea, maybe you went to a program and detoxed. great. that doesn't mean you're fixed. it's something you have to work at and recognize every single day.
mercy r
mercy r 2 days ago
The worse decision I ever made...heroine....Not to mention it started as heroin over 15 years years later theres hardly any traces of Heroin just fentanyl now and its a whole other beast. This man knew he was on his way out and knew what he was doing to this girl.
Viktor Cordyceps
Viktor Cordyceps 3 days ago
I also have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome!
jake walkes
jake walkes 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-D244b4E3yuA.html saw this video for the first time last week, didn't realize it was 3 years ago...damn, a lot can happen.
jake walkes
jake walkes 3 days ago
Literally just found out about her. Welp, back to simpin other hos :c
Steph Beresford
Steph Beresford 3 days ago
I ❤ Taylor Nicole Dean
jake walkes
jake walkes 3 days ago
Str1ng5 3 days ago
Can u imagine that no one cares ....
Salman MH
Salman MH 3 days ago
been following her for a while, shes awesome.
ezthejedi 3 days ago
Daaayum Jonny Craig smh That white boy can sing like Chris Brown
steelrain 814
steelrain 814 3 days ago
Thanks for showing us the exact moment you ruined your life Also this actualy makes me sad. I am not joking or anything this is just sad, knowing she has just ruined her life.
Otis Rush
Otis Rush 2 days ago
steelrain 814 it happens...
kim hurtubise
kim hurtubise 3 days ago
Just worry about yourself , what your doing is one of the strongest and bravest things . all the best!
Imani Dugger
Imani Dugger 3 days ago
gurll fuck what dem folks saying they not gon pay your bills they not gon beat yo ass soo fuck em we ball!!
godstomper 3 days ago
I think validation is far more addictive than heroin
samspace81 3 days ago
Being a RUvidr can be a lot of pressure. Hope she is doing better now.
Dub Elements
Dub Elements 3 days ago
i always though, it cant be going worser than all the shit on TV, and now 2020, we have youtube
Marty Mccune
Marty Mccune 3 days ago
I’m happy for you and glad to see someone who truly wants to be happy because they are being their self. I am a recovering addict and it is hard but gets easier every day to say to myself that I’m glad I’m happy because I’m myself, not under the influence. I don’t mean everything is always peachy but it’s sure better; how I feel daily compared to how I felt when I was constantly searching for a way to feel better. The answer was right in front of me. I just had to get to my bottom and realize I was dying just to get high! Hey, I hate to see you cry but it’s also amazing that you can have true feelings come out, and it’s ok to cry because it shows you have feelings. I love my animals but had a house fire four months ago and lost three cats. I was able to get out and saved my two dogs. I feel like I know what started the fire, my son and his friend knew I had valuable things and lit my place on fire to hide the fact that they sole my stuff, which hurts bad!!! I really miss my cats and every day I feel blessed my dogs are ok and I have them. Animals are special in my life and I’m glad that I can watch your videos knowing you love your pets and that you seem to love yourself. Never loose that feeling ok. I am rambling about a lot but I just hope you have a good day and stay sober and be around positive people and do positive things. Stay Awesome, ok!!
clandestine2178 3 days ago
It's so fucking sad to see how dumb people really are.
artenman 3 days ago
Good for her!
Freddy Bloody
Freddy Bloody 4 days ago
What is happening to vice?? Y’all going down the toilet bro I used to be so excited every time you upload. Sad
Blaise n buds
Blaise n buds 4 days ago
as a long time heroin addict i laughed when she broke her situation down what a nieve chick
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